tagFetishPretty Jogger Ch. 2

Pretty Jogger Ch. 2


I called Catherine a few days later. I was a little apprehensive about the reception I would get from her. I was a little worried that although she had seen me as her rescuer, she might have had a change of heart in the meantime.

Her phone rang twice. “Hello, Catherine speaking” she answered.

“Hi Catherine, its Buddy here. You remember from the woods?”

“Hi Buddy,” she said warmly, “I was wondering whether you would call. After all, I owe you a night on the town!”

We agreed to meet the next night at her house and we could go out from there if we both felt like it. The warm reception I had received was really encouraging. The sound of her voice took my mind back to my experience with her a few days before. My cock reacted accordingly. I dug out the panties she had left and brought them to my nose. I slipped my shorts off and freed my cock from the confines of my clothes. The aroma from her panties was still strong. A mixture of sweat and her juicy pussy filled my nose. I had tasted the source and knew that it tasted every bit as good as her panties! As I enjoyed her scent I jerked my dripping cock up and down until I came all over my chest. I lay back on the bed, daydreaming about eating her sexy pussy once again.

I rang the front door bell of the huge house. The sound echoed inside. I heard footsteps approaching the door and the door quickly opened. Catherine stood at the door looking as beautiful as I remembered her. She was dressed in a white bikini, a thin cotton wrap around her waist.

“Hi” she said. “Welcome to my home. My parents are away so lets just chill out by the pool. Why don’t you go through to the pool room and see if a pair of my Dad’s trucks will fit you while I get us both a glass of wine?”

I was glad to be able to go through to the bathroom. My cock was starting to show its appreciation for her beautiful body. I walked through to the bathroom and saw that along the wall was a row of pegs with various swimming trunks clothes. My mind immediately working, I was sure that one of these sexy bikini bottoms would have the beautiful scent of pussy in them. I took the first pair and sniffed the crotch. Yes! I could distinctly smell the scent of pussy with the lightest traces of chlorine. The most erotic part that I did not know whose they were. They may have even been her mother’s!

My shorts were off and I was soon stroking my cock up and down. I glanced across and saw a pile of clothes lying in the corner. The bra straps hanging from the side of the pile. I bent down and realized that they must have been Catherine’s clothes. She must have changed into her bikini here. I lifted the sundress up and found her white panties lying on the tiled floor. I loved white panties; these were a soft white cotton lace G-string. I picked them up and could see the damp mark from her pussy. I loved sniffing g-stings, they seemed to get even closer to a women’s pussy and therefore tended to be even more fragrant. I wrapped the bikini bottom around my cock and started to jerk off while I sniffed her fragrant panties. It wasn’t long before I could feel my balls tense up and my cum started to jerk from my cock and into the waiting bikini. Somehow the thought that of a woman putting on these bikini bottoms’, with my cum nestled between her pussy lips made it even more fulfilling. I squeezed the last droplet of cum onto the bikini and then wiped my cock. I rubbed my cum into the fabric to made sure that there were no obvious traces of cum and replaced them on the peg. Realizing that I had been gone a while, I quickly chose a loose fitting pair of trunks and pulled them on. Thank goodness they had built-in underpants, my cock was still half hard.

I stepped out onto the patio next to the pool and saw that Catherine had removed the wrap and was lying back on the lounger with a glass of wine in her hand. Her legs were slightly spread and I could see the bulge of her hot pussy, the nylon fabric clearly showing the lines of her pussy lips. I looked up and saw her smiling. She had caught me admiring her pussy. I flushed and took the wine from her hand. I sat down on the lounger next to hers and stretched out, enjoying the warm sun.

We sat and chatted while we enjoyed glass after glass of chilled white wine. As the afternoon progressed I could feel a light buzz from the wine. Catherine was starting to become more animated and as she spoke she was starting to put her hand on my arm. Her touch was like a charge of electricity. I had seen her in all her glory and was hoping to see her naked again!

It was almost as if she was reading my mind and suggested that we lose the suits and go for a dip in the pool. She didn’t wait for my answer and stood up and unclipped her bikini top, freeing her beautiful tits from her white bikini top. She had small, milky white tits with the most beautiful nipples I had ever seen. They were a soft pink colour and they pointed erectly upwards. As I hooked my fingers into the waistband of my trunks, she pulled her bottoms down her legs. The fabric was almost stuck between her legs until the fabric was eventually released from her hot, wet little pussy. As I looked across at her pussy I could feel my cock was getting harder and harder until it was pointing upwards like a pillar. She had not yet seen my cock last time and I could see she was now staring openly at it. I guess we were even. I took the opportunity to stare at the pussy that I could so clearly see in my mind. She reached across and took my cock in her hand and led me to the edge of the pool. She released me and dived head first into the pool. I didn’t want to wait a second longer and followed her in.

We swam around for a short while until I saw that she had moved to the shallower water and was sitting on the step with her legs apart. Almost inviting me to swim between them. I swam up to her and took her in my arms. Our mouths met and our tongues started to dance sexily together. I could feel her hard nipples pressing against my chest and my cock was now nestled warmly between her thighs. She broke the kiss and held me tightly against her.

“Even though what happened last week was the most frightening experience of my life, there were certain aspects that still make me so horny when I think about them.” She whispered into my ear.

“I have a confession to make,” I said. “I was jogging behind you so that I could look at your beautiful body. When the guy made me sniff your panties it was my greatest dream come true.” I said. I could feel her slowly release me from her embrace. She was looking at me with a strange look on her face, almost disgust but not quite.

“But they are dirty?” she said.

“Not to me, I find the smell of a Woman’s panties really erotic. I dreamed of smelling yours for months before we met last week” I answered quietly. Not sure whether my revelation would disgust her to the point that she would ask me to leave!

“I’m not sure how I feel about that,” she said, the look on her face now more one of curiosity.

“It doesn’t hurt anyone and its what turns me,” I replied without apology.

“Give me time to get used to that idea,” she said lightly.

She pressed her lips to mine and we kissed once more. I could feel her fingers grasp my cock and after jerking it up and down once or twice she guided my head to her spread pussy. I much preferred to eat a pussy before I fucked it but I was definitely not going to stop her at this point. I could feel the contrast of the cool pool around my cock being slowly engulfed by the warmth of her hot pussy as my cock slid between her lips. Her pussy was wet and tight and as I reached the depths of her hot tunnel, I could feel her wrap her legs around my waist. I was secretly glad that I had jerked off earlier as I knew from past experience that this would give me much better staying power. I started to thrust gently in and out while my free hand drifted around and started to squeeze her nipples firmly. She was responding in a big way and I could feel her hips rotating and meeting my trusts. Our lips were mashed together, our motion was getting faster and faster, her breathing was getting shorter and I could hear her gasps muffled between my lips. I felt her legs tighten around my waist, pulling her pussy against my cock. Our bodies pressed tightly together. I could feel her pussy start to spasm until with a cry her orgasm rushed through her body. I started to pump in and out until I too could feel my orgasm wash over me like a warm wave of pleasure.

We lay holding each other tightly, her head lying lazily on my shoulder. My cock still buried deep inside her. The cool water eventually forced us to separate, and I could feel my limp cock slide from her warm pussy and into the cool water.

We slowly stood up and walked up the stairs and out of the water. As the water ran a trail down her body I could see that my cum was oozing out between her pussy lips and matting in her pussy hair. It coursed a trail down her thighs as she walked over to the lounger. We dried off in silence. We were both so overwhelmed by the magical sex that we had just enjoyed, the silence seemed just right. Catherine sat down naked on her lounger and reached for the bottle of wine and topped up both of our glasses. I sat down and we sipped our wine quietly. Catherine broke the silence.

“Can you stay for the evening?” she asked.

“Sure” I answered, “if that’s all right with you?”

“My parents will only be back tomorrow so we have plenty of time to play. Lets go inside and start with supper,” she said getting up from her lounger. I noticed that she had not made any attempt to dress. She slipped on her sandals and made her way into the house. I followed, watching her beautiful smooth body, swaying gently as she walked. I could see our juiced were still oozing slowly from her pussy, leaving a shiny coating on her lips and thighs.

“How does a light pasta sound to you?” she asked.

“Sounds perfect,” I answered.

As she prepared dinner I sat at the counter and watched her sexy body as she moved efficiently around the kitchen. We chatted about general things until, inevitably, the conversation got around to sex. I could see that she was still very unsure about my panty fetish revelation. She found it hard to understand why a man would enjoy the smell of a Woman’s panties. I was not too surprised by this as I had found that in most cases women had been taught that their pussies were dirty and of course this meant that their underwear would be too. As we drank more and more wine we both became more uninhibited. I asked if she had ever shaved her pussy? She told me that she was too scared that she might cut herself. I undertook to give her, her first shave later. I took her silence to mean that she was quite happy with this suggestion. She could see that I was starting to become aroused again. My cock was once again pointing upwards and without any clothes on it was impossible to hide.

“Save that for later, lets eat.” She said carrying the food across to the table.

We chatted while we ate. I could not believe what was happening to me. She was one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen (and now I had seen all of her!). She had an almost arrogant air about her, but now that I was getting to know her I was starting to realize that this was merely her manner. Eating supper in the nude was a first for me. Concentrating on a plate of Pasta was not the easiest when just across the table I could see the most beautiful breasts I had ever seen peeping over the top of the table as she ate.

After dinner we put our dishes into the dishwasher and collected our clothes from the changing room. I followed her up the stairs to what I assumed was her bedroom. I could see that she had tucked her sexy little thong under her sundress; she was obviously still not comfortable with my fetish. Time would tell.

We walked down a long passage until we reached her room. It was very typical of her, beautifully furnished with a very feminine feel. As she walked in she threw her clothes onto the armchair next to her bed. I noticed that her panties were easily within reach. I wanted to make use of them again before the night was done. She had a huge bathroom leading from her room and in the corner was a big tub, more than big enough for both of us. Without saying anything she turned on the water and let the bath run. Bending over the bath with her ass in the air I could see her swollen pussy lips hanging neatly like a fresh fruit, waiting to be eaten.

She turned and took me into her arms, her warm body pressing against me, my cock pressing against her stomach, my balls hanging against her soft pubic hair.

“What do you need to shave me?” she asked.

“A few new blades, some scissors and if possible some shaving cream and a brush.” I answered.

“I have the razor and blades but you will need to get the shaving cream and brush from my parents bathroom. It’s right down the passage. The room at the end.”

I walked down the long carpeted passage until I reached the room at the end. The door was open and I entered. I could see the bathroom door off to the left and wandered over to find the cream and brush. If it was at all possible her parent’s bathroom was even bigger than hers! I scanned the room quickly. My love of panties meant that I could not enter a bathroom without looking to see if a laundry hamper was hidden in a corner somewhere. I was not disappointed. Between the toilet and the shower I saw a wicker hamper that could only be the laundry hamper. I lifter the lid and saw her parents clothes lying inside. I could see a pair of gray trousers that obviously belonged to a woman. I lifted them and true to form found a pair of panties lying inside. Women always tend to pull their trousers and panties down together. I had found from my previous panty forages that the first place to look for a fresh pair of panties was in their trousers. These were Navy Blue with lace side panels and a sheer silk center section. The thin thong at the back was made of the same silky fabric. I took them out and lifted them to my nose. The beautiful aroma of pussy filled my nose. These had to go home with me! I wasted no more time and quickly took her fathers shaving brush and cream from the shelf above the basin and made my way back to Catherine’s room, my secret treasure balled tightly in my hand.

When I got back to the bathroom, after slipping my prize into the pocket of my jeans. Catherine was sitting on the toilet having a pee. She looked up as I entered and I could see her face flush with embarrassment. Our relationship was still too new for her to feel comfortable with this sort of intimacy. I watched her wipe her pussy and stand up. The bath was full and she walked over and stepped in. I followed. We sat face to face in the bath, our legs lying leaning against each other.

“Wash yourself well with some soap, we need your hairs to soften as much as possible.” I said.

Watching her wash her pussy with the soft sponge looked so erotic. I was ready to get down to the job at hand. She stood up and moved over to the love seat in the corner of the bath. She spread her legs, ready for me to commence. I picked up the sharp scissors from the edge of the bath and started to very carefully trim away the excess hair, until all that remained was a fine cover of blonde stubble. I took the shaving brush and squeezed some of the shaving cream into its bristles. I started to very gently brush the cream onto her pussy until her entire pubic area was covered with a thick, foamy, layer of cream. I took the razor and put a new blade on and started to clear away the cream and hair from the top of her pussy. I knew from past experience that if one shaved against the grain it would result in ingrown hairs and razor burn. That was the last thing I needed to do or she would never shave again! I rinsed the hair from the razor regularly but found that her hair was so soft it had little effect on the razor.

I could feel her start to tense up as the razor started to approach her pussy lips. “Don’t worry,” I said, “I’ve done this before and I will be really careful.”

She relaxed slightly and I continued with my task. I spread her pussy lips from side to side, giving me a flat area to shave the last few hairs away. From the way she was sitting I could see the neat bud of her ass clearly visible. I finished off by rinsing her pussy off with warm water and closely inspected my handiwork. Her pussy was even more beautiful bald than when it had hair. Her lips were small and neat, her firm little clit peeping out from between her folds. I could wait no longer; I had to enjoy her pussy in its bald state.

As I started to lick gently at her slit she started to go wild. Water splashing from her legs as she tried vainly to stay seated, my mouth moved up and down her slit. I had found from previous experience that the first time a woman shaves her pussy is so much more sensitive than normal and this occasion was no exception. My tongue dipped in between her pussy lips and I could taste her juices flowing freely onto my tongue. My finger traced a line down from her pussy until it reached the tight bud of her ass. My finger wiggled around the opening until I could feel the tip slip into her ass. I wasn’t sure if she was into anal but if there ever was a time to do it would be while her newly shaved pussy was being eaten and she was in the middle of her sexual roller coaster. It didn’t take long for her second orgasm of the day to rock her body. She rode my face, fucking my lips, grinding her pussy and clit into my mouth while at the same time riding my finger firmly embedded in her tight ass.

As her cries subsided, I slid my finger gently from her ass. She lay back against the wall, her head thrown back. Her hair matted against her neck. Her face flushed. I sat up and looked at the sight in front of me. She was just the most beautiful woman I had ever imagined being with. My cock was sticking up through the water like a submarine’s periscope. She recovered slowly and motioned for me to take her place of the love seat. We swapped over and she knelt down between my legs, taking my hard cock in her small hands. I saw her beautiful face move down until her lips parted and the tip of my cock slipped in between the warm lips of her mouth. I could feel the rough texture of her tongue slip under the head of my cock and slowly guide it into her mouth. Her mouth moved down the shaft, steadily but surely until she had my whole cock in her mouth. She had obviously done this before!

She slowly lifted her head while at the same time rolling her tongue around my sensitive bulb. As my cock slipped out of her lips I could see a fine strand of pre-cum joining my cock to her lips, she licked her lips, not wasting a drop. Her tongue traced a path down my shaft until she was licking my large balls. She opened her mouth and took them into her mouth, her tongue nuzzling the sensitive skin while her hands jerked my cock up and down. I could feel my cum starting to boil from deep inside. She must have felt my balls tighten as she quickly took me deep into her mouth once more. Her head bobbing up and down while her hands massaged my balls. I couldn’t hold back any longer, the pleasure was just too intense. I started to pump, until with a cry I squirted my hot seed into her mouth and throat. She just kept on sucking until I could feel my cock soften and slip from between her lips, a small trickle of my cum escaping from between her lips and down her chin. She raised herself and took me into her arms once again. Our tongues met and I could taste my cum on her lips. I have never tried this before but it was somehow very erotic.

I shifted from the love seat and sat down in the tub, she moved around until she was sitting in front of me with her back against my chest. I took the bar of soap from the edge of the tub and started to wash her tits and neck. Her skin was soft and silky.

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