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Poker Night


She had been in bed reading a romance novel, which was getting her quite horny. If the paperback required a rating in would probably be XXX. Brad had his poker night buddies in, and she could hear the din from the basement. Poker night usually ended with Brad coming to bed drunk and passing out.

She finished another hot chapter and closed the book. Being horny, and knowing she wouldn't get any that night, her hand wandered down towards her pussy. After stimulating her beckoning clit for awhile, she pulled the bed sheets aside and spread her legs. She usually slept in just a tee shirt, which she stripped off. It turned her on to feel that she was exposing herself.

She wondered how the group of men, just eight or ten feel below her naked ass, would react if they knew what she was up to. She imagined them surrounding her bed, all naked, all jerking their hardened cocks, all longing to be chosen as her sex partner. She eyeballs them, one by one, while she leisurely fingers her swollen clit. She points at Brad, and the mood of the men seem to turn gloomy over her having chosen her husband. But it suddenly becomes markedly more upbeat when she points again at Warren.

Yeah, she's in the mood for two men at a time, while the others watch and wait their turn. Tonight she would do them all, fuck and suck until she's too exhausted to go on.

By now she feels the stirrings of her first orgasm. She pulls her fingers from her lascivious cunt, although she always has multiple orgasms when she masturbates, the first one is rarely matched by the subsequent ones. With all these men in the house, she thinks there must be something more daring she can do to heighten the intensity of her first one.

She slips on her bathrobe and ventures into the hall. When she opened the bedroom door the men's voices became louder.

From the top of the stairway that led to the basement she paused. She could see the back of a couple of them, and knew none of them could see her. She slid her hand inside of her bathrobe and found her wet box. She began rolling her overdue clit under her fingers, but still it didn't feel any more daring to be jerking off there as is was in her bedroom. She decides to go back to bed and hope for the best.

When she turns around she is startled to see Warren standing there. "Oh my god" she says, "how long have you been standing there?"

"Long enough" he says. And the rising bulge in his jeans proves it.

"Please don't tell Brad about what you saw," she pleads.

"I won't if you don't" he says. He reaches out and strokes her arm. "Did you get what you wanted" he asked.

She was dumbfounded, she didn't know if she should reproach his obvious come on, or encourage him to keep his secrecy.

"Don't worry" he tells her, "I'm not going to take advantage of this." "As much as I would like to" he adds.

"Thank you" she says, feeling relief. "I'm so embarrassed."

"No need to be" he says, "It's our secret."

As her embarrassment and apprehension subsided she felt a attraction to him. It may have been because he was so nice about her incident, or maybe for the same reason she chose him, from all the rest, in her earlier fantasy. She took a quick glance at the bulge in his jeans and thought of touching it. That caused a tingling in her patient clit. Her glance wasn't lost on him.

"Yeah" he said, "watching you really turned me on." She thought of what it would have done to him if he had seen her naked on her bed. Again that thought was felt between her thighs.

"Oh, I'm so sorry" she said, "I wish there was something I could do about it."

"There's only one cure" he said. She sincerely wished she was free to do what every fiber of her body was prompting her to do.

"We'd have to clear that with Brad" she said.

Their suggestive conversation was brought to an end when they heard someone coming up from the basement. "Go" he said. She scooted back to her bedroom without being seen. She listened at the bedroom door and heard Warren and Brad talking in the kitchen. Good to his word, Warren didn't mention her embarrassing incident, but talked about how the poker game was going.

Her heart raced though when he asked if he could sleep over, saying that he had drank too much. "Sure" Brad replied, with a giggle "just don't ask Julie to your room."

"I can't make any promises" Warren replied.

"OK" Brad said, "just don't do anything I wouldn't do."I'll go ask her"...."to make up the bed in the guest room, I mean." "You're on your own with anything else."

She closed the door and raced back to her bed, grabbed the romance novel and pretended to be reading.

She glanced at Warren as she passed him in the kitchen, carrying the sheets to make his bed for the night. He had a grin on his face, but it was what she saw in his eyes that sent shivers through her. She was sure his reason for sleeping over was to do his best to get into her pants, and she didn't know if she had the will power to resist.

Another hour alone in her bed with all those thoughts running through her mind only had her hornier. Finally she heard sounds of the party breaking up. When the last goodnight was spoken Brad finally came to bed.

He was drunk, as usual, but tonight instead of passing out he started making moves on her. She was so primed for a stiff cock she welcomed his advances, even though she knew he couldn't perform when he was like this. As what usually happened when he wanted sex when drunk, he apologized for not being able to get it up and asked if she wanted him to satisfy her. She answered as she normally did, "it Ok dear, you can make up for it tomorrow night."

"Warren has a hard-on for you, maybe you could try him" he muttered. Within minutes he was snoring. His good intentions, which led to necking and feeling her up, only left her more frustrated.

About four hours ago she began masturbating to relieve her mounting horniness, four hours later she was hornier than ever.

Her pussy pounded as she lay there wondering if she should go see if Warren was still awake. She'd do him in a New York minute if she didn't have to square it with her conscience. She thought of how cavalier Brad had been in offering her to Warren. Maybe she should do it just to get even.

Oh well, she should go down to the basement to be sure there were no cigarettes left burning, or anything. She refused to admit it was just an excuse to go by Warren's room as she donned her bathrobe.

She could see from underneath his door that the light was still on in his room. She wasn't about to go and knock on his door, but if she happened to make enough noise, cleaning up, well..... It didn't require a lot of noise before he appeared on the basement steps, barefoot and wearing only his jeans.

It was obvious that he took care of himself; his tanned, muscular body was quite appealing.

"We meet again" he said.

"I just wanted to clean up a little" she said.

"Can I help?" he asked, walking in her direction. Her heart pounded as he approached.

As before, the crotch area of his jeans bloomed from his arousal. If she had a cock she could hang her robe on it.

He didn't waste time with small talk; he knew why she was there. He pulled on the belt of her robe, the robe fell open. She couldn't speak, move or resist, even if she wanted to. He pushed the robe back over her shoulders; she let it fall to the floor. She hadn't put her tee shirt back on, so she was now naked in her basement with a man intent on fucking her.

He crushed her tits to his bare chest and kissed her, almost making her cum. His kiss brought her out of her trance and caused her instincts to kick in. She fumbled with his jeans and soon had them down around his knees. He wasn't wearing underwear and she soon had his big, hard cock squeezed tightly in her hand. She jerked it furiously causing him to lean back to enjoy her hand job.

She impulsively crouched in front of him and engulfed his throbbing cock with her mouth. He moaned so loudly she was afraid it would wake even Brad.

He took charge again, got her to stand and backed her up to the poker table. She lay on the table on her back. He excitedly grabbed her thighs and pulled her pussy towards his waiting cock. It was her turn to moan loudly when his big dick filled her pussy to the brim.

He fucked her with a passion she'd never known. Her first orgasm was ten times more intense than any she'd experienced before. She came twice more before he unleashed an enormous load of cum. She could feel every pulsation of his big, beautiful cock as it emptied its seed into her.

"What did you do all night?" Brad asked, when he came to bed.

"Oh I just read some silly novel" she answered. "Everybody's gone?" she asked. "Nobody wanted to sleep over?"

"Nobody" he said, "it was a pretty tame evening, even Warren didn't drink too much."

"Too bad" she thought to herself, "maybe one day her recurring fantasy of him sleeping over will come true." At least it provided another evening of great masturbation and couple of great orgasms.

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