Poolside Ch. 03, Pt. 3


"Just the two of us? Oh, I don't want to share you! And you called me 'Love!'" She leaned down and kissed me. "Do you? Love me?"

"Yes, Angie. I love you!" Angie kissed me and hugged me as hard as she could.

A couple of minutes later, she looked into my eyes. She was really happy, and she felt playful. "But if you love me, why would you want to have anal sex with me? Isn't my pussy good enough?" And she purred.

"Angie, some people just do the missionary position, man on top, and that's it. Others do all sorts of things I don't even care to imagine. But I've done anal sex, and it is sometimes really great for both the man and the woman."

Angie's eyes got bright. "Then let's try it! If I don't like it, we can always do some of the other things again! They were ALL fun! What do I do first? Oh, by the way, in case you wondered, I love you, too!"

Before I could respond, we heard crisp knocking on the wall outside the open bedroom door! "Angie! Don! Karen and I are coming in!" We heard Doris announce.

I just sat naked on the bed, completely dumbfounded. My penis immediately went limp. Angie had the good sense to grab the sheet and cover herself. Ten seconds later, both women strode in, dressed in suits like they were going to the office. Their eyes were bloodshot and they both looked as if they needed sleep.

"Go sit in the other room, Don! Karen and I need to talk to Angie!"

I moved over and kissed a very confused and embarrassed Angie. She clung to me, but I gently pulled away from her. I whispered, "I love you, Angie. I really do! No matter what, don't forget that!" Then I picked up my silk shorts and robe and walked naked to the sitting room. Somebody closed the door behind me.

Where the hell had they come from? Obviously they could easily have gotten a keycard, but I had set the chain on the door as soon as the waiters left. That was part of my half-conceived plan to double-cross Doris and stay with Angie. The chain was still on! I put on my shorts and robe and looked around. The only reasonable possibility was a coat closet next to the doorway to the suite.

The closet was empty. I squatted down and saw slight, female-sized footprints on the rug, and then I realized that there was also a triangular scuff mark made by a door. With that to guide me, I found a hidden latch, opened a small, concealed door, and I slipped under the closet rod and into a narrow room.

It was full of video and photographic equipment, all pointing toward the bedroom. I could see and hear everything Angie and Doris were saying through what I thought had been a mirror on the bedroom wall. There were two chairs facing the bedroom. Those two bitches had sat there and watched us make love!

Angie had the sheet pulled around her legs and was sitting on the bed, naked from the waist up. Tears were streaming down her face. Doris was standing next to her, and Karen was off to one side.

"You were LISTENING to us? That's why you came in? You HEARD what we were going to do and you came in to stop us?" Angie asked and then she began to sob. Doris reached to comfort her, but Angie pushed her away.

A video camera was still recording, and I could see the entire scene on a little display screen. I didn't know whether to be really angry or really scared.

I shut off the recorder, and realized that it was simultaneously recording two separate tapes. I pulled those two out of the machine, and after looking around, found a dozen others marked "Angie & Don." I took all the tapes and got out of there.

I sat down in the sitting room looking out the window. What was I going to do now? I hadn't imagined something like this happening! My plan, if you can call it that, had been to tell Doris I wasn't going to break up with Angie. But now I didn't know what to do. My thoughts raced from idea to idea, clouded by my feelings for Angie.

Through the closed door I could hear pieces of their conversation as they raised their voices. I deduced that Doris had been in the room before I arrived, and that she had let Karen in later when Angie and I were in the bedroom. They had probably been in there all night, watching and taping. They also probably had another room nearby in case they needed to go to the bathroom since the taping room was so small. These thoughts were easier to deal with than my intense feelings of love for Angie and what her mother was probably telling her.

After about five minutes Aunt Karen came out. "Doris is explaining the whole thing to Angie. It's going to take a while. I didn't want to listen anymore." She said.

"I'm sure that's no problem!" I snarled. "Hell, you can always watch the video!"

Karen's eyes got cold. "So you figured that out, too. That was just to protect Angie in case you went too far. Which you were about to do with that sex up her ass stuff."

"Try it sometime! You just might enjoy it!" What a brilliant retort.

"It really doesn't make much difference. We were about ready to interrupt you two anyway. Angie's going to need some time to get herself together since we don't want her to say anything about this to her father - or to anyone else."

I sat silently for a couple of minutes, trying to decide what I was feeling. I was really angry, I knew I had been really manipulated, but most of all I felt really guilty for hurting Angie. I could hear her frequent cries of anguish through the closed door. I also felt incredibly stupid for underestimate Doris.

"How'd you know about the video room, anyway?" I asked.

Karen gave me the same cold smile I had seen on her sister. "Jack and I are partners in this hotel. We control this room. It's been very helpful with some difficult business deals."

I could imagine. Some guy caught on tape screwing the wrong person, a little blackmail pressure, and the deal's done. By getting involved with these women, I was in something way, way over my head! I felt like a goldfish swimming with sharks!

"YOU FUCKED HIM FIRST? MY OWN MOTHER?" I suddenly heard Angie scream. I felt like I'd been slugged in the stomach. Any hope of taking Angie with me evaporated.

The bedroom door snapped open and Angie ran naked into the room and stopped in front of me. I stood up. "Did you really fuck my mother before you fucked me?"

"Angie, I . . ."

"OH GOD!" She shrieked and ran back into the bedroom, slamming the door hard behind her.

I stared at the carpet. I was holding my breath against the pain. Karen quietly said, "Knowing she shared you with her mother helps break the emotional bond you two formed. It will take a few days, but Angie will come to realize that Doris has done her a favor. But this is the beginning of helping Angie to get over you."

"Thanks a whole fucking lot! Maybe you could show her the videotape, too." I muttered. "Angie's going to flip out when she finds out that her mother and aunt were watching when she lost her cherry! And you've got it on tape! And then you two perverted bitches have the nerve to say that anal sex is wrong!"

I finally cracked her ice-cold demeanor. "Quiet down! Angie cannot EVER find that out!"

I pointed to the pile of videotapes which I had stacked near the window. "Two copies? One for each of you sickos? Is this how you get your kicks? Watching your niece get fucked for the first time? Will you two get each other off together on it?"

"There's no need to be so crude! We were just being careful!"

"Fuck you! I'm taking these tapes with me to destroy them! Get your sick jollies somewhere else!"

"I can't let you do that, Don." Karen said very coldly. And she stepped toward the tapes.

"If you touch those tapes, I'll fuck you in YOUR ass! The sick way your mind works, you'll probably enjoy being raped!" Karen quickly backed away. Now Karen was staring thoughtfully at the rug. We could hear Angie crying. "So one of you did wake us up last night, didn't you?" I asked.

Karen looked up at me and nodded. "I dozed off and fell out of the chair."

"Just couldn't stay interested unless we were actively copulating, right Karen?" She just glared at me.

About a half hour later Doris came out of the bedroom carrying all of my things. I could hear Angie sobbing through the open door. Doris closed it.

"Get dressed and leave, Don. You did your part very well, at least until the end." Doris said.

"Can I kiss Angie goodbye?"

"No. And I doubt that Angie will even want to talk to you for a long, long time. That's the way this always works."

I wanted to say something to Doris about Angie being better than she was in bed, but I couldn't put the words together. Doris turned and went back into the bedroom. I could still hear Angie's sobbing even after the door closed.

I took of my robe and shorts, then got dressed under the critical gaze of Karen. I deliberately faced her, not hiding myself at all. The shiny evidence of making love with Angie was obvious. "My daughter is thirteen. You'll be too old when she turns eighteen. Too bad. You're really good in bed. Angie was lucky."

What a cold bitch! I felt like a piece of meat. Were all women this calculating? Was the "You only want me for my body!" complaint just a ploy to control men? I hoped not, but at that moment, I was afraid it was.

As I walked out of the room carrying the tapes, Karen began to use the phone. I had a bad feeling about that. I got off on the second floor and went to the end of the hall, then down two flights of stairs to the basement. I found myself in a service area. I looked around and located a huge gas hot water heater, larger than but similar to the one we had at the pool.

I opened an access panel and I could see blue flames coming from a two foot by four foot matrix of gas jets. I tossed one of the tapes onto the gas jets. It caught fire immediately and gave off terrible black smoke. I closed the panel, and the smoke was vented to the outside chimney. After about a minute I looked in and the tape was completely gone. I threw another in and closed the door. Then another.

When the tapes were all gone, I climbed back to the first floor, and went through the lobby to my car. A really big thug was leaning on it and waiting for me. "Where's the tapes?" He asked. Obviously Karen had called him.

I told him I had burned them, but he went through everything I had to be certain I didn't have them. Then he made me walk inside and show him where I had managed to destroy them. The lingering smell of burning plastic convinced him. "Fuck! She'll be pissed!" He said.

He didn't follow me as I walked back to my car. I drove away. Katrina had "my" shift at the pool so I didn't have to go to work. I went back to my apartment and stared at the wall. I didn't bother to eat. I just sat there and wondered what kind of monster I was.

What was going through Angie's head? How much had I hurt her? I knew I had fallen in love with her, if that was any excuse. Were those really her feelings too? Or was she just grateful I had saved her from Bud? Why had I gone through with it? I hadn't been too terribly afraid of Doris since I had easily gotten it up with Angie. So was it the smug anticipation of being Angie's first lover that had enticed me into this mess? Was deflowering virgins that big a turn-on for me? Hell, I'd even deflowered another one just a few weeks earlier!

I still wasn't hungry on Monday, but I ate a light lunch and then went to the pool. Angie came, swam with some friends, and left without looking at me. I didn't get to swim that night. Families were leaving for vacations, and attendance was really low. That meant there weren't many people still available for my after-hours parties. Katrina was working full-time for one of the other guards, and she kept staring at me with a puzzled and worried look on her face. Can women read men that clearly?

"You don't seem to be yourself, Don." Katrina remarked. "Are you feeling okay?"

I lied and told her I was fine. She obviously didn't believe me.

Tuesday was much better. Angie came, swam, and talked to me for a few minutes. She whispered that she understood. I doubted it. That night I had an amorous after-hours couple for a party at the pool, and I got to swim laps after my run. When I finished, I stayed in the pool listening to the rhythmic, wet slap-slap-slap as he pounded into her. I thought of Angie and my eyes burned. I blinked away the tears and washed my face in the pool. I was really glad when they finally finished and left.

Wednesday morning Doris called and asked me to stop by. I got there about 11:00. Not surprisingly she was fully dressed when she opened the door. She led me into their family room. "I want you to watch this, Don."

The video was from a hand-held camera with its own light. I saw bars and I realized it was taken in the jail. I saw someone lying down, and then Bud's surprised face as he awoke. Bud screamed. There was a lot of commotion and some cursing, and then I could see that a group of big guys had stripped Bud naked. They pinned his face against the concrete floor and forced his behind to stick up. Bud was cursing.

Somebody walked up and shoved what looked like a piece of closet rod about a foot in and out of Bud's ass. He shrieked, screamed a couple of times, then began to whimper. He kept saying, "NO! NO!" over and over. Then one of the men pulled the stick out and began to fuck him in the ass. Bud screamed with each thrust. The ass-fucker climaxed with a loud series of grunts and pulled out.

When a second guy prepared to fuck Bud, the camera angle changed, and I could see shiny, red blood flowing from Bud's behind. I grabbed a wastebasket and threw up. Then I grabbed the remote control from Doris and turned the tape off. "Why?" I asked.

Doris gave me her nasty smile. "Don't you want to watch the rest? There are eight of them who fuck him, several of them twice." She paused and looked at me. Her cold stare gave me the chills. "When they were done, Bud couldn't even crawl. He just lay there on the floor of his cell, whimpering and bleeding from his ass."

I started to tremble, both from fear and anger. Doris gave me that cold smile again.

"Bud violated the trust of this family. Now he's castrated, and for the next twenty years or so he's going to be the fuck-boy of every animal in prison who wants him. They don't like rapists very much. Since he can't get it up any more, they may cut it off just for fun. After all he doesn't need it now, does he? Do I make myself clear?"

I nodded. I had nothing to say. I was angry at myself because I was visibly shaking. Doris showed me out, and I drove up to the pool early. I was still trembling. I swam laps until it was time to guard. I didn't feel clean. I even felt sorry for Bud. I kept hearing his screams.

That evening I was in the middle of my weight routine when Angie suddenly drove up. She walked over and asked, "Is there anyone else here tonight?" I shook my head. I was more than a little afraid of her being there. If Doris ever found out . . .

"Please put the weights away and let's swim."

I stashed the weights and bars, and went down to the pump room to change into my suit. Angie followed me. "Don! Look at me!"

I turned, and she carefully stripped off her clothes. She grinned. "I still want to go skinny-dipping with you!"

I started to cry and I grabbed Angie and held her against me. She pushed my shorts and jock down, then pulled off my shoes. Then we kissed, hard. This time she kissed away MY tears, but she was crying too.

She broke away and ran up the stairs. She dived in and I followed her. I caught her in the shallow end. She wrapped her legs around me and we began to make love.

"I want to make love beside the pool. On the mats. Like we almost did!" She said.

We teased each other as long as we could and finished in the missionary position, both of us yelling together. We took another swim and held each other in about five feet of water.

Angie fondled my penis until it became hard. "We never did anal sex. Can we do it here?"

I kissed her, and with the help of the warm water, she gradually took all of me into her anus. She began to slide up and down on my penis, moving easily because of the support of the water. I gently rubbed her clitoris, and we both came again.

She pulled off me and rubbed my penis until it was hard again. It took quite a while. "I like it better in my pussy." She said. I slid myself into her, and we held each other in the water, joined together as man and woman.

"I know my mother and aunt did what they thought was best, but . . . I was really hurt because I thought you were just, well . . . "

"Paid help?"

Angie nodded. "Yes. I really hated you, and then I remembered the devastated look on your face when I screamed at you that you and my mother . . . You really do love me, don't you?"

"Yes, Angie, I do. Very much. I'm glad you came up here tonight, and not just because of this."

"I had to! Tomorrow we leave for Europe, and when I get back you'll be gone back to school. Will we see each other again?"

"I don't know, Angie. We live in different parts of society, really in different worlds. If we're both free in a couple of years, maybe we can get past this and . . ."

She put her finger on my mouth. "SHHH! Right now may be all we ever get. Make love to me again, my wonderful lover!"

With considerable difficulty I climbed the ladder with Angie impaled on my penis. I carried her over to the cushions, and lay back with Angie on top. "No, Angie, love! I can't do that! We'll make love to each other!"

I caressed the entire front of her body as she rode me. We never broke eye contact until her orgasm overwhelmed her and I ejaculated. We held each other for a long time. Neither of us fell asleep, and we didn't talk. We just held and caressed each other. We stared into each other's eyes, lost in our thoughts and in our love. It was after 4:00 a.m. when Angie lifted herself off me and stood up. I started to get up, but she gently pushed me back down.

"No, lover, just stay here until I'm gone!" She said. I could see tears welling in her eyes. "Mom was right about one thing. You were the right man to take my cherry!" Then she leaned down and gently kissed me. "Don't ever forget that I love you, too!"

She got up and ran quickly through the gate. I heard her sob as she ran down the steps to the pump room to get dressed.

A few minutes later she came back up and ran to her car. She didn't look back. I watched her car as she drove away, and I listened until the sound disappeared. We never even said goodbye.

I got up and put the cushions under cover. I found my way back to the pump room and got dressed. I looked in the mirror and was surprised to see tears streaming down my face.

I realized that it would be nearly impossible to overcome the difference in wealth between Angie's family and mine. And could Angie really get past the fact that I'd also screwed her mother? I wasn't sure. But more importantly, Doris would never let me marry Angie because I knew their family secret. Love doesn't always conquer all.

I knew that Angie would be a different person once her mother taught her how to be really cold, devious, and manipulative. I doubted I would be able to trust her, let alone love her, once her mother "trained" her. But I loved her right now, and the sense of loss hurt. Unbelievably much. And I had betrayed her trust.

Then I wondered whether Angie had just fucked me a few minutes earlier because she wanted to, or because her mother had told Angie that she could manipulate me this way. The anal sex was Angie ignoring her mother. But the other? The fact that I could even momentarily entertain that thought reinforced the conclusion that Angie and I had no future together. I spent the next hour sitting beside the pool, tears dripping onto the concrete, while I thought about the Angie I loved but who would never be the same for me again. I went back to my apartment a little after dawn.

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