tagRomanceRainy Day

Rainy Day


Thunder shook the entire house. Rain splattered and ran smoothly against the glass windows. The wind howled and beat in frustration at the two lovers inside, fucking their brains out.

When she arrived home it was a beautiful day outside, no clouds, no wind, cool and perfect; she jogged upstairs to change so she could swim. Her key slid smoothly into the lock, but it wouldn't turn. She pulled the door toward her and smiled when she heard the satisfying 'click.' She walked in, flicked on the lights and set her keys on the table. The apartment was cool, there was a fan blowing towards her room. She wondered if her man was still here, or if he had decided, finally, to go home. She walked to the fridge, grabbed the apple juice and poured a glass. Changing could wait a few more minutes. She heard a small thump coming from her bedroom and stood quietly. Then, straining her ears as hard as she could, she heard a woman moan.

Fury swelled inside of her, she couldn't believe him! He knew what time she got off work, he was supposed to be going home. She paced back and forth across her living room, a quick but quiet pace. She would wait. Wait for that guilty bastard and his slut to come out.

After twenty minutes of waiting, the anxiety building every second, moans issuing at a regular rate from her room, she decided she could wait no more. She crept the door, that regular moaning pounding in her head. As she reached the door she heard his breathing, quick and sharp. Despite her jealousy she listened, still; listened as his breath became even faster, listened as that bitch came to a climax. She heard him begin to gasp, he was getting loud now. She knew that meant a finale. As the woman inside screamed, so did he.

"Oh my God! ANNIE!!"

At that moment she burst into the room watching as he came, spraying his thick cum into the air and shaking with orgasm. The woman's voice had stopped, but she identified the source. She felt suddenly silly. He had been watching porn on her computer, most likely he had planned this so that she would find him here. She was late, if she had arrived earlier she could have made sure his hot thick cum ended up inside of her, rather than in the wasteful mess that it made on his stomach and crotch. Desire overcame her and she walked over to the bed as he lay there.

He smiled feebly up at her. She leaned across the bed and gently took his cock in her hands. She wrapped her hot mouth around it and drew off his sweet cum. She felt his hips push up in pleasure as she rolled her tongue across the tip of his cock. He sighed again and she swallowed the last of him and licked her lips. Just as well, he'd be willing to sleep now and she was always tired after work.

The wind picked up outside and it began to sprinkle.

She kissed his lips, relishing his state. She drew herself up next to him, settled against his warm chest and dosed quietly in his arms. She heard his heart hammering still and smiled to herself. Even with the porn it had been her name that he screamed. The nap lasted a couple of hours, his breathing had slowed and become regular, in time with hers. He woke first, spooning her. She had not bothered to undress, and instead had fallen asleep in his arms. He rolled against her, his knees behind hers and kissed her softly on the neck. She felt a sweet tingle that pulled her out of sleep.

"I love you to death, you silly girl." She moaned and pulled closer to him. Warm to the touch even through her clothes. She reached her hand back and found his hard, sculpted ass. She gave a squeeze and heard his smile more than anything. He pulled away from her as she lie in the warmth of her rest. She heard his pants slide up and his zipper. "What do you want for supper, baby?"

"Something easy is fine."

The rain picked up and stayed steady. For the first time it was cool enough to sit out on her balcony. So they did, sat and watched people running through the rain, talked about the future and the past, teasing one another constantly. Always they took time to stop and remind each other of their love. She felt bad though, felt guilty that she had doubted him for a moment, doubted him for the twenty minutes that she had spent pacing and hating. He was crazy about her, and she knew it. She would make it up to him tonight. He had been incredibly understanding and was taking the lack of sex with grace. She hadn't been feeling well and he never pushed. Every night he had cuddled up against her and kissed her cheek, wished her a good night and held her until she could embrace sleep.

"Annie, you okay? "

"Oh yeah sweetie, just thinking, how was your day?" And so the night passed, she rented a movie, another chick flick. A genre that he had genuinely seemed to like for months now. He had made her supper and was now popping popcorn when it occurred to her just how ridiculous she had been earlier. He brought her a cup of apple juice, she hadn't even had to ask. It was amazing to her that this was the same man that could get so damn stubborn if he thought he was in the right. Tonight though, he was all hugs and kisses and understanding. Part of her wished that he would stop being so understanding, stop treating her so well and instead, rip her clothes of and fuck her right there on the couch, or the kitchen floor, or the table...

Thunder boomed outside and rattled the glass.

She found herself getting wet. He wasn't an aggressor. Neither was she for that matter, so she waited patiently, suffering the aches of being massively horny and craving his cock. Something was going to be special about tonight. Very few times had every waking moment boiled down to a raging sexual tension, but she was sure that he could feel the warmth radiating off of her. She wanted him inside of her, pumping and stretching the walls of her pussy. She wanted to feel his cock, throbbing, swelling the then shooting inside of her.

Lightning struck nearby and the crack was followed by a booming roar and the lights flickered out. Then, he was upon her. The penis that she had been stealing glances at all night was freed from the jeans and dangled in the dark, inches from her lips. She pulled him closer to her, each hand placed upon one half of his rock hard ass, her mouth full of his thick cock. The head of his penis was swollen and forcing itself deeper into her mouth. She moaned against it and coaxed it deeper.

He moaned and fucked her pretty mouth and she began to taste his cum. She wanted it so badly, he had never come in her mouth like this before and she worked more furiously, taking her hands away from his butt. She massaged his balls and jacked him off, all the while, teasing the tip of his cock inside of her mouth. His hips began to move by their own accord and still she worked. She heard him gasp and then scream, suddenly, he grabbed her head and forced his cock as far as he could. Just before she gagged the pressure released and he shot a hot load of cum, filling her mouth.

She was pleased with how things had turned out. She would have preferred sex, but she was fulfilled in the respect that she always wanted to watch, feel, and be a part of his coming. She then realized that he was taking off her shirt.

"What are you doing?" She asked. As if on cue the lights flickered back on and she saw that his cock had not diminished at all. Her lust, which had been subsiding, redoubled. She stood and helped him remove her pants and panties, all in one go and went to lay down, he, however, held her wrist and motioned to the table. She got to her knees and bent across it. Waiting, longing for his cock she almost screamed out of frustration when it was his tongue she felt an not his hard penis. Still, she enjoyed his work. Before she could come however, he had stopped. Surely he wasn't finished, before she had time to wonder, she felt the amazing pressure as his cock slid into her, filling her aching pussy.

She cried out with delight and came before five minutes of his slow, powerful thrusting had elapsed. He picked her up and laid her gently on the couch. The angle of his entry was slightly askew, considering he was only halfway on the couch, but that did not stop the fact that she still received every inch of his precious cock. This time though she was getting her wish. His thrusts became quicker and more powerful. He rammed his cock into her pussy, she had gone days without feeling it and this is what she wanted.

"Oh my God, you're so big, give it to me, harder, harder, ooooh!" Her body seized with delight, se gasped and screamed and still he pounded until the pressure became too much and she wrapped her legs around him, forcing him to stop and hold her. In her sharpened state, she felt the curve of his back, the muscles that rippled across it and down his sides. She pushed up against him and he got up. She stood and lead him to her room, and he followed loyally.

Thunder shook the entire house. Rain splattered and ran smoothly against the glass windows. The wind howled and beat in frustration at the two lovers inside, fucking their brains out. She rode him, pulling his cock ever deeper and screamed with delight as he angled his hips to meet her falls with his own powerful thrusts. She rolled in self delight as he took over from beneath, his power throwing her around like she was a rag-doll. She clung to him though and screamed with delight as he fucked her. Her body arching, he lifted her and held her still, ramming in and out of her like a piston, she came once, and then twice like this, eventually losing count as he pulled her back down to him, resuming her previous rhythm.

She could not count the number of times she came, but eventually he was on top yet again and this time, before she could come he pulled out and went down on her, licking. He thrust two fingers deep inside of her and held them as her hole contracted. She came yet again, His mouth, wet from his licking, wet with her cum kissed her fully. He then rolled her onto her stomach.

This was pure delight, her favorite. Lying on her stomach, pinned down, her legs together, she was fucked. This was how it would end, he would make sure of it. Still he fucked and fucked. Minutes flying by as he fucked her. His own rhythm began to change and she once more began to feel his cock expand. This time it was inside of her and she came yet again. Their screams became one and she screamed as he shoved his cock in and held it, milking every drop of his cum into her. He collapsed and the storm subsided. She laid for what seemed like an eternity, basking in his love. Finally, still panting from his exertions, he rest his head against her chest and fell into a deep sleep.

I will never suspect him again. She thought it to herself. She could feel his love, even when he was unconscious. She hugged him closer and fell asleep as well. Everything was quiet and everything was perfect.

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