tagBDSMPunishment for His slave

Punishment for His slave



This story may be considered of a sick nature, it has things in it that the light at heart may find disturbing. Knife play and whipping are both featured in my story, but it is also a story of fantasy, its not real, if you might find such things disturbing, or you don't agree with them, please don't read on...

she was ashamed, her eyes cast down, and her thighs spread apart, her face growing brighter and brighter red by the second. she had wronged Him and not just once, several times. she'd broken His commands and had been caught, all she could do was kneel, her palms upon her knees, her fingers splayed apart. The ticking of the clock rattled her brain, her heart pounding in her ear. How long had she been waiting? A minute? Five minutes? Half an hour? 3 hours? Would He let her off again, NO, she had taken it too far this time.

Suddenly she heard the key turning in the door. He stepped into the room, His presence looming over her fragile little body. Then SLAM, the door shuts loudly, the doorframe rattling, her body shaking with fear. Sweat dripped from her brow, why did she do it why, why, why she kept asking herself. The silence filling the room driving her to the brink, say something she pleaded to Him in her mind, not daring to speak the words out loud.

His steps fell loudly on the wooden floor as He walked around her. He looked at her, her toes curled to support her body weight, her arched back pushed out her ample chest, her thighs were spread wide, her lips glistening with anticipation and excitement.

His hand snapped forward gripping her hair yanking it back, a shriek immediately scrambled up her throat over her barely parted lips. she felt the roots nearly tear from her scalp, tears streaming down her cheeks. He scoured in her direction, but still He said nothing, she knew she couldn't get away, but her lips still murmured a single word, p-p-p-please. He spoke evenly, knowing He didn't need to yell, His voice dark with unspoken anger "shut your mouth CUNT, you speak when spoken to".

He reached into His pocket extracting a knife; the case protecting the blade was quickly discarded. The shimmering blade glimmered in the dim light. her eyes lock on the familiar blade, she swallowed hard trying to clear the knot in her throat. A grin cut away His lips, He held her head still and lowered the knife to her skin. she tried not to shiver as the cool blade hit her skin. He slowly dragged it around the curve of her cheek, a line of blood beginning to seep and trickle over her tender flesh. The sting in her cheek nothing new to her but still it sent goosepimples down her tiny delicate frame. she fought to hold back a shriek but wasn't able to completely contain it. A sadistic rumble coming from Him as He revels in His power over her.

He turned the blade running the flat side of the blade down her neck, knowing all to well she can feel the pressure, but no cut is made. "Well, well, well I don't think we will be having a misbehaving cunt anymore, after today". He released her hair, walking around her, dragging the blade slowly down her front, His hand moving the blade over her right globe. He teased her nipple with the edge, always careful never to break her precious skin. His eyes moved to hers, the tears streaming down her cheeks mixed with her blood. His well used hands always well in control.

Finally the blade reached her bellybutton, He gently traced a pattern around it admiring how she flinched. Another chuckle leaving His throat. He ran the blade through the blood, before turning the blade once more and continuing His journey down to her spread thighs. she looked up at Him, her lips silent but her eyes told the story, they begged Him, pleaded with Him for mercy.

He suddenly had a change of heart, or so she thought, as He moved the blade back and placed it down on the floor, just an inch or so from her aching cunt. "Don't move" He whispered, laughing as He moved out of her view. A few seconds later the THUD of a heavy bag dropping at her side signalled His return. she flinched knowing full well the contents of it. He pulled out a ball gag and stood before her. "Open" He ordered. She hesitated a second, a second too long for Him, He reached back down and yanked her hair back, forcing the gag into her mouth and fastening it tightly around her head.

His nimble fingers once again wrapped around the handle of His knife. One of His fingers moved to the blunt side of the blade to steady it as He moved it back to the opal white skin of her right thigh. Pressing the blade to it He began to carve in the letter C, followed by the letter U. Satisfied with His work, He dragged the tip of the blade lightly over the wanton lips of her sex, moving deliberately slowly, making sure her desire was total. Again He pressed the blade into her skin, this time her left thigh. When He was done, the letters N and T had been added to her flesh, He gave His work an approving nod before dropping the knife into His bag and leaving her once more.

He walked back into the room with a length of white rope in His hands. His eyes watched the blood dripping down her thighs, smearing His words of creativity. He reached down and gripped her hair firmly. "Come on cunt get up", He walked forward, dragging her by her hair, tears constantly streamed from her eyes now, she tried to choke out a few ill fated pleas between sobs.

her wrists are yanked above her head until her muscles are taught and tight. He slipped the end of the rope through her wrists then around each and tied them firmly. He then pulled the other end of the rope up slipping it through a ring above her head. He tugged at the secure rope, pleased as her body tensed and jerked. Finally He moved across and reached for a handle on the wall turning the wheel once, twice, then a third time. her body dangled off the floor, her toes just out of reach of the cold stone ground, and whimpers escaped her trembling lips.

The pain in her arms increased as the blood rushed out of them, as He moved back to the far wall His eyes scanned over various whips, short and long, leather, to rubber, till His eyes locked onto her treat for tonight. He reached over and stroked His long fingers over the smooth leather of the chosen whip, an evil glint in His eyes. Picking it up He slowly walked toward her, lightly slapping it against His hand, an 18" long 4 lash leather whip, similar to a short bullwhip, with each of the 4 lashes splitting into another four to make 16 stings of the precious leather with each luscious strike.

He moved to one knee taking another piece of rope and wrapping it around her ankles and tied her to a second loop in the ground to keep her steady, before moving behind her. Taking one pace back, then half a pivot to the right, He raised His arm, knowing her eyes are cringing, just holding it for that split second longer to add to her anticipation, before striking down on her shoulder blades, the loud THWAP echoed around the dark stone chamber.

Admiring the red welts on her back her muffled screams music to His ears, He drew His hand back again and struck her a second, third, fourth, fifth time, so many strikes eventually He lost count. Her back arched as He exacted His punishment on her, her back quickly became striped all the way down, His well placed blows missing not even a single square inch of her back.

His hand suddenly stopped, and He walked back to her front, His eyes staring straight into hers. she knew she couldn't escape but still she tried. He raised His hand and the whip again, cracking the leather across her breasts. Her nipples painful but rock hard, He struck her ample breasts over and over, watching them glow before Him. The blood flowing heavily in them, her body writhing and her screams all driving Him madder with lust. The more she screamed the harder He struck her, for above all else, and despite what He does, He loves His disobedient cunt. When she finally could take no more, He stopped His onslaught, standing back to admire His work, the whip in His hand now covered with her flesh and blood, He spoke again to reaffirm His earlier words. "Yes, I'm more than certain they'll be no more misbehaving cunt in here today" the whip fell from His hands as His words rang in her ears and he stepped out of the room letting the door fall shut with a heavy thud.

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