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Pregnant & Loving It


I was lulled into my marriage with all sorts of promises which my husband has never kept! I really didn’t ask for much but he offered so much and I believed he would look after me forever! How wrong I could be. Oh, he still acts as my husband and we sort of get along O.K. but there is no depth in our marriage anymore. We still make love but it is no longer the passionate love we first enjoyed before and soon after we were married. Sex is almost a mechanical thing now.

When I was single I had gone out with a lot of men and the sex with them always seemed to get better as time past because I thought I was getting better at it! That may have been nearly true – I guess we all get better with practice – but in my case it was more a matter of finding the right types of men! Anyway I had plenty of sex and when I met David I thought he was absolutely the best of them all. His technique was very smooth and he could make me cum like no other man had done before! Before we were married or living together he would come to my rooms and he would fuck me and then leave me gasping with excitement and anxious to be with me again. He was living not too far away from me and had his own apartment. At first he never slept over with me! He would always make an excuse for leaving after sex and I just believed him when he said he had to be somewhere early the next morning.

We were seeing a lot of each other and were starting to be noticed as a couple! One of my particular friends told me he was two-timing me and I should get him to make a commitment or break it off! Well that had me thinking!

I confronted David about this and he admitted he often left me to return home where he had another girl waiting for him! I couldn’t believe this but it turned out to be true and now I had to decide whether I should break up with him or change him so that he was just mine. I decided on the latter and suggested I move in with him! Surprisingly he readily agreed and I quit my rooms and moved everything I owned into his apartment and we became a couple. I watched him like a hawk at first but saw absolutely no sign of him being unfaithful. He was, after all, getting as much sex and he wanted with me being there at his beck and call! I loved sex with him and gave it to him whenever he asked for it!

Sometime later we decided to get married. We had become very close and thought we knew one another very well. He had been the perfect gentleman since we moved in together and I saw no reason why I shouldn’t marry him. So, marry him I did!

Life as a married couple changed very little from what we had been doing before. We just changed the status from living together to being married! At first he was very attentive and looked after me very well. Sex was great but as I suggested before it gradually tapered off until it became a very casual thing and even then it wasn’t very satisfactory.

After 5 years when there was very little sex – we have been married for 7 years – I began to think seriously about leaving him. I casually mentioned I was sick of being just a housemate to him and thought I might have a look around and see if I could find a more suitable partner. He reacted very badly when I said that. I had only wanted to sound him out and see what he would say. He told me he had married me for love and we were married for life and I had better get used to the idea. He wouldn’t let me go and told me I would have to stay with him. That sort of talk gets my back up and I just went quiet and waited to see what he would do about it.

A couple of weeks after my outburst David came home from his work one evening – he works later each day than I do – and was just bursting to tell me something. I could tell from his expression he was trying to keep a secret. He took me into the lounge room and sat me down on the couch. He put his arms around me and pulled me tight and told me he loved me! He kissed me passionately (I was surprised how good that felt after all the years of neglect) and told me he had a wonderful surprise for me! He pulled a plastic travel wallet from his coat pocket and gave it to me. It was a complete holiday package for 3 weeks on a tropical island, complete with air fares and all accommodation and meals and we would be leaving in 1 week. He told me it had cost him a packet but it would be a chance for both of us to get back to what we were before when we were first married.

I must say the idea of a tropical holiday appealed to me and I told him how pleased I was that he had thought enough of me to organize the trip. Needless to say our attitudes to one another changed quite a bit after that and when we got into bed that night we fucked just like we had when we were first married. The old spark was still there but it had taken something special to ignite it for us. I was agreeably surprised how much he changed.

Not long after we had married – about 2 years – we decided we would like to start a family. Things were going quite well at that stage and I thought he was a wonderful husband but we all make mistakes. Anyway I stopped taking the pill and we waited for the first signs of pregnancy to show. Nothing happened and although we were having sex sometimes twice a day we made no progress. Month after month my periods would announce there was no baby coming yet. We almost gave up hope and that was about the time the sex started to taper off. We took no precautions and just left it to nature but nature wasn’t helping us. When we sometimes only had sex once in a whole month I felt we had no chance. It is amazing how accustomed one becomes to taking the pill each night but once it is decided to stop then the habit is broken and no more thought is given to it at all.

Well, we went on our holiday. The resort we were staying at must be the nicest place on earth. We had a marvelous suite which was styled in the form of a native buree and it had all mod cons. It was wonderful for lovers because the buildings were quite a distance apart and one could make all the noise one wanted without disturbing the neighbors.

We arrived in the early afternoon after an uneventful plane trip and were shown to our suite by a lovely, charming native lad who told us his name was Benny and he would look after us while we were staying at the resort. We took an instant liking to Benny and he explained to us how everything worked and told us how to contact him and he would be with us in a flash to look after us! David tipped Benny very well and we looked forward to a great deal of service from Benny. Benny was about 25 and very well built and was quite tall. It was the native look about him which made him so charming. As soon as Benny was gone David and I stripped off our clothes and headed for a lovely fresh shower to rid us of the long plane trip. As soon as we had dried ourselves, David took me by the hand, caressed my breasts and slipped his hand between my legs and dragged me over to the bed! We fucked like teenagers and came like express trains! Sex was lovely again.

We had three wonderful weeks to get to know each other and re-ignite the old flames which had dwindled so much. Each time we would return from seeing something on the island, David and I would fuck like crazy and became very excited with each other. All of the activities on the island resort were available to us and we swam, dived, played tennis and, in fact, we did just about everything that was on the activities schedule.

This first week was wonderful – I had the old David back again. He was most attentive and nothing was too much trouble. I was quite surprised by his attentiveness and complimented him by telling him how much I loved him. Surprisingly this began to change when the second week started. On the 10th day David and I were stretched out naked on the bed having just woken up mid morning. I began to play with his cock and moved my body against his (which I know excites him) but for the first time since our arrival he pushed me away. He said he was a bit tired and perhaps we could fuck that night! Well, to cut a long story short, the attention he paid to me just about stopped there. That night we didn’t fuck – and in fact we didn’t fuck for the rest of the week! What had happened to David? I tried to talk to him but he told me I was imagining things and to leave him alone.

After so much attention to me for the first week and so much fucking I was feeling very horny and badly wanted him to fuck me! I begged him to just play with me but he had turned off completely! I left him alone and didn’t ask him for sex for the whole day but his mood was nasty and there was no way he was the same man I arrived with! At the end of the second week I was frantic for sex! I have never been one to get a lot of enjoyment out of playing with myself and I seldom resorted to this for relief. I decided to ask David just once more to fuck me but his response was tense and he simply said, “Stupid bitch, all you want to do is fuck! I will arrange for someone else to fuck you and shut you up! Leave me alone!” What did he mean by that?

David asked me to go for a swim on the next morning and I was surprised he was talking to me at all. We swam for about an hour and did a little sunbaking on the sand – it felt wonderful and, as there weren’t very many people around – I took off my top and laid on the sand with just my bikini bottoms on, and they are so brief they are almost obscene! I have good sized breasts and am proud of them. My nipples stick out nicely and I believe I have a very good body. My legs are well shaped and I am quite tall. I am a natural blond with my hair down to my shoulders. My pubic bush belies my blondness as it is reasonably dark and bushy. I never shave myself and love the bushy look of it. Of course I shave my legs and underarms but nothing else. After the swim and sunbathing David told me we would go back to the restaurant for lunch and then he had a surprise for me! This was a change for David and I held just a faint hope he was going to be back to his old self. Lunch was always a wonderful affair as the food is so fresh and there is plenty of fruit to choose from.

As we were returning to our unit David told me my surprise would be arriving at 2.30pm and that I should do exactly what I was asked to do otherwise the surprise would be spoilt. I asked David what sort of surprise he had for me but he refused to tell me anything. When we reached the suite David suggested I have a shower and freshen up ready for my surprise. As the tropical warmth tended to make us sweat I was soon in the shower. David suggested I get dressed as if I was going out for the afternoon with very good company. I had no idea what he was thinking about but dressed in my best underwear, a pretty patterned thin blouse and my white slacks. I thought I looked very well dressed. David hadn’t had a shower and remained in his bathing trunks, looking quite smart. Apart from all his faults David is a good looking man and he dresses well no matter what he is wearing!

At 2.30pm exactly there was a polite knock on our door. David bounded up to open it and there stood Benny and two other equally attractive island boys all about the same age. David invited them inside and introduced the other two to me – Louey and Billy – I was surprised he knew their names but it appeared he knew them well. The five of us chatted for a few minutes about things generally on the island and the boys declined a drink when offered by David.

David stood up suddenly, moved over to me and kissed me! He took me by surprise as he hadn’t kissed me for over a week. He then moved around behind me and grasped my forearms tightly and pulled them around behind my back. He held me there and then said to the three boys, “Well, here she is boys, enjoy yourselves – do anything you like to her for the next 12 hours!”

Louey was the first to move. He came over to me and began kissing me deeply. I was startled by his actions but his mouth was very tender and he knew how to make his kisses excite me. His hands began to caress my breasts through my blouse and I could feel I was getting excited. Perhaps it was because David was holding me and also because he was watching another man feeling me up. Louey began to unbutton my blouse and I told him to stop but he ignored me completely. When the blouse was undone he slipped it off my shoulders and it fell down my arms as far as David’s hands.

David carefully released each hand to remove the blouse but maintained a firm hold on me. Louey then began to undo my bra. This was too much and again I told him to stop but he just continued until my bra joined my blouse on the floor after David had once again allowed the straps to pass down my arms. Now I was naked to the waist and Louey was not only staring at my breasts and nipples but he we now beginning to feel them with his hands. My nipples were quite long and this indicated I was very aroused. Louey continued to play with my nipples until he took one hand off and replaced it with his mouth. He sucked my nipples very had and I was becoming very aroused. David still held on to my arms and wouldn’t let go.

Benny came over to me and pressed his hand between my legs and touched me through my slacks and panties. I could feel his fingers moving through the material and didn’t want him to stop! Benny found the flap holding the belt on the slacks and quickly undid it. He then slowly eased down the zip at the side of my slacks and I could feel the zipper on my thigh. It didn’t take long before my slacks were around my ankles and Benny knelt down and lifted each leg in turn to remove the slacks completely! All I had on now was my very small panties which were so small that they didn’t cover all of my bush and the top ½ inch for hair was visible over the elastic of my panties.

Benny hooked his thumbs into the elastic and pulled my panties down my legs! Now I was completely naked in front of these three island men! David kept a firm hold on my arms and he was hurting me. He then moved my feet apart with his own feet until my ankles were about 2 ft apart and then Benny moved his hand back between my legs and began to play with me in earnest. Benny had his fingers inside my cunt in no time and his thumb was stroking my clit sending electric sparks through my body. Louey was still sucking on my nipples and I was completely turned on by the attention of these two. It was at this time that I looked at Billy and saw that he was naked having just removed all of his clothes.

His cock was sticking out in front of him and he had a grin on his face. He came over to me and motioned Louey to move away and he began sucking on my nipples. David held my left arm motionless behind my back but moved my right hand around to Billy’s cock which he told me I should start playing with. What else could I do so I began stroking Billy’s cock. Louey had moved back by this and he was removing his clothes too. Now there were two naked men looking at my naked body. When Louey returned to me he told Benny to get naked and he began playing with my cunt and clit. While Benny was playing with me I had a small orgasm and I was in a state of arousal all the time.

When Benny was naked he too returned to me and I had the three men stroking and playing with my naked body at the one time. It was about this time that David released my left arm and stepped back and sat on a chair near the bed.

The three boys (well, they were really men) were playing with me so hard I was cumming all the time – I was feeling very tense and strained from all the playing around. They then moved me over to the bed and laid me down spread-eagled on top of the covers.

I had been fucked by such a lot of men before I had been married and hadn’t felt embarrassed when they had pulled my legs apart and had looked at my open cunt but today I was beside myself with embarrassment. Perhaps it was because my husband was watching me. Billy and Louey were on either side of the bed and they held an arm and a leg each and slowly pulled my legs apart. Benny was already on the bed between my legs and was looking intently at my open cunt. When they boys had pulled my legs apart as far as they would comfortably go, Benny moved his mouth down until it was on my cunt and he began to lick me and stroke my clit so that I came almost straight away. The other two began squeezing and stroking my breasts and sucking on my nipples. Mainly due to Benny’s licking I was cumming most of the time and I was feeling very exhausted.

I looked over at David sitting on the chair and I saw a man who was absolutely enjoying being able to watch me having my body ravished by these boys. When Benny thought I was ready (I had been ready from the moment they had begun undressing me) he moved up over my body and gently pushed his large cock into my cunt. After so long with just David it felt very strange having another man’s cock embedded in my cunt. The sensation was wonderful and I could feel my orgasm building up from the soles of my feet. When the orgasm arrived it was earth shattering and I began shaking.

Benny was fucking me with a steady pumping action and I felt him tensing up and then he shot his load of cum directly into my cunt! There wasn’t much of a break before Benny’s cock slipped out of me and Louey was moving into place above me and his cock was in me! Louey had a slightly larger cock and he certainly knew how to use it. His ‘in – out’ action had me twisting in ecstasy and it wasn’t long before I felt him cumming in me as well. Benny, by this, had moved to the head of the bed and had his wet cock poised over my mouth waiting for me to suck him.

I opened my mouth for him and felt his wonderful cock slip down into my mouth and through to my throat. The merciless sucking on my nipples was driving me crazy and although I loved what they were doing to me I wished they would stop for a little while so I could get my breath back. But no, Billy was on me as soon as Louey had pulled his cock out of me and now I had another cock in me! Billy fucked me as hard as he could and again I felt my orgasm’s building up. I had lost count completely the number of times I had cum and, in fact, I felt I was in a constant state of orgasm!

I had now, in the short space of about ½ an hour been fucked three times and had numerous orgasms from being sucked and licked so much.

There was a rest period while the three lads recovered. David complimented the boys on the way they had fucked me and told them to keep on doing it to me until they just couldn’t reach another erection. The boys grinned and told him they were capable of fucking me all night and, as they enjoyed doing what they were doing, they would do their best to fuck me all night! I asked to go to the bathroom but David insisted I stay on the bed. He told me I could get up after I had been fucked by the three boys again and then he would see if I could get up again before morning!

Benny and the boys began to get erections after about 30 minutes rest. I am sure they could have been ready before that but David insisted they make me wait. I wanted to go to the bathroom to clean up but just had to lie there on the bed.

David signaled the boys that it was time again and the three of them fucked me again, all in the missionary position, by which time I felt completely exhausted. Again I wanted to go to the bathroom but David wouldn’t allow it. This was an amazing scenario – David allowed the boys to fuck me about every half hour for the next 4 hours! In all that time I had not been allowed to go to the bathroom! Now I wanted to pee and my poor cunt was completely full of cum! Again David wouldn’t allow me to go.

His next instruction amazed me. He told Benny that two of them should go for a meal break but the other had to remain with me and fuck me each 30 minutes if he was able! Two of them left and, after the required time, I was fucked again! It was taking the one left with me much longer to cum now and all of his fucking me was making me sore. When the other two returned David send the other off for his break. He now rationed my sessions to hourly and although this was some relief it certainly didn’t help my bladder and I wanted to piss so much I began to cry.

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