tagBDSMPunishment from Daddy

Punishment from Daddy


I wondered how this would look to a person passing by. Me. Stripped down to my heels, and a black french lace thong, waiting in the corner like a child.

I had been there for what seemed like hours, listening to the damning truth of silence.

Me, a grown woman in a corner. In my nervous state I started to sweat my breasts were tingling in anticipation, my pussy getting wet with need, and because it was trained to do so, my delicate brown little hole was starting to crave fulfillment.

He sat on the bed watching me in the corner, waiting for the right moment to pay me my dues.

"Come over here."

His voiced frightened me, but I did what I was told. I sat on the bed beside him, waiting for his next order, waiting for him to tell me what my punishment would be.

Days earlier, I had questioned his authority, challenged his masculinity.

"Clearly you aren't much of a man anymore. You haven't fucked me for weeks, possibly months. Maybe that's why I don't know my place anymore, because I don't have anyone to PUT me there. You have the nerve to say you own me and call me your slut when you don't do a damn thing to deserve it."

Then I slapped him.

He just sat there and looked at me, then said the time would come. I still don't know what he meant, but now I knew that I was going to find out.

"Lay over my knee."

I did just that.

He pulled down my panties and ran his heavy hand across my ass. "You know I love your ass. Your big brown beautiful ass..."

The tone in his voice scared me just a little, but affected me like an aphrodisiac. I felt a cool gel on his fingers as he started to work one into my ass. "Nice and tight."

Finally addressing me he asked very gently,"Who's ass is this?"


"And who am I?"


He pulled his fingers out of my hole then smacked my ass. "I thought you had forgotten." He hissed.

A quiver went down my spine. I knew I was in trouble. Without warning he started to spank me hard and rough. My face was flushed, I yelped like a little girl, I felt completely humiliated. He looked down at my face, and saw the tears swelling in my eyes, "Do you want Daddy to stop."

" No."

He needed no further argument and went back to mercilessly spanking my tender ass. "I'm going to show you something."

He took his iPad, put it within my view and pressed play. The video showed two girls in bright colored leggings kissing each other. It switched over to the next scene where two white guys with 10" cocks were getting sucked by the two. My nipples were starting to tweak in response, and I knew that my pussy was making a mess all over Daddy. If not because of the spanking then because of this. Now the guys had torn holes in the leggings,a perfect sized hole right over the girls assholes. Just big enough so that there cocks could fit in. He stopped spanking so that he could observe me watch the video with lust filled eyes. The men in the video positioned themselves at the girls assholes, then tried to make their way in, but were met with resistance. I hadn't even noticed that my Daddy had taken out is cock, leaking with precum. He yanked my head back by my hair, then forced his cock down my throat. I started sucking instinctively, all the while never taking my eyes off the scene in front of me. The guys couldn't make their way in slowly,so they forced their way in with one push. I could've sworn it was my asshole they had broken into to, I started to wonder what it would be like to be those women with big white cock up their ass. I tried to erase the thoughts from my mind and focus on my sucking, but deep down I couldn't. I couldn't take my mind off their cocks, how big they were how good they must of felt. I was sucking his dick like a mad woman, on the verge of cumming myself.

But Daddy stopped me.

He grabbed me by the hair and pulled my hungry mouth off his cock. "You slut."

He practically through me to the head of the bed, and pulled me on top of him. "You'd fuck them wouldn't you."

"Yes Daddy," I admitted in shame, "but I'm not a slut."

His strong hands picked me up by my hips then impaled me on his hard cock. "you watched that video like a bitch in heat."

I started to ride him forcefully, my pussy was dripping wet so I could slide up and down on his cock with ease. "Oh Daddy..."

"You like this dick don't you."

"Yes Daddy I love it!"

"Tell Daddy why you love this dick."

"Its so hard! So warm and it fills my pussy!"

He pulled me down hard onto his chest, gripping my ass with his firm hand, taking my chocolate nipples into his mouth suckling on them like a baby. "Oh Daddy...yes Daddy!"

That's when he took over the fucking slamming his dick into me like there was no tomorrow. "What is this." He demanded.

"Your pussy!"

"Who's pussy?"

"Daddy's pussy!"

"This tight little pussy is mine whenever I fucking want it."

"Whenever you want it!" I repeated.

"What do you love?"

"Dick! I love dick. Especially yours....I love your dick!"

In a shift move he rolled us both over putting me on the bottom. "Face down ass up."

I did as told, I needed to cum so badly and he knew it. But he was gonna make me wait, he put the head of his cock in my pussy and waited there.

"Please!" I begged.

"Please what."

"Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me please I need it I need to cum!"

"Alright. Ill let you cum."

I felt him get off the bed, "Daddy plea-"

"Shut up! And be patient slut."

I waited for ten minutes before I felt him get back onto the bed. "I shouldn't let you cum at all whore."

"I'm not a whore!"

He grabbed me by the hair and yanked it back. "You are whatever I say you are."

"Yes Daddy."

"Now say it slut."

"I am whatever Daddy says I am."

"And what are you."

"Your slut."

"Don't you fucking forget that." He let go of my hair then moved his hands to my chest.

I felt something cold braze my nipple, "what is that-" I screamed as they clamped down. "These are your new nipple clamps. If I pull this little string.."

He did so and the clamps got tighter. "That happens."

Then he put something cold around my neck. "This is so you don't forget who you belong to. You will keep this collar on at all times unless I tell you you can take it off understand?"

I felt humiliated, even more so frustrated. This was my punishment. Humiliation and torture. Daddy wasn't going to let me cum because I couldn't keep my mouth shut. Because I had forgotten my place. I started to cry.

"You want to cum don't you?"

"Yess..." I sobbed.

"Then hold your fucking cheeks open."

There was hope yet! My body was aching for release so I did what I was told and held them wide open. "If you move your hands I'll throw your ass out without touching you understand."

"Yes yes I understand!"

"Good." He grabbed me by my hair once more then slammed all 8 glorious inches of himself into my ass all at once. The pain was so intense I could bring myself to scream. Daddy didn't wait for my ass to adjust, he just started fucking me relentlessly.

"It hurts.."

"Take it...take Daddy's dick up your ass."

Soon the pain subsided and I was overtaken by pleasure, screaming for Daddy to fuck me harder. "Yes Daddy yes! Fuck my ass fuck me hard!"

"Who's ass is this!"

"Yours all yours!"

"Who am I"

"My Daddy!"

"Who do you belong to."

"I belong to you Daddy! My ass, my pussy, my whole body belongs to you!"

"Your a slut aren't you."

"Yes! Yes! I'm a slut! I'm Daddy's cockslut! And I love it!"

"Cum on Daddy's cock."

I came hard. My orgasm took hold of me and rippled throughout my body. I could feel my ass clench around his cock and my pussy spasm as I came all over myself. I couldn't feel my body anymore, only Daddy's cock slamming in and out of my abused asshole. I didn't care anymore. I didn't care that I was a slut, I didn't care that I needed Daddy to tame me and put me in my place. All that mattered now is that my body belonged to Daddy and that as long as I remembered that he would satisfy my every need. That's why I loved Daddy. Because he had trained me to take his dick and fucked me into submission with it every time.

"Cum in me Daddy...please...fill my ass with your cum."

On those words he came, filling my bowels up with his precious cum. But I knew he wasn't done. He pulled out, and gestured for me to get on my knees in front of him and with all the energy I had left I did.

I submitted to Daddy yet again as I bowed before his cock taking it into my mouth. As I milked his dick with my mouth he gently played with my nipples and I soon came again. He shot two more loads of cum down my throat before pulling out his now limp cock.

I looked at it, then kissed it, then looked up for approval.

He bent over and kissed my forehead, laid back on his bed and pulled me along side him.

Daddy and I laid down for rest.

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