Proud To Be A Sissy Ch. 09


Then I felt the massive cock slowly sliding down my spine until the tip was gently nudging against my anus pushing slowly forward widening my opening his large glans felt bigger than the butt plug daddy had inserted in me earlier and I let out a yelp of pain as the ridge pushed past my sphincter. Mr. L ester remained motionless for a moment letting me get us to his thick cock before slowly feeding a little more inside.

He took his time going in only an inch or two before receding back until I felt the ridge of his glans just inside of my opening before moving forward a little deeper each time. It seemed to take forever before I could feel his pubic hair meet and tickle my ass cheeks. I felt totally impaled on his giant cock as laid on the table my mind was in a haze my body too weak to do more than just quiver on his cock. As he slowly withdrew it felt like my insides were being pulled out with penis I felt myself coming again as someone rubbed my back and whispered encouraging words that I couldn't even understand. All I could do was lay there shaking with arousal as Mr. Lester started move in and out slowly at first than began to build up speed as his own lust took over him.

All I was aware of was the big cock gaining speed as he fucked my ass I couldn't be sure how long he kept thrusting into me before I heard a loud gasp from above me and hot semen exploded deep in my bowls. Then the weight of his body on top of me as his long cock slowly softened inside of me and I passed out quacking under him as I experienced another orgasm.

As my awareness returned daddy was carrying me into the bathroom and gently sat me on the toilet. He started to fill the tub for me and added some bubble bath before helping me undress. I felt boneless and weak and could barely move as he helped me into the tub.

"I'm so proud of you," he smiled down at me taking of my wig so I could sink into the hot water, "enjoy your soak and come out when you're refreshed. You deserve it sissy."

I smiled back at him as he left the room leaving the door open. I had to fight to stay awake as the heat and aroma of the bath tried to lull me. I could hear them still play cards while making comments on the Polaroid's daddy took of my first gang bang were shared for their viewing. Occasionally one would come in to use the bathroom and tell me how this was night they'd never forget and they made me feel so proud to be a sissy.

When the cooling water was all that left me able to stay awake I got out of the tub and wrapped a large towel around my chest and washed off my smeared make up. Picking up my clothing and wig I went to my room and found a long white satin gown to wear and a pair of low slippers trimmed in white fur. My bum felt so tender I didn't bother with panties and just put on a little eye shadow and donning my long blonde wig. Then I went out to join the guys.

After getting a fresh round of beers daddy welcomed me onto his lap and I leaned against him taking the pressure of a very tender anus by staying on one hip. I picked up the pile of pictures and looked through them. There was a few of each one fucking me except for Mr. Davis but most of the shots were taken of Mr. L ester's big cock impaling me from the very tip on the first photo and few more showing him slowly sinking down until finally his hips rested against my ass cheeks. I shivered against daddy and felt my little penis stiffen as I remembered how fully he filled me with his huge black cock.

The very last photo showed my gaping asshole as semen flowed from it in a steady stream. I giggled and realized daddy was watching my reactions and I felt his cock twitching beneath my hip and I knew now that my night was far from being over. I just hoped he wouldn't want to fuck my tender ass later but I did want to thank him properly for arranging my first gang bang.

It was almost midnight when with a few yawns the last hand was played and everyone got ready to leave. They all hugged and kissed me good bye one by one as they left giving me a very warm feeling that spread through my whole body. While daddy locked up I straightened out the table putting everything away. Daddy was just crawling into his bed when I entered his room and I lay down beside him resting my head against his chest as my hand reached under the blankets to find his flaccid penis.

"You just can't get enough can you sissy?" He groaned.

"I just wanted to show you happy you made me today daddy." I replied as my fingers circled his shaft.

"You're a good little sissy," he told me as his hand slide down my spine to rub over my bum, "so how are feeling back here?"

"Kind of sore a bit," I told him and then added, "But if you want to fuck me too I'd like that."

He chuckled and said, "I don't think I have the energy left tonight but to lie back and relax with you. Besides after Leo it'll probably be a few days before your ass tightens up enough for me to enjoy it."

We lay quietly while I stroked daddy's flaccid penis and I listened to his heart beating as his chest rose and feel with his breathing. It seemed only seconds had passed before I heard him softly snoring so I snuggled up tightly to his side and joined him in sleep.

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