tagMatureProfessor Jacobs is The One Ch. 02

Professor Jacobs is The One Ch. 02


After cleaning up and returning all my clothing to their usual places, I gathered my things and went to leave. I had no idea what to say or do other than just go. I wasn't sure if I should thank him? Complement him?


"Yes, Sir? I'm sorry I didn't want to just leave but I didn't know what to say and I didn't want to just sit here like an idiot either..." I was starting to ramble. He let out a light chuckle and told me I was fine to stay but he'd rather me go back to my apartment and get cleaned and up and meet him for dinner. I was ecstatic!

"Really? Dinner sounds great! What time? What should I wear?" I couldn't stop talking! This was going to be awesome.

"Well, just calm down. I thoroughly enjoyed what just happened between us. You have no idea how great that felt, especially from one of my own students. My mind is just blown! I just want to talk to you and see how you feel about this. I could care less what we eat or where we go. It's up to you. I'm sure we both agree we want to continue." he said, knowing I wanted this more than life itself. All in one instance, the Mr. Jacobs that had just used me every which way on his desk went away, and the concerned teacher seemed to be flooding back in. I was as intrigued with him as he obviously also was with me. I was excited to see what was to come. I assured him we both wanted this and told him I didn't care where we went either as long as I could get some pasta of some kind.

He said he knew the perfect place. He told me the restaurant was about 20 minutes from school and to meet him at his house around 7:00 and he should be about ready by then and he'd drive us out to the restaurant. He said I didn't need an evening gown or anything like that, just something nice. He wrote down his address for me and his cell number in case I got lost or something. We said our temporary goodbyes and I left with a smile. The complete opposite of what I came with.

On the drive back to my apartment I was mentally skimming through my closet thinking of what to wear. I couldn't make up my mind and the traffic seemed to be forever long! I was like a kid on Christmas morning. I had been fantasizing about Professor Jacobs for almost a year now, and not only had he just used me the way I had been longing for, but we were going on an actual date! Was I in the twilight zone?! Then I realized the reason we were going somewhere so far away was because he was in fact my teacher. 'No big deal I thought. I can't expect my super-hot English professor to drop his career for...well, whatever this is.' I was content with this, but pondered if we ended up in a serious relationship how we would see each other. 'Shut up, you're over analyzing.' I told myself.

I parked my Jeep and almost skipped up the sidewalk to the stairway up to my doorstep, dropped my keys and purse on the entrance table. And taking the smell of cinnamon apples from the Airwick freshener plugged in the wall, "Home sweet Home" I said to no one.

I danced my way to the kitchen for a glass of juice and then made my way to the bathroom. Stripped down to my birthday suit, taking a minute to look in the mirror and glance over my body. I'm no Victoria's Secret model but I had to give it myself. I'd fuck me too! I have naturally tanned skin. I think you could literally pick up one of those chewy caramels and hold it up to my skin and it would blend. My dad was a big dark black guy and my mom is a tiny little Mexican. She looks white though so I'm somewhere in the middle. From my mom I get my long dark brown, almost black hair, which I recently dyed a dark auburn color. From my daddy I get my full lips, which I usually accent with red or pink lipsticks. It was only about 4:30 so I took my time in the shower. As I washed each part of my body, my mind went back to moments when professor Jacobs touched there. I wondered if we'd ever actually make love or if we'd only ever have that rough, animalistic sex we had earlier. Either way I was content.

I made sure to shave my legs because I am great about forgetting them and sometimes I can't remember the last time I did! I wouldn't want to end up naked with him and not be shaved. They weren't bad but I touched them up anyway. I had gotten a wax the day before, so I didn't need to shave my pussy. However, that didn't keep me from strumming the guitar, as I like to call it. It's a ritual for me in the shower. I almost don't feel clean after if I don't have an orgasm while I'm in the shower. I washed my hair and finished up.

After drying off I walked naked to my bedroom. I threw myself on the bed, and took a minute to just recollect today's events. When I woke up this morning I never would've guessed I'd be getting ready for a date this evening, certainly not with Professor Jacobs! I smiled to myself and glanced over at the clock on my night stand. '5:00' I thought. Based on the address he gave me, I was pretty sure his house was only about ten minutes away, even though you never know what traffic is like. It was time to begin the hunt for clothes....you might think an hour and a half is plenty time to get dressed but that's pushing it for me and I really wanted to look good for him. I walked over to my closet, standing in front of it with my hands on my hips ready for battle. I picked out my favorite pair of skinny jeans and tossed them on my bed. I was wearing those for sure! They hugged my ass just right and were the perfect length without me having to alter them. On my 4'11" frame that doesn't happen very often! Stores never seem to have my size in short. It's only ever like 1-2 or 00 or some other anorexic size like that. As a southern girl, I'm proud of my hips, thighs and ass and my size 9! For whatever reason, I kind of bounce back and forth between a 38C and 38D, maybe it's the different brands? I don't know but can any man honestly say he likes to see a woman's bones under her skin? Can you say gross?!

I must have gotten 100 different tops out and paired them with the jeans in the mirror before actually deciding. I made a mental note to donate some things to Goodwill and then, finally, I chose a white, loose fitting, sleeveless button down. It was chiffon material and very see-through. I giggled to myself thinking of how Professor Jacobs' face would look if I wore this with nothing under. It was made to hug the bust area and be loose around the waist and came down lower over my ass than it did in, front not touching my thighs. I wore a white cotton spaghetti strap tank with a built in sports bra under the chiffon button down. No bra. I figured he'd enjoy the view better that way. I paired up some red suede like wedges just to give my silhouette that extra lift and add that sway to my walk. I also decided on some red lace boy short panties. I chose that style because my round ass looks great in them and the color was just for fun since my shoes were red too.

Now that I was pleased with my clothing choices I added some diamond stud earrings my mom bought for my last birthday and a big gaudy red bangle bracelet. I went back into the bathroom and brushed my teeth. I didn't put on too much make up but made sure to have some red lipstick and I put on a little gloss over it. After blow drying my hair, I decided to wear it down because so often I'm told I look better that way. Also, I won't lie; I was hoping he'd be pulling it again later. I sprayed on some D&G light blue, only used for special occasions, and looked at the clock. It was 6:30!

I was a little nervous to be out, alone with him, excited still, but nervous. I don't really know why, I mean it wasn't like we just had sex or anything! I grabbed a red clutch purse and threw in the necessities: credit card, ID, phone, red lipstick, travel toothbrush just in-case, and a small tube of anti-bacterial hand gel from Bath & Body. That was it. I was ready to go. I grabbed my keys and walked out to my car.

The drive was about 15 minutes or so. I took the time to calm down and remind myself that I had seen this man four days out of the week for the past eight months or so, with the exception of holidays. It wasn't like he was someone I just met. We knew each other well enough for me to be able to just relax and go with the flow like I would with anyone else. I wondered if he had been anticipating this as much as I had.

I pulled up in his driveway, took a deep breath, got out and walked up to the sidewalk noticing that he had nice little spring time flowers planted along the sides. His lawn was also freshly cut. I knocked on the door and a few seconds later he opened it. He was so hot. I honestly wanted to just attack! He wore a black button up long sleeve shirt. The sleeves were cuffed up just below his elbows. So sexy, I thought. He also had on some very nice cologne. I can't say I know the name of it but it went from my nose straight to my pussy! He wore slacks and some nice dressy boots also, which made me question my jeans. Quickly my doubts were put to rest when he greeted me.

"Hey! Glad to see you found me with ease and you look good enough to eat!"

"Oh yea, you're not very far from my place and thanks," I smiled, "you look great too, very sexy, and you smell so good. Are we ready?" There, I was becoming comfortable with him as a friend, lover, or whatever rather than my professor. Great!

"Yea we are actually, um, let me just grab my keys and wallet off the kitchen table I'll be right back." he said leaving before I could nod or respond or anything. "All set! Let's go!"

He went to the passenger side first and opened the door for me, "Well, thank you Professor Jacobs." I was surprised people still did that. He said it was his pleasure and walk around to his side and got in. He started up the engine before shifting to face me and said, "Oh and Vanessa, I think it's better you just call me Ryan. You know, being we will be out in public together..." I realized he was right and agreed.

"So Ryan Jacobs, huh?" I looked over at him.

"Yes, Ryan Jacobs. Vanessa Allen."

"I like the name Ryan. If I have a son I want him to be named Ryan or Reid. I like that name too."

"Oh yea? You want kids one day?"

"Oh yea! I love kids. I can't imagine not having at least one someday. I'm hoping to become an English teacher after school, buy a house, then find a guy and settle down. You know, the American dream." I laughed.

"I'm sure all your dreams will come true. From what I see you're a great person and you're gorgeous. Any guy who'd turn down living the American dream with you is nuts!" he smiled.

"Thanks. So what is the name of our mystery destination?"

"Oh I forgot I didn't tell you! It's called Mauricio's have you heard of it?"

"Um yes!? My dad and I went there all the time when I was little. I love it there and their pasta IS great! I never go anymore because it just doesn't feel right without him." I looked out the window missing my dad who'd passed away two years before.

"Oh, I'm so sorry I had no idea. Do you want to go back to my house? I can make you some pasta if you like?" There was that concern again. He was such a sweetheart. I wondered if he had been nervous like I was. I threw the thought out of my mind. Not with all the dominance he displayed earlier.

"No, no of course not! You planned this and I think it's sweet. I can't think of anyone I'd rather go with." I grabbed his hand and smiled at him for reassurance.

"You really miss him don't you? You're dad?"

"I really do. I was a complete daddy's girl. We did everything together from the day I was born. We went fishing, hunting, we went to the gym together, he went to all my school stuff, but he won't be at my wedding." I was holding my tears back. We were pulling up to the restaurant and I really just wanted to enjoy this night with him.

"Anyway, can we change the subject? I'm really excited to be here with you!" I said with genuine excitement in my voice.

"Glad to hear it. I hope I can show you a good time and you enjoy my company tonight." Lord, this man was a sweetheart and a very smooth talker!

"I know I will Mr. Jacobs...sorry that's the last time, promise!" I giggled.

He pulled into a parking space and unbuckled his seat belt. "Ok, let's go inside and get some chow!"

"Let's!" He walked back around to my side and opened the door for me again. "You're quite the gentleman, you know. I like it." I took his hand and we started the walk up to the patio of the restaurant and chose to have dinner there. It was quieter than inside, less people. I think we both knew the conversation would become a little vulgar at some points and it felt great outside.

"Glad to have pleased you Madam."

"Hmm I recall that being the other way around....?"

"What's that?" the waiter came before I could respond and took our drink orders and asked if we were ready to order dinner, so I responded.

"Well I know what I want so if he's ready I am." I looked at Ryan who was looking back at me and replied, "Yep, I want the chicken and sun dried tomato pasta with a side salad and a little oil and vinegar and she'd like the Italian pasta salad with grilled shrimp." I just looked at him but had no objections. It was kind of a turn on. I just smiled up at the waiter, handed him my menu, and thanked him.

"Well, thanks?!" I said jokingly.

"Anytime. You like shrimp I imagine?"

"I sure do." I smiled.

"Good. So you were saying before?" getting back to the previous subject, almost as if he didn't just do what he just did. I could see his dominant nature even though he was still so sweet in this moment.

"I recall being the one interested in fulfilling your pleasure and referring to you as Mister, not you referring to me as Madam." I said this with a little humor in my voice as well as true curiosity as to whether or not his point was to mock that fact. The waiter came back with our drinks and we both thanked him again.

"Yes, but it's like you said, I am a gentleman. I prefer to wine and dine a woman and then use her after." He got a good laugh from his own words and proceeded to say "I didn't actually mean that the way it probably came across. Especially since I've used you first and am wining and dining you after! Ha ha! I am a romantic, no doubt, I just also love a submissive woman who is willing to please me and let me be in control in the bedroom ...or elsewhere if I want."

I probably looked like I was in a coma. I was just in shock because this was exactly what I wanted in a relationship. I couldn't imagine the odds of finding someone that would want the same thing I wanted in that aspect of life. I certainly couldn't imagine if I did find someone, it'd be my professor. "I can't honestly even believe you just said that...that's exactly what I want in a man. I'm truly shocked."

"Don't be shocked. I'm sure there are many men out there that still believe in treating women with the respect they deserve. You know? I mean in public and everything like that, you should know that your man appreciates you. Just because you choose to pleasure him and submit to him the way most men want a woman to, doesn't mean you can't be adored on a daily basis by him." He stated this so matter-of-factually as if it were just everyday life.

"Yes, exactly. I mean, like I said I was daddy's girl, so I am accustomed to being treated like a princess but sexually I desire to be controlled and directed. I love a dominant man. I just feel like the men are the rough ones and are meant to be the controlling ones in that aspect of the relationship. I like to not think so much when it comes to sex. I've read about couples who live the lifestyle 24/7,365. That isn't for me and I wasn't really sure if anyone else out there felt like I did or if all the dominant men wanted to be dominant in all situations. I'm truly taken aback by this. Don't get me wrong though, when I'm in a relationship with someone I don't always like that rough sex. The side of me you saw earlier isn't the only side. I do have a passionate, sensual side that likes to be wooed and caressed and slowly fucked on occasion." I had hoped he was making a mental note of this.

He nodded while taking a sip of his drink, "Yea I can totally see that in you and I am the same, like I said, I'm a romantic. I can't help it. And I can still be in control when loving a woman slowly and passionately."

"I know, I'm just saying sometimes I like the 'I love you' and not the name calling and all that. Even though, it gets me super hot."

"Well I'm glad we are on the same page there. So, when you do like that rough sex, how far do you like to take it? Do you like being caned? Whipped?" He glanced over to his left and I followed his gaze. The waiter was coming back with our food. I was glad the food was here because it was a step closer to us being alone again. I couldn't have cared less had that waiter never come back!

"Mmm, this looks so good. Thanks. Well, I actually haven't ever had anyone whip my like with a flogger or anything I just read about them. I do not even want to try a cane but a flogger is possible, especially if it's at a time when you're penetrating me. During the actual sex, especially if I am in an orgasm, pain feels blissful."

"Yea, I know, a lot of women have told me that. I dated a girl in the past that would only let me use anal toys on her if I was in her because she said then the pain didn't bother her. All she felt was the pleasure."

"Yes, I feel the exact same way. So now I have a question for you. Have you slept with any other students? Or even gone to dinner with any others? Or am I special?" I laughed.

"You're definitely special. I've never even cared enough to risk my job. Earlier, in my office, it was like I couldn't control it. I had to have you. I'm not sure if it was the fact you are forbidden but so willing or what. I really don't know, but I know I've never been so high off of sexual energy."

"Great to know! You can bet I'll be using that to my advantage!" I winked.

"Of course you will, bad girl. I will have to punish you, too. And on that note, I think we should get the rest of this to go. Agreed?" He asked but was already calling the waiter over.

"Agreed." I was all too happy to oblige. The waiter came back with the bill and our to go boxes. When the waiter came back he paid and tipped him and I thanked him and told him the food was great. I got up to leave and Mr. Jacobs followed behind.

He caught up with me and grabbed my hand as we walked back to his truck. He opened the door and as I was getting in he whispered in my ear "Your ass looks amazing in those jeans. I sure hope you're ready for tonight." It was that same voice he had used earlier in his office and I swooned. At the memory and the feeling it gave me before. He got in on his side and started the truck up. I just looked up at him with innocent eyes, biting my bottom lip.

"When you use that tone I get so weak. It gets me so wet." It was the truth. My panties were soaked at that point, he could probably smell it. We sat there just looking at each other sensing each other's sexual frustration at this point. "Drive fast please."

"Already ahead of you, trust me I probably want this more than you do. You're so hot. So are you looking for an actual committed relationship?" he asked this question to my chest. I just sat there giggling at him and the slight bulge beginning to form in his slacks.

I leaned over to gently caress it through the thin material. "Well I actually haven't been looking but this feels so right with you right now, don't you think?" I asked with a little innocence in my tone. As if I was oblivious to the fact I was stroking his cock through his slacks.

"Oh god, baby, right is not the word. This feels so good. Take it out for me."

I was unbelievably wet at this point and happily leaned over to unzip him and free the big guy. It was so hot and so hard. This time I could admire his size, his shape, the ridges and curves. It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. "I love your cock, Sir. Can I please have a taste? I'd love some cum for dessert." I had a little smirk on looking up at him with my head in his lap but I was serious. I love the taste of his cum.

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