tagNovels and NovellasRaider and the Lost Lamp Ch. 06

Raider and the Lost Lamp Ch. 06


Clara awoke in the early hours of the morning. It took her a few seconds to realise why she could not feel the soft mattress beneath her. She opened her eyes and lifted her head a little, so that she could look over her sleeping master. A smile crossed her face as she remembered the events of the night before, and thought about the position she was in now. This was something of a new experience for her. Clara was by no means a virgin; she had had three 'youthful indiscretions' during her college years. But this was the first time that she had ever woken up the morning after and not regretted what had happened the previous night.

She folded her fingers on Jeff's chest and rested her head on them, watching him sleep. She layed there in that pose for over forty minutes before Jeff finally roused, although to Clara it seemed like only a few moments. Waiting, after all, came as second nature for genies. Jeff made what sounded like a habitual morning groan as he began to stir. He blinked weakly a couple of times before noticing Clara, then his eyes were wide open.

"You've recuperated already? I must be getting rusty," Clara joked in a quiet voice.

"Well I wasn't going to tell you, but I did have to get up in the middle of the night and get a heating pad for my back, and my right leg's kinda numb," Jeff said with a straight face. Clara smiled and leaned forward to kiss him. Then she layed her head back down on Jeff's shoulders and he wrapped his arms around her.

"Can I use my third wish to set you free?" Jeff asked, staring up at the ceiling once again. Clara lifted her head again and looked Jeff straight in the eye.

"Would you do that?" she asked in a surprised tone.

"Well... Yeah," Jeff replied. At first Clara was delighted by this response, but then a sense of disappointment descended on her. Jeff had to give that answer, regardless of whether or not he meant it. Only a total asshole would've said no to a question like that.

"That's... very sweet of you," Clara said, trying to sound flattered. "But to answer your question: no, you can't wish me free," she said as she layed down once more. "Tukanni made it a condition of the imprisonment spell that the lamp's prisoner can't be wished out of their enslavement..."

"Wow," Jeff responded, once again wrapping his arms around Clara. "She really wanted to make sure her sister would never be freed, didn't she?"

"That's right," Clara agreed.

"Bitch!" Jeff said with an odd level of bitterness, considering that he was on the master side of the spell.

"That's the understatement of the millennium... or, rather, the last nine of them," Clara remarked. "The lamp was never designed to be an object of power. It's only intended purpose was to be a torture chamber for her big sister."

"You sound very sure of that," Jeff commented.

"I am sure of it. Tukanni could've just murdered Zhiasa, she certainly had the ingenuity to get away with it. The throne would've automatically passed to her. No, Tukanni wanted to make sure Zhiasa suffered. The evidence is all there; the taunting message in the lamp, the mural on the ceiling, which I'm sure shows Zhiasa bowing down to her sister... and the costume! Imagine how degrading it must've felt for a crown princess to all of a sudden find herself dressed in the clothes of a concubine; clothes that basically say to any male around, 'My body is yours, do whatever you want to me'," Clara pointed out.

Jeff remained oddly silent for a few seconds and when Clara looked up at him, there was a guilty expression on his face. She wondered if her little rant had made him worry about whether he had taken advantage of her last night.

"Oh, don't be like that!" she grumbled. "I enjoyed it very much," Clara said with a smile, which Jeff seemed to take solace in. "As a matter of fact, I haven't had that much fun in..." Clara paused as she recalled how unfulfilling all of her previous sexual encounters had been. "Actually, last night was, without a doubt, the most incredible sexual experience I have ever had!" she declared, immediately wincing afterwards. She hadn't intended to be so forward, but she had been caught off-guard by the truth clause of the enslavement spell.

"Really?" Jeff asked sceptically, as Clara's adamant tone had made it sound like she was over-selling the experience.

"Would I lie to you?" Clara asked sheepishly, as she raised her head slightly to look Jeff in the eye.

"No, I guess not," Jeff chuckled, realising now why she'd responded the way she did. Clara laid her head back down on his shoulder. Jeff began to slowly rub one hand up and down her bare back as he held her. It wasn't long before she felt completely at ease again.

"She made the lamp indestructible, as well..." Jeff said, sounding deep in thought.

"What?" Clara asked.

"Tukanni. She made it so that the lamp could never be destroyed," Jeff responded.

"Yes. She was determined to ensure that Zhiasa would spend eternity being enslaved. I expect the only reason Tukanni gave her amulet the power to release the lamp's prisoner was as a safeguard, in case she accidentally trapped herself in there," Clara theorised.

"Clara, do you think that Zhiasa was a sympathetic person? Towards the end of her imprisonment, I mean?" Jeff asked.

"Well, I wouldn't think she'd have much sympathy for Tukanni," Clara quipped flatly. "But in general, I would say she seemed like a very kind and thoughtful woman all through her life. Mind you, it's a biased view; I only know her through her own journal."

"So that's a yes?" Jeff remarked. A few seconds later, he broke out into an almost disturbing chuckle. Finding the sensation of Jeff's chest bouncing up and down beneath her somewhat distracting, Clara sat up. She could not help but notice the big silly grin on Jeff's face.

"What's so funny?" she asked him.

"We are so blind," he replied in an amused tone. Clara silently asked him what was going on in his mind with a perplexed expression. "Pretend for a moment that you're Zhiasa," Jeff began, the sense of rationality rapidly returning to his voice. "You've just found your sister's tomb, gone in and gotten the amulet. Now the first thing you'd probably do is take it back inside the lamp, place it in that little niche in the wall, and, in theory, free yourself..."

"Right..." Clara said in agreement.

"Okay, so now you're back in the real world as a free woman. You'll probably run over to hubby and give him a big hug, make a lengthy speech about how great it is to be free, and advise all the children in the room to stay in school and out of lamps..." Jeff said, prompting a smile from Clara. "But now what do you do?" Clara thought about the question for a second before Jeff continued. "Here you are with the most inhumane prison ever created in your hands, a prison that you've learned can not be destroyed. And now that you're free, there's nothing to stop it taking another victim. You've just escaped from an eight-thousand-year sentence in there yourself, you wouldn't want anybody to have to go through the endless nightmare that you went through. But like I said, the lamp is indestructible, and if you have any foresight, then you know that eventually somebody will find it and rub it, no matter how well you hide it. Then, perhaps after having a good think about what to do next, you remember that your entire life as a genie, including your search for the amulet, is chronicled in that little journal you left back in the lamp. And provided that you don't take the amulet with you when you leave the tomb, you'll have left the next resident of the lamp directions to their own freedom..."

"Oh my god..." Clara exclaimed in amazement.

"That's where it is, Clara, where it always has been! On the peak where two suns join as one!" Jeff passionately declared. Clara looked down into his eyes with an excited smile. She could almost see the feeling of accomplishment in him that he'd talked about the night before.

"So where is the 'peak where two suns join as one'?" Clara asked, facetiously pretending that she wasn't already impressed by Jeff's revelation.

"You mean you don't know? Well, it's very simple, you just go down the road that leads to the peak where two moons join as one, but when you get to the intersection, you hang a left instead of a right," Jeff said playfully, making Clara chuckle. "I'll draw you a map, after breakfast, if you'd like..."

"It's still early. Cook won't start for a couple of hours," Clara said, deliberately changing the subject. Even though he was joking, Clara thought Jeff's suggestion of waiting until after breakfast to begin looking for the tomb was a good idea.

"Really?" Jeff asked rhetorically as he sat up in front of her, "I suppose we'll have to find some way of amusing ourselves until then. Any ideas?" he asked as he wrapped his hands around her waist. Clara gently moved forward and kissed him. Her tongue moved past his lips, slithering around aimlessly inside his mouth, eliciting a buzz of pleasure in Jeff wherever it went. Jeff, meanwhile, sent his fingers on an exploration mission of their own, although they didn't venture too far from Clara's waist, as if they were only warming up for the excitement to come.

"You really are brilliant," Clara smiled as the kiss ended.

"Thanks, but I haven't even started yet," Jeff said with a smirk. Clara chuckled and they kissed again.

"There are many forms of brilliance, Jeff, you just happen to posses at least two of them," Clara said with dash of classic English charm. Jeff seemed genuinely flattered by the compliment as he leaned forward seeking delight from her warm lips. Clara moved her hands around behind his neck, while his hands travelled down to test the firmness of her ass. They were not disappointed.

"I got the distinct impression that you really got a kick out of the... more supernatural moments during our fun last night," Jeff commented as their kiss ended.

"And I thought I did such a good job of acting nonchalant," Clara quipped. "It felt really, really bizarre, but SO DAMN GOOD, as well," she said, growling the last part, as the memory of spontaneous orgasms began to replay in her mind. "I never thought I'd say this, but being a genie is not without it's perks..."

"You know, I've been thinking about the other ways we could have a little fun with that part of the spell, and I've just been wondering how far my control over you extends..." Jeff said. "Do you mind if I try something out?" Clara shook her head, curious as to what Jeff's theory might be. "Go into a trance," Jeff commanded, in a commanding but unsure tone.

Clara's eyes fell shut and her head slumped over to one side, her face expressionless. Jeff instinctively moved his hands up her body to support her weight, but it seemed there was no need, Clara remained sitting upright of her own volition.

"Clara?" Jeff said tentatively, watching the motionless genie for any sudden changes.

"Yes... Jeff" she responded, in an almost creepy monotonous voice.

"Are you in a trance?" Jeff asked.

"Yes...Jeff. You commanded me to go into a trance." she replied.

Jeff sat silent for a while, thinking about how he could use this heightened level of control over his slave to provide them both with a satisfying erotic experience. Eventually his eyes drifted over her firm, ample breasts. He remembered making a secret promise to himself the night before, to spend a great deal of time adoring and enjoying them, but in the heat of the moment, he had failed to give them even a fraction of the attention that he'd intended to. With a contented smile, Jeff moved his hands around the front of Clara, to gently cup the perfect orbs from below.

"Clara?" Jeff said in a tone that suggested new commands were about to follow.

"Yes...Jeff?" Clara repeated.

"For starters, could you please smile? You have a very beautiful smile, Clara," Jeff requested, finding the zombie-ish aura she'd adopted to be something of a turn off.

"Thank you, Jeff," Clara said, smiling as commanded. Even her tone of voice seemed to warm up.

"Clara, imagine that you have within you a... pneumatic orgasm machine..." Jeff began, rolling his eyes at the corny title he'd just invented, "...and that the air valves that power this machine are on your breasts." Jeff gave the lovely mounds a gentle squeeze, and the smile on Clara's face seemed to grow. "Now every time I suckle on one of your boobs, the machine will run, and as you can imagine, when the machine is running it will be giving you a great deal of sexual pleasure, and the harder I suck, the stronger the sense of pleasure will be. In fact, if I suckle on your breasts hard enough or long enough, it will send you right over the edge, and you will have an orgasm." Jeff noticed that Clara's smile definitely grew larger upon that last instruction.

"Also," Jeff continued, "on the tip of both of your nipples is a 'turbo' button for the machine. If I touch either one of them in any way, the machine will go into overdrive and you will get a quick jolt of pleasure. By the way, you won't feel the pleasure in your breasts..." Jeff commanded as he removed one of his hands from her chest. "You will feel it here..." he said, as he slid one finger slowly between the outer lips of her privates. Clara sighed happily. Then Jeff sat in silence for a few seconds, while Clara patiently waited. He thought about their sex the night before and how incredibly hot it was when Clara literally begged him to enter her. He very much wanted to see that level of desire in her again.

"Now there's something you should know about the pneumatic orgasm machine, Clara..." Jeff said. "The person it's pleasuring will... adapt to it after prolonged exposure, just like they'd adjust to a hot bath. After a while the pleasure it provides will become less and less, until eventually all you will feel from it is a gentle glow of pleasure. And no matter how much you want to come, the machine just won't have the influence over you to bring you satisfaction. However, your body will, of course, still be receptive to the... more conventional methods of getting off," he admitted as he ran his fingers through her labia once again. "And if you ask nicely, I'll be more than happy to have sex with you again." Jeff lifted Clara's chin gently with his hand and planted a tender kiss on her lips. "Now once we begin to have sex, Clara, you must not come until I order you to, no matter how badly you need to, do you understand?" Jeff commanded. He planned to keep her on edge (as well as himself) for as long as possible, then have her come just before himself.

"Yes, Jeff," she replied in the same monotonous tone.

"But when I do tell you to come, you will have the most stupendous orgasm that you have ever had in your entire life, and you will feel exceptionally good afterwards," Jeff said, to ensure that Clara would be well rewarded for her patience. He thought for a moment about whether there was any other commands he wanted to give her while she was in this suggestive state, but could not think of any, so he decided to wind things up.

"Once I have ordered you to come, Clara, you no longer need to follow any of the suggestions I have just given you," he said. "Also, Clara, when you come out of this trance, you will not remember anything I have just said to you, or even that you were in a trance," Jeff declared, figuring that his little game would not be anywhere near as fun if Clara knew the rules. "However, you will remember it all after I've ordered you to come. Now I will count to three, and when I say 'three', you will be wide awake. One...Two... Three..."

Clara's eyes fluttered open and her strength seemed to magically return to her. She blinked heavily, and shook her head, as if to clear it.

"Are you okay? You looked like you were about to collapse there for a second?" Jeff asked, giving a flawless impression of genuine concern.

"I just had a bit of a funny turn..." Clara stated in confusion.

"We can stop. I mean, if you don't feel up to..." Jeff offered.

"No, no!" Clara said insistently, lunging gracefully forward and pushing her lips against Jeff's as her enthusiasm quickly returned to her. "...Let's not do anything drastic," she smiled when the kiss ended. "What was it that you were going to try?" she asked.

"You know what, let's save that for some other time. It's a little too early to be trying out exotic ideas," Jeff responded.

"If you insist..." Clara said, not seeming to care either way. They kissed yet again, and then Jeff began padding a trail of kisses slowly down the side of her neck. Clara absently ran her fingers through his hair as she let him incite her arousal however he wanted. Jeff made a brief detour, kissing along the skin to her smooth creamy shoulder before making a U-turn and moving his attention down her body, with an obvious destination. Clara leaned back slightly to make it easier for him. Jeff slid a hand up against one of Clara's breasts and began gently squeezing and caressing it from below, while his other hand performed similar ministrations on one of her firm buttocks. Then he planted his lips over her other breast, being very careful not to touch the nipple itself. He waited just a moment before he began to gently suck. An unusual shiver of delight pulsed through Clara's body. Goose pimples appeared on her arms and both of her nipples quickly became erect.

"Mmm... I like that!" She purred in a velvety voice.

"That makes two of us," Jeff said playfully, briefly removing his lips from her alluring mound. He suckled on her again, a bit stronger this time, and Clara began to moan, quietly at first, but quickly raising in volume. Jeff quickly found this to be an excellent way to monitor Clara's level of arousal and began to adjust the air pressure in his mouth based on Clara's moans. He teased her for a little while, suckling on her until she got to a certain volume, and then quickly easing off, (to which her moan became instantly quieter) only to gradually begin suckling harder again. Then without warning, he gave her three strong sucks in a row, and topped it off by brushing her other nipple with one of his fingers.

Clara moaned deeply as she began to rock her hips back and forward, despite being several inches away from Jeff's cock. Jeff quickly reshuffled his position, moving his lips on to her other breast while his hands traded places. He began kneading one of her luscious orbs with his hand immediately, but waited until she stopped gyrating her hips before he began to suckle her again. This time he did not begin timidly. He sucked on her with considerable pressure, which he raised and lowered slightly to begin rhythmic waves of pleasure inside her. Then he touched the smooth surface of her lovely breast with the tip of his tongue, and began to trace an inward-spinning spiral around her areola with it. Clara was already riding on a high when Jeff's tongue darted over her nipple, not once or twice, but three times. She was rocked by three quick spasms in her nether regions, three short but sharp orgasms that collided with each other to become one.

"Oooooooooh!" She moaned loudly. "Oh my g..." Before she could finish, Jeff sucked on her breast as hard as he dared Clara's eyes closed tight as she shrieked in ecstasy. Her legs clenched around Jeff's torso just like they had the night before, and her arms pulled Jeff's face deep into her bosom as the 'orgasm machine' Jeff had created within her roared into full power. When it seemed like she was beginning to come down, Jeff pushed his tongue deep into her sensitive nipple, and held it there, while simultaneously holding his thumb onto her other nipple. She cried out again as some unseen force stimulated her entire womanhood, sending her right over the edge again.

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