PotC Bluebeard


"The knife is the only weapon that can destroy Bluebeard. Use it, Jack. Free Will Turner. Free us all. Light is with you." The voice was a woman's, although Jack saw no one. He swung his cutlass in a downward arc, it caught the dagger, and sent it spinning upward for Jack to catch. He stalked toward Bluebeard who backed away, but there was nowhere for him to go.

"Don't be a fool, Sparrow," Bluebeard shouted. "We can share the Fountain of Youth. Think, man. Immortality."

"The love I share with Will is all the immortality I need." Jack caught a glimpse of something dark emerging behind the shadowy form of Mordecai, but his immediate focus was Bluebeard. He and Bluebeard clashed. Bluebeard was strong, but Jack's love for Will made him stronger still.

They fought, falling to the ground, and rolled on the floor. Dust and debris stung Jack's eyes, and caught the back of his throat, but he forced Bluebeard onto his back. "Die, ye black-hearted bastard." As he spoke, Jack rammed the dagger as deeply into Blackbeard's heart as he could.

The result was instantaneous. Blackbeard aged years in seconds, all the stolen years of life he'd drained from his victims catching up on him. The skin on his face grew thinner, then shrivelled away to leave a skull, which then crumbled to dust. Jack rose to his feet. A large black shadow floated beside Will.

"The stroke of twelve has passed, Mordecai. You promised the sacrifice of William Turner in return for me allowing you back into the mortal realm. You failed. Return to Hell."

Mordecai's shriek of fury pierced Jack's eardrums, and sent shards of fear to stab at Jack's heart. But although the spectre's hand reached for his precious Will, it was already fading. The man-shape faded, his maniacal screams of rage echoing around the room until he vanished.

Jack then focused his attention on the dark, shadow-like mist that swirled around his helpless beloved. The mist moved over Will, but the shimmering air kept it from touching him. The shadow continued to advance until Jack could have reached out and touched it.

"I have long-since wanted to have Bluebeard in my thrall and, thanks to you, Jack Sparrow, I have. So in return I give you this; Mordecai was a servant of dark forces long before you sent him to Hell, and he has spent the intervening years in my servitude. Next time, he will be wiser, more cautious. One step at a time."

The shadow's voice was cold as ice, and Jack shivered uncontrollably as the creature spoke. He sagged in relief as it dissipated.

Love. Joy. Safe. Love. Free. Free. Free.

The shimmering air over Will lifted, and cold air whipped past Jack. The covers over the stained glass window were torn away to reveal the image of an angel that took on a golden glow. The shimmering air became silvery spheres, and joyful laughter rang out as the spheres rose, and vanished into the angel's light. One hesitated, and came to float in front of him.

"While Bluebeard was alive, we, his victims, were stopped from ascending. " The voice was soft and feminine, and Jack swallowed nervously. "Now, thanks to you and Will, we are free. Your love destroyed Bluebeard. In return, I can tell you this. Mordecai wants to return to the mortal world, find the Fountain of Youth, and take his revenge on you. His arrogance was his downfall this time. Will's soul is bright and pure. While the forces of darkness cannot touch it, its loss would make the world a little darker. Take care. Both of you."

The sphere moved from Jack to hover over Will before ascending rapidly. The angel glowed more brightly for a moment, and then the light vanished. Jack continued to stare for a few seconds, and then ran to Will. He cut the ropes holding Will to the altar, and helped his beloved to stand. Will was a weak as a kitten, and his knees buckled immediately. Jack hefted him over his shoulder, and hurried outside, his men gathering around him.

He glanced around. Bluebeard's men were nothing but dust and tatters of clothing, as was Marie. They picked their way carefully through the house, and into the cool, clean night air.

"I can walk, Jack."

At Will's words, Jack set his beloved on his feet. Will swayed a little, but Jack recognised the look of grim determination on his lover's face.

"It's over," Jack shouted. "Let's get out of here."


As soon as they boarded Pearl, Jack bellowed his orders to raise anchor, and get away from the cursed island. Will stood with his back to Jack's chest, his hands on Pearl's wheel. Jack wrapped one arm around his beloved's waist, and covered one of Will's hands with his own. He'd already given Will his jacket to wear to keep out the night chill. He gave a silent prayer of thanks as the ship's sails billowed, and caught the wind taking them away from the island and out into open water.

Jack nuzzled continually at Will's neck. He wanted them both naked, in his cabin, their bodies united, but getting them out to sea was paramount. Finally, Will leaned his head back onto Jack's shoulder.

"I need you, Jack. Please?"

Jack spun Will around in his arms. He crushed their lips together, forcing Will's body back against the wheel. Will responded with equal passion. His fingers dug into Jack's shoulders, and Jack growled his approval.

"Mr Gibbs, take the wheel." Jack didn't spare a backward glance. He shoved Will ahead of him, and kept his hand on his lover's shoulder.

In the cabin, the sound of tearing cloth, and buttons skittering across the floor, accompanied Jack frantically denuding himself. His clothing was tossed carelessly aside. All he wanted was to make love with his precious Treasure who already lay naked, arms reaching for him, on their bed.

Jack took his place between Will's widespread thighs.

"I love you. I need you," Will murmured.

"I love you, and you will have me. All of me, everything I am is yours, Treasure. Always."

Will pulled Jack into a searing kiss. Jack thrust his tongue past Will's lips, tasting his beloved. Will's warm, solid body beneath him, the hard, leaking shaft that rubbed so pleasurably against his own, and the sounds of love and passion drove out the last vestiges of anger, anxiety, and fear from Jack's soul. He's here with me. Alive and well.

Jack broke the kiss leaving Will panting heavily. He slithered down his lover's body. He licked each peaked nipple, laved across Will's groin, ignoring the rasp of stubble, and lapped the leaking juices from the pretty prick in his hand. He sucked Will's balls, one at a time, before pushing his lover's legs up to delve lower. Will pulled his legs to his chest as Jack licked along his perineum.

Jack stared at the tiny portal exposed to his gaze. He held to Will's thighs, and thrust his tongue past his beloved's defences, tonguing the tiny aperture for long minutes. Jack pulled back, locking gazes with Will.

"Love me." Will's voice was deep, sensual, and irresistible.

Jack reached for the amphora of oil, drenched two fingers, and eased them into the relaxed opening. Will wasn't going to need much preparation. He rode the fingers wantonly, and Jack slid in a third. It was enough for both of them. Jack slathered oil on his cock, snugged it against Will's portal, and then sank into his beloved's tight, hot depths.

Jack stilled when fully sheathed. He balanced his weight on his arms, and gazed down into Will's face. Will looked up at him, and Jack was sure something clicked into place.

"Do you feel it too?" Will whispered, a note of awe in his voice.

"Aye, luv. Now let me love ye." In reply Will wrapped his legs around Jack's hips, and held tight to Jack's upper arms, and Jack dropped a kiss to Will's lips.

They moved together in perfect counterpoint. Their bodies heated and sweated, enabling Jack to slide more easily against Will's body, his lover's chest glistened golden in the lamps' light. The scents of sweat, musk, and that of Will himself were in Jack's nostrils, and he breathed deeply, keeping his thrusts slow and measured. Sounds of love and mutual passion rose into the air.

Jack wanted to find completion in Will's beautiful body, but also to keep the precious moment of union, intimacy, and oneness of mind, heart, and soul, before they inexorably moved to a shared climax.

They kissed again and again, their tongues sliding in and out of each other's mouths. Finally Jack reached to stroke Will's neglected erection. Will moaned deeply at the touch.

"Can't hold back, Jack. Come with me, please."

"Aye, luv."

Jack increased the speed of his thrusts as Will's body tensed beneath him. Will's release spurted hot and wet between them. Jack lifted his head, and arched his body to get as deeply inside his lover as possible. For a second he was sure they were enveloped in a golden light, and then his vision greyed as his climax crashed through him.

Sight and sound vanished as he pumped his hips frantically, and his seed jettisoned powerfully into his beloved Will. Only when he had nothing left to give did Jack collapse against Will's heaving chest. He kissed the skin beneath his lips, too exhausted to do more, and Will draped his arms around him.

He lay there, recovering slowly. When his shaft slipped from Will's haven, they moved so that Will lay with his head on Jack's shoulder, and Jack's arms wrapped around Will, holding him securely to Jack's chest.

"Was he a lover?" Will's voice was soft, as if afraid to ask the question. But Jack had no intention of avoiding it.

"I've never lied to ye, luv. Ye weren't the first in my bed, but ye'll be the last. I shared my bed with others, but my heart has only ever been yours. Twenty years ago it was. Mordecai was a good ten years older than me. Dark, powerful, and handsome, and he knew it. He attracted men and women aplenty. He hooked up with me whenever we hit the same port. He was knowledgeable and exciting. But he liked pain, and I began to avoid him. He wasn't happy. Said he decided when a romance was over."

Jack closed his eyes, remembering the man as he'd been; dark, dashing, and exciting. A kiss to his shoulder brought him back to the present. He tilted Will's face up to gaze into the deep brown eyes he loved so much. Nothing mattered as much in Jack's life as his precious Treasure. Not even a vengeful spirit from beyond the grave will take ye from me, Treasure.

"You don't have to tell me," Will whispered.

"Yes I do, Treasure. He tried kill you." Jack kissed Will, infusing the kiss every ounce of love he possessed for the man in his arms. "He got himself a job aboard my ship. I was just a crewman, and he was second in line to the first mate. The captain was a good man, but Mordecai instigated a mutiny. He was hungry for power, and too impatient to work his way up. I fought with the loyal crew against him. The mutineers were soon bested, and the captain intended to drop them at the next island we encountered. Mordecai lunged at him, and I parried the blow. We fought furiously. First he told me what he'd do when I was in his bed, when I was at his mercy, and then he began to curse me. I finally disarmed him. I didn't want to kill him. I turned to the captain, Marceau drew a dagger, and I ran him through in self defence. He died cursing me, and the captain had his body thrown overboard."

"I'm sorry, Jack."

"Don't be, luv. Mordecai had a dark side, I was young, and like a moth around a flame. He probably burned a good many in his time. Now he's trying to get vengeance, and you're his target."

"You're his target. I'm a means to an end," Will murmured.

"He'll have neither of us, luv. We're safe for now. Rest, Treasure. I'll be here to watch over ye."

Jack held tight to Will. Eventually, his beloved's grip relaxed, and Jack recognised the rhythmic breathing that meant Will was finally sleeping. But there was no sleep for Jack. He offered silent prayers of thanks for Will's successful rescue, and their continued safety. It'll take more than just prayers. I need to ensure Mordecai never finds his way into this world to threaten Will ever again, and if he does, I swear I'll send him back to Hell for eternity.

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