Portia was twelve when her father married Annette. She had never known her mother and, being an only child, welcomed both Annette and her ten-year-old son, Connor, into her life.

As she grew, however, she found herself growing closer to Connor than she did to Annette, who seemed content devoting herself more to her new husband than to their two children. By the time Portia entered high school, she found herself making sure that Connor was occupied before going to cheerleading practice or out on dates. She was really beautiful, even at fourteen: tall, slender, with long dark hair and piercing gray eyes; she attracted a lot of attention even then. But she found herself drawn always back to her stepbrother.

He entered high school during her junior year, and she found herself growing more attracted to him every day. Physically, he wasn't as extraordinary as she was. He, too, was tall and thin, and his brown hair and brown eyes basically put him on par with most other boys of that age. He wasn't as popular as she, preferring science books to football. He found himself returning Portia's attraction, though somewhat hopelessly, as he knew she would never be a possibility for him.

When it came time for Portia to go to college, she chose a school far away, hoping that the distance would quench her growing sexual desire for Connor.

During that first year, Connor began filling out, and with his more muscular physique began dating Kara, a tiny sophomore with green eyes and enormous breasts. Portia, for her part, began dating Meyer, a med student who was nearly a body double for Connor, and though even she admitted that Meyer's personality left something to be desired, she slept with him as a sort of surrogate for Connor.

When she came home for the summer, she found her stepbrother to be even more attractive than she remembered, and grew immeasurably jealous of his blatantly sexual relationship with Kara, which he flaunted. Portia found herself touching Connor much more as the summer wore on, and he struggled to fight his all-consuming desire for her.

She returned to college in the fall near desolate, knowing that all of Connor's attention would now be on Kara.

She devoted herself to her schoolwork, and for a while was able to divert her thoughts from Connor. Spring break came quickly, and she decided to return home, knowing that their parents would be out of town, but thinking that her feelings for Connor were gone.

He was nearing the end of his senior year, and the week Portia came home was the week of his senior prom. They spent most of the week together, hanging out and playing like old times when he wasn't in school, so that by the time Friday arrived, they felt closer than ever. She fought her jealousy that he was going to the prom with Kara, and he fought the urgent need he had for her.

As he was preparing that night, Portia left him pretty much alone. It wasn't until he was almost ready that she stuck her head in to wish him luck. He was standing with one leg on a chair, tying his shoe. His tie was sloppy, and so she stepped into the room to help him.

"Your tie needs to be fixed," she told him, and he stood up quickly, startled.

"Oh...yeah," he said. "I'm no good at that."

"Well Kara will want you looking perfect, I'm sure," she said, laughing as she reached up and untied it. "Interesting suit, by the way." He was wearing a white suit with brown pinstripes.

"Yeah, it matches her dress," he said, wryly.

Her eyes refocused on the tie, which she now began to tie for him. As she straightened it, he gazed at her, thinking, "What if I just touched her..." then realized that he had touched her, and was now running his hands up and down her arms, which were still stretched out to him. Her eyes fluttered shut, and then opened and refocused determinedly on finishing his tie, but he could see her breathing had grown heavier.

He ran his hands up her arms and over her shoulders, caressing her gently before moving up her neck into her hair. He pulled the ponytail out, letting her long hair fall. As he ran his hands through it, she watched his face grow more abstracted, more determined. Finally, he placed his hands on her shoulders and looked her in the face. She had dropped her hands to her sides and gazed back at him thoughtfully, wondering, "What would happen if I just stepped forward?"

Instead of stepping forward, though, she just said, "Well, I guess Kara will be waiting," which came out chokingly, as if the words had forced themselves out.

He dropped his hands reluctantly and replied, "I suppose she will." Neither of them moved for a moment, and then she stepped away, turning toward the door. "Portia," he said, and she stopped, turning back toward him. Again they were still, and then she moved quickly back toward him.

He caught her in his arms and kissed her hungrily. She clung to him in desperation, crying as she offered herself up to him. He was crying too, murmuring against her mouth, "I love you. I know it's wrong, but I love you."

She felt his hands flying over her body, as if he knew that this was his only chance and he wanted to know every inch of her. "Stop," she said into his mouth, and he froze, knowing that she was about to end the whole thing.

Instead, she led him to the phone. "Tell Kara you're sorry, but you won't make it tonight." He called Kara, told her that he didn't love her, and then hung up, looking expectantly at his stepsister.

She took his hand, pulling gently, and he willingly followed her. She led him to her room and closed the door behind them. "If we're going to do this," she said, "We're going to do it right."

She pushed his jacket off his shoulders, and he tossed it on a chair as she undid his tie and tossed that on top of the jacket. He ran his hands over her arms as she unbuttoned his shirt and pushed it off, leaning forward to kiss his chest. She ran her hands over his now naked torso, kissing and licking her way to his neck.

He bent his head forward to meet her lips, holding her against him. She sat on the bed as he pulled off his shoes and socks, then he sat down and joined her.

She slid into his lap, straddling him as they kissed. He pulled hesitantly at her shirt, and she sat back to pull it off. He stared in awe at her slim body as she straddled him in a pair of boxers and a lacy black bra.

"You are so beautiful," he told her. She grinned, leaning forward to kiss him, and he lay back, pulling her on top of him.

For a while, they just kissed, their hands exploring each other, learning the ridges and canyons they'd only dreamt about before this. Finally, though, his hands began tugging at her shorts, and she stopped him. "Not yet," she said, kissing his stomach. "You first." She kissed a trail to the edge of his pants, which she unbuttoned and began pushing down. He lifted his hips, and she pulled the pants down and off.

Connor could barely believe that he was lying in Portia's bed wearing only his boxers. Her hands were shaking as she freed his cock from the boxers.

Portia sighed as she took his cock in her hand and began pumping it. She smiled in delight as it danced in her hand, and quickly leaned over to lick the head, tasting his precum. He moaned lightly as she popped the head into her mouth, sucking gently as she swirled her tongue around it. She began bobbing her head up and down the length of his cock, and he moaned even more loudly, burying his hands in her hair. She sucked harder, increasing the pace, her hand cupping his balls gently. It wasn't long before he came, and what she didn't swallow, she licked off of him when he'd finished.

"Wow," he panted as she moved to lie next to him. She grinned, unfastening her bra and tossing it to the side. She straddled his stomach, leaning over to dip her tits, one at a time, into his mouth as he quickly recovered. Whichever tit he wasn't sucking on he squeezed greedily in his hand. He bit her nipple gently, making her moan, and the sound of her moaning made him want more.

He began to roll so that he was on top, grinding his hardening cock against her shorts as he kissed her. He pushed his boxers off quickly, and then kissed her ankle. He leaned forward, sucking insistently on her tits as he slowly ran his hand up her leg. When he reached her thigh, she sighed, spreading her legs slightly. He slowed his pace, feeling her frustration growing as she pushed her hips slightly toward his approaching hand.

When at last he reached the juncture of her thighs, he grinned at how wet she already was. He rubbed her through the shorts, which she quickly began pushing down. As he pulled them off of her, he inhaled her scent. "Ohh..."she moaned as he dipped his tongue into her cunt.

Encouraged, he began lapping at her, gently at first, but more insistently as she ground her hips against his face. He slid a finger into her, feeling how tight she was, and increased his pressure as he licked and sucked her slit. He wanted her to come just as he entered her, and so he concentrated on her clit as he fucked her with his finger. He felt that she was getting close, so he pulled back and rubbed her juices on his cock.

Her eyes were closed, so when he pulled away, she moaned, "No, don't stop..." He grinned, climbing on top of her. She put her hand on his cock when she realized what he was doing, guiding it to her tight, hungry little box. "Yes," she cooed as he leaned to kiss her. She positioned him at the entrance of her pussy.

"Yes what," he teased, hesitating at her entrance.

"Yes, FUCK ME, Connor, NOW," she moaned, pulling his hips toward hers.

"If you insist," he said, sliding the head in. She came as he entered her, just as he'd hoped, and he paused with only the head in. She was so tight that he moaned with the effort it took not to pound into her. When she came down a bit, he slid further into her, and she wrapped her legs around his waist. He pulled back slightly, then pushed further in.

"Ohhh...Connor," she moaned. "Please fuck me. Fuck me Connor, I need your cock. I love to fuck you."

Connor was growing ever more turned on. Kara had never talked dirty to him, and her words were testing his self control. He felt powerful above his stepsister, listening to her horny demands. "Where do you like my cock," he asked her as he began pumping in and out of her.

"In my pussy," she said. "Fuck my pussy, Connor. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck, fuck, fuck," she chanted as he rode her. "Oh, your hot, hard, cock is fucking my pussy. Fuck it harder. Yes, yes...Oh, God, Connor, YES..."

Her words egged him on as he rode her harder. He fucked her with a desperation he hadn't known existed. He was pounding into her, yet she still demanded more.

"Oh, harder, baby, yes, my stepbrother is going to come in my pussy. Make me cum, Connor, yes, ooohhh..." Her head fell to the side as he began spurting into her. He continued pumping, feeling her tight cunt clench his cock in a spasm. Her pussy sucked him dry, and he slammed one more time into her, and then collapsed on her chest. She wrapped her arms around him and held him in her with her legs. He fell asleep there, still buried in his stepsister's cunt, her limbs holding him to her.


Connor was having the best dream. His hot stepsister, Portia, was asleep beside him after they'd just had sex, and he was watching her and running his hands over the parts of her body he knew he'd never be able to touch. His cock was hard, but it was warm and wet, as if it was still buried in her. He grinned as he began waking up. What a great dream!

His eyes flew open as he realized that it hadn't been a dream. He'd fucked his stepsister, who was, at that moment, sucking on his cock! "I thought you'd never wake up," she grinned, pumping him with her hand. He raised himself to his elbows to watch as she slid him into her mouth again. His cock grew harder, and when he was at full-staff, she pulled away.

"Wait," he moaned.

She grinned, moving to straddle him. "I want you to cum in me," she explained, sliding down onto his cock.

"Holy shit," he thought as she began riding him. He couldn't believe his good fortune. His hands moved to clench her bouncing tits as her pussy clenched his cock. She took one of his hands and moved it to her clit, which he rubbed furiously as she rode him. They pounded roughly together, he pumping up into her, she raising and lowering her cunt onto him, writhing against his cock and his hand. As they came, he sat up to kiss her, sucking her moans into his mouth.

When they calmed down, Portia kissed him again. "I'm a horny bitch," she told him, "At least for you. So you'd better be ready to go again after breakfast."

He grinned. "Well, we'd better eat, then, because I don't know if I can wait that long!"

She stood up, pulling on the shirt she'd taken off of him the night before and buttoning it. "I'll put some coffee on," she told him, going downstairs to the kitchen. She sang as she cooked, so she didn't hear Connor come in. He stood in the doorway, watching her for a minute, then came up behind her. Wrapping his arms around her, he kissed her neck.

She grinned and continued cooking as his hands moved over her, rubbing her tits and moving down to her clit. She flipped a pancake, and he began pulling her shirt up slightly, his knees pushing her legs apart slightly. "What are you doing," she asked, and then gasped, feeling his cock press against her ass. "Oh," she giggled. "I'd better turn the stove off."

From behind, he guided her toward the kitchen table, which she bent forward over. He slid his cock smoothly into her, fucking her quickly and efficiently, and it was only a matter of moments before he came in her. "I told you I couldn't wait that long," he told her as he pulled out of her soaked cunt. She turned and kissed him.

"That's ok," she said. "I couldn't either." She returned to the cooking, and he sat down to watch.

"Go upstairs," she told him. "I'll bring it up." He went back and lay down in her bed to wait for her. A few minutes later she appeared, nude, with a tray of pancakes, butter, chilled syrup, coffee, and fruit. He stood, took the tray from her, and instructed her to lie on the bed. He set the tray beside her, moving the coffee to the nightstand, and sat beside her.

She lay as if on display, her arms spread out, one knee slightly bent. He took the time to admire her body, and then leaned over to kiss her. He slid a strawberry into her mouth and bent forward to bite off a piece for himself. He grinned, feeling a little ridiculous, as he picked up the syrup. He poured a small amount onto the nipple of her left breast, and the cool liquid made it pucker up quickly. He leaned down and began lapping at the nipple, the syrup somehow sweeter when combined with her skin. She moaned gently, and he sat up again. He placed the various fruits all over her body, drawing a line from fruit to fruit with the syrup. When he'd finished, he began his feast.

He began at her neck. He nibbled at the piece of papaya he'd balanced there, sucking gently on her flesh, then followed the syrup trail with his tongue to her left shoulder, where there was an orange slice. He ate that quickly and followed the trail back over to her collarbone, where he picked up a bit of apple before moving to her other shoulder. He ate another orange slice and moved on.

The trail brought him to her opposite breast, where, appropriately, he'd balanced a piece of melon. He took his time, suckling her gently, making sure to lick off all of the sweetness before moving on. Between her breasts rested another slice of papaya which he ate quickly and ran his tongue to the other breast. The piece of melon he'd placed there had fallen off, so he picked it up and popped it into his mouth before lavishing his attention on her nipple.

When he realized how turned on she was, he slowed down. He finished with the nipple and embarked on the long, swirling journey to her belly button. He took his time, enjoying every second of the sweet, swirling path, finally reaching the final papaya, which he sucked with a quiet pop out of her belly button.

She laughed gently, running her hands through his hair, knowing that he was now ready to move on to his final destination. He slid his tongue slowly but deliberately to the cherry perched atop her sex, and as he took it in his mouth, his tongue slid between her pussy lips to her clit.

He held the cherry between his teeth and rubbed it on her clit, sucking it back into his mouth before pushing it, with his tongue, into her cunt. He opened his mouth and let it pop out of her onto his tongue, sucking her juices off of it before eating it. "Since I didn't get to take your cherry, I guess this one will have to do," he told her.

"You were too young to have my cherry," she reminded him.

"Who got it?" he asked.

"Jerry Simons."

"Lucky bastard," he grinned as he buried his face in her cunt.

He had her moaning again quickly. He fucked her with two fingers, sucking her clit until she came, and continuing after that so that she couldn't come down, building her higher and higher until she came even harder into his mouth. He continued pumping his fingers into her pussy, but moved up to kiss her. "You're a slut," he grinned into her mouth.

"Just for you," she moaned back. "I never really liked sex until now."

"Do you want to do it in the shower," he asked.

"In the shower, in the car, in the living room, in the woods, in the rain..."

He laughed, pulling his fingers out of her and sucking them off. "Come on," he said, leading her to the bathroom. She got in first, washing the stickiness off of her stomach. He stood, watching her rub the soap all over her body, his cock growing harder. "Can I keep that soap?" he asked. She laughed and pulled him into the shower, rubbing the soap onto his chest. His hands went to work, kneading her soapy breasts as he kissed her. He turned her around, pressing her tits lewdly against the sliding glass shower door, and entered her from behind for the second time that day.

"Damn," he said as he fucked her.


"I never thought this is how I'd spend the morning after prom," he sucked her neck gently, holding her hips as their wet bodies slid together.

"How'd you think you'd spend it?"

"Hungover," he laughed. He pushed harder up into her, and she moaned. "I love making you moan," he told her, and she moaned louder in response. "I feel like one of those lucky guys in a porno, who gets to fuck the hot chick in every room, in every position. Maybe I should get a video camera." He pounded her pussy relentlessly as he spoke, and she writhed and moaned against him.

"I...already...have...oooohhhh...one..."she panted. Her breath clouded the glass door.

"Why..." he slammed in to her, "didn't..." again, "you..." and again, "tell..." and again, "me that?" He was so close to cumming, his balls ached.

"Ohhhh...uh... uh...uh...uh... ohhhh...you... didn't... ohhhhhhhhhhhh... ask...uh...ohhh," her legs were starting to give as he continued his pussy pounding. Finally, he began spurting, and he pulled back to jack himself onto her ass. She stood, still half-bent over, catching her breath, and he leaned over to pinch her nipples.

"Mmmmm..." she groaned, standing and turning to kiss him. "Little brother," she said, "You're a great fuck."

He laughed into her mouth. "What would your dad say if he heard that?"

Her face grew serious as she said, "This is none of his business."

He nodded. "I agree. This is between you and me."

She giggled. "So is this," she said, taking his already hardening cock in her hand and jacking it a couple of times. "Don't you ever get tired?"

"Just the thought of fucking you makes me hard," he told her. "Now that I actually get to do it, I've got to make up for lost time. Now about that video camera..."

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