tagNonConsent/ReluctancePregnant Kathy Gets Hers

Pregnant Kathy Gets Hers


Kathy looked distraught. I had just shown the bitchy little 18 year old pictures I had obtained of her cheating on her boyfriend - my best friend - with a Mexican. There was no doubt about what she was doing; in one of them she was straddling him, buck naked, facing away from him, taking his thick brown prick inside her, a look of ecstasy on her face. In another she was on her back with her legs up around her ears, getting pounded - you could see the penetration, the Mexican's loaded balls hanging heavily against his hairy shaft as it pumped her promiscuous twat. To make things worse, there was a picture of her on the same bed, wearing the same t-shirt, with a thick load of spunk oozing out of her wide and fucked-out vagina.

Now, it should be pointed out that Kathy was pregnant at the time I revealed the photos to her, which is why that load of spunk was so worriesome. It made me wonder if the baby was actually my friend's, or if she was just using him for child support. Between that and her insufferably snobby attitude, it could be said I hated little Kathy more than just about anybody. Thus, the broad, wicked smile on my face as she perused the evidence.

"You're not going to tell Will, are you?" she asked. I replied with an even broader smile, one so full of malice I could see her visibly cringing.

"Maybe, maybe not. Is there some reason I shouldn't?" I was leading her into a trap, and I was beginning to think she knew it. She had curled up into a little ball, holding her knees up over her big round belly.

"What do you want?" she asked, her tone that of a condemned man asking the judge how he was to be put to death.

"Well," I said triumphantly, "I've never fucked a pregnant bitch before."

She looked aghast. "You don't mean... I'm not, you know, Jake, I'm not going to fuck you."

"Why not? You mean I'm not as good as a fucking Mexican?" She didn't reply, so I continued, "Look, dammit, either you spread your fucking legs for me or Will sees these pictures, and then you're totally up shit creek."

She closed her eyes, thinking. Then, with reserve, she nodded. Resigned, she began to take off her clothes. Kathy was a little goth girl, skinny as hell except for her 7-month pregnant belly. She was wearing a simple pullover black dress, and I had noticed earlier she wasn't wearing a bra underneath, since her milk-swollen nipples were perpetually hard and poking through the thin, shiny fabric. A few days before she had been wearing a white t-shirt, and at one point I had noticed little wet rings around her nipples where they were leaking their milk, leaving the shirt transparent around her broad, protruding areiolas.

She methodically worked the tight dress up over her body. First it revealed her legs, creamy white and still thin despite her condition. Next it slid over her pantyless pussy, hairless as a twelve year old's, her tiny lips barely differentiated from the smooth skin of her groin. Next she worked it over her gigantic belly, which was truly amazing. For a 4'11" girl it was truly gargantuan, big enough to be holding a bowling ball. There was a strip of dark hair - a 'happy trail' - extending from her navel down towards her crotch; she obviously couldn't see it to shave it, and it formed a striking contrast to the clean-cut skin covering the rest of her body (she even shaved her forearms). Her navel had begun to protrude slightly, and the skin of that magnificent gut was stretched as tight as spandex over her full-laden womb.

At last the dress popped up over her boobs, and they were stunning. Since she'd gotten knocked up they'd swelled from demure A-cups to heaving D-cups, as tight-stretched as her belly. Her nipples were a uniform blood-red, two inches across each, as hard and forward-pointing as a baby's bottle. A sheen of moisture clung to those aching points, remnants of her constantly oozing milk.

Kathy sat there naked and looked at me, a furious expression on her face. "Go ahead, then, fuck me, you bastard," she said as she leaned back. I noticed that she was still holding her firm thighs tightly together, not giving me an easy view of her goods.

"Whatever you say, girlfriend," I said, sliding my pants down over my cock. I wasn't quite hard yet, but I was starting to swell. My package was at that state where it's nice and long but not erect enough to stand up on its own, so I had a good seven inches hanging straight down from my crotch, foreskin still clinging to the head. Her eyes went wide as she saw it.

"Uh-uh, no fucking way," she said, drawing her nude body back up into a protective ball. Ironically, her new position gave me a clear view of her cunt lips between her tightly-squeezed thighs. I smiled, moving closer.

"What's wrong?" I asked, faking concern.

Her eyes were fixed on my dick as she replied, "Look, I only fuck white guys alright? That's a goddamned nigger dick if I've ever seen one."

Hmm. That pissed me off. "What the fuck do you mean, a nigger dick? I'm as white as fucking winter snow!" With that I wrapped my palm around my meat and began to pump it, feeling it swell further in my hand.

"Whatever, it's too damn big, you can't fuck me with it."

"Then I guess Will gets to see those pictures," I retorted, moving closer, my dick now standing firm in front of me, eight thick inches of vein-ripped meat. My foreskin popped back of its own accord over my moist purple glans. She looked away as she weighed the threat of the revelation of her infidelity against the threat of my throbbing organ, and as she did I grabbed her knees and pushed them apart as hard as I could, making her decision for her. She tried to close them again but I was too strong. She didn't fight too hard, though, realizing the predicament she was in, and soon I was sitting between her splayed legs, looming over her fat belly, my pulsating cock lightly brushing her silky smooth baby-hole.

My hands roamed over her belly, feeling a pregnant woman for the first time in my life. My cock ached, even harder than before. Without guidance I pushed it forward, feeling it pressing into her slit. She was almost completely dry; considering she was basically being raped, it didn't shock me.

"What, little girl, don't this big dick turn you on? Ain't that how you got fucking knocked up in the first place? Or ain't you ever had one this big before?" I didn't care about the lack of moisture. I didn't want the bitch to enjoy it; I wanted to hurt her tiny body with my massive weapon.

"No, you know damn well I haven't had anything like that before. And I don't want it now." But she didn't sound completely convinced. After all, the pictures proved this little girl was a slut, and what slut doesn't want to try out the biggest prick she's had a chance for?

As dry as she was it was tough to find her hole. I pulled open her petite labia with my hands as my dick prodded at her. My two-inch wide head rubbed roughly against her swelling clitoris, evoking a couple of miserable grunts from her. Then, pushing down against the top of my shaft, the head found her opening and began to sink in. The flesh of her dry teenage hole moved inwards alongside my invader, stretching and trying to open for it. Despite her fervent wishes, her box began secreting its hot juice onto my tip, lubricating it and letting it finally penetrate her. It was amazingly tight! I hadn't fucked a girl with such a small pussy since I was 16, and then my dick wasn't nearly as big as it was today, at 27! I grabbed hold of her rock-hard pregnant belly to steady myself, and then started moving my hips side to side and back and forth, working in my shaft slowly but surely.

She was valiantly keeping her mouth shut, but I could tell by her squinting eyes she was in pain. Her stinking breeder cooze was stretched out around my thick shaft, tighter than most girls' assholes. To make it worse for her, I have what has been called a 'cobra dick;' meaning my shaft is widest just behind my head. So getting that second inch in is the worst for a tight bitch like Kathy. Try as I might, her twat wouldn't open up enough in this position to let me in.

"This ain't working, bitch," I told her, and roughly flipped her over onto her knees, her pregnant belly dragging against the bed.

"No, god no!" she muttered as I mounted her from behind, aiming my prick with one hand while parting her skinny gothgirl asscheeks with the other. Using my weight, I powered my meat down into her pregnant twat, this time easily sinking the thick ridge into her hole, feeling it pop open and accept me. Immediately after, four more inches plunged precipitously inside her. I was in her to the back wall of her cunt, filling her completely - no, more than completely, stretching her vagina farther back into her abdomen than it had ever been before. Though I was only two-thirds of the way into her, I could feel the thick knob of her cervical plug slide against the underside of my cock, tickling it much like a tongue-ring does during a good blowjob. I began to slide back and forth, fucking that little adolescent pussy with my oversized penis, feeling every muscle in her body clench and release each time she was filled. I began trying to work in deeper, finally getting another inch into her, but my balls were still hanging a good two inches away from her sex. I could feel the rubbery wall of her uterus giving way to my thrusting dickhead, jiggling like a water balloon as I fucked her with deep, violent thrusts.

"Please, you've got to stop, it can't be good for my baby for you to be so deep!" she whined, trying to clench her now soaking wet cunt around me, striving to force me out but only getting me hornier. I continued to ream out her squeezing hole with my wide fuck-tool, watching her congealing cunt-gravy oozing out in little bubbles around me, trying to free up room for the unprecedented size of the prick up inside her.

She was right, though; it wasn't her baby's fault that she was such a slutty bitch. So, withdrawing till my dick was just touching her cervix, about five inches in, I gave her an alternative. "You know, there's something we can do that isn't bad for your baby. And you don't have to move a muscle. Just stay there on your knees and keep this little girl's ass in the air for me, slut."

"NO you can't..." she began to moan, realizing what I meant to do to her, but she silenced herself when my hand visciously grabbed one of her lactating boobs and squeezed, holding the loaded nipple in my palm. I felt her milk squirt out into my hand, slick and warm. I squeezed a few more times, eliciting some far more pleasant moans from her, even causing her to almost imperceptibly rock her hips back and forth, sliding my cockhead back and forth against her cervix, her juice-slickened lips slithering along my shaft with a sticky, wet sound. I realized I could smell her twat now, a rich, musky odor tinged with fruity perfumes drifting out of her pulverized cunt and up to my sensitive nose. I rotated my hips, grinding my glans against her cervix as she unconsciously fucked herself back onto me. All the while I continued to harvest her tit, rhythmically squeezing it and soaking my cupped palm in her off-white mother's nectar. When I had a handful of her milk, I pulled myself out of her slimy twat and began rubbing her milk into my long tool, now red with lust. I slickened my head just enough to accomplish my goal, leaving it covered in a hazy film of breast milk as I lifted it upwards.

"You know what they say," I muttered facetiously as I firmly grabbed the base of my cockshaft, aiming the swollen head between her cheeks, "anal sex makes labor easier. Loosens up the muscles in that little pussy-hole of yours. Heh. And it's also what cock-hungry little coozes like you get. So get used to it, you fucking snotty cunt, you're about to get a big fucking dick shoved straight up this little virgin asshole."

"No," she gasped, trying to pull away, but my hands grabbed her hips, then her big belly and pulled her back into the doggy-style position. Then I clawed her ass, parting her cheeks with a little more force than was necessary, revealing her minute baby-pink asshole over the girlish, yet juice-coated, folds of her pregnant twat, its battered cunthole a black, wet eye between her blood-engorged lips. She whimpered pathetically as I placed my milk-coated head, even wider than before, at the tiny pucker and began to press. It totally wasn't opening, and my dick kept trying to slide back into her twat, or up the channel of her ass-crack, but I held it by the head and aimed it accurately, pushing it with determination into her rear opening. She was making choking noises, trying to stifle an outright scream, as the lube from her titties and her twat began to work into her anus, letting my head slip into the initial vestibule of her ass. Already it looked like her body was going to split around me; my dick looked about half as wide as her waist as it sat there, anchored in the fleshy pocket of her asshole.

She was crying; tears flooded from her eyes onto the pillow beneath her face. She was trying to beg me to stop, but nothing came out but stuttering, unintelligible grunts. I laughed at her, holding her firmly by her narrow hips, keeping my hard dick straight against her hole, threatening to finish the job at any moment.

"That hurts, don't it, bitch?" I laughed. "but it ain't even in yet. You'll know when it is; you'll feel your ass-ring open up and let it in, and it'll feel like you're dying it hurts so damn bad. If I liked you I'd lick it out or use K-Y or something on it to make it easier, but since I don't like you, in fact, since I fucking HATE you, you're about to get a buttfucking with no lube at all, at least nothing but your dried-up boob milk." I began to put pressure on her ass, pushing in against her unforgiving muscle. "Are you ready, you filthy cummy slut?" I asked, then answered myself, "Who gives a fuck? Here it comes!"

And with that I grunted and pushed at her with all the might my fuck-muscles could muster. My dick shattered her defenses, forcing open her unwilling, virgin sphincter in one mighty thrust. It actually made a noise when it relaxed, or more properly, when it broke open, sort of a muddy, moist, cracking or popping sound. I've got to say, fucking that arid pucker caused me some pain, but it was obviously much, much worse for her. Her lipstick-smeared mouth, pressed hard against the bed, chattered out something like "please god no" as her anal cherry burst for me. I could feel her seize up as the thickness of my shaft entered her rectum, her breath catching and fluttering inside her. I pushed about four inches of hot, swollen cock past her shattered ring, feeling the untried passage expand reluctantly around me. She began to cry out banshee-style the first time I pulled back, then gasped out her breath again as I pushed my dick back into her, deeper this time, watching the swell in the middle of my shaft miraculously disappear between her cheeks. Her butthole was so filled with dick I couldn't even see it anymore; just the worried pillows of her ass flanking my wide, frantically pressing meat. My hands grabbed her shoulders and pulled her back, trying like hell to bury myself to the hilt in her, but with no luck; all that happened was she gasped and begged some more for me to stop. Fuck it and fuck you, I thought, and I began to just screw her with what was already in, six inches of straining manflesh sliding back till only the crest of my head was still enveloped by her butthole before shoving back in. Spreading her cheeks again I could see her asshole, stretched from pink to shiny-white, opening and closing each time the swollen head parted it. She might have been screaming by now but I didn't hear it anymore, so enraptured was I by the sight of that luscious pregnant poop-chute accepting my collosal prong.

I began to notice she was biting her lip, trying to stay quiet. At first I thought it was more of her attempts to give me a 'guilt-trip,' but then I began to feel her thigh muscles contracting and relaxing, and the strident rippling of her rectal muscles massaging my penetrating phallus. She was about to come! I couldn't believe it!

"You dirty little slut! You're about to come!" I laughed out loud, continuing to fuck the giant cock in and out of her spasming ass. "You actually like this don't you? Who woulda believed it, little Kathy likes getting her shithole reamed out by big dicks!" With that I pushed in as far as I could, then pulled her cheeks apart, popping her increasingly elastic anal ring up around my shaft, dragging another inch of dick in with it and loosing a cry of "oh fuck yes" from her throat. The silly pregnant whore now had seven inches of my dick inside her sexy caboose, and was starting to work that lovely rear with abandon, her fecund belly bouncing like a beach ball against the bed as she pivoted forwards and backwards on the fucktoy inside her butt.

"Just shut up, fucker," she spat back at me between increasingly deep breaths. Her hips were instinctively moving back and forth with my pounding, and I could tell she was parting her thighs farther and farther. She wasn't hiding the fact that she wanted to fuck anymore; she was totally getting in to her first, and undoubtedly painful, assfuck. I thought I could feel a rustling beneath my prick; probably from her fingers diddling her little hairless clit while her asshole got ripped open. I discovered I was right when her long fingers began massaging my balls as they slapped against her alabaster thighs. I noticed her butthole was beginning to look raw, and there were droplets of blood oozing out around me each time I withdrew. I pulled out completely at one point, admiring the gaping wound that used to be a little girl's virginal anus, now bleeding and stretched to the size and shape of my manhood. I could smell the barnyard-stink of her insides trickling out like pheromones from her wide-open shitter. She was fingering her cunt with three long digits, wiggling her ass at me, silently beckoning me to stick it back in. Unable to resist the sudden urge, I leaned over and stuck my tongue in her chute, french-kissing her fragrant ass. It tasted like sex, pure and simple - the asshole of a pregnant woman, raped by a hung man, stretched into a grinning, lurid mockery of her holiest-of-holies. Chuckling I lifted up and forced my meat back in, pounding her deep as her fingers pleasured her cunt from beneath.

I wanted to come, too, beginning to feel cheated that this bitch might get off before me. I desperately wanted to get my entire length into at least one of her openings, so I pulled her up to a standing position in front of me, dick still in her ass, her heavy belly and bountiful tits providing a welcome target for my hands, then began to lower us both to the ground. As she tried to mount me -- facing away, her feet straddling my legs, and that tiny ass grinding lustily on the end of my shivering cock -- she slipped and fell - as I was hoping she would, unbalanced by the weight of her pregnancy - and suddenly fell down with all her weight against my prick, driving it balls-deep into her asshole. She cried out louder than ever and I finally moaned in genuine pleasure, feeling the warm depths of her colon wrapping like a glove around my meaty cock. My balls nested in the (by comparison) chilly niche of her cunt, and my hands pulled those milky tits downward, driving the last millimeters of my big dick up her ass. Caressing her huge belly, I said, "There, now you've got it all. Now you'll never be satisfied with less again. I'm deeper in you than anything but that baby you're carrying. You're my fucking asshole princess."

And it was true. Looking at her tiny 4'11" frame taking an almost nine-inch long dick up her ass, it seemed like my cockhead must be pushing into her stomach, maybe even her diaphragm. She was delirious, but still she started humping her ass up and down, actually fucking herself on me, filling herself over and over with the entire length and girth of that over-swollen dick. Her muscular legs lifted her up till only the fat tip was inside, then plunged herself effortlessly back down to my throbbing root. I guess she had gotten lubed up in there with a mixture of my precum and her own virgin blood, but now that shithole was working my dick like a sloppy, extra-tight pussy. She was really pounding herself up and down on me, taking her anal fucking like a porn queen, grunting low each time the big cock sank its staggering length into her belly. I held her by the firm sides of her childful belly, feeling her tits bouncing wildly up and down as she rode me. She began to cry out, and I could feel her coming. I slipped two fingers into her cunthole, stretched to a horizontal, winking-eye slit by the monster invading her rear end, and began to coax her higher and higher as she climaxed. I rubbed her clit from inside (with my fingers) and outside (with my thumb) as she came from the nerve-center inside her ass, her whole body shaking with the force of her orgasm.

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