Pool Party in Victorville


"Oh baby, my cock is tingling," I moaned as the head of my cock was signaling the pleasure her pussy was delivering while pumping in and out of her. It wouldn't be long for me to cum at this rate.

Linda's sucking became more intense on Lee and he was showing his growing sense of urgency. "Oh my God, Linda, I'm getting close...I'm gonna cum," Lee warned as both his hands went to the back of her head. "Oh...argghh..." he growled while holding her head firmly on his cock as he pulsed repeatedly shooting his hot load into her mouth. Linda gulped and then gulped again as she attempted to swallow all of Lee's seed.

I pumped her cunt from behind, and her tits swung back and forth over Lee's thighs. I reached around to hold her breasts in my hands as I moved deeper into her from behind. My cock was growing harder and I squeezed as hard as I could to delay the eruption, but the sensations overtook me as my whole body contracted and shot squirt after squirt of my sperm deep into her womb. Linda pushed back onto my cock while moaning. Her orgasm took over her body and her vagina gripped and released my cock repeatedly. She continued to hold Lee's cock tightly as the crescendo of this experience overwhelmed her.

We all stayed still until the intensity of the moment subsided. I slowly pulled out of Linda, and watched my creampie ooze out of her love tunnel to run down her thigh to the blanket on the floor as I returned to the chair. She crawled up to Lee on hands and knees and gave him an open- mouthed tongue-dualing kiss for Lee to taste his own salty cum in her mouth and then sat down on the floor beside Lee.

"Holy cow, that was amazing," Linda sighed aloud with sweat beading on her flushed face and chest. Her breasts shone in the light and a smile emerged across her face to light up the room.

"I have never done anything like this before," Lee said while taking a big gasp of air. "Oh my God, Linda, you are fucking awesome!"

"Well, Lee, this wasn't planned...none of it. I've never done anything quite like this before either, but hope we can keep this private," I offered hoping he would be discrete about both my sharing Linda and my tasting his cock. I still had not fully comprehended what all happened.

"I have to tell you guys that every woman should experience what I just had," Linda mused aloud. "Having two gorgeous men at the same time for just raw animal sex was absolutely amazing."

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by Anonymous

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by impo_6112/29/15


Why she could go with him to de States and couldn't go to Turkey, and stayed in England whoring herself to men she didn't know, fucking them unprotected? This is the reason why I just rate this 1*...

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by Anonymous05/28/15

my guess is you are bi.

And not married to a woman.

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