tagLoving WivesPool Payments Ch. 10

Pool Payments Ch. 10

byTx Tall Tales©

Chapter 10: Late Night Visit


My Wife is Full of Surprises!


Saturday was a hectic day, with a number of tasks around the house knocked out, and a quiet evening ending with a nice leisurely roll with my loving wife.

Any thoughts of a quiet weekend were obliterated by the shrill ring of my wife's phone. Traci always got nervous over late phone calls; she figured there was some kind of family emergency somewhere. Not that night.

"No, it's Ok, we're still up. Go ahead and tell me what happened." She walked out to the garage, speaking into the phone in hushed tones. She closed the door behind her, leaving me curious.

Traci had a habit she'd tried to break for years. She was a closet smoker. Usually only a couple a day, but she would head out to the garage where I had a little workshop setup, open the garage door half-way, crack open a beer, and dig into her Marlboro lights. I figured if that was her worst habit, who was I to point fingers?

This time was different. She was back in the kitchen after just a few seconds, grabbing her keys off the wall. "It's Andrea from work; I'll be back in just a few minutes." She was heading out wearing nothing more than an old ratty nightgown and slippers. I hoped she didn't get pulled over.

She was true to her word, in less than 5 minutes I heard the garage door raise, and a few moments later, Traci entered the house with her arm around her friend Andrea's shoulders.

I barely knew the girl. She'd been over maybe twice that I knew of. They worked together, and chatted on the phone all the time, but that was about it. The cute little brunette looked up at me with tear-stained eyes, and sniffled. "I'm sorry, I didn't know who else to call," she said softly, wiping her eyes.

"It's Ok," I said, stupidly.

Traci held her and guided her to the couch.

Andrea was still sobbing. "I am so sorry, but I just couldn't stay there any longer." I disappeared into the kitchen, put on some decaf and grabbed some cups from the cabinet.

Our little one made an appearance at the top of the stairs. She looked on the verge of crying. Traci met her and guided her back to her room, tucking her in once more. I, on the other hand, stayed out of the way, waiting for the coffee to finish. I pulled down a bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream, to fortify the drinks.

I was in a complete daze. Andrea, here, in the middle of the night on a Saturday, was not a normal situation. Heck, I wouldn't have recognized her if I met in her in public. She was cute enough, curvy from what I could tell. And a good bit younger than us. She was wearing a t-shirt and sweat pants, and was barefoot. With two heavily spiked coffees in hand, I went into the family room, where the ladies were talking, and placed the mugs in front of them.

"De-caf," I assured them, "with a bit of Bailey's." I stepped away to give them some privacy. "I'm heading back to the bedroom. I'll leave you two to talk alone. If you need me for anything, just let me know."

I turned off the bedroom lights, and slid back under the covers, wondering what was going on. I normally slept in the nude, but left on a pair of boxers, just in case. I could hear a little of what they were saying two rooms away, but it was only a few words here and there. The gist seemed to be the usual - in spades. Their marriage was problematic, her man had cheated on her at least twice in the past, that she knew of, and he was alway belittling and insulting her. Now she had confirmation he was back with his ex.

The actor's change, but the story remains the same. Kind of sad. The girl was just a kid, barely twenty, already married for 2 years. Probably would be divorced before she could legally buy a beer.

As much as the curiosity was gnawing at me, sleep was calling as well. I'd had a long hard day of work in the yard, and we'd been cleaning out the attic much of the evening. The upstairs was still a complete mess.

I heard the door to the bedroom open stealthily, and a peek at the alarm clock showed it to be nearly 2:00 am. The girls giggled, then Traci was pulling a t-shirt out of my dresser. I kept my eyes cracked, and my sleeping status on the QT. Traci was still wearing her night shirt, and I watched Andrea strip down to her panties before covering up with my too-large t-shirt.

Traci pulled back the covers, and urged Andrea into our bed, following closely behind. I wasn't about to feign sleep with this turn of events.

I raised up on one elbow. "Everything Ok?" I asked.

Traci responded, while Andrea seemed to shrink within herself. "No. It's not Ok. But for now, I think Andrea just needs some support and attention."

The words were English, but were not making sense. Support and attention?

I must have looked as confused as I felt. Traci reached over and turned Andrea to face away from me, leaving the girls face-to-face. "Just hold her for now, will you? That's not a tough job, is it?"

Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I snuggled in behind our young guest, getting close, wrapping my top leg over hers, pressing my crotch to her soft ass, sliding an arm under her head, and placing the other one around her waist, hand resting on her belly. I couldn't have gotten much closer.

My face was at her neck, taking her fragrance in. She was breathing hard, squirming slightly in my arms. I could feel her butt pushing back against me.

"The bastard's full of shit." Traci whispered, leaning in and placing a soft kiss on the girl's lips. "You are pretty, sexy and very desirable. If he can't get it up for you, it's not your fault." She reached out and traced her finger down Andrea's face, neck and down her breast.

She glanced at me for just a second, then moved in even closer, until their breasts were touching, and their faces were only inches apart.

I, on the other hand, was allowing my hand to wander a little, down over her hips and down to her thighs. On the return trip, it was inside of her shirt, brushing against the satin feel of her panties, up across her soft stomach, until I met the curve of her breast. I cupped the bottom of it, and rubbed with my thumb.

Traci kissed Andrea again, then rubbed her nose against our guest's. "I bet somebody is finding you very desirable right now, isn't he?"

I could feel Andrea nod her head.

"Is he hard for you?" Traci asked.

I gave a nudge with my hips just in case Andrea was missing it. My cock was rock hard and sticking out of my boxers.

"Yes," was her hesitant reply.

I pulled my hand out of her shirt, reached down and pulled the girl's shirt up until her panty covered ass was exposed. Then I lifted her upper leg, pulled it back and over mine, opening her up. I pressed my hard-on against her pussy, pushing against her, so there could be no misunderstanding. I was damned hard for her.

"Oh, gosh, he's so hard," she gasped.

Traci picked up where I'd left off, sitting up and grabbing the bottom of Andrea's t-shirt and pulling it up over her breasts. With a bit of a tussle she got it off of her. During the turmoil, I lowered Andrea's panties to the bottom of her butt cheeks, and slipped my cock between the material and the crack of her ass. When she lifted her leg, the pressure on the material just pulled me closer against her.

"So, do you think you might be desirable? Do you think it's you, or the asshole?" Traci insisted, tracing her fingers across Andrea's hard nipples.

"I don't know," she said, but her body hinted otherwise as she pressed against my hard cock. I could feel her moistness covering my shaft. I shifted my hips back and forth, rubbing against her hot little pussy.

I finally spoke. "I think you're sexy. And very desirable."

The words hit her like a wrecking ball, and she crumbled, crying, and sobbing. "Then why doesn't he? Why?" She turned toward me, lying on her back which resulted in pulling my cock out of her underwear. She raised her knees up and pulled her legs together while she grabbed a pillow and put it over her face, screaming into it. I slid down the bed a bit, pulled her panties from the position across her thighs, up over her knees. Gravity did the rest and shortly thereafter her panties were in a puddle at her feet.

I was thinking of pressing the point, when Andrea calmed down a bit and took things into her own hands. She came out from under the pillow, eyes teary, "Well the heck with him." She looked over at me, seemed to ponder her actions a moment, then she was pushing me onto my back straddling me. She reached down between my legs, and looked shocked when she had my cock in her hand. "Oh. Oooh." She turned her head and looked at Traci with a look that said, "Is this for real?"

She turned back to me, took a deep breath, and slid the burning head of my cock between her moist nether lips. She pushed back against me, but almost bent my cock in two before she was able to take just a couple of inches. Damned she was tight. Virginal.

She leaned down and rested on my chest with a groan. "He's too big, Traci."

Traci reached up and caressed her hair. "It'll fit. Trust me. It'll fit like a glove. Now sit up."

Andrea sat up, showing me the first good view of her breasts, which were quite beautiful. I thought she should know. "Damn, Andrea. You have gorgeous tits. I reached up and gave them a squeeze. "They're fucking perfect. Sexy as hell. You're sexy as hell."

She was sitting up high, my cock head barely lodged in her opening. Traci reached between us with both hands, her arms bracketing Andrea's thigh. She held me tightly, keeping me perfectly straight. "Lower yourself," she told her.

Andrea responded slowly, but I could feel the increased pressure. "That's it, beautiful. Take it. Take all of it. Let me fill you up." I urged her.

She gasped when she met Traci's hands, and my darling wife pulled one away, reaching down to caress my balls. "That's it baby, you've got more than half."

Andrea was suddenly intent on taking more of me, and she started bouncing up and down on my shaft, sinking further and further, until with a final long groan, she was all the way down. "Ohmigosh, I didn't think I could do that."

Traci was kneeling between my legs, behind her friend. "Now. Do you think it's you or him? Do you believe you're desirable now?" She reached around and I could see her hands roaming over Andrea's body.

"I'm fat," she said softly.

"You're not fat." Traci assured her.

"I'm a lot fatter than you," Andrea assisted.

She was curvaceous, and probably could have lost 20 lbs, but she was all woman, soft and cuddly.

"Fuck that," I said, reaching down and grabbing her around the waist. I lifted her a few inches, then held her there while I started to fuck her, sliding my cock in and out of her her while she kneeled there taking it.

"You're not fat. You are damned sexy. Guys would line up around the block for a chance to fuck you."

"I'm fat and I'm ugly," she cried, reaching up and pulling her own hair out by the fistful.

I grabbed her wrists stopping her, while she shrieked. I heard our daughter crying outside, and Traci went to take care of her. Leaving me alone with this sexy young stranger, naked, in my bed, riding my cock.

In the meantime, I pulled Andrea down to my chest, pulling her arms behind her back, crossing her wrists and holding them in mine. With my other hand I reached for her chin and lifted her face up to look at me. "Stop it!" I hissed, squeezing her chin hard, bringing more tears to her eyes. "Just stop it." I held her close while I nudged my cock in and out of her, her tightness driving me crazy.

"I don't fuck ugly fat girls," I told her. "I don't have to. Look at my wife. That's what I get to come home to, and she'll do anything I want. Do you understand me?"

Andrea sniffled, and nodded her head.

"Feel me. Feel how hard I am for you. I'm going to fuck you over and over again tonight. I'm going to come in you so much you'll think you've been gang-banged by a whole team. Do you think I'd do that to an ugly, fat girl?"

She shook her head no.

"Now sit up and fuck me, beautiful. Slide up and down that rod, until I come for you, and don't stop until I tell you to. I want to just watch you, watch that pretty face and those perfect tits, while you fuck me. Fuck me like you're my personal little slave. Fuck me like your life depended on it."

Andrea got the message and applied herself. It took several minutes, during which Traci showed up again. She leaned in and told me softly, "I'm going to lay down with our daughter until she's asleep. She's upset."

I leaned over and kissed her, "Ok, hurry back."

Traci stood back and watched Andrea screw me. Then she went to her, had her lift off of me, and adjusted her position, so her feet were under her and she was squatting over me, leaning over, her juicy tits hanging down. Traci guided my cock back into her, without all the drama of earlier, even though our guest was still damned tight.

"Try it like that for a bit. I know it's work but I think you'll both like the feeling."

Andrea put one hand on my chest to brace herself, then started to fuck herself on my aching cock.

"God. He's such an idiot. You are so hot. So very, very doable." Traci commented before leaving us. She turned to me, "Can you believe she hasn't had sex in over three months? Twenty years old, looking like that, and practically a newlywed. That's messed up." She turned and headed back out.

"It's crazy. That's what it is. You should be fucked every night. Fucked so hard you can barely walk. God, your hot little pussy is driving me crazy." I told our naked guest.

Andrea was looking at me, smiling. "Does it really feel that good? Do you like it?"

"Fuck, it feels great, and just a little bit longer, and you'll get to see just how good you're making me feel." I told her.

She moaned, speeding up her actions. "You really like it? Are you going to finish for me?"

The question was moot by the time she spoke it. I grabbed her thighs, and slammed my hips up into her, pounding her tight pussy, and emptying my balls deep, deep inside of her.

She moaned for me, laying down on my chest and clinging to me. "Gosh, I could feel that. Feel your stuff shoot inside of me."

I turned her face to mine and kissed her. A long slow exploring kiss, while my hands caressed her body, and gripped her full ass. After a minute or two she was whimpering in my mouth, as I started to harden inside of her. I squeezed those soft ass cheeks, massaging them, while I slowly filled her pussy, with my growing, straining meat.

She finally pulled her mouth off of mine, slowly, then lay there staring at me from just a couple of inches away. "You're hard again?"

I kissed her, then gave a good push so she knew the answer for sure. "It's you. You are so hot and sexy, I can't get enough of you. I told you I'd be fucking you over and over again."

She gasped as we rolled onto our sides together, and I had a little more room for action. "I thought that was just talk. You know, a guys says he's going to screw your brains out, and then after about 30 seconds, he rolls off and goes to sleep."

Kissing her shut her up. I rolled her onto her back and lifted her legs up so I could really go at her. "We're not all like that. And believe me you make me so damn hot, we may never get to sleep tonight." I pulled out, and crawled up beside her, my cock standing straight out, begging for attention. "Touch it, feel how hard it is for you."

She obeyed, timidly at first, just brushing her finger against it, then wrapping her hand around me and stroking me.

"Suck it," I told her.

She looked up at me, suddenly afraid. She shook her head no.

"Go ahead, just try it, I won't force you. Just taste it. Kiss it."

Her eyes were glued to my cock, directly in front of her face. She kept stroking it, then pulled it down, and stuck her tiny tongue out. She brushed the tip of her tongue against the crest of the head.

"That was nice," I told her softly.

She stuck that sexy little tongue out again, and licked about a third of my length, ending with a kiss on the head.

"Fuck, that's hot. You know, the sexiest sight in the world is a pretty woman with a cock between her lips." I reached down and stroked her cheek. "I'm not kidding. There isn't a more beautiful sight in the world."

She looked at me, then pulled my cock down, lifted her head, and wrapped her lips around my cock, just beyond the head. She just held it there, then I felt her tongue start to explore my swollen cock head.

"Andrea, you are so beautiful like that. So hot, so sexy."

She looked up at me, her big green eyes locked on mine, then started to slowly move her head back and forth on my cock. Her tongue kept swiping at me, keeping me wanting more. I watched her push forward until my cock brushed against the back of her mouth, then she pulled off. And did it again, and again. After a couple of minutes she pulled away.

"Was that Ok?" She asked.

"It was nice. Were you nervous about the size? Cause you did well."

"No, I just had never done that before," she confessed.

I settled in between her legs, lifted them wide, and filled her up again. It took a few tries before I was able to completely bottom out inside of her.

"God, Andrea, you've got a sweet pussy." I fucked her for a bit before getting back to the previous subject. "You've never sucked a cock before?" I asked.

"No," she answered hesitantly. "It was Ok, wasn't it?"

"More than Ok. But why? Why haven't you ever done it before? Didn't your husband want you to?" I asked, while I slowly long stroked her.

"Yeah, he used to want to a lot, but it's just so dirty," she responded.

"It is dirty. In a great way," I told her.

"It seemed too nasty."

"What else was too nasty?" I asked.

"Oh, there were lots of things. He wanted to do me like a dog, like some animal. He wanted to lick me down there. He would try to touch my, my, uh.. my bottom hole sometimes."

"Tell me more, tell me everything that was too naughty or too dirty."

"We were making love once, a long time ago, and I got a call from my sister. He wanted to keep doing it to me, while she was on the phone! Can you believe that?"

"What else?"

"He wanted to do it in the back seat of the car once, and sometimes he'd try to get me to say nasty things."

"Anything else?"

"I can't think of any, why?" she asked, moaning while I continued the slow fucking of the little priss.

"Because I'm going to do everything to you that you've ever thought was too nasty, too dirty."

She gasped, squirming under me. "But why?"

"You've been bad. The problem isn't that you're not sexy or desirable. Your looks, your body, the way you can fuck, that's all highly desirable. But the way you act? Not so much." I tilted her legs way back and watched my cock enter her, spreading her wide. She groaned sweetly.

I was fucking her nice and steady, and reached down to play with her clit, rubbing it, pushing on it. "How does that feel, beautiful."

"Incredible, I'm tinging all over."

I picked up the pace, sliding in and out with a hard fierce rhythm, I heard her gasping and felt the change in her breathing. I rubbed her clit harder, trying to get her off at least once before I obliterated her boundaries.

"Oh, oh, oh," she moaned, thrusting back against me, holding her legs wide.

I pushed her legs back even further, tilting her hips up. I lowered my own and started fucking up into her, shorter strokes, feeling the pressure on the head of my cock as I rubbed the front wall of her tight young pussy, aiming for her g-spot.

I knew when I found it, she reacted like she'd been shocked, grunting and whimpering. Tracking the target, I fucked into her hard and fast, pounding her weakness, while she lost control.

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