tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersQuiet Servitude Pt. 06

Quiet Servitude Pt. 06


Author’s Notes

Before reading this story please be aware that that some people would label this work as obscene and pornographic in nature. It contains several themes including transgendered, homosexual and lesbian issues in addition to graphic sexual descriptions.

To make the action flow more freely and the stories light-hearted, I have taken a socially naïve approach and have not included the usual protections that intelligent people would choose such as condoms, birth control and out safeguards against sexually transmitted diseases. Such risky behavior as those exhibited by the characters of this story should not be followed.

If any of these topics make you uncomfortable please look elsewhere.

If this sounds like a story you might find interesting, enjoy.

With the exception of the main character Stacy, after whom I modeled a lot of my own psyche wanting to capture how I would feel in situations developed in the story, all other characters and circumstances are completely fictional. Any resemblance to actual people or places is completely coincidental.

Chapter 10 – Wednesday, June 11th – 9:32 p.m.

Christa stepped into kitchen and dropped her purse in the nook that acts as a catch-all when we walk into the house.

“Everyone make their flight ma’am?”

She stood there in the shadows smiling at me before stepping forward into the soft lights of the kitchen.

“Yes. Everything is running right on time in fact.”

“Glad to hear it. Mr. Williams and Ms. Jackson were nice.”

“Thank you for everything this week. With your help we were able to spend a lot of time catching up and I really needed that.” She said.

We stood face to face now studying each other for a minute before she found something else to say.

“Do I hear water running?”

“Yes ma’am. I thought you might like to take a hot bath.”

She smiled again. Her face told me she was tired but she still looked beautiful.

“Excellent. Thank you. Can you give me a hand?”

She turned towards the master bedroom and I obediently followed. By the time we got there she was already shrugging out of her blouse, passing it to me as she kicked off her sandals. I collected the items as she peeled them off. Skirt, bra and panties, they all came off quickly. The entire outfit weighed nothing in my arms as Christa turned towards the bathroom. She paused slightly when she opened the door and found the dark chamber lit by a half dozen candles spread strategically around the small space. Her back and beautiful ass was turned towards as she stepped inside so I couldn’t see the expression on her face. She continued on without missing a beat, leaving the door open as she stepped into tub, kicking the water hot water up a notch. I folded her clothes and put her sandals in the closet before switching off the bedroom lights and stepping out to the kitchen where I poured a glass of red wine.

I rapped lightly on the bathroom door, seeing Christa already reclined in the steamy water filled with a pile of bubbles. She didn’t answer but looked my way under half opened eyes. Her smile was all the encouragement I needed to step onto the tile and squat down next to the large tub. I held out the glass of wine and her smile grew even wider. From somewhere under the suds a hand emerged to take the cold glass. She took a drink and set it aside.

“Used a little too much bubble bath.” I admitted.

“Don’t worry about it. It’s perfect.” She whispered, her voice keeping with the subdued surroundings.

“Can I get you anything else?”

She started to shake her head when she changed her mind.

“Have a seat. I want to ask you a few questions.”

I dropped the toilet lid and sat down, my hands resting in my lap. For several minutes we sat in silence as she savored the bath. She wasn’t moving and I assumed she had dozed off until her hand wrapped around the neck of the glass and drew it up to her lips.

“Are you going to be here tomorrow Stacy?” she asked, returning the glass to side of the tub.

I was pondering the question, not having given it much thought, when she opened her beautiful eyes and watched me.

“I thought the plan was for me to stay on through the weekend.” I stated more than asked.

“And you would like to see it through.” She commented instead of asking.

Getting ready in the morning was a pain and the run in at the mall should have chased me away from Stacy quick now that the guests were gone, but a part of me was enjoying the part and my role. This was a double-edged sword and often a slippery slope between a transgendered person and their spouse or significant other. Push your hidden identify away and you deny yourself the opportunity to explore who you really were. Embrace the other side too enthusiastically and the deep seated fears that your spouse is harboring start to surface, namely that you’ll discover a new joy you didn’t know was possible and that you would suddenly want to make the change to the other side permanent, driving them away in the process. Most people never get the chance to really explore who they are inside or flat out deny the feelings regarding uncomfortable possibilities. This week opened my eyes to a multitude of situations and pleasures that I secretly knew I would enjoy but until they actually happened I wouldn’t know for sure. It was clear that I enjoyed being Stacy but being with my wife and satisfying her needs and wants was the ultimate pleasure. We had a great life together and that’s what I realized I really wanted after this week. I wanted to be her husband again but I needed to see this through. After returning to work and a hectic schedule I knew that Stacy might not get another chance like this.

“Yes ma’am. I’d like to finish off the week before returning to work.”

Silence ensued for a few minutes until she spoke again.

“I have to admit it’s nice to have Stacy around. I’m sure she’ll be around more in the future but I miss my husband.” She said, steeling me with another look, her eyes sparkling in the candlelight.

I nodded, unable to keep my eyes from turning to the floor.

“I suppose the house could use a good cleaning and the kitchen restocked before you go though.” She said, seeing the turmoil that must have been on my face. This was a constant struggle going on inside me for years that might never be settled. I was fortunate enough to have a wife that could accept and more importantly like Stacy for what she brought to our relationship and me.

My eyes met hers and we both smiled.

“I’m all set for tonight. Why don’t call it a night.”

“Thank you ma’am.” I said, somewhat bolstered by our talk.

I walked back to my room and cleaned up, feeling better as I stepped out of the shower and into a fresh pair of panties and my silk nightgown. Like other nights, the sandman was lurking around my room as soon as my head hit the pillow. Tonight however, he froze from his appointed duties when the loose board in the hallway squeaked unexpectedly. Curious, I got up from the bed and tiptoed to the door, cracking it far enough so I could see down the hallway. When I opened it though, Christa was standing just outside the door, staring at me.

“I knew you would hear that loose board.” She said, smiling conspiratorially. “May I come in?”

I opened the door to allow her access. In the moonlight flooding the room I could see she was completely naked, her skin glowing brightly. My response was based on instinct as I stepped forward and took her in arms. At first it seemed strange holding her having not done it in nearly a week but within seconds of her doing the same to me, all the familiar feelings came rushing back. My erection shot up as it had all week and I felt electrified when our lips found each other in the darkness. Our hands also began working over familiar territory, the silky fabric of my gown giving her touch a slick sensation. It wasn’t long, however, before she had stripped my body clean of clothing and she led me to the bed where we lay down trying to become one. I might have had fun playing Stacy but in those few, intense moments, Christa made me thank the stars that I was a man as she guided me inside her, my penis thrusting as deep as it could go. All the pent up frustration I had been feeling was suddenly gone in a flash as I burst forth, my face contorted at the release. We huddled together for a while, just laying there silently enjoying hearing each other breathe. When I started going again, determined to drive her to orgasm, she shook her head and rose from the bed.

“Not yet.” She whispered, her white teeth glowing in the dark. “Tomorrow Stacy. I’ll let you please me tomorrow.”

With that she turned and started for the door, my erection springing back to life at the implications.

“Yes ma’am.” I said watching her leave. “I will.”

I hope you enjoyed my story. It was a lot of fun to write and because there are so many possible endings and diverse interests amongst readers I will be exploring alternate endings in the future so please keep checking back for them if you are interested. Thanks again for your interest.


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