"You little fucking fuck-monkeys I'm gonna fuck you so hard you'll think its fucking christmas you little horny fucking stud-midgets-" rambled Sarah in rampant sexual rapture. She wanted to be fucked so badly by every pygmy cock in the village, as if she needed to consume the defensless little black folk with her aching vagina, she felt ravenous, predatory, slutty with extreme prejudice, she wanted their cum, was desperate for it. "It's a white fucking christmas for you hot little fucking human dildo's, you're all mine you hear me? I'm never letting you get away from this hungry white pussy..." she babbled on, immediately getting hold of her trousers once they had freed her hands- undoing them she pulled them down, revealing long shapely white legs. She kicked off her walking-sandals once her anckles were free and kicked off her trousers and knickers. She sat now on the wooden rack naked except for her sweat drenched kahki tee-shirt.

Several pygmies had got up and apprached as she did this, and now they crowded around her eagerly, and began touching her skin, cooing and oohing and ahhing at the lightly freckled milkiness that seemed to glow from within. She shivered in pleasure at their fascination and her skin goosebumped, becoming ultrasensitive to their caresses. She leaned back with her hands out behind her, and tipped her head back and closed her eyes, her breasts flattening out and bulged out sideways beneath the teeshirt. Her nipples hardened like little pink nuts as she was fondled by the pygmies, and her flat white belly, exposed to the sky for mere seconds before also becoming quickly covered by the groping jet-black hands of the pygmies. They even began to run their fingers through her long silky blonde hair with round-eyed reverance.

She spread her legs, and pygmy hands immediately probed and fondled and stroked her alabaster white thies, blond pubes,and pastel pink-lipped pussy mound. The many black little hands groped and fingered eagerly over everything, becoming slick with her still trickling pussy juices as they squelched between her open snow-white thies.

The shaman had approached in front of her open legs while she enjoyed this attention, and he'd watched her pussy being fondled as his cock started to rise up until it stuck out and made the shamans mask seem to have a large thick black cigar in its mouth.
"Turn the Moon Elf, that I may now sodomize her!" he commanded.

Gently but firmly, the group of pygmies tugged at her, but Sarah had understood what they wanted and turned herself.

She knelt on all fours, spreading her legs and arched her back downwards, sticking her ass in the air and pointing it towards the big scary mask of the pygmy shaman, and his big black cigar-like cock. The wide, beutiful twin sheres of her pearly white cheeks- divided by the dark pink skin of her anal cleft, and the wide pink teardrop of her bum-hole above her still wet vagina seemed to glow with inner light at the shaman. He began to wonder if he was properly qualified to handle the sexual protocols required to deal with this strange white nature spirit in the correct and respectful fashion.

He held his cock and approached her cautiously "Yeah... yeah... yeah you lil' fucking fuck-savage come an fuck my tight lilly white ass, yeah..." growled Sarah, thrusting her milky wide open ripe buttocks at him (already the other pygmies kept poking their fingers in her bum-hole and cunt, fondling and then licking their fingers and thumbs). She kept moving her body fluidly from side to side, pushing herself backwards and her ass upwards to split her asscheeks wider, moving it around, chasing the black fingers and their intrusions as the shaman finally put his cock-head carefully against her pink sphincter.

The other pygmies withdrew their greedy hands, as the shaman left his deep black- painfully rock hard cock-head against her soft sensitive pink sphincter, admiring with wide eyes the smooth, creamy white hemispheres of her cheeks at either side of his hard, thick black cock, and then he pushed. The little shaman's cock penetrated slowly, deep into her ass. It was long enough to be watched in fasination by the other wide eyed pygmies for several seconds as it sank deeper and deeper into Sarah's grateful bum-hole. It was wide enough to widen her asshole painfully, stretching it almost to breaking point around the shaft.

Sarah screamed in extacy, pushing her ass into the shaman. She wanted him to impale her with his cock, she wanted it to hurt, wanted him to draw blood, wanted to swallow the tiny African with her bum, make his world be her hot, hungry, wide-open white ass and milk him for all the cum he could bring, she wanted the whole fucking village to fuck her white ass hard, feed her suddn need to be butt-fucked doggy-style by wild African pygmies.

"Fuck me fuck me fuck me-" she repeated as he started to move his huge cock in and out.

The other pygmies were touching her asscheeks again, she also felt the cool wet sensations of their tongues licking her skin, on her ass, across her back, her arms and legs. Two of them came round to the front and started licking her face, sucking her lips and nose in what seemed like an outrageously unrestrained version of a french-kiss. All the pygmies wanted to taste her soft white skin now as she and their shaman jerked backwards and forwards in the steady rythm of hard anal sex.

The drums beat heavily on.

The shaman, with his huge mask, would have looked like some kind of giant faced monster sticking its tongue in Sarah's ass and trying to suck her insides out, had the other pygmies gathered around and struggling to touch their 'Moon Elf' not been in the way.

The shamans eyes began to roll, he had been looking down at the long sinuously curved spinal trough and shoulder-blades of the 'White Djinns' back, admiring the way it swelled into the two pale-white bum-cheeks that felt so soft and warm pressed against his desperately thrusting groin, and cock-sack. The woman was larger then him- and so alienly beutifull (and yet unmistakebly human) that he almost wanted to suck his thumb (he didn't know why). Her ass was clenched so tightly around his cock, and her interior so hot and full of energy, he almost couldn't keep himself from cumming within those first few seconds. Her creamy white body moved languidly into him, smoothly rythmic. He flung his arms around her supple waist and hugged (pressing his mask painfully into her flesh) and kept his charcoal black cock (ramrod straight and iron hard) impaled tightly between her soft white bum-cheeks, stretching her silky pink bum-hole to breaking-point. He started nipping at her back with his pointy teeth.

"Don't stop don't stop.... aaAAararraghhh don't you stop fucking my white ass don't stop! hurt it- hurt my ass... bite it... fuck my ass... fuck my white- ahh... aahhhh..." She continued to slut-babble while some of the pygmies furiously rubbed her clit and vaginal slit. Her juices flowed copiously again, lubricating every anal thrust and providing for the sudden mad thirst for European virginal fluid that seemed to have obsessed some of the little black tribesmen.

The shaman came, making a strange shrill sound, the other pygmies backed away. The shaman pulled his long cock from her unsatisfied bum, leaving her bum-hole gaping wide and round, a pink-rimmed black hole in the middle of her soft pale double-sphered white ass, her cheeks slick with spilled cum. The shaman staggered away, and was immediately replaced by the Master of the Lodge, who had already been furiously masterbating in anticipation. Her gaping bum-hole was immediately filled by the Masters slightly bigger cock. Sarah made a purring sound and again- split her ass wide and again thrust behind her, tilting and pushing it back up the length of the donkey-hung dwarfs thick black cock.

"She is Mercifull!... the White Djinn is merciful! thank the Nature!" declared the shaman drunkenly as he staggered off, he had just had the fuck of his life (his mind quite blown- he would later announce his permanent retirement from all shamaning except for consultancy work).

They continued to serially ass-fuck and pussy-fuck Sarah for several hours, some of them coming round to present their large hard black cocks to her face, where she would suck, swallow and lick them with wild abandon, enjoying the streams of cum that would explode from their ends and drip down her white, lightly freckled grey-eyed face. Her thin, exquisite pale pink caucasian lips closed tightly around each new black cock, sometimes causing the pygmy in question to cum in seconds.

Eventually, whatever the red dusty herb they had given her at first was, it began to wear off, allowing her to mellow, and engage at a gentler pace.

She loved her little pygmies, she wanted them to be able to fuck her forever, they needed her- she was their sacred white sex-queen. She lay on her back on the hard dirt-packed ground, a slack but serene expression on her face, her eyes were closed and her lips slightly parted. Her legs were spread wide open, exposing her vagina to the pygmies, and her arms stretched across the ground above her head, exposing her armpits to the eager pygmies whose tongues loved the taste of her sweat.

She felt each new pygmy that mounted her as a hard veiny black phallus slipping into her vagina, where she would grip it tightly but carefully with her cunt-muscles. Lovingly she'd massage each hard ebon cock in her crotch for minutes, untill eventually the cock would shoot its load, filling her cavity with thick hot cum. Then the cock would be withdrawn and another would rapidly take its place, she would sigh in pleasure, her eyes fluttering briefly open, and begin the process again.

Pygmy after pygmy came in this manner. She started to hold their little round heads (her fingers enjoying the spongy feel of their nappie black hair) and watch their small black faces gaze reverently into her big grey red-flecked eyes as they steadily fucked her.

She let the pygmies do things to her, some would simply start licking her vagina, or her tits, and some nipped her painfully with their sharp little teeth, licking the flecks of blood they drew (Djinn blood) and drawing more small noises of pleasure from her. After a while some of the pygmies turned her on her side so that they could suck her ass-crack (nursing the rim of her enlarged bum-hole with their tongues) and then they took it in turns to press their black faces against one soft round white ass-cheek and thie and just jerk off, spilling their loads on her legs.

As the sky began to pale towards blue with the approach of morning, the drumming long since ceased as every single pygmy present eventually got to get a taste of the pale skinned 'Moon Elf', she finally passed out, her body completely stripped now, eerily white and very naked and quite wet in the rain-forest predawn light.


She woke many hours later, to find herself alone and naked, covered in pygmy-nips and back in the clearing of her own camp. The pygmies were gone.

She got some alcahol from the medi-pack, and proceeded to wash the pygmy-nips, and then her vagina and bumhole with her fingers and medical-swabs as a clumsy precaution against infections or conception. Although they were all quite small she certainly didn't want any of her injuries to become infected out here in the bush. She wasn't sure at which point the wash became mastubation, filled with images of coarse little black hands grasping and groping eagerly at her soft white flesh.

She changed into new clothes and a pair of back-up walking sandals from her pack, (the pygmies must have made Moon Elf souvaniers of her previous clothes and foot-wear) and then wondered around for a couple of hours trying to find a hint of a trail back to the Ki'Yguru village she'd been taken to. She could find no trace of a trail but luckily, she ran into her guides, who had recovered and began searching for her a few hours before.

She said nothing of her experiences to the guides, just told them she had done what she came to do, and asked them to take her back to the nearest town. She hadn't had her camera or notebook during her encounter with the Ki'Yguru, and would certainly not have used any of the material in her academic work anyway. In a serene daze she went back to Canada, completed her thesis, and eventually landed a job as a correspondant with the National Geographic,

She returned to the area twice, but never again met the Ki'Yguru.

The End.


Most of the ethnicities and cultures in the above document are drawn from actual fact, (except Canada) that is- facts that are actually completely untrue, made up bullshit. Although pygmies do exist in some parts of Central Africa, they have shown no particular interest thus far in white women, this story however is based on a fantasy a certain white woman had about pygmies, and is dedicated to her.

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