tagErotic CouplingsPretty Vivi Ch. 02

Pretty Vivi Ch. 02


After that first night of great fucking at her sexy Latin neighbor's apartment, Vivienne couldn't stop thinking about it. It occupied her mind at work, at home, when she was out -- basically all the time. Her pussy would tingle at the thought of that happening again. Strangely enough, she hadn't run into Julio since it happened. She had her apartment opened and changed the locks, got a new key, and for two days after that she hadn't seen him at all. She didn't even hear him coming in or out of the apartment and began to get a lil worried. She really hoped that it wasn't the last time she would get to experience those amazing orgasms. None of her past and current lovers gave her such a release. But then again, none of them had that bad boy flavor like Julio.

One evening, she was relaxing at home after work after taking a long bath and was giving herself a pedicure when she heard loud voices of people coming up the stairs. Men. Laughing. They stopped on her floor and she heard keys turning in the door of the apartment next to hers. Julio was back but he wasn't alone. Acting on her impulses, she ran to the door and looked through the peep hole. There he was, walking into his apartment. He looked tired and as if he hadn't shaved in a few days. He was wearing baggy jeans and a long oversized black shirt layered over an even bigger white one, and an all black Yankees hat. His clothes looked dirty and his black shirt was ripped at the collar. He also had cuts all over his arms and a stitched up gash on the side of his face. He walked in and was followed by another Hispanic man. His friend, or whoever he was, was a bit taller than Julio but more built. He was also tattooed and dressed similarly, but didn't have long hair. She didn't get a good look at his face cause his hat was so low and he wasn't facing her door. Then Julio's door closed, and Viv couldn't help but be curious as to what happened to him and who was his friend. She decided to pay him a visit later on.

Curling her hair and letting it fall in loose sexy ringlets, she applied makeup, put on sweet-smelling body cream, and began to get dressed. She was feeling sexy and picked out a light pink lace thong and matching bra from Victoria's Secret, low-rise jeans that accentuated her luscious ass, and a very tight chocolate brown tank top that was cut low and showed off her cleavage. Slipping on matching brown high-heeled sandals and spritzing herself with her favorite perfume, she grabbed her keys and left her apartment.

She was a lil nervous knocking on his door, but the anxiety went away when the door opened and Julio greeted her with a smile after looking her up and down and licking his lips.

"Whats good sexy?" he asked. He had taken a shower before she came because he answered the door with a red towel around his hips and his long hair was unbraided and in tight wet curls down to his shoulders. He had also shaved, and was smelling really good.

"Hey Julio. I haven't seen you in a few days and was sitting bored in my apartment so I decided to..umm..pay you a lil visit. Are you busy?" she asked, feeling her panties getting wet.

"No, not at all, mami. Yo you wouldn't believe what happened. Fuckin got locked up the other day and I just got out of jail a few hours ago. My boy Manny picked me up and we're just chillin right now..having a few beers, smoking some bud..you know..come inside and join us." And he made the "come hither" motion with his finger. She followed him inside, smelling the weed as soon as she made her way to the living room.

"Manny, this is my gorgeous neighbor Vivienne, and Vivienne this is Manny. Me and him go waaay back. He's like a brother to me." He introduced her to his friend, who was sitting on the couch with a blunt in his hand. He got up and shook her hand gently, then sat down and she could feel his gaze all over her body.

"Sit down, chula. You want a beer?"

"Yeah, thanks. I haven't drank in a while so I might as well."

"You smoke, ma?" Manny asked.

"No, I never smoked before." she replied.

"Here, try this shit. You look tense and it'll relax you. This is the good shit. Sour diesel, ma."

She didn't know why she decided to take the blunt and take a few puffs. She was always against drugs of any kind, but for some reason she did it anyway.

Sandwiched in between Manny and Julio on the couch and after two beers and more than a few hits of weed, she was feeling more than buzzed and a lil drunk. It was noticeable because she kept on giggling at the weakest joke, touching the tops of her breasts as if she was wiping off sweat, touching her face, and crossing and uncrossing her legs.

"You alright, mami?" Julio asked, looking over at her, noticing her flushed cheeks.

"Hmm? What did you say?" she asked. Julio looked over at Manny and a devious expression formed on his face. At this, Manny turned to Viv.

"You know, nena, you look a lil hot there."

"I am hot. It so fucking hot in this apartment. I need some air. No, I need a cigarette. Do you have a cigarette? Can I please have a cigarette?" she asked with a pleading look in her eyes.

Julio and Manny laughed and gave her a cigarette.

"Here you go, knock yourself out." Julio said, handing her a cigarette and lighting it.

They watched her smoking it and the enjoyment she showed doing so. Suddenly, Manny placed his hand on her knee and began sliding it up her thigh. Julio noticed it and moved his face to Viv's neck and began kissing it at first, then licking it as Manny inched his hand between her conveniently spread thighs.

Vivienne moaned from the attention, their caressing feeling so good. She finished the cigarette and put it in the ashtray and then leaned back on the couch and let them continue.

"Damn, mami, you are so beautiful and sexy. Julio was telling me all about how hot you were but I didn't think you were this gorgeous. Diablo, mamita." Manny whispered in her ear as he rubbed her pussy through her jeans, feeling her heat.

"You said you were hot, so why don't you take these clothes off" Julio suggested, pulling up her tank top.

Vivienne was so horny she didn't care. These two sexy Latinos were driving her crazy. She lifted her arms and allowed Julio to take her top off while Manny unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans and began pulling them off.

"Mmm mmm mmm..look at this body.."

"Yea, so sexy and she smells so good."

She was left in her bra and thong, head thrown back almost hanging over the top of the couch, legs spread and arms resting on the two men's shoulders. Manny started rubbing her pussy through the lace.

"Yo she's so fuckin wet, b." He said to Julio.

"Eat that chocha. She loves it and she tastes good." his friend suggested, unclasping her bra and removing it from her breasts. He bent down and took the pretty tit in his mouth, fondling the other one.

Manny got up and kneeled between Viv's legs, and brought his face down to her pussy, inhaling her sweet scent.

"Mmmm.." he moaned in approval. Then he pulled her panties down to her ankles. "Damn she got a pretty kitty. Look at this thick nani. Just oozing that juice." He spread her smooth pussy lips with his fingers and began lapping at the wet pink cunt, licking up all the wetness.

Vivienne was moaning uncontrollably. Her eyes were closed and she was just enjoying whatever they were doing. She didn't care what it was as long as it felt as good as this.

Manny ate that pussy till she came, her thighs shaking. She tried to close her legs but he held them wide open, still licking her sensitive clit after she came, making her squeal ad Julio sucked and nibbled at her nipples. She came again.

"Oooooooooo...Oooooooooo..SHITTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!" she screamed. Julio stuck a thick finger in her mouth, letting her suck and bite on it so that she wouldn't wake up the other neighbors with her screams. Manny got back up and stood in front of her rubbing his dick through his jeans.

"That's one sweet nani. You liked that, ma? Yea..I know you did." Vivienne just lay there sprawled out, breathing hard, her eyes glazed over.

"Fuck her. I know she wants to be fucked."

"Nah Julio..you fuck her first. You didn't get any pussy last night and I did."


And then Vivienne spoke up. "I don't care which one fucks me first but somebody better fuck me NOWWWWWW!"

The two men chuckled.

Julio decided to give her what she (and him) wanted, and got up, took the towel off, not caring about being naked in front of his friend. They used to run trains on girls before when they were younger so it didn't matter.

"Fuck her good..that pussy is ready for it" Manny said.

"Bro, she knows how good I can fuck her" Julio replied with a wink.

He stroked his dick a few times and then moved in between her legs. "How much you want this dick, ma? Dime..dimelo mami."

"I want it so bad, baby. Please fuck me." She said, spreading her legs wider.

...more coming soon. Let me know what you think so far!

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