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Have you ever heard that Erasure song?

"Take me back to the place
Where I once belonged
This could be anyplace - a place
Where you and I could sing this song

Take me back
where I hear waterfalls flowing

Let me dive into the lake
Where winter hides the snow
Then comes the summertime
Fields of scarlet poppies grow

Take me back
where I see butterflies toing froing

Let me sleep a little while
Underneath the trees
And dream of dragonflies
Where the weary willow weeps for me

Take me back
where I see dandelions blowing

And the river flows
I am never gonna take it back again
And the river flows
I am never gonna get it back again

We don't know anything
Trapped in a world full of strangers
Please don't tell me anything
I'd rather fall into you."

I wake up every morning to the gentle rays of sunshine pouring through the window. It's not yet bright outside. Just 5am. The sky is still a bright red hue. The waterfall looks amazing under the red canopy.

My roommate is still fast asleep. We both have a long day of classes, but I find myself getting up from bed and heading outside. The grass is green outside, the Track and Field runners already at their marks.

I creep past the bell-desk and past the poor souls in the computer room who never made it to bed. The dot-matrix printer pines away a sad tune, as they turn to see who goes past them.

'You all never got sleep?' I ask them poking my head into the room.

They grunt and nag, and hoist their mugs of hot chocolate in the air.

'Is the dining room open yet,' one asks, waving an empty coffee mug.

'Certainly not. They don't get here till another 30 minutes.'

I'm screwed then,' I hear her say. 'Have to stay awake to print this fucking paper for Fennemmas class.'

'What the fuck!' I hear another when the screeching printer suddenly stops.

'This stupid machine is so outdated.' I hit it, trying to help.

The crew team walks past us all and heads out the main door towards Kendall.

"What the hell are you doing up so early?' Judy asks annoyed.
'Morning walk. Slept early last night,' I try not to grin.

'Bitch!' Ashi teases. 'Don't you have any work for today? Or just galavanting about campus?'

'Gala-fucking-vanting,' I smile recalling I am so going to have a lovely day.

'Make yourself scarce then,' Judy teases, and I laugh my way out.

It's nice outside. Birds are chirping that fresh morning chirpy chirp. The waterfall is making that pleasant rustle. Ducks pleasantly float. I listen to my Erasure songs and forget this is not a dream.
The path around Upper Lake is really nice this time of day. It's too early for the equestrian team to bother you there. The squirrels and chipmunks are already up, however, playing hide and seek.

I mouth the lyrics looking out for that flasher Public Safety has been trying to catch in trees and bushes. An evening ago we had seen them run past our dorm.

We were having dinner, sitting by the huge windows, talking about men. What else! When Liz burst into the hall, bubbly as usual, followed by an excited Megan and Laury. They had been accosted by the flasher, the one on Upper Lake. But stranger still was the fact that Shawna, the other girl with them, had decided not to run back to the dorm but give him a chase.

'She has a black belt,' they were saying as we all huddled up.

'Who has what?' someone asked, as the Head Resident tried to disperse the crowd.

'Shawna. She just took off after him,' they spoke all at once.

'Oh! the poor bastard!' I heard Svetlana say. 'I'm sure she will kick his ass,' she laughed in her heavy Russian accent.

'Where am I when everything happens?' Saju laughs, hitting the table.

'I know. Not like we get to see many men around here,' Lillian giggled, reminding all that we were in the prison aka a women's college.

'So pathetic. We managed to beat the only man who had the guts to come down here,' Lela laughed.

'Oh well, I sighed. 'Badminton's at 7pm. See you at Kendall, I waved, heading out the door.

It was dark outside again. But I was not worried about flashers and random men. The sky was lit up with stars and I had my Erasure CD to keep me company.
I was humming a tune, getting into the mood, when someone or something ran past me, and I looked up.

'Freddy!' I yelled at the French Instructor. 'You scared the shit out of me!' I jumped, both frightened and happy at once.

'I'm here for the game,' he laughed, as I knew he was, and turning around I saw that the rest of the gang was soon approaching.

'We booked the basketball court for 7pm,' I reminded the receptionist at Kendall, flashing our college IDs, watching the Public Safety men walk by.

'They've been taking down the posters of the flasher,' they said, explaining the presence of the men.

'They'll never nab him,' someone said, as we gathered the keys to the court.

'I'm setting up the courts,' i offered heading to the equipment room.

'Why do you suppose he's always butt naked?' Ashi asked, as we fixed the net. 'I mean it's bloody November and his balls might fall out. Desperate men, I tell you!' she mumbled.

'Yeah. the net is short on your side,' I walked over to her pole.

'Oh fuck it, Sara! It's just the four shortest people in the college,' she laughed.

'Hmm. True,' I laughed, picking up a racquet from the floor.

'I'll bloody hell whip your ass,' Saju threatened from the opposite side of the court.

'Anything else you'll bloody hell do?' I laughed.

'Yeah. Serve the shuttle already,' she got into position.

We heard a loud smashing from the other court. Francis was already blowing a hole in the net and it was their first service.

'I hate this fucking shuttle,' Maira yelled, as her own landed just outside my box.

'Ah! Just serve!' we teased.

Soon enough, so they did and you could hear only echos of loud smashes.

As the game proceeds, we hear Public Safety men run past our courts down the corridor. After some time they come back with a naked man in their hands, and we all stop in mid game.

A gallant Shawna walks behind them with a gleeful smile.

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