Rachel Ch. 02


This story features mf and mm and mfm activities. If you don't like the thought of this, please don't read it. It's also based in England, using UK English. Your feedback will be welcome!

Our First Meeting Continues

Janice and I lay together for a while, coming down to earth again, then I realised a perfect finish for this particular love making session. I slowly pulled my cock out of her wet cunt, then lay back on the bed. "Rachel, over here, there's a good girl. My cock seems to be very wet - please dry it for me with your tongue."

So I lay back with my arms behind my head and my legs now wide apart, as Rachel came over and knelt down, then bent forward, and licked my cock dry. It felt delightfully arousing to have her lick me, and so humiliating for her to lick the cum and his wife's juices off my still firm penis. As he licked me clean, I smiled across at Janice.

"God!" I said, "You are a good love maker, Janice, and it's so nice to have a maid to clear up afterwards." Actually, I found Rachel's tongue quite exciting, and felt my self growing again - but that was not for now.

"Now go and dry your wife too!" I ordered, "I'm sure most of my cum will be dribbling out of her by now, so just go and lick it all up, there's a treasure. I'll check you've dried her in just a minute or two, so make sure you do a good job."

Now it was Janice's turn to smile over to me, as she held her legs apart for her husband to lick my cum from her cunt. "Mmmmm...." she purred, "you're not a bad love maker, either. Can't wait for next time!" Rachel, meanwhile, was just tasting my cum and licking it all up, and feeling that hard plug still in his arse. I looked at my watch and it was only 9 o'clock. What would we do for the rest of the night?

Janice was soon to decide. "Oh Rachel, stop slobbering over me - you're supposed to be licking me dry, not dribbling over me. I think it's time you learnt your place, my girl. Now get off me and go and stand at the end of the bed!"

I watched as Rachel got up off his wife, and did as he was told. "Very sorry, mistress." he almost whispered. "I was trying to lick you dry as I was told." He looked so pathetic, sanding there in his pale pink cardigan, naked from the waist down with his little winkle just hanging like a little stub.

"Well you weren't doing a very good job," responded Janice, slipping a finger between her legs and feeling herself. "Look, I'm still all sticky. Now bend over the bed and wait while I get a tissue to dry myself. Maude, you can stay there and just watch him."

So I moved up into a sitting position and straightened my cardy, watching as Rachel knelt down at the foot of the bed and Janice went off to the bathroom. Slowly I unbuttoned my cardy, to let it hang outside my boobs. I eased my bra into a comfy position, then stroked my firm nipples under the soft wool as I could see Rachel was looking out of the corner of her eye... so I opened my legs wide so she could see all of me - look but not touch. She was still kneeling down, with her head on the bed, when Janice came back.

She walked in, her white cardy buttoned up again, and her breasts bouncing with every step. She had a cane in her hand, and seemed intent on getting down to business. "Right, Rachel, this is for not licking me dry properly!" and she brought the cane down on Rachel's naked bottom.

I saw him flinch and he let out a small cry of pain.

"It's no good crying out, you useless girly boy, I'm going to give you six of the best, so take that!" And she brought the cane down again on her husband's arse.

Again he cried out, and as she reached back, so she undid the top buttons of her cardigan. Now there were only three still holing the wool togther. Again she brought down the cane on his naked bottom, and again she undid a button afterwards. It was strange for me watching, and somehow I felt my cock hardening again at the scene in front of me. Maybe it was Janice's breasts, swaying as she caned him, sometimes hidden by her cardigan, sometimes exposed. Maybe it was the way Rachel just lay there and let herself be punished. I couldn't say why it was, but as I held my cock in my right hand it was certainly getting bigger again.

"I think she needs punishment from both of us, don't you Maude?" Janice smiled over to me, after she'd finished the sixth stroke, and with her cardigan now completely unbuttoned. "Like to come over and give him a good thrashing?"

I got up off the bed, and stood beside Janice, who handed me the cane. "You do the caning, then I'll push his butt-plug in and out a bit - let's take it in turns!"

So I pulled back my hand, and whipped the cane forward onto Rachel's pink bottom, already marked with the weals of his wife's caning. It smacked hard and I felt my cock harden at the same time. As I lifted the cane again, Janice moved forward and grabbed the butt-plug, pulling it half-way out then pushing it fully back in again. Rachel just moaned.

Janice moved back to let me strike again, her eyes stopping on my now firm cock sticking out under my jumper. "I can see you're enjoying this, Maude - so am I!" and she winked at me as I brought my second stroke down on Rachel's bottom.

She cried out again, and moaned again when Janice pushed the plug in and out. I was getting quite carried away now, and just stroked Janice's breast through her cardigan as she arse-fucked her husband. In a moment we were kissing, and I could feel her arm continuing to move the plug in and out as her tongue came in and out of my mouth. God she felt good, and now I was stroking her breasts and groping her damp cunt as my tool hardened to it full size.

"Come on Janice, let's give him something to remember!" I said, breaking off her embrace. "Here, you give him some more strokes and butt-shafting, I'll be back in a mo."

Janice looked puzzled, but I knew there was something I just had to do, so going into the bathroom I found a packet of condoms and quickly pulled one on.

Going back into the bedroom, Janice was still caning Rachel, who's arse was quite red now. She looked round to see me, then saw my condom-clad tool. "I say, Maude, are you...?" she tailed off, as I moved next to her, and kissed her lips.

Somehow that was just the signal my cock needed to pump itself fully hard again, and as I heard the cane fall to the floor so I felt Janice's hand around my shaft. It felt divine, knowing she was still shafting her husband's arse with the butt-plug.

"Now, Janice," I smiled, "you give that arse a good shafting, then pull the butt-plug out and hold her cheeks open while I push myself in."

I don't know what had come over me, but for the first time in my life I wanted to fuck a man's arse, and there was one right next to me, ready and waiting. I stood directly behind Rachel, as Janice held his bottom cheeks open and fingered round his anus, then I grabbed my hands around Rachel's cardigan-covered waist, and pushed my hard bulging cock towards his hole. Despite the oil and the butt-plug, it wasn't easy to slip in - at least nothing like as easy as Janice had been. But I kept up a steady push, holding tight around Rachel's waist as I felt myself slip inside. Rachel was moaning now, but I didn't know if it was from pain or pleasure - or even both. It felt so good to be riding her now, with Janice watching and smiling at me.

"Oh Maude, this looks so good!" she said, "Rachel needed to be punished and this is perfect for her. In fact I'll just get the camera to shoot you in action!" and she moved to get the camera from the side of the bed.

Meanwhile I was just enjoying the tightness of Rachel's arse as I pushed in and pulled out, feeling the grip of his anus along my shaft, and the delightfully soft feel of the wool around his waist. I could keep this up a while yet, I thought, when a sudden flash told me Janice was recording this for later playback.

"Come and take some up close, so you can see my cock going inside her - that should be a good punishment in months to come!" I smiled, posing a little with my hands behind my head, and my wool-covered breasts pushing forwards.

Janice took a couple more, moving closer, till she sat on the floor underneath, squirming between my legs to get a better view.

"Oh yes!" she said, " I can see all the action from down here - and I can even play with Rachel's little winkle! Push hard into him, Maude, and I'll try to wank him a bit."

So I kept up my thrusting motion, pushing my cock further into her husband's arse as she started wanking his cock, and tickling his balls. I couldn't see what she was up to, apart form the occasional flash of another photo, but I was getting quite worked up now, and ready to feel that exquisite pleasure of my cum shooting out.

Suddenly I cried out - because I was now being groped too. Janice was stroking my balls as I pushed into her husband, then I felt her finger move up between my legs, and tickle all round my anus. It was such a gorgeous feeling, and such a gorgeous sight that I nearly came that instant - and knew it wouldn't be long before I exploded inside him.

"Are you ready to be fucked yet, sissy Rachel?" I asked, panting. "Are you ready to feel my cock cum inside you?"

All I could hear were moans from his submissive body, so I squeezed his waist harder and pushed in a strong thrust. "I said are you ready to be taken - I need an answer now, bitch!"

"Yes, mistress," came the muffled voice of Rachel, "Of course, Miss, please take me now, Miss and cum inside me!"

It was just what I'd been waiting for - complete submission - and I felt my cum now right at the end of my cock. I was panting hard, breathing in time with my shafting, and as Janice pushed her finger inside me, so my orgasm came with a huge spasm of pleasure, and I felt my cock pumping hard inside his body. I kept up my cumming shafts for what felt like ages, so much pleasure all at once was hard to end. Slowly I felt my passions waning, and still breathing hard I looked down to see where Janice was. She'd been lying under me, and was fingering herself now, smiling up at me.

"Mmmm," she said, "That sure looked good from down here - I can't wait to see all the photos later!"

I pulled my now subsiding cock out of Rachel, and went to the bathroom. I needed a shower now, and no mistake. So stripping off, I turned on the shower and stepped inside.

Outside Janice had stood up, but Rachel still lay on the bed, her mind full of the humiliation's she had so far tonight... could there be more before dawn? Then she felt the strange dripping of my cum from her ass, and wished the shower wasn't occupied...

(c) 2010 Maudecardy

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Double discipline

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