tagLoving WivesPole Position Ch. 02

Pole Position Ch. 02


The author retains all rights to this story. It may not be posted or printed elsewhere without the author's express written consent. This story is permitted on the Literotica website. The names, people and places in this work are fictional and any resemblance to people living or dead is purely coincidental.

When last we left John, he had grown concerned over his wife's (Deb) activities with her running partner and their now divorced neighbor (Nick). After a fight over Deb's growing intimacy with Nick, Deb leaves to go "running" only as a guise for running into the arms of Nick. John, hoping to reconcile with Deb and unable to find her at the reservoir that serves as her normal jogging path, John sneaks around to Nick's house and through an open window sees Nick and Deb fooling around...

If you haven't read the first part, go here as it will make things a lot easier for you dear reader...

When last we left John...

It was the early morning hours and I stood outside my large cocked neighbor's house trying to figure out a way to keep him from taking advantage of my wife who was inside. I had just sneaked into my neighbor's backyard peering through his basement windows only to witness my wife on her knees worshipping her running partner's slab of cockmeat.

He had thrown her over his shoulder and carried her off to his bedroom upstairs and I was trying to figure out a way to put a stop to things before they got too far.

I realized the best I could hope for was to put things off so I walked around to the front of the house and rang the doorbell. It took a few minutes before my impatience got the better of me and I started to urgently knock on the door.

Nick appeared at the door a few moments later, his hair disheveled, a towel wrapped around him. He peered at me from behind his half open front door.

"Christ! John, do you know what time it is?!?!"

"Nick, I'm sorry to disturb you so early. I hope I didn't wake you. I'd gone up to the reservoir looking for Deb and I couldn't find her. I know she went out for her run this morning and I'm worried something might've happened."

There it was again, that cocky fucking smirk of his, I wanted to punch his lights out in that moment. He stepped back a bit from the door and opened it further, the towel was doing little to hide his arousal as it tented up barely restraining his prodigious member.

"Gosh John, are you sure you looked all around the circuit. It could simply be one of those things where you're on one side of the reservoir and she's on the other."

He relaxed but I could see his growing impatience.

"John, I'm sorry you kind of got me out of bed." More with the smirk. "Listen buddy, maybe she went on a different route today. Why don't you give it a little bit and if she still hasn't gotten home, call me and I'll come and help you look for her."

What I wanted to do in that moment was to push my way past the bastard go up to his bedroom and drag my wife out by her hair. What I should have done was punch him square in his face and keep pummeling him into a bloody pulp. What I did though was something I'd grow to regret.

"Mmmm... I guess you're right. I'll do that. If she doesn't make it back in another half hour, maybe I'll just call the police."

You could see the alarm in Nick's face at that comment. Sure he wanted to fuck my wife, of that I was certain but I don't think he was so prepared to have dirty laundry aired through the neighborhood.

"Yeah... yeah. I'm sure she'll be back before then."

"See you later Nick."

"See you later John."

And with that I went down his front walk and made the short distance back to my house.

* * * * *

Sure enough Deb showed up 25 minutes later. To say that she was a wreck would be an understatement. Her hair was certainly a miss and while she sometimes had some stiffness after a run, the gingerly way she walked had nothing to do with running.

"Deb! What happened to you! I was worried sick!"

"What!? I was out for my run!"

"Deb I went out to the track to look for you this morning and couldn't find you anywhere. I was worried you twisted something or something bad happened to you!"

"John, I made it quite clear I don't want you around me when I'm running. The race is tomorrow and I don't want you ruining my chances. I just decided to explore a different trail today and it turned out to be quite challenging."

Now she was smirking behind her anger. It really was starting to infuriate me.

"Fine! Suit yourself. I try to show some concern, I try to help out and you've been nothing but a cold bitch to me all week. Whatever goes on now it's your fault. Just because I said something about that creep down the block and I know he wants into your pants. Stop lying to me about it."

Deb looked up in that moment truly taken aback as if she realized something. I don't know if it was residual guilt or what. I knew something had happened between her and Nick that morning. What I managed to see with her naked on her knees playing with his huge cock was bad enough, I could only imagine how far things had gotten. In any event, there was no doubt in my mind we had turned a corner. I had to come to grips with how I was going to deal with this now. She cheated, there was no question about it. Whether she did what she did in a moment of anger or if it was just something that was the latest step in an ongoing affair was the question and even then would she come clean about it?

If she did come clean, would I be able to forgive her betrayal of trust. I just didn't know.

At that moment I realized how much I wished it had been a weekday because I would've welcomed having to go to work and be away from her while I figured out my next steps. As it was, we had a day ahead of us together with both of us in and around the house.

Since our fight there was no mistaking the coldness that hung in the air between Deb and me. Now that I had seen her with Nick and there wasn't a question about how out of control things had gotten I needed time to think. Just time to be quiet, away from her.

All this ran through my head in that uncomfortable silence that hung between us.

Deb finally spoke up, "Well, I'm hopping into the shower. I just have to clean up."

I'll bet.

She went upstairs to the bedroom. I stayed behind. I waited until I heard the shower running to go up myself. When I got up to the bedroom I first made sure Deb was actually in the shower and then I looked for her discarded running togs. Sure enough, there was no mistaking the damp and crusty material that was a telltale sign of her infidelity. I guess any doubts were erased, he had bedded her. That fucker Nick had managed to fuck my wife.

I was furious and I saw red.

I went down and got in my car and went out. I didn't know where I was driving to and I didn't care but in that second I knew if I didn't leave now I'd wind up behind bars before the day was out.

I can't remember much of that day. I know at some point I went to the local mall but the truth of the matter is I just wandered around for the most part shell shocked. Tellingly my cell phone didn't go off once. Deb wasn't concerned where I was or what had happened to me.

How had things gotten so bad, so fast?

* * * * *

I got home in the early evening, I walked into an empty house. Deb's car was in the driveway and I called out for her but there was no answer. It had been a full twelve hours since I saw my naked wife on her knees before Nick's 'footlong.' I hadn't really decided how I was going to respond at this point. Seriously, I loved my wife with all my heart but her betrayal struck deep.

Under different circumstances, I would've reacted differently. We hadn't achieved 'bed death' that mars some marriages and by my own standards our sex life was on the vanilla side. In the past I had open relationships with women but I hadn't gotten to that place with Deb (and I hadn't figured on getting there either).

I could understand the recreational aspects of sex and I knew that just the view of sex as another activity would escape most of our friends and family. Here though it was more about her betrayal of my trust.

Still, Deb wasn't here and as I thought about it, it struck me the one place I would most likely find her was back over at Nick's. The temerity of it really made my blood boil but then, she didn't know I had borne witness to their tryst earlier in the day.

As it was starting to get dark, I once again made my way down the street to my neighbor's. This time I proceeded a bit less surreptitiously just walking down as if I was going for my normal evening run. I had the presence of mind to change into my running clothes before playing my hunch.

I stepped up the front walk of my rival and walked around to the back of the house. None of the windows were open as much as I could tell but the basement lights were on. I went back to the window I had looked through earlier in the day and my heart sunk once more.

I could see into the finished room and from my vantage point I could see my darling wife naked. The light reflected off her body as it was covered in what I assumed was a sheen of sweat from her exertions. She was resting on her elbows her head pressed against the carpet. I couldn't see her face past the matted and disheveled hair covering it but her back was arched and her butt was presented invitingly to her partner.

Nick straddled her from behind, plowing into her with great vigor the force of his thrusting pushing her forward with each move. He impaled her on his fat cock, pounding away relentlessly. His hands gripped her waist to hold her steady and the sinews on his arm stood out broadcasting how tightly he gripped Deb.

I could almost make out her muffled grunting through the closed pane of glass.

It was a violent scene I witnessed. There was a savagery about it. Nick didn't just fuck my wife, he conquered her like an army in an all out rout. My eyes glazed over and I lost track of how long I stood in silent amazement of the tableau before me.

Finally, I could see Nick's butt clenching and his face contorting announcing his impending orgasm. He shuddered and plunged himself even deeper into Deb, deeper than I thought was possible holding himself locked to her. She shook as he emptied himself into her depths. Deb, then raised her head to turn back to look at Nick. She had a dreamy countenance and looked at him lovingly but her face also showed her exhaustion due to his ministrations.

As she looked back at him I watched as she mouthed something to him. Nick had fallen forward wrapping his arms around Deb's middle. He held her like that for a moment.

Then gingerly he moved his hips back disentangling himself from Deb. His impossibly long cock slowly issued from Deb's ravaged lips, her pussy fat with arousal, his cock was slick with their combined juices. It looked as if it were some alien creature. Just as the head finally plopped out, it was followed by a thick, viscous flow of his cum the overflow draining out Deb's cunt.

Deb quickly whipped around and desperately grabbed at him. She wasted no time in engulfing the softening monster in her mouth, licking the mixture off of Nick's spent cock. For his part Nick arched back watching Deb go about her duties. Even more amazing was that he appeared to be getting aroused once more and his cock pulsed in time to his heartbeat as it began to take on life again. Slowly it reared up once more which only seemed to increase Deb's excitement.

Now Deb leaned with her upper back against the couch and spread her legs lewdly presenting herself to Nick once more. She started to massage the folds of her cunt with both hands preparing it to be invaded again.

Something must have happened, the light must have changed with the sunset because Deb's focus moved from Nick's cock in the direction of the window I was at. As fast as her focus shifted, I moved myself out of her line of sight, I had seen enough and started to make my way back to my house.

* * * * *

I planned on packing a bag. I didn't trust myself if I stayed.

It had been about fifteen minutes after I returned that I heard the front door open and close. I didn't pay it any mind and continued to pack up some clothing and other things for a prolonged absence.

"So, you saw us." Deb said.

She stood in the doorway, her hair still a mess, a drowsiness around her eyes. She did in fact look spent. She was dressed in those running clothes of hers and since they fit her like a second skin there was no mistaking the prominent camel toe and the wet stain in her crotch. Her nipples made no secret of their presence, standing up off her breast stiffly poking up against the material of her hoodie.

I didn't reply.

"I'm glad you saw us, you know that."

I turned to Deb glaring at her with more hatred in my heart at that moment than I had ever had for anyone in my life.

"I can only imagine how we looked to you, like two Gods coupling. Two perfect specimens locked in struggle."

I turned and closed the distance between us in a dew steps, I pulled my hand back open to bring it across her face.

"Go ahead, hit me if it will make you feel better." There was the weird grin again, the same smug grin on that bastard Nick's face that had angered me so. "Hit me. I don't care it was worth it. I've never been fucked like that ever in my life."

I started to bring my hand forward, I started to complete the arc and then caught myself midway slapping my open palm against the door frame just beside her face.

"I'll tell you something else... I'm going to fuck him again. You can't even begin to understand the way that cock of his makes me feel. I've never felt so full, so close to bursting and when I come with him it's like an explosion within me."

I stood there trembling in anger. Deb didn't move from the doorway, blocking my exit, leaning leisurely against the sill. Her face never changed in expression, it maintained a contented, sleepy eyes look and that grin! That grin I wanted so much to slap off her face was the biggest constant.

Wordlessly, Deb unzipped and pulled her hoodie up and off her body. She quickly dug her thumbs into the waistband of her pants and quickly shucked them down over her running shoes taking up her previous position when she was done.

She stood there now naked. The same dumb expression on her face, her arms loosely crossed in front of her, her hip cocked to one side. For the first time I noticed she was shaved, completely bare, the little patch of her she normally had above her vagina was gone. Her pussy puffed out obscenely, still glistening and wet. I could see some bruises along the insides of her thighs from where he must have grabbed her.

There was less than two feet between us. I stood there still in my own baggy sweatshirt and running pants from my earlier excursion, I hadn't yet changed into street clothes.

Suddenly Deb just leaned forward and grabbed my crotch.

I was so shocked by her action, I was left dumbfounded, frozen not knowing how to react.

She tugged at my cock and to my amazement I started to get hard.

"Mmmmmm... there we go. That's what I like, a nice hard dick to play with."

She continued to pull on my cock and slowly dropped to her knees engulfing my stiff prick with her mouth. She licked the head gently, playing her tongue underneath the ridge of the head causing me to flinch. One hand built a steady rhythm as an accompaniment to her skillful playing of my cock, her free hand yanked at her hard nipples alternating back and forth between her large breasts.

She moaned around my cock. Any man will admit it is hard to refuse sex, we live for sex, our minds are occupied by it and as mad as I was at my wayward wife I couldn't deny my attraction to her, to her aggressiveness in this moment. Up until today she had been the planet I orbited around and her betrayal while sent me hurtling out of that orbit it did nothing to diminish my attraction to that tight body of hers and those gloriously large breasts.

The way her tongue was tickling my sensitive glans hastened me along towards an orgasm. She gobbled my cock hungrily, desperately, violently. It was if she were a starving woman finally given a meal. Then abruptly she turned from her kneeling position trying to grab my hand in the process as she dropped her shoulders to the floor. Her slick, inflamed pussy presented itself at the bottom of her apple shaped ass.

"Fuck me, stick your cock in me now!"

I'd like to say I'm a man of principle but the only principle in my mind at the moment was achieving an orgasm. I crouched forward and lined my cock up with her smouldering hole. There was no gentility in matters as I felt the head line up between her lips and plunged fully into her. In the process I pushed the breath out of her and she gasped with surprise.

"That's it! Feel how hot I am! Feel how wet I am! That's not just me either! Now fuck me! I want to come!"

And fuck her I did. As forcefully as Nick had earlier, I plunged into her with a relentless rhythm our bodies loudly slapping against each other with every downward stroke. She met my force with force of her own, pushing herself back against me matching my intensity. We had never been intimate like this before, attacking each other on such a primal level. A big part of it was my anger at her, my anger at her dishonesty, at her lack of respect for me and for our vows.

I just wanted to fuck the Nick out of her that was the only way to describe how I felt at that moment. To be better than him, to take her so completely that there would be no room left for this other person.

I don't know how long we went, I was so caught up in it but finally I could feel the heat in our bodies growing heralding climax. She started to tense around me as she came, it flowed out of her, she grunted with each thrust, the grunts ending in moans. Her getting off bought me the rest of the way and I felt myself tensing up and the it happened and like a hot bullet I started to shoot inside of her. Once, twice, several times more and each time her body shuddered when she received my seed.

As we came down, I fell back onto my haunches, throwing my arm behind me to catch myself from falling over. Deb just flattened out against the bedroom floor. Her legs spread out, her pussy gaping with a steady mixture of come and pussy juice draining and falling onto the carpet below.

It was silent. I didn't say anything and neither did Deb. We just lay there recovering until finally Deb started to stir. As she got up she walked towards the closet.

"I'll be sleeping on the couch tonight. I've got to get up early tomorrow for the race."

I didn't respond, I just went back to packing my things.

* * * * *

I slept fitfully that night, alone in our bed. We moved around each other like ghosts the next morning neither one of us saying anything to the other.

Deb, went about making preparations for the race. Originally, I had planned on being there with her, going to support her but after the events of the last 24 hours, I wasn't sure what to do.

I was ready to leave, that much was certain. While I had succumbed to Deb offering up her body to me, I realized later that I had in fact, in my lust, partaken of sloppy seconds as it were. The more I thought about that, the angrier I got.

The sex had been fulfilling to say the least. We had never gone at each other like that ever before but there was an undercurrent that had never been there before too.

I wanted badly to forget everything that had happened. I solidly wished I hadn't seen what I had seen or found Deb and Nick with each other. I wanted my life back. I wanted my wife back. I wanted things to be the way they were.

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