Poke Her Poker


Then Dave said it was my turn.I didn't know what to make her do, it was my Mom.I was trying to be nice but I was so horny just seeing her like that. "Stay like that and play with your pussy again." She gave a slight smile and stared into my eyes as she pushed two fingers from one hand into her and began rubbing her clit with the other. It wasn't long before her moans became louder. She started squirming all over the chair barely able to keep herself from falling off and her legs open.

Dave just looked at me but didn't say anything.Then Dave said "Show time is over. Mary, go over to the couch.The rest of you guys, out of here."Mom yelled at me to keep a look out for Dad in case he woke up and came down to check on her.I said I would.We all went upstairs. Pete, Chris, Mark, and Tim all left so I figured I would peak and see what was happening.I knew they couldn't see me from where I stood.

Mom told Dave "Look, I am going to do this but it stays here. You tell your buddies about this and I will deny it. Understand?"

He chuckled and agreed. All of a sudden I felt a hand on me. I looked up to see Chris standing there. He looked at me and whispered "Dave wanted me to keep an eye on you."I whispered back '"What?"

"He doesn't want you getting involved with what is going on between them.So if you don't want me kicking your ass, you can watch but stay put."

I said "But it's my Mom."

"You made a side bet and you better let him win or lose on his own got it."


There was a moment where they sat there doing nothing then he told her "Get to work and pull it out as I will sit there all night until you do."

"I can't believe you are going to really make me do this" Mom said.

Dave looked at her and said "Maybe I would have let you go, but you wanted to teach me a lesson. So it's me going to teach you a lesson about who is better."

Mom just looked at him and then reached towards his belt. She opened the clasp and undid it. This was followed by a loud snap as she opened the jeans he had on. I couldn't believe Mom was going to do this. Part of me didn't want her to, but the other part...

She slowly pulled down his zipper and reached into his pants and pulled out his cock.

"Oh dear" My mother said aloud. I could tell from where I stood, his cock was big. Her hand barely fit around it and it was only semi-hard. For a moment, she just looked at it in a dazed. Then coming to her senses she pumped it up and down. Her hands fell quickly into a rhythmic motion.

"Oh that feels so fucking good Mary." Dave was delighting in her submission.

"You aren't going to tell anyone about this, right?" He nodded that he wouldn't but knowing he was going to do something.He was also smiling at the thought that he was getting this all on film.

"So what do you think of it?" he asked her. She looked at him puzzled.

"My cock, my big cock, I bet you've never seen one so big. It's bigger than your old man's, right?"

She hesitated, and then was silent. What was she going to do? She didn't want to tell this 19 year old that his cock was bigger. He asked again, and she admitted, reluctantly, that he was bigger than her husband. She got up and squirted a bit of lube in her hand and then sat down and kept jerking him off.

"That's it. Twist it a little with your hand. Mmm! That's good!" Dave said as he reached for her tit.

"Huh-uh! That is not part of the deal" she said.

"Well in that case I can keep from coming nearly all night" he bragged. "I wanted to get off sooner but since you'd rather I stay here all night I will."

I don't think my mom believed him but after another five minutes she was willing to let him touch her breasts. It looked like Dave was having fun with Mom's tits.

"Now I want you to use your mouth."

"No way! I am NOT blowing you" she said.

Dave moved his hand real quit and grasped her hair.He pulled it back and said "Look, you're going to give me a blow job or we can walk up stairs and wake up your old man."She looked like she was in pain.I watched in shock and Chris grabbed my arm and said stay put.I just stood there.Mom tried to say something but Dave just pushed her head down on his cock. Mom started to give him a blow job. I didn't think she could get much into her mouth but she fit most of it in. Dave was pushing her head up and down now, and said "You better start doing what you're told.No one is down here to help you."

Mom started to give him a good blow job and Dave let loose of her hair. After a few minutes Dave came in her mouth.She swallowed most of it, but still a lot ran out of her mouth. Dave slapped her on the ass and said "On your hands and knees."He was still hard. Mom did what he told her.Dave got behind her and lined up his cock with her pussy. He leaned over and whispered in her ear "Are you ready for this?"

By this time Mom was really horny. She looked back at Dave and said "Are you man enough to fuck me?"

He pushed forward sending his cock into her sopping wet pussy. Mary let out a sigh as she felt her pussy being stretched further than she had ever felt before. Dave said "Mary your pussy is so tight and wet.This just feels great."

Mom looked like she might be in pain at first but then she was getting into it. She started driving her ass back towards him every time he pushed forward. Soon they were fucking for all they were worth. I could hear the sound of skin slapping on skin. He was taking his time at first but when she started pushing back he began to really pound her. She was moaning and telling him he wasn't man enough or he would be fucking her harder. This fueled Dave so he slammed into her with everything he had. Mom was squealing as she felt her orgasms building within her.

"Harder you fucking little wimp" she yelled.

He slapped her ass.

"Faster you little fuck."

He sped up until he couldn't hold back anymore. As he released a huge load of sperm deep within her it was just what she needed to trigger a major orgasm. He continued to drive into her as she rode wave after wave of spasms wracking through her body. She had never cum so many times during one session of fucking. They were also the hardest she could remember.

Dave fucked her for about ten minutes until he came again. When he pulled out of her Mom just fell to the floor and Dave was chuckling.

Dave asked "How do you like my cock?"

Mom didn't answer.

Dave grabbed her hair and said "Answer me now."Mom answer reluctantly that it was big and she enjoyed it.

"Well Mary you were great" he said to her. "Maybe we can do this again."

Mom just looked at him and said "Get out of here and go fuck yourself."

Dave replied "As soon as I get my money off the table I'll leave."

At that moment Chris said we better get out of our hiding place and get back upstairs.Mom got off the couch and ran to the stairs and up to the main floor where Chris and I were. Mom however did not want any conversation at this point as she pushed past us and ran to her room. Dave got his pants back on and went over to the table, picked up his money and Mom's clothes.Then he went and got his cameras.I thought oh shit, did he film all this.

Before he left I said "Dave did you get this all on film."

He said "No, remember, we turned off the cameras. But you did get to see your mom get naked and humiliated.I think we all got what we wanted tonight."

I didn't say anything. Dave told me to give Mom his e-mail if she wanted her clothes back. Dave looked at me with a sneer saying "Don't you forget the money you owe me for the side bets."

"I will bring it by your place."

Then he looked at Chris and said "Let's get out of here."

The next day I saw mom and she told me she wanted to talk after Dad left for golf.Later that morning she apologized for last night. "I think I had too much to drink.Please don't tell your Dad what happened.

I said "I won't. Anyway Dad would kill me for letting the game get out of hand."

She just smiled and said "Good."

"Dave wanted me to give you his email. You can email him about your clothes."

Mom said "You know I'm right, he is an asshole."

I agreed with Mom. She said "Give me his email, I need to get my clothes back before your Dad starts asking questions.Maybe you can go get them for me. I don't think I want to see him again."

I called Dave and told him that my Mom wanted me to stop by with the money and pick up her clothes.

Dave said "Hell no. You tell her if she wants her clothes back she needs to e-mail me and set up a time to pay me and pick up her clothes. She isn't in control now."

I told Mom what Dave said. She was not happy.

Dave had the whole evening on film. Dave and Chris were thinking how to use the film to blackmail Mary.Maybe they could get Mary to help them get Sue?

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