tagIncest/TabooPusher Ch. 05

Pusher Ch. 05


I followed mom back to her office, and when I got there, she was already leaning back in her plush leather office chair with her heels up on her desk. Her smooth legs were crossed.

Behind her, large plate glass windows looked out over the city. Behind me, the wall was entirely glass as well, looking onto the hall and other glass offices. As I closed the door behind me, mom pushed a button near her phone and the glass went smoky, making it impossible to see the rest of the office.

"I wanted to remind you that your sister and Bree are getting in tomorrow and are staying through the weekend. So there might not be much privacy around the house for the next few days." Hm. I had forgotten. Jenny was my older sister, now 24, and she was built mostly like mom. She was a little taller and her figure wasn't as plush, but her hair, rather than auburn, was a dark red and she had dad's green eyes. It was quite a combo. Bree was her friend, small and blonde, but with a bitch-streak a mile wide. I had always wanted her, but few people on the planet made me more tempted to violence and mayhem. She was arrogant, sarcastic, and incessantly derogatory. Mom took a tube of red lipstick from her desk drawer and reapplied, making sure her lips were a bright red.

She looked at me. "I though maybe my baby wanted some more of mommy's mouth before he goes to class this afternoon?" She smacked her bright red lips together. Her hazel eyes were steady on mine. "I know you like mommy's mouth..."

I was sure I still had lipstick from Hope's wonderful lips on my cock.

"Mommy, maybe I can have something else?" I moved forward and she took her legs off the desk. I knelt down at her feet. I ran my hand up the inside of her stockinged thigh until I came to her quim, naked and warm. No panties.

She raised an eyebrow. "Are you sure you don't want to pump your come down mommy's throat instead? I know how you enjoy that." Her cheeks were a little rosy and my fingers were beginning to stroke over her outer labia. Her auburn hair was still in its tight bun.

I want him to do whatever he wants. I'm his to play with. If he wants to pleasure me, he can. Easy now. Her shadow was more like a sponge.

She spread her legs for me, scooting forward until she was on the edge of her chair. Her pussy was mostly shaved with only a light exclamation point of hair. I ran my fingers over her soft pussy lips, hearing her sigh. I spread her thighs further, and went to work with my tongue, lapping at her outer lips as my fingers slips into her moistening cunt. I curled my fingers up and inside to rub her g-spot as my tongue started long laps across her clit.

This is the best I've ever had I pushed. She moaned loudly, almost embarrassingly so. Billy is the best lover I've ever had

"Oh my god, Billy, yes! Oh god! Lick mommy's pussy! Oh god! Good boy! Oh god!" She was almost writhing now, her hands gripping and teasing her tits through her shirt as she lifted her hips against my tongue. "Oh my little boy, yes! Mommy's going to fuck you so good for this! Make her little boy feel so good! Oh god..."

I kept licking in long strokes as my fingers fucked her. She had her shirt open now, and her hands were inside her shirt, feverishly moving over her heavy breasts. She was moaning very loudly now,

Suddenly she came, bucking, crying out in pure ecstasy. She was thrashing, her hands on her large breasts, her mouth open. "Oh god, oh god, oh god..." she was panting the words.

As she came down from her high, she was slumped, disheveled and limp, with one large succulent breast hanging out of her bra. She sat up slowly, looking at me with a smile on her face.

"Thank you, baby! Gods you are good. Mommy owes you a good one... but for now I guess I'll just buy you lunch!"

Once she got herself back together, we headed out. I gave Hope a quick wink as I passed her desk.

- - - - -

That afternoon, I was finally back at college. It seemed like a week since I had been there this morning, for philosophy, but I thought I could use the rest. I had just gotten through pre-calc and sociology and was now headed into political science. I had been thinking about this class for the past few hours. Mrs. Angela Darling. At the beginning of the semester she had been Angela Delgado, but had gotten married about the third week in. She was unequivocally beautiful: Large, dark eyes and fairly full lips in a shapely, high-cheek boned face. She had long legs and an impeccable sense of grace. Her breasts were large, not like mom's or like Kim's enormous globes, but were delightfully high and had always seemed very firm from the third row. There were few days when the bumps of her nipples didn't show clearly through whatever sheer top she wore. She wore her almost waist-length dark hair in a pony-tail or braid, and I'd only ever seen in down once. Mrs. Darling always dressed to impress, looking as much like a model as a teacher. I would guess she was in her late 30's and her husband was in his late 40's or 50's. I immediately said "sugar daddy" to myself when he came in after class just after they got married. She had been a star in my fantasies for a few months now, and today I was going to see how real I could make it.

I sat myself down in the third row where I always did. She strutted in a few minutes late, and started setting up her stuff. Her beautiful dark hair was back in a pony tail, but otherwise hanging free. She was wearing a light blue blouse with the first few buttons fashionably undone, a shortish black skirt that seemed painted to her long thighs, stockings and some reasonable pumps. She didn't have much makeup on, although her eyes were heavily eyelined and mascaraed. I had once managed to glimpse a hint of garter underneath her skirt as she sat down during a quiz.

Settling down to my attempt, I realized that there were dozens of shadows all around me. I could see each one and could feel out the various properties of each. I noticed one that was incredibly shallow, even more so than Amanda's, and I noted it to try out later. I sifted through until I found the one I could tell belonged to Mrs. Darling. She was walking about the front of the class now, and her long legs were driving me crazy already. I settled in, my eyes focused on her, and began my work.

I need something I need to feel in control These both went really well. I need to feel in control sexually Little tighter. I want to seduce someone Tighter still. I felt the first blossom of headache already. Her shadow was pretty wide open and deep, so it felt like even the smallest suggestions were harder for some reason. I want to seduce a studenT The push disappeared for a moment then came reeling back at me like a freight train. I visibly recoiled, like I'd been punched, which garnered some strange looks from students around me. My head felt like I'd just done a swan dive onto concrete.

Down below, Mrs. Darling stopped for a moment, as if she'd lost her concentration, before beginning again. I had no idea what she was teaching and the ringing in my hears meant I couldn't hear her anyway. She obviously had some huge blocks up against contact with students. This might be tough.

Most of my students are over 18 A male over 18 is a man Its not immoral to seduce a man That one was a crunch, especially for my already wounded brain. Its not immoral to seduce a man who wants to be seduced Easier. I want to seduce a man who wants to be seduced I need to seduce someone My head pounded in complaint. That one was too far a leap, I guess. It went in though. If a student consented, that would make it better I was ready, luckily, when the push came back at me. Rather than let it crash into me, I "caught" it and pushed it back. Again it crashed, less painfully this time and again I caught it and pushed it back. Finally it slid in.

I'd guess I'd been keeping it up for 30 or 40 minutes. I was watching her intently, watching her long pony tail sway around her back as she moved, and noting her hard nipples, high and proud, through her blue blouse. I felt my cock stir in my pants as imagined her dark eyes looking up at me.

I want to seduce a consenting studenT Again the teeter-totter of crash and catch. I could barely see now, through my pounding brain. It was brutal. I was ready to give up, but I felt like I'd already gotten so far. She was primed. I need a consenting student. I'd have to ask before I touched him. I bet the one in the third row in the middle would consenT I should seduce him This one didn't crash, but it wasn't easy, either. Like pushing a car in neutral. I need to seduce him I need to feel the power I can feel from seducing him Finally. It felt like I had suddenly taken off a backpack full of books. Everything was so much lighter now that she had accepted the first pushes.

I noticed a drop of bright red on the words I'd written down. I realized I was bleeding. My nose had a thin trickle of blood leaking from it, and a single drop had hit my paper. My headache was blazing, and I could barely see through the pain. What was I doing to my brain with all this? I put my finger to my nose to try and wipe the blood away and it came away wet.

I stumbled up from my seat, mumbling and excuse, and pushed through the door, trying to find my way down the hallway to the bathroom. Everything was spinning, and I was having trouble walking in straight lines. I leaned heavily against the wall, every inch of me feeling like it was spinning and being beaten all at once. I could feel thousands of caves from all around me spinning, opening, almost pulling thoughts from me...

I tried to shut it off, only having partial success, as I crashed into the bathroom door. I ran water, splashing my face and watching it come away pink. I pinched my nose and sat down heavily on the floor, leaning against a wall, as the whispers echoed to a stop and the pain began to recede. Soon even the walls stopped spinning and I felt human again. I must have taken fifteen minutes, staring straight ahead, as the world returned to normal. Finally, I got up, washed my face one more time and headed back to class.

When I got there, I realized that class was over. There were only two other students still in the classroom, both waiting to talk to Mrs. Darling as she packed up her case. I gathered my stuff, including my blood-dotted page of paper, back into my rucksack and sat down for a moment, gathering again. I was going to wait till the others left. If I was getting a brain tumor or something, I was at least going to find out if it had all worked.

I realized that the girl talking to Mrs. Darling right now was the shallow cave I had noticed before. She was a short Asian-American girl who was smacking a wad of gum while asking a question that I was having difficulty understanding. Mrs. Darling was too, and she was obviously getting a little annoyed. The girl was fairly busty for her size, since she was about 5 feet tall, but had at least a C-cup. There was some chance her daddy had bought her her chest, since I guessed the rest of her clothes were pretty swanky. She had a Delta Delta keychain, which seemed to explain a lot.

Finally she left, leaving it just as me and Mrs. Darling. Mrs. Darling was obviously ready to go and looked at me with her wide, dark eyes.

"I'm really glad you came back... I needed to talk with you about something. Can you ask while we walk?" she asked. Her eyes sparkled.

"Sure," I replied. How to check to see if it had worked other than just go for it?

"I have to leave and meet my husband, so I'm heading to the parking lot... can you follow me? Did you have a question about class?" The material of her sky blue satin blouse was moving delightfully against her tits. I tried not to stare. I saw her notice my stare and gain the tiniest hint of smile. We headed out into the hall and out towards the Erickson building parking lot. There were only a few people in the hallway.

"Well, my question is..." I wasn't sure how to play this suddenly.

"Hold on, I want to grab my coat from my office." She turned a quick right and pulled out a set of keys, unlocking a door and popping inside. I quickly followed her. It was a small, dark office, decorated in mahogany, but I was looking more at the perfect line up the back of her stockings than the wide desk or abundance of books. She snagged her coat off a rack at the back of the office.

"OK! I'm ready to go," she said, smiling. Her eyes focused on me and she bit her bottom lip. "Hey, since its raining... do you need a ride somewhere?" Her breathing was a little heavy. She ran one hand down her long black ponytail.

I nodded vigorously, and we headed outside. It was pouring rain, and as we burst out the doors and headed for her posh two seater audi, I wondered at first why we had bothered to grab her coat since she didn't put it on or even put it over her head. She unlocked the door as we ran through the rain and we both jumped in. I glanced at her and realized why she hadn't put the coat on. Her shirt was drenched, wet, clinging to her round breasts and her hard, rain-cold nipples showed clearly as dark circles against the wet blue material. I wondered why I could see her nipples so clearly through her bra before I realized her bra was a demi cup, the black line just underneath her jutting nipples. Wow.

As the car roared to life, she looked over at me.

"You must be so cold!" she said, maternally, turning the heat on in the car. I noticed her hand dodge to her chest for just a moment and pop open a button on her wet shirt before her hand rested on my knee, rubbing vigorously. "Lets get you warmed up!" The heat was only on a little, but her hand continued to rub my knee.

"Is it OK if I touch you?" she asked, glancing at me with those dark eyes, a smile on her lips. "I am a teacher and all."

"Yes, Mrs. Darling. Its OK with me," I said. Her hand was slowing, so now it was just a slow rub. Her fingers were under the cloth of my shorts and her rubs were moving further, going inward onto my inner thigh.

"Good. I just want to make sure you're ok. I wouldn't want one of my students catching something while I gave him a ride home. You know?" Then she laughed and took her hand off my thigh and undid another two buttons on her blouse, pulling it apart slightly where it lay wet. The tops of her olive breasts were visible now, with the deep, plunging cleavage between. Her nipples were just barely out of view. "That wet material is so uncomfortable," she said, noticing my gaze. Her hand returned to my thigh, unabashedly scooting up the leg of my shorts so that her hand was high up on my leg. She turned onto the highway.

As she got settled in to the drive, her hand continued to stroke my thigh, making occasional long strokes that just barely touched my balls. My cock was hard and bulging obviously in my shorts. Her hand came out of my shorts and moved over the top, coming to a rest with her long fingers resting on my hardness. Her fingers moved only slightly, caressing me through the material in almost imperceptible strokes. I closed my eyes as her hand moved fully over me, moving up and down my hardness.

"My my your clothes are wet," she whispered. "Mine are very uncomfortable." She stopped rubbing me and I opened my eyes. Her hand was pulling up her black skirt, her other hand on the wheel. When she had it high enough that I could see her black panties, her free hand slipped under her waistband. She lifted one knee up against the side of the car door to better show off the movement of her hand diving for her own sex. I could clearly see her fingers working her pussy and clit as I watched. Her face was flushed with lust and she was letting out little moans from deep in her throat.

She turned to look at me. "Do you like what you can see?" she asked, breathily. Her knee steadying the steering wheel, her other hand finished undoing the buttons on her wet blue blouse, pulling it open so that her demi-cupped nipples could taste the cold air. Her other hand continued working her pussy lips. "Does it make you feel good to watch me?" She arched her back slightly as her fingers slid into her cunt. Her other hand took the wheel again. Her breasts were beautiful and firm, nipples jutting out and upwards. The rain was pounding the car, and we couldn't see much outside at all.

"I have to pull over for a moment, baby, are you ok with that?" I nodded.

She put both hands on the wheel, leaving her firm breasts and black panties exposed and signaled, looking over her shoulder as she changed lanes. Then, taking an exit off the highway, she soon pulled over to the side of the road and stopped, leaving the purring engine running. The rain made a perfect curtain, erasing the rest of the world in a grey, thundering cloud.

Mrs. Darling turned almost to face me, her breasts presented like treats and her thighs open wide in the small car. One hand slid down under the waistband of her lace panties again, as the other began to squeeze and massage her left breast, fingers pulling on her large, hard nipples as she stared into me.

"Do you like me?" she whispered as her head went back and she closed her eyes. Her fingers worked into her cunt, stroking herself on the inside as her other hand cupped her breast, the firm globe barely moving as she played with it. She moaned as her fingers began moving in and out of her pussy in a rhythmic stroke. She looked at me again. "Do I make you hard?" Her hips were bucking slightly now as she moved her fingers in and out of her cunt. Her breasts were glistening with the tiniest amount of rain water. "I want to see it," she said, never taking her dark eyes off me, looking at me through thick lashes. "Take it out and stroke it for me, if you like what you see."

I nodded, my hands opening my shorts and freeing my straining cock. She bit her full bottom lip and moaned as it sprang into view. I jerked myself while I watched her perform for me.

"Do you like my body?" she asked, momentarily sliding her hand from her crotch to run her hands up and down her body, over her large breasts, squeezing them together.

"Yes, Mrs. Darling," my fist moved up and down as I looked.

"Do you want me?" she asked, both hands going to her cunt, her fingers moving over her swollen labia and button clit, her arms pushing her tits up and together as she massaged her cunt.

"Oh, yes, Mrs. Darling," I said emphatically. My mouth was dry and my hand continued up and down my pole.

She moaned as her fingers worked their magic inside her pussy.

"Do you want Mrs. Darling to make you come?" she asked, licking her full lips.

"Yes, please, Mrs. Darling," I replied, nodding. Her left hand went back to her tits, twisting one nipple of her firm, round breasts then the other.

"Do you want to come watching me? Do you want to make yourself come watching my beautiful body? Or can I help you at all?" she breathed. "Do you want your teacher to touch you?"

"I'd like it if you touched me, Mrs. Darling," I whispered, almost inaudibly. I was close to cumming anyway, watching her full lips move as she spoke, and watching her play her tight body like an instrument.

"I was hoping you'd say that," she said. She scooted back and leaned over the partition between the seats, reaching for my cock. I took my hand off and felt her warm fingers, still wet from her cunt, wrap around me. Her hand slowly moved up and down my cock as her other hand played with her breast for me. "Do you want to come for me?" she breathed.

"Yes, Mrs, Darling." I leaned my head back as she stroked me, her hand warm and soft.

"Good. Are you thinking about my mouth? About my lips on your cock?" She licked her lips and her index finger slid in and out of her mouth as if she were sucking it off. I nodded. "Are you thinking about my gorgeous tits?" she asked, her hand sliding down to cup her large breast again, catching her protruding brown nipple between her fingers. "Are you thinking about your stiff dick between them? Maybe covering them in your jism?" I nodded again. "Or maybe...," her hand slid down under her panties to start massaging her cunt again. "Maybe you are imagining your cock inside me, inside your teacher, pumping in and out...?" Her hand stroked my cock faster with each question, her fingers working magic on my shaft. Now she was fisting me furiously and I felt my orgasm begin. "Oh yes... Good. Good. Come for me!" she said, her voice low and breathy. My head went back and my eyes closed tight as my balls contracted, spurting my come onto her warm hand. She continued to move her hand slowly up and down my come-covered shaft, the pearly cream dripping over her hand. Her eyes were locked on my dick and her face was flushed with heat. Mrs. Darling's delicious, full lips were open slightly, almost panting. She milked each last drop out of me before slowly unwrapping her fist from my cock.

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