Pulling a Felicia


Her next door neighbors, Mike and Eric, were both sprawled on the hallway floor reading the paper. Both looked up and smiled no differently than usual. "Evening, Allie," Eric said.

"Hi there!" Allie sounded rather more cheerful than usual, she knew, and she wondered if the guys would notice. She was pleased, though, as they did not appear to have noticed anything amiss about her legs. Or in any case, they hadn't commented on them. Allie sighed with relief once she got into the bathroom and hung her towel up for the shower. All downhill from there, she could hope!

From that evening on, Allie felt like she had a wonderful secret. A secret she was in no great hurry to reveal to anyone as she and her friends approached the inevitable goodbyes in May, of course, but a wonderful secret nevertheless.

Graduation came and went, with Allie wearing opaque tights under her dress. The whole day was a blur of photographs and hugs and tearful goodbyes before her parents insisted on hitting the road. She somehow avoided revealing her secret to them at the hotel that night -- a fact that made her all the more eager to play with herself very gently once Mom and Dad were asleep in the other bed -- and stuck to wearing jeans around the house for the next few weeks. Corri and the boys were in town as well, but Allie managed to always wiggle out of invitations to the pool or the beach in order to preserve the surprise for the big day. A volunteer job at the local animal shelter ensured that there wasn't much time for such things anyhow.

Corri had still not given up hope of persuading Allie to call the whole thing off. Allie, with her newfound love for her natural, distinctive look, was of course more determined than ever to go through with it. But she saw no reason to share that with Corri. "You do realize now every guy in that place will be hooting at us the way Craig and Eddie always do at the pool!" Corri groused one night at the malt shop when they were alone.

"Yes, and I also realize you like it when Craig and Eddie do that," Allie reminded her.

"But that's different! I'm not naked then!"

"Is it really that different being in a bikini? Nearly everything is on display there, at least with you."

"But at least there's a little something left to the imagination! Please, Allie? Come on, be a friend already."

"I told you, you can back out if you want."

"But then I'll look like a prude!"

"That's because you will be a prude, Corri." Allie couldn't help laughing.

"Aw, fuck you, Allie!"

But for all that, Corri was still waiting on the curb, in an uncharacteristically frumpy sweatshirt and jeans, when Allie and the boys rolled up in Craig's mother's old station wagon on the big day. She wore a big smile that fooled the guys, but of course not Allie. "Hey hey!" she chirped as she let herself in on the passenger side. "Here's what we've all been waiting for!"

"Yeah, Corri, how many years is it you've waited to see me naked?" Craig teased.

"Well, I can't even count that high, can I?" Corri replied in her best Southern belle drawl. "But guys, listen, on a more serious note, I'm not so sure about Allie. You know, if we're crossing any boundaries here, there is still time to call it off."

"Oh, absolutely," Eddie said, looking at Allie. "I'd hate to end things on such an uncomfortable note after all these years."

"What he said, Allie," Craig mumbled through his obvious fear that she would take them up on the offer.

Allie was having none of it. "Know what I'd hate, guys? We've come all this way, there's one last chance to go crazy together if that's what we want, and if we wimped out at the last second? That'd be a tragedy!"

"Hear hear!" Craig said, his relief palpable. "Kid, I like the way you think."

"Well, then, fess up, Craig," Corri said. "Which one of us have you always wanted to see naked?"

"Both, silly, we're guys!" Eddie interjected. And if Craig had a different answer, he kept it to himself.

Corri having at long last given up hope of talking Allie out of anything, the rest of the trip passed with the four friends discussing every subject but the obvious one. No need to talk about how much Allie and the guys were looking forward to it, or how much she was sure Corri secretly wouldn't have missed it for the world, or just what insecurities any of them might have. That, Allie realized late in the drive, might be a good issue to address upfront...but then, that would spoil the surprise of her pulling a Felicia on them.

Craig found the place so easily Corri kidded him that he must have been there before. "I wish," Craig said as he pulled in through the gates and gave the attendant his name and reservation number.

"Okay, and have a nice day in your skin!" the attendant told them as she pointed Craig toward the parking lot. She was fully clothed, as were most of the attendees leaving their cars for the clubhouse in the lot. But, thanks to the high walls flanking the gate, a few revelers were already in the nude as they locked up their cars. Allie shamelessly admired the few naked men who were about, and assessed the women out of the corner of her eye to see if there were any others going natural like herself. To her relief, there was at least one, a middle-aged matronly looking woman with long red hair, who waved at Allie with a smile before Allie realized she'd been staring.

Allie waved back, and reminded herself not to let that happen again.

"So," Corri said as they all piled out of the car. "See you on the inside. All of you!"

"Yeah!" Craig replied with a grin.

Allie was expecting more nastiness from Corri as soon as they were alone, but Corri was resigned to her fate and followed her friend silently to the ladies' locker room. "Hope you don't mind if Craig and Eddie only want to check me out," she chirped as she opened her locker and pulled her top off."

"I'll understand," Allie said. "I guess we know what they like." Though unashamed, she gave Corri a moment's head start on undressing, so that Corri had her bra off and was fiddling with the waistband of her shorts before Allie had unbuttoned her top. Knowing she would now have Corri's undivided attention, she pulled her top off, revealing her unshaven pits.


"Yes?" Allie asked innocently, reaching back to undo her bra.

"That's disgusting!"

"No it isn't. It's natural. You should try it, no itching or chafing for a change. Feels great."

"I don't need to shave, remember? But you do!" Corri was naked by then, and she shut and locked her locker. "Just what else have you been neglecting, Allie?"

Allie didn't answer. Instead, she unbuttoned her jeans and lowered them, to Corri's visible horror and her own rush of forbidden delight.

None of the other women in the room seemed to take any notice of Allie's hairy legs, but that was not for lack of effort on Corri's part. "Are you crazy, Allie?!" she hissed, gawking now at Allie's well-filled-out panties as if terrified to see what remained to be revealed.

"Not at all," Allie said, completing the show by sliding her panties down to reveal her robust bush. "Just in touch with myself for a change."

"You...you can't...go...out there!" Corri stammered, hopping around on the balls of her bare feet behind her friend. But Allie did stride confidently to the exit, paying no mind to Corri or the few other young women -- also newcomers, she was to learn later in the day -- who looked askance at her.

The crowd beyond the door was as welcoming as the sunshine on the patio and the pool beyond, and Allie was rewarded with nothing but greetings from the men and women alike as she blossomed forth. Corri received the same greetings, but she scarcely noticed as her first sense of I'm-naked-in-public washed over her. Instinctively, she cupped her hands over her vulva, which of course only drew more notice to herself.

"Funny," Allie said. "I find I don't feel the need to do that. I guess my pussy is still sort of hidden, isn't it?"

Corri was still grappling for an appropriately nasty response when Craig and Eddie appeared out of the crowd. Allie eagerly drank in the long-awaited sight of their cocks dangling wonderfully in the natural light, each emerging from a nice thatch of hair, though Eddie's bush looked smaller than hers in Allie's estimation. When at last she managed to look up and meet their eyes, she found they were both struggling with the same predicament.

Eddie was the first to speak up "Allie!" He sounded surprised, but not displeased. "That's a...wait, we're not supposed to talk about our private parts here, are we?"

"I guess not," Allie said. "But I like yours. Very handsome." She couldn't help laughing.

"Well, thank you. I...yeah, I love yours too, but I'm surprised. How did you hide all that in your swimsuit back in March?"

"I shaved it," Allie said. "But I never will again. I pulled a Felicia starting right after that, and I've decided I like it." With a cursory look around the busy patio, she added, "Looks like I'm pretty unusual, though, huh?"

"Eh, so what?" Now that the ice was broken Eddie was gazing shamelessly at Allie's triangle.

"What do you mean 'so what'?" demanded Corri. "You were always with us on the whole 'pulling a Felicia' thing!"

"She's right, Eddie, you were," Craig added.

"I was just going along with the crowd so I wouldn't get teased," Eddie claimed. Allie wasn't sure if she believed him or not, but she liked the answer. "Really, I always loved Felicia's bush. The way it was just there, and she didn't even bother trying to hide it? Loved that!"

"Sure you did," said Craig. But Allie noticed that he seemed to be admiring her as well. "But I mean, good for you, Allie, for trying something different. And I do mean different! Never would have guessed in that bikini you were wearing back in March."

"Me neither," Allie admitted. "Now, of course, I can't wear a bikini." The comment still turned her on, and now she desperately wanted one or the other of those cocks deep in her hairy pussy. Craig's was longer, Eddie's was thicker...or maybe it was just that he was getting hard because of her.

Corri had the same thought. "Eddie, you'd better go cover that up, dear. Men aren't supposed to be erect in public here, you know."

"She's right, dude, I read about that on their website," Craig said.

"Yeah, yeah," Eddie muttered; but he did retreat to the deck chair where he and Craig had left their towels.

"Join me for a swim, Craig?" Corri asked.

"Uh, yeah! Sure." At last Corri was rewarded with an admiring look from Craig at her own lithe, sleek body, which somehow looked even more naked for being less adorned than Allie's. Just as he was about to take Corri's arm and lead her to the pool, he remembered his manners and turned to Allie. "Joining us, Allie?" he asked.

To Corri's visible relief, Allie declined. "Later. Right now I'm just going to enjoy the whole see and be seen thing." Craig laughed and enjoyed one last look at Allie's bush before Corri dragged him off. Allie turned and strode slowly around the periphery of the crowd. Even while chatting with her friends, she had been aware of a number of furtive glances from other revelers; and these continued as she put on her unapologetic show. All the websites she had found about nudist camps had said the same: that the veterans were easygoing and would treat you just as if you were both fully clothed, but women especially should expect some overt curiosity from the newcomers. Today being Nude Day, it made all too much sense to her that there would be plenty of newcomers -- just like herself and her friends.

And she was aware of the newcomers. Soon she realized they were quite easy to pick out: the two young men who were pointing at her bush and obviously making tasteless comments, until Allie grinned and waved at them, and they ever so quickly remembered their shame and vanished into the crowd. The occasional woman who looked at her with pity, which invariably turned to disgust when she realized that Allie was comfortable with her body rather than ashamed. The surprisingly rare man who looked at her breasts or bush rather than her face when he said hello. But as Allie mingled with the crowd, she soon realized most of them were an okay bunch. Undeniably curious about all the flesh on display, but polite about it, and that was the example Allie did her best to follow.

There was only one stranger with whom Allie welcomed conversation about her body and her hair. She spotted her poolside just as her promenade was finishing: the redhead from the parking lot. Taller than most of the other women and even many of the men, she was easy to spot, and Allie was both relieved and a bit apprehensive as she did. But apologies should be made, and Allie made a beeline for her.

Their eyes met just as Allie emerged from the throng of people just off the hot concrete. "Hi!" she forced herself to say. "I'm Allie. I wanted to say I'm sorry I stared at you out there."

"Oh, darlin', that's fine!" the woman assured her, and before Allie knew it she was being enveloped in a wonderful naked hug. "I always know what I'm getting in for when I strip in the van. But I just feel so much better once I'm naked, even if it does get more attention."

"Oh, good, thanks," Allie said, not minding in the least that her new friend was looking at her just as Craig and Eddie had.

"I'm Susan, by the way," and they shook hands. Then Susan continued, "So I take it you're new to not shaving."

"Does it show?!" Allie was bewildered, though still not embarrassed.

"It does for someone like me who's been this way for years," Susan said. "You have that look I know so well, of someone who's still growing into the look. I call it the 'Does this coat of fur suit me?' look. And on you, Allie, it does. You look beautiful."

"Thank you!" Allie felt shy for the first time all morning, but she also felt beautiful with the affirmation.

"Never mind your friend, too," Susan told her.

"You noticed that too?" Was there nothing this woman didn't see?

"I didn't, but I overheard her ranting to her boyfriend about it. I think she's jealous, because he said he thought it looked great!"

"He's not..." Allie began, but quickly changed her mind. "I mean, that's sweet, that he likes my look. This was his idea, actually."

"Ah, that makes sense," Susan said. "He probably guessed with that thick dark hair -- your head hair, I mean -- you'd be nice and bushy underneath."

"If so, he figured it out before I did," Allie said.

"Never underestimate just how much time men spend thinking about our bodies, Allie," Susan said with a grin.

Allie joined Susan for a swim shortly after that, and then had a leisurely day making new friends and learning to guess which men were attracted and which repulsed by her adornment. The latter were usually polite, at least; but it was almost insulting how stubbornly they looked her only in the eye. She saw Craig and Eddie now and again throughout the day, the latter now having his penis under control, and crossed paths with Corri only once. Corri managed only a cordial smile on that occasion, so Allie didn't bother asking how she was liking the resort. Not much, from the looks of it.

By late afternoon, Allie was guessing -- correctly, as it turned out -- that Corri had left. "I saw her about an hour ago," Craig said when they finally met up by the pool at four o'clock. "She said she was getting her clothes back on and taking a taxi back to town. I guess this wasn't her thing. Too bad, she did look cute naked."

"Did you tell her that?" Allie was morbidly curious.

"Yeah. She asked, wasn't I attracted to her? I said of course, she was cute. But she didn't look satisfied with that."

"I'm not sure if I'd be either," Allie had to admit. "I mean, not beautiful or sexy, but 'cute'?"

"My bad, I guess," Craig admitted. "It's just, I've seen her almost-nude so many times, at the beach or the pool, I kind of guessed what she looked like. No surprises like with you, Allie. I hope you don't mind my saying that."

"I don't mind at all," Allie reassured him. "I guess this kind of changes our friendship, though, doesn't it?"

"Pretty much has to," Craig said. He was getting hard now, and quickly threw a towel over himself. "No fair, we can't see if you girls are turned on!"

"Oh, I am," Allie shared. "Believe me, I am!"

"Are you, now?" Craig was transfixed with her now more than ever, she could see.

"Well, the whole idea was for us to go out with a bang, wasn't it?"

"I was kind of hoping so," Craig said. "But I didn't think either of you girls would go for it, or if one of you did, it would be Corri." He tugged the towel down harder to tamp down the bulge beneath it.

"Are you kidding?" Allie said. "Corri could have had either one of you any time, all those years. Me, I was the nerd hanging on with her, the one who thought you guys were just putting up with me out of pity. And there I was imagining the two of you in the shower, the pool, whatever, naked and hard. But Corri was the party girl, not me.

"Christ, Allie, that's amazing. I mean, you were kind of, I dunno, nerdy, but we loved you like a sister all along. Then later, when you grew up a little...what's the fairy tale...the ugly duckling?"

"I'm the beautiful swan, am I?" Allie stretched out her long legs, thus managing to draw even more attention to her big bush.

"I always kind of thought so. Now I know! Christ, I wish you'd told me sometime you were attracted to me...or was it Eddie you liked?"

Allie needed no time to consider her answer. "Both, Craig. Both."

Craig looked shy for the first time she could ever recall. "Allie, can you do me a favor? Go find Eddie and can we go out by Harkam's Woods?"

"Thought you'd never ask." And Allie was off in search of Eddie before Craig could ask her if she really had been hoping he'd ask. The answer was, she had. For years back in high school, and occasionally since then when home for the summer or holidays. Harkam's Woods was just what it sounded like: the favorite lovers' lane at their high school. Allie had been there a time or two with Donnie, her high school beau, and she knew Craig and Eddie had been there plenty of times with plenty of other gals -- for the first time it occurred to her that Corri might have been one of them and simply never told her -- but she had never been there with either of them. There had been ever so many time she had wished the four of them could go out there together and just play, but it had never happened.

Not until now, and now with the guys to herself!

She was delighted, but not surprised, to find Eddie needed no persuading. Quickly the guys disappeared into their locker room to dress, however temporarily, and Allie stood for a moment and gave the other Nude Day revelers one last look at her beautiful body before following suit. She gave some thought to not bothering to put her clothes on, but decided against it. They did need to get to Harkam's Woods without getting arrested, after all. So Allie slipped her panties and jeans back on, and pulled her top back on, but did decide not to bother with her shoes. With her bra tucked discreetly into her purse, she went outside to find Craig had the car running and ready.

There was little talk on the fifteen-minute ride in the late-afternoon sunshine. Allie had the back seat to herself, and she stretched out her legs in anticipation. She was wet, and the denim of her jeans felt great stretched tight against her hairy, hungry pussy. Eddie opened the glove compartment and withdrew a box of condoms, leaving no doubt that Allie hadn't been the only one hoping to end their friendship on a bang. The three friends shared a laugh over that, but there was still no conversation to speak of.

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