tagGroup SexRani's Going Away Party

Rani's Going Away Party


There are two earlier stories involving Rani. It is not necessary to read them in order to enjoy this story, although it may enhance the readers enjoyment and understanding.

Rani is a lovely young woman who chose to not remove her body hair. If the presence of a fully natural woman in a story disturbs you, this would not be an enjoyable read for you.

The story was posted in the Group Sex category, but also contains elements of Exhibitionist/Voyeur.


1. Together again.

Apparently Monica was as thrilled as Rani had been about their initial meeting, because she sent me an e-mail the next day asking when we could get together again. I checked with Rani and we set up another party at the same motel for the next weekend.

I asked Rani if she wanted me to be there again, since she was certainly not scared to be with Monica after that last event. I had been virtually forgotten about as I sat off to the side and enjoyed the show, so my presence was really not needed.

"I want you to be there Adam," Rani said in no uncertain terms. "It adds to my enjoyment, and I think also to Monica's."

Monica agreed with Rani's assessment when I contacted her just before the get-together.

"Oh, you gotta be there Adam," Monica insisted. "You're so cute when you drool."

"Gee thanks," I said, now feeling every bit the part of the pervert sitting in the balcony whacking off to the show.

"We gotta get you involved though Adam," Monica added. "It's a shame to let a perfectly good hunk of man go to waste."

I'm not an orgy guy, and I didn't think that Rani would be all that keen on that either. I was delighted to be with Rani, and had no intention to look elsewhere, at least not until Rani was back home, or on the plane.

We met at the same motel as last time, and I sat in the chair and watched Rani and Monica make love. The excitement of their first meeting could not be equalled of course, since they were now familiar with each other's amazing bodies. The passion was clearly still there, however.

This time I had made myself comfortable from the start, and sat there in my underwear while Rani and Monica tore the bed apart. My erection throbbed as I watched them make love, but I dared not touch it, because I thought that was all it would take to set me off.

I got to pay more attention to the subtle things this time as I watched. Rani was simply mesmerized by Monica's breasts, and even when occupied with other things, it was never long before Rani's eyes, hands or mouth came back to Monica's massive breasts. I knew that Monica was aware of Rani's interest, and it seemed that Monica loved the attention Rani showed to them.

As for Monica, she seemed consumed by a lust of her own; a passion that I fully understood and shared. Monica's hands would find their way under Rani's arms quite frequently, stroking and toying with the thick jungle of coal black hair that filled Rani's gentle hollows. Occasionally Monica would kiss the dense fur in much the same manner as I often did when Rani and I were alone. When Monica's tongue and lips would dance under Rani's arms, I had all I could do to fight the overpowering urge to cum just from watching, and I would squirm in the hot vinyl seat in discomfort while they played.

After an hour or so, Rani and Monica collasped in each other's arms. I needed this break myself, so I padded off to the bathroom. As I passed Monica, she laughed and whistled as me. As much as I tried to cover the obvious with my hands, it was difficult to hide the erection that was trying to poke through my boxers.

"Shake it more that twice and you're playing with it," Monica quipped as I closed the door behind me.

If I shook it at all I would be cumming all over the place, I thought to myself as I tried to get my cock to point downward enough to be able to pee in the bowl. The thought of getting rid of the load that had been building up inside of me did cross my mind, but I thought better of the idea. Better to do it while watching Rani and Monica than in the toilet staring at myself in the mirror.

2. The show continues with a new player.

By the time I rejoined the ladies, my erection had subsided somewhat, making me less comical looking coming back out. Rani and Monica were sipping wine, and I could tell that there was something up. They had been talking, and judging by the looks on their faces, I thought the topic was me. Rani looked down and smiled like she just swallowed the canary, while Monica just looked devilish.

I poued a glass for myself and went back to my sweaty chair, the imprint of my ass still visible in the cheap vinyl. Monica swung over and sat on the edge of the bed facing me, and Rani climbed over and sat next to Monica, her head resting on Monica's creamy white shoulder.

"Something's going on," I said as I eased back into the chair.

"Maybe yes... maybe no," Monica smiled.

"Monica asked me if we would do something," Rani said softly.

"We?" I asked, unsure of who that entailed.

"You and I, Adam," Rani said. "Monica said she would like to watch you and I do... things."

"Dyin' to see you guys in action," Monica chimed in. "Rani has told me about it, but I would love to see it."

"I don't think so," I said. "I like to be the one that watches."

"Not fair!" Monica said while running her hand up and down Rani's hairy thigh. "I like to watch too."

It was hard to look at Monica without staring at her chest, and as she sat there her huge bell shaped breasts almost hung to her lap. Rani saw where I was looking and slid her bronze hand over to Monica's milky white jugs, stroking the aureola with her fingernail and making the pebbled surface come alive again.

I was coming alive myself as I watched them teasing each other, and me. I squirmed some more as they touched each other while smiling at me.

"What do you say Adam?" Monica cooed. "You know you want to cum. You want to cum so bad you're about to burst. I want to watch Rani get you off. I want to see how this little virgin does it."

I looked at Rani who's eyes averted my gaze as I looked to her for help.

"Rani?" I said. "How do you feel about this?"

"I think... I think I would like to make you happy, and make Monica happy too."

"C'mon Adam," Monica said. "Besides, I'm dying to see this big cock Rani keeps telling me about!"

"It's not big," I said while giving Rani a glare. "Rani just hasn't seen many of them."

I stood up and came over to the bed and stood in front of Rani. Monica bounced back onto the end of the bed and knelt there watching.

"No way I'm getting in that sticky chair," Monica chirped. "Besides, I want to be able to see everything."

I looked down at Rani, who smiled as she took the elastic of my boxers in hand and tugged them down. Once the boxers got to my cock, it sprang up out of confinement and almost slapped Rani's face as it did.

"Holy shit!" Monica exclaimed. "Look at the size of that tool!"

I rolled my eyes at Monica and shook my head.

"Certainly you know better," I said.

"It's a big freakin' cock Adam," Monica said as Rani took it in hand and tugged on it. "It's not so much long as it is fat! Good grief, how do you get your mouth around that thing Rani?"

"Like this," Rani said and leaned forward, taking the mushroom head into her mouth and letting her tongue swirl around it. Rani's head bobbed down on my dick while her fist clenched the shaft tightly.

Even if they were exaggerating, it was really a turn-on to have yourself talked about like that. I looked over at Monica who was busy watching Rani sucking my cock. She had one hand between her legs and the other one full of tit, squeezing it savagely while her fingers worked inside her blonde-fringed pussy. My hand caressed Rani's shoulder before sliding under her arm and stroking the coarse hair, something that did not go unnoticed by Monica, who let out a soft moan.

I managed to get down onto the bed and manuevered Rani so that we were in the classic 69 position with Rani on top of me. Rani's hairy pussy was hanging above me, but not for long as I buried my face in the abundant thicket, the dense black hair surrounding me as my tongue found her moist opening.

While I tongued Rani's clitoris and squeezed her buttocks, Rani was busy licking and sucking my cock, concentrating on the head with her mouth while working the shaft with her hand. I hoped that Monica was getting a good look at this, and while the fact that she was watching made me uneasy in the beginning, it was definitely exciting me now.

Monica was down at the foot of the bed the last I saw her, and I assumed that she was the one rubbing my legs. The rubbing stopped momentarily, and I felt Monica moving around just before feeling what seemed to be a gigantic pair of breasts on my thigh.

Seconds later, I jumped when my cock began to get licked from the base of the shaft up. Rani's mouth was busy on the crown, so it had to be Monica's mouth that had replaced Rani's fist. My balls were next, as a hand began kneading the sack before my balls went into her mouth, one after another.

"Omigod! What are you two doing?" I blurted out after pulling my face out of Rani's jungle, and I heard Rani's giggle at hearing my question.

"Relax Adam and enjoy yourself," Rani finally said.

I followed Rani's instructions to the letter and went back to exploring Rani's interior, but soon Rani swung her thigh over my head and went down to my hip, where Monica was kneeling opposite her. Their mouths joined around my cock, their tongues dueling around the head of my dick. They began licking it like a popsicle, and the sensation was driving me crazy. Looking down, I saw the precum drool out of the opening almost constantly, and watched it get swiped by one of the tongues.

"You like this Adam?" Monica said. "Dontcha wanna cum?"

"Too... much fun... like this," I grunted out while trying not to do exactly that. The visual effect on me was as great as the actual act, and I had to turn away periodically as Rani and Monica continued their oral assualt on my throbbing erection.

"Damn, your man's got some great self-control," Monica told Rani.

"Yes, except there are certain things that make him lose control," Rani said. "Do you want to see?"

"Ooooooh, you know I do!" Monica said while climbing off the bed and kneeling beside it.

I had a hunch that I knew what Rani was going to do, and while I loved what was about to follow, I also felt more than a little bit embarrassed as Rani positioned herself across my thighs. Rani's smile put me somewhat at ease, and as she raised her arm and slid my cock through her armpit, the dense hair raking over the bulb of my dick made me oblivious to anything else.

Rani's technique of jerking my cock while dragging it through the expansive thicket was so stimulating that I never managed to last very long once she started. A new addition Rani had come up with; that of leaning her head over and licking the tip of my dick every few strokes was of no help either.

It only took about a minute before I felt my orgasm begin to rise from within me, and before I came I looked over at Monica who was right beside my shoulder.

"Probably... think I'm... a pervert," I managed to stammer out, but when I looked at Monica, she was certainly not making any such judgement.

Monica was staring at Rani, and what she was doing to me and didn't seemed to be thinking that at all. Monica seemed hypnotized as she stared open-mouthed at the scene before her, and I could tell by the way she was contorting her body that her hand was busy between her legs.

That was the end for me, as the combination of all these things was too much to withstand. Through glazed eyes of my own, I watched my cock spurt into the air once before Rani rammed me under her arm, where I continued to ejaculate like a jack hammer as the coarse black hair raked the head of my dick.

Monica was moaning louder than I was at this point, and when I finally stopped cumming, Rani smiled as she looked over at what she had accomplished. The coal black hair was dripping cum, and the milky white spray made a fancy looking decoration as she pulled my cock away.

"Oooooh!" Monica suddenly groaned loudly, and to my disbelief, she lept up and buried her face right into Rani's cum drenched armpit. From the look on Rani's face, Monica was busy trying to clean my mess with her tongue. My hand went down to my cock, and I pulled on it hard, wishing somehow that I could cum again. The sight was so incredibly erotic that while I certainly couldn't cum again that fast, the resulting tingle that I managed to feel was plenty good enough. Monica continued tonguing Rani's ar,pit to by delight, as well as Rani's from the look on her face.

Although the ladies played around a little after that episode, it was obvious that it would be tough for that to be topped, so we went our separate ways shortly afterward, after mentioning the possibility of us getting together one last time before Rani's departure in a couple of weeks.

3. One for the road.

Rani had a world of things to do before her flight took her back to her homeland, and out of my life forever. Our relationship had been rather strange by most standards, but one of the most satifying for me in many ways. The boundaries had been set early on, so there was no pressure from me, as well as no false expectations from Rani.

Monica had contacted me immediately after our second motel meeting, and she was pushing hard for us to all get together a final time before Rani left. Understanably Rani had a lot to do before she returned to India, and when I brought the subject up to her I expected for her to say no or at the very least give cautious approval for it. Instead she was very enthusiastic about it, and in fact almost insisted on it.

"I would like that very much Adam," Rani said that night in bed. "This Saturday night would be fine with me. Only this time why don't we get together at your place. We aren't strangers to each other anymore."

That was certain, especially since Monica had joined in the last time, almost making it a threesome. I was unsure about how I felt about that sort of thing, and thought that the next time would be more of the same if not more so. I had fantasized about such a thing my whole life, but fantasy is one thing and having it actually happen is something else altogether.

"Didn't the last time feel a little strange to you Rani?" I asked. "With Monica was joining in when we were doing our thing, although with my face full of you I couldn't really see what was going on much of the time," I admitted.

"You did not enjoy it?" Rani asked, most definitely confused about my question.

"To be honest, I felt like I was cheating on you," I confessed.

"But I was right there with you Adam," Rani answered. "Everything that occured did so with my blessings, and I would not have objected if even more had happened. I will be gone next week, and you must continue to live after I go, although you will always be in my heart," Rani said softly as her hand stroked my chest.

"You aren't gone yet," I reminded Rani as my cock began to swell in response to Rani's touch.

"Monica... she is very beautiful," Rani said. "She likes you very much, and I think that you like her as well."

"Of course I like her. Hell, she's hard not to like," I said. "She's funny and pretty, but she's not you."

"Not yet Adam," Rani whispered. "Who knows what tomorrow will bring? I think that I would be happy if you two saw each other after I am gone."

"We'll see," I said huskily as Rani's hand snaked under the sheets and found my stiff cock, milking it slowly before she shrugged the sheets off us and licked her way down past my stomach to where her hand was. "We'll see."

4. Last call.

I had done a thorough job of cleaning my place, but since I wasn't a very messy person to begin with, it was quick and painless. I picked Rani up about an hour before Monica was to arrive, and Rani helped me with the snacks and things I had gotten for the occasion.

Monica was as punctual as ever, and looked magnificent in purple slacks and blazer with a bright yellow blouse underneath. The blouse matched Monica's hair and did absolutely nothing to mask the fact that beneath the top was a pair of the biggest breasts imaginable.

We talked for a bit, drinking and munching, and it was a pretty nice party considering it was a bit of a wake in a way with Rani leaving. The fact that I would no longer get to watch what had been an incredible mating that was every fantasy I had ever had and then some, was depressing to me as well.

We began inching toward the bedroom, and I couldn't help but feel more comfortable in my own house. The motel had been fine, but in the back of my mind I always imagined the possibility of there being a camera hidden somewhere getting it all on tape. If there was, I would have loved to have had a copy for old times sake.

Rani and Monica went into the bathroom together, giggling like school girls, while I undressed and put on a lounging robe before sitting by the bedside. They were taking a long time in there, and I got the feeling that something was going on. That wasn't the first time in the evening I had felt that way either, and when they finally emerged from the bathroom my suspicions were confirmed.

Rani was still dressed as she had been, but Monica was wearing a sheer lavender nightgown that hid little but looked amazing in not doing so. Her massive breasts were pouring out of the top and her nipples were trying to burst through the soft silk as she came over to me with Rani at her side.

"What's up?" I asked Rani who looked nervous.

"Adam, I want you to do me a favor," Rani said as she knelt next to me. "I want you to make love to Monica."

I snickered as I looked up at Monica, who was watching the proceedings with a nervous look of her own. Monica shrugged a little as she stood there looking radiant but much quieter than her usual boisterous self.

"Why?" I managed to ask.

"Adam, you have been very good to me. Very good for me as well. You are a wonderful man and I will always treasure the time we spent together. You have been very patient with me and have never forced yourself upon me, and even though I'm sure there were times you wanted to make love to me, you were always respectful of my wishes."

"It wasn't easy," I offered in response.

"I know," Rani resumed. "That is why it would please me very much if you and Monica would make love. It may be quite a while before I experience such a thing, and I think that I would like to witness it so I can perhaps appreciate it more. Especially when it would be two people that I care very much for."

"What... what about Monica?" I asked. "Doesn't she get a vote in this?"

"When I suggested it to her, Monica was as excited about it as I was," Rani answered. "It is obvious to me that you two like each other very much, and when I spoke with Monica about it, she said that she was going to ask me if I minded if she tried to get together with you after I left."

"Guilty," Monica said with a half-grin. "Look Adam, I know that the way we all got together was kind of weird... sleazy even in a way. I'd never gotten together with anybody like that before either. Despite what you might think, I'm really not much different than you. I put on this front to keep people distant."

Monica suddenly turned and went back to the bathroom, seemingly upset.

"This is very difficult for her Adam," Rani said. "She hasn't had very many experiences with men, and the ones she has told me about were..." Rani shuddered and bowed her head while I sat there in confusion.

"Anyway Adam, if you do not want to do this, I understand, but please don't hurt her," Rani said softly. "She really, really likes you."

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