tagBDSMPolly's African Adventures

Polly's African Adventures


This is a sequel to The Trials of Pauline. Whilst searching for her father in the African jungle, Polly and her Eurasian friend, Marina, are subjected to a succession of bizarre punishments and sexual degradation - all of which she finds exhilarating and fulfilling. Those people who do not wish to read about the humiliation of beautiful women should avoid these stories.


Chapter One

When Polly came to, she sensed that she was in great danger. She was alone in a small clearing of the dark forest. The hot sunshine rarely penetrated the tree canopy to reach the deep undergrowth of the massive tall trees reaching up, competing for the light and air. The damp heat was exhausting, suffocating for humans. All around was the seemingly impenetrable tangle of creepers, bushes and tall grasses.

Polly was tied to one of the trees. Her arms were twisted round the trunk behind her, secured at the wrists with tough creepers. Her blouse was torn almost to shreds round her shoulders. Firm, full breasts, nipples thrusting upwards to the overhead canopy. Her elegant legs, now smeared with dirt and slime, were similarly bent round the tree, with ankles fastened together by more creepers. The tree grew at an angle so that her body was inclined backwards, her thighs forced wide open as her legs wrapped round the thick trunk.

Her flimsy pants had become ripped off long since with the lashing, revealing her bruised thighs. Polly's sweet vulva, its puffed lips pushing their way out of the hidden orifice, showed signs of the recent ravishing it had endured. Sperm stained her inner thighs, mingling with her own secretions. She felt humiliated and lonely; wanting the strong arms of her master encircling her frailty; to curl up on his naked lap, protected from harm.

Her memory suddenly flooded back! She had tripped and fallen in the thicket. The fall had knocked her unconscious. Kaldo, their guide and porter, had taken her prisoner after she and her companions had been ambushed in the dense forest, beaten and humiliated by the pygmies. Kaldo had returned to the clearing, after going on ahead to explore the territory, where he found Polly, with her travelling companions, Dwindali, the porters and Marina, bound and gagged. All had been beaten.

Polly and the Eurasian girl, Marina, had been ravished by the pigmies. The two women were tied, spread-eagled, between young saplings. Polly's blouse had got torn during the attack, her naked groin now showing the puffed genitals sheltering in downy blonde curls, tousled and wet, the occasional drip of sperm falling to the forest floor. The angry pink weals and blue bruises were evidence of the beating she had endured.

At the sight of Kaldo, there was relief in the faces of the three prisoners. He would release them and they could complete their journey to the village. But the sight of the pale, slender body, wrists and ankles tied to the trees, hanging helpless in front of him, inflamed the native's lust. Hunger for this frail, beautiful white woman welled up in Kaldo. He had controlled his desire for her so far, because he feared the anger and superiority of Dwindali. But Polly's protector was now bound and gagged. Helpless to interfere. This was his chance. Nothing stood in his way.

Polly watched with growing anxiety as Kaldo's eyes turned sinister. Licking his lips, he slowly unclipped the coiled whip from his waist-belt. His lips broke into a cruel smile. Realising his intentions, Polly became alarmed. With fear in her wide-open eyes, she shook her head wildly. The heat of her previous beating still stirred in her loins; her flesh bruised and swollen. But the gag prevented her from screaming out. Her companions looked on, powerless to intervene.

Polly yanked at the fastenings round her wrists and ankles. The saplings shook, their branches swaying wildly. But to no avail. The black giant, with muscular arms and shoulders bulging, his chest shining with perspiration, approached her slowly. Eyes roaming over her inclined body, the native eased his belt round his waist to displace the loin cloth from its frontal position. Polly stared hypnotically at the enormous half-filled penis, now swinging lazily from its nest of coarse, black hair encompassing his muscular belly.

The phallus was menacing. Kaldo came up to her, leering into her face. His foul breath and strong pungent sweat offended her nose. He stared at her young breasts, firm and rounded, the nipples engorged. Coarse hands stroked the contours. A stab of pain jolted through Polly as he suddenly pinched each nipple between thumb and middle finger, twisting them hard one after the other.

With a short laugh, he stepped back a few paces, lifting his whip arm, ready to strike. Polly stiffened in readiness for the blow. Her eyes filled with a mixture of excitement and dread as they followed the whip arm raised high. Suddenly, everything seemed to switch to slow motion. A swish! Polly watched the whip coil through the air towards her. The sting came with a sickening crack! It lashed round her plump buttocks, biting into the already swollen flesh. The end of the leather thong curled round her groin flicking painfully, raising a new red weal. Her body jolted with pain, her breasts bounced wildly. Polly cried out into her gag, eyes screwed up in pain. The heat stabbed into her loins.

The magnificent frame of her executioner twisted away from her, the muscles in his arm taught with effort, preparing for a second lash. A brutal smile split his black face, eyes gleaming with cruel delight. Polly opened her eyes. His monstrous phallus jerked larger, swaying obscenely before him. After a pause for his cruel eyes to concentrate on the target, he swung his arm. The whip curled through the air again. It lashed round her buttocks, stinging with a sharp pain. She yelled again!

'No, please! Enough!' Polly cried into her gag.

But her pleas were ignored. She squirmed, twisting her body around violently, tugging on the bonds round her wrists and ankles, in a vain attempt to escape. Her hips and breasts swung frenziedly. It was useless. Exhausted, she collapsed in despair, perspiring freely with the effort.

The savage merely laughed at her futile tussle. His white teeth split his black face with a callous sneer, arm relaxed, the whip dangling in front of him. Then, taking a deep breath, tensing his body for the swing, the brute twisted his body again. Swoosh! The third stroke, the heaviest so far, cut into her soft flesh with brutal power. Polly screamed, acutely aware of the stripe of red swelling where the lash had stung her flesh like wasp stings.

The heat flamed in her groin, the furnace within her melting her honey. It bubbled and dribbled freely over her distended lips. The earlier vaginal lubrication was being replenished, mixing with the remains of the pygmies' sperm drying on her skin. Polly knew she was to be Kaldo's slave. There was no escape.

Through the cloud of tears of agony, her blurred sight fixed on the brute's huge erection, now at full stretch, swaying insolently. The time would come when the monster would be crushed into her vulva - after the scourging was over. Kaldo faced her, breathing hard, open legged, the enormous head of his penis thrusting out of its foreskin. A thick white ooze seeped from its eye, dribbling slowly down the thick shaft. He looked down. Scooping the sticky mess onto thick fingers, he approached close to Polly.

With a loud guffaw he smeared the paste over her lips and teeth with a rough wipe across her face. Polly jerked her head from side to side with distaste but couldn't avoid the slime. It smelt loathsome! Putrid and bitter. Then, he took four steps back and lashed her once more with the full weight of his body behind the strokes, sweat trickling down his black face, grimacing with pleasure. Polly's body writhed and jolted with the lash. The pain stabbed its way to her very core.

Her body oblivious to any new pain, Polly was dimly aware of being untied from the trees. She collapsed to her knees in sheer exhaustion. The cheeks of her bottom were burning with the double beating they had taken. Her back was heavily bruised. Kaldo had intended ravishing her there and then, but decided to delay his carnal pleasure until he had reached his hut. At the settlement, he could take his time exploring the beauties offered by the luscious curves of the dainty white woman. Soft pale skin would drive him wild with desire. After he had indulged his lust to the limit, he would put her at the mercy of the rest of the village.

The Kwali tribe was well-known for the might of man's phallus. It was a trait inbred in the males. The tribe was also feared for the severity of the cruelty it practised on its women. After the men had taken their enjoyment of Polly's body, it was unlikely the white woman would ever walk again. They would use her as a sex doll; she would be thrown around and finally impaled on the massive shaft of the God Mbotu.

This was the remains of a tree trunk about a half-metre high used to chasten and punish rebellious women in the tribe, or those caught breaking the marriage vows. The remains of the tree were infested by a species of lice which preyed on human flesh. Once impaled on the trunk, the women's wrists were fastened to strong roots protruding from the ground before being whipped, spat on and humiliated by the villagers. As the lice came out to do their work inside the vagina, reducing the offender to a screaming beast, the male children in particular would enjoy mocking her, encouraged by their sisters and mothers.

Whatever foul dirt they could find would be thrown at her. There she would remain in excruciating torment until sun-set before being brought before her family to beg forgiveness for her transgression in front of the whole village. Her genitals would be douched with bulls' urine until free from any lingering lice. It would be many days before the vagina was sufficiently recovered, ready to fulfil its purpose in life once more.

Polly opened her eyes. Through the blurred vision, she was mesmerised by the black warrior's huge phallus, now bursting with lust. She wondered how she would manage to get such a monster into her vagina. Even the thought of encasing that mighty staff inside her, began to melt her honey; to lubricate the portals to her altar of lust. Her dazed curiosity overcame her revulsion of the man himself; his body was a superb example of powerful manhood.

The thick ebony rod, hard and stiff, fascinated her. It throbbed with a strange power before her eyes. Polly was a slave to the might of the penis. The priceless pearl at its tip was now alluring. She was transfixed. Thick veins stood out like whipcord along the rock-hard shaft of polished ebony.

A terrible force was boiling up in the warrior. It was irresistible. Kaldo couldn't wait. His need was immediate. The seed was stirring in his loins, eager for release. On her knees before him, the soft curves of the white woman, wrists tied behind her back, beckoned him; tore at his passion. The sight of her beauty, intensified by the bruises and swelling, overcame his resolve. Her face, even tear-stained, was a portrait of beauty to the brutal Kaldo.

With a growl of greed, he dropped the whip. Grasping her face between his coarse hands, he crushed the almighty phallus between its soft lips, deep into Polly's throat. He would satisfy his lust in her warm mouth first. By the time they reached his village he would have regained his urge to split open her loins like a ripe peach with his iron shaft. Even Polly's experience in the art of fellatio was unable to control the sudden intrusion of the monster. It almost choked her. Her eyes bulged at the aggressive entry. Her breathing, even through her nose, was severely restricted by the sheer volume of cock stretching her jaws wide, filling the orifice. Polly screwed up her eyes in fright.

To the accompaniment of harsh cries of lust, grunts of effort, the thick shaft pushed in and out with wild force. It dragged against the roof of her mouth. Polly desperately tried to control it. But she couldn't. She was choking. Panic hit her as her breathing became almost impossible. She struggled violently. The shaft was cruelly thrusting in and out of her dry mouth. It pounded painfully against its roof. She was sure she would faint. Her head spun with fear. A roaring in her ears got louder and louder!

The thought of rending apart those tender lips of her genitals with his massive tool was too much for the native. His pent up lust burst from him with a mighty roar. Just as she thought she would die, Polly felt the deluge of warm fluid gush into her throat. Sticky and thick. The shaft was suddenly retracted until the head was just between her teeth, spurting its sticky jets into her aching cheeks.

Polly gulped down long draughts of air into her burning lungs, half-choking on the copious starch-like sperm in her throat and mouth. It dribbled over her chin as she fought to regain her normal breathing. Kaldo, his immediate sexual need slaked, jerked Polly cruelly to her feet. She was forced to walk, wrists tied behind her back, pushed and goaded by a sturdy staff cut from a sapling, through the thick undergrowth towards his encampment. There, she would be subjected to a lengthy punishment. Flogged, tortured and violated by the huge warrior. The thought of such excitement drove him forward. He shouted at her to make more speed, beating her over the shoulders and buttocks with the stave.

It was then that she stumbled and fell. Kaldo must have carried her into a clearing, tying her to the trunk of the tree to prevent her from escaping. Where had he gone, she wondered? Would he return? The jungle was sultry and hot. It rustled with mysterious sounds. Menacing and subdued. An occasional sudden screech shattered the murmuring quietness. The bitter taste of the warrior's semen still stung the back of her throat.

With restricted movement of her head, Polly's eyes were able to search only a narrow expanse of the dense, lush undergrowth around her. Perspiration trickled down her face, between the superb breasts; over her flat belly. The pale skin of her breasts, their fullness pulled tight, was shimmering with a fine film of sweat, the coral-pink nipples jutting out. Her long platinum-blonde hair was wet and tangled.

Then she saw it! Her eyes widened in terror! It was emerging from the thicket to her right. Her body froze with anticipation and fear as she watched, unblinking. A huge wolf-like beast had its black, piercing eyes, fixed on her. Slowly, it came into the clearing. It approached her, snout stretched forward, sniffing the air.

The smell of Polly's female flesh aroused its curiosity. It was like a giant wolf, powerfully built with a thick muscular neck. Evil-looking eyes were set above a strong jaw. She was powerless to do anything to prevent the savage beast of the forest investigating her scent, sharpened by stale sperm. It paused, black eyes staring at her; lips curled back in a snarl, revealing razor-sharp teeth dripping with saliva. The monster moved forward again, cautiously, gracefully, growling softly from the back of the throat, black nose extended, until it reached her tree.

Polly held her breath, fresh beads of sweat breaking out on her forehead. Then, uncontrolled fear opened her bladder. A stream of pale golden urine splashed into the undergrowth. It hissed and spattered, harsh in the silence around her. She tensed every muscle as the beast cocked its head. The black nose investigated the scent of the urine, soaking into the ground. Raising its head, the beast then slowly closed in on her genitals, now puffed and hot. The seat of Polly's strong, sweet smell attracted the monster. The black nose, large and hot, pushed gently against the swollen lips of wet flesh, sniffing. The unusual scent interested it.

Then came a sudden sound! Snapping of twigs. The beast's head swung round, ears pricked. Polly's eyes widened when she saw that the monster's penis was unsheathed. The large crimson rod, slimy with lust. She wondered with apprehension whether it would try to penetrate her with that vile awesome cock.

Satisfied that there was no danger, the beast returned its interest to Polly's genitals drenched in sweat, urine and lubrication. Its nose was pressed hard against her clitoris. Polly's loins jerked at the touch but she managed to control the outward signs to a mere twitch of her buttocks. Twisting its head sideways, the animal nudged the soft folds apart, to snake its long, rough tongue between the juicy folds. It found her entrance, the tender orifice seeping with her secretions. The rough tongue slipped deep into the sweet warmth, tasting the soft morsel.

Polly began to tremble. She couldn't control her muscles. One snap of those vicious-looking teeth would surely slice through the folds of her soft genitals with ease. They would make a juicy bite for the animal. Polly closed her eyes to the horror before her, certain that her final moments had come. Her end would be painful and bloody. In the middle of this moment of terror, Polly suddenly wondered how she had managed to get herself into this unlikely predicament. Bound to a tree in a forest in the middle of the African jungle, thousands of miles from her London flat, being molested by a huge beast.

* * * * * * * * * *

It had all started in the small island off the Greek mainland where she had found her father, only to lose him again immediately. It happened at the festival of the Marquis de Sade. Polly was the sacrifice at the mercy of ten hooded disciples of the Marquis. Each disciple was armed with a different instrument of flagellation. Ten men, each delivering ten strokes, reduced Polly to a sobbing heap of female flesh, bruised, torn and battered. First, shackled to an altar, then hung from an overhead horizontal bar.

Naked, humiliated and abused, she had lost the last vestige of pride by losing control of her bladder. The ten disciples had watched with delight as the golden stream arched from its tiny orifice between blistered labia lips. Brought round from her unconscious state, she was held in a kneeling position by two of the men, whilst being forced to fellate the thick protrusion thrust into her mouth. At the moment of ejaculation she knew that her greatest ambition, her dearest wish, was being fulfilled. It was a moment of supreme elation for her. The hard, erupting penis was her father's! At last!

Overcome with fainting, Polly was escorted back to the recovery room only to discover, on her return to consciousness, that her father had left the island. Dejected at her loss, Polly discovered that he had gone on a secret mission to Africa. A mission of great danger. She vowed to follow him.

So her journey to the deepest parts of the steaming jungle had begun.

* * * * * * * * *

Polly's thoughts were suddenly interrupted. There came a crashing sound from the other side of the clearing. The wolf-like animal turned its head, looking for the source of the noise. Something was crashing through the undergrowth, coming towards them. The beast raised its snout, sniffing at the air from the direction of the sound. Polly saw it's genitals, the large, hairy testicles swaying between its powerful haunches, now taught, ready to spring.

Through the dense undergrowth appeared Kaldo. A large, almost black, monstrous figure. Naked and carrying an armful of long supple canes. His eyes were bright with anticipation, his enormous penis, half distended, swaying before him, the low-slung testicles swinging wildly as his long legs thrust through the grasses. He had reached the edge of the clearing before he saw the beast, now crouching, coiled.

The man stopped in his tracks. Dropping the canes, his jaw fell open, and his eyes bulged with terror. Before he could make another move, the beast sprang. Its jaw snapped with a loud growl. With a bellow of agony and terror, the man was hurled backwards by the blow. The beast paused to tear at what was in its mouth and, as the man turned to flee in panic, Polly saw that his entire genitals had been ripped away. That proud, mighty shaft and its huge supplying sac were missing. In their place was jagged raw flesh, gory tubes hanging, blood running down the inner thigh as far as to the knees.

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