tagErotic PoetryQuiescent Martha!

Quiescent Martha!

byUncle Pervey©

My quiescent Martha is a pretty girl,
With a lithesome body with carriage.
She and I made love every chance that we could,
When she was still my niece by marriage!

When Martha first married my young nephew Joe,
She soon found out she'd made a mistake.
Young Joe's immaturity treated her bad,
But she tried to stay for the kid's sake.

I'll never forget the first time we made love,
For some unknown reason I'd stopped by.
My nephew in anger had beaten her bad,
So I held and soothed her while she cried.

It was early in the morning when I stopped,
And Martha still had on her bed clothes.
I moved to the couch and sat her on my lap,
And the heat of our two bodies rose!

Martha's hot bottom was pressing on my lap,
It felt soft with a heat so "Divine!"
I kissed her and let my hand move to her breast,
And before long I made Martha mine!

I carry her upstairs for a good hot bath,
And told her I thought Joe was insane!
I ran her bath water and helped her inside,
And I washed away all Martha's pain!

I bathed Martha slow, and I gave her pleasure,
When I used just my hand in her bush.
When Martha came I had her move to all fours,
And got pleasure from washing her tush!

I rinsed Martha off good, and helped her get out,
And had her standing still while I dried.
She glowed like a Rose, and her nipples got hard,
And when I sucked them, Martha just sighed.

I dried Martha's front and then dried off her back,
Then nuzzled, and licked her pussy too.
I turned her and slid my tongue inside her crack,
And licked her there, before I was through!

Martha was naked, and I got undressed too,
And we both went into her bedroom.
I began licking her body all over,
And my tongue was probing for her womb!

Martha cried out in joy, while I sucked her clit,
And she came with her love juice flowing!
I sucked every drop up, and swallowed it all,
My need to love Martha was growing!

I slid up and on Martha's warm wet belly,
And I gasped as my hard cock slid in.
Martha's tight hot pussy felt like burning fire,
And I shoved inside deep, to begin!

Martha had wrapped her long legs around my back,
And pulled me deep inside, all the way.
Her burning pussy made my cock start spurting,
And I filled her inside with my spray!

We both had our climaxes at the same time,
But I wasn't done with Martha yet!
I turned her onto her belly, and began,
To get all her asshole I could get!

Martha's sweet ass was a succulent delight,
And I licked and sucked on her sweet meat!
I spread her crack, and I tongued it all the way,
Then I pushed my face inside to eat!

Martha had the sweetest, and tightest asshole,
That I'd ever eaten out before!
I pushed my tongue til it slid past her spincter,
And I chowed down on Martha's back door!

I sucked Maartha's tender young asshole until,
It was puffy, and colored dark red.
I moved to her back, and slid my hard cock in,
And my cock found her asshole, and bred!

Martha's scrumptious asshole was tight, and red hot,
And I fucked her sweet ass with delight!
Before I was ready, my cock exploded,
And my pleasure reached a BRAND NEW height!

Martha and I made love, for most of the day,
And our love-making, was ecstasy!
Before I'd left, I'd made a promise to her,
That I'd make love to her any night!

That's just what we did til she got her divorce,
Whenever my nephew was away.
I'd visit sweet Martha, and love her all night,
And I'd love to love Martha, today!!

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