Proud to be a Mommy's-Boy


"We better stop before your Mom comes back. I'm not sue she'd approve of me flirting with her son."

"I don't think she'll mind." I took one tit in my mouth, then the other as she moaned. I was so content just to play with and suck those things.

"Hey, what's going on in here?" Mom asked in a fake tone, knowing exactly what she'd walk in on.

Sally sat right up, trying to cover herself. "I'm so sorry Angie, one thing led to another."

"Well, don't let me stop you," she said.

Mom sat on the couch next to Sally, uncovering Sally's bare breasts and throwing her top across the room. I couldn't believe what happened next. Mom started caressing Sally tits, holding them up, offering them for me to suck. I dove right in, my mouth covered one and hand squeezed the other as Mom fed them to me.

Sally's hand found its way back into my lap, rubbing the outline of my shaft straining to be set free from my shorts.

I undid my shorts, sliding out of them, exposing my stiff erection as it rested on my stomach. Sally quickly wrapped both hands around the shaft, sizing me up as Mom looked on. Sally leaned into my lap and devoured my cock, stuffing the entire length into her mouth in one swift movement. Nobody had ever done that with such ease.

Mom sat watching but I could tell she wanted to get in on the action. I'm sure Mom wanted our relationship to remain a secret so she fought back the urge.

Sally worked my cock as if she wanted me to cum in her mouth immediately and I was having a tough time holding back from exploding. She was attacking it like an animal in heat, gobbling my entire length with ease. I looked over toward Mom and to my surprise she was fondling Sally's tits and taking off her own top with Sally returning the favor as she devoured my cock.

I decided to push the envelope and see how far Mom would go with Sally, and stood between them, Sally never missed a beat sucking me, stuffing my entire cock easily into her mouth. I couldn't believe how easy it seemed for Sally to take all of me, she just kept plunging downward, each time pressing her nose into my pubic hair. Then to my shock, Mom joined her, she ran her tongue over my balls as Sally worked the shaft. Mom took one testicle in her mouth, then the other and licked the sensitive underside. Their lips met and tongues lashed at each others while working my shaft over.

Mom lifted Sally's tit and took it into her mouth. This made things even more difficult holding back.

"OK ladies, stop please. Sally, stand up and lean over the couch," I said.

She did so and I easily slipped it in and began pounding her pussy as fast as I could, my balls slapped her pussy.

"Fuck me, harder!" Sally commanded as she trembled.

"I pounded her hard and fast, my balls slapped against her, then Mom cupped them with her hands, fondling them. Then she got behind me and started licking my balls, I had to slow the pace as not to knock Mom out with the force of my swaying balls.

"I'm cumming!" Sally screamed, and shuddered as she soaked me. She squirted like I've never seen or felt, her juices ran down my legs as I continued pounding her.

"I'm cumming!" I growled and slammed back and forth as the pressure built.

I grabbed her huge tits from behind and unloaded a massive load, erupting into her.

"I feel you! I feel your cum! Fuck me!"

"Arggg, Ahhhh," I grunted, wave after wave surged and erupted from my cock.

I collapsed onto her back, my thighs and legs covered with our combined juices.

"God, that was good!" Sally said.

"Told you," Mom said.

"You'll have to rent this stud out to our friends. I know a lot of gals who would die to fuck this kid," Sally said. "I hope he'll have me again!"

"Hell yes, bring your friends too!" I said, smiling like a rooster in a hen house.

Mom introduced me to more of her single friends, some were good, some were so-so, but who could complain. I had a sexy mother who not only fucked me, but also shared me with her friends.

I returned the favor by having a few guys I knew come by and visit but she really didn't need the help. Our sexual relationship was our little secret as I never mentioned it to any of my friends, I merely mentioned that she had a preference for younger men to encourage them. We never fucked in front of anyone either, but did have our special moments.

The summer of 2012 was a life changing summer for me. It was a sad day when I had to leave for school but planned to come home every chance I got. I was lucky, Mom sent friends to visit me often. I had the greatest Mom! Before I left to go back to college, Mom gave me an assortment of her lingerie to take back with me. She even allowed me to take a few nude photos of her, one in particular would get a lot of use on lonely nights in the dorm. I took a picture of her face with my cock stuffed in her mouth, her eyes looking into the camera. That one I'd have to keep in a very special place.

I am one of the few men who don't mind being called a mommy's-boy!

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