Ransom Demand


Eighteen year old Hope has been kidnapped in Mexico by a rich, powerful politician. He requires that her Aunt, twenty-five year old Sara, become his sex slave for thirty days. Hope is held captive to make sure that Sara fulfills her obligations. This is a continuation of that story.

Visiting Kristina

Kristina opened the door to the room where they were holding Hope. Her father had allowed her to play with her today, to take her to her room.

Hope turned toward the door as it opened, a young girl, her age, entered. Hope was still bound to the chair, her legs spread wide, naked from the waist up. Her nipples still ached from the abuse the three men had given them, the cool air keeping them erect. She saw the girl smile at her.

"Unite her and give her blouse back. She is coming with me," Kristina ordered one of the men.

"Yes, Senorita Kristina." One of the men began to untie her legs, not missing a chance to run his hands up her legs as he did. Another undid her arms.

Hope rubbed her wrists as she brought her arms forward, then realized that her breasts were still naked. She brought her arms up, cupping her breasts, feeling the pointed nipples pressed into the palm of her hands. Her blouse was handed to her and she hurriedly put it on, the embarrassment returning of being naked in front of strange men returning, even though she had been bound to the chair, half naked for over twelve hours.

Kristina moved towards Hope, her arm wrapping around her shoulder. "My name is Kristina, this is my fathers house. Come let us go to my room, where you will be much more comfortable and we will be alone." Kristina gently pushed Hope out the door and they moved down the corridor, two of the guards following closely behind.

"Thank you, why am I here?" Hope asked.

"Shhhh, wait until we get to me room." Kristina led her up and down many hallways until they were at the end, two large doors looming. "In here," opening the door into her bedroom. They both entered, Kristina closing the door behind them, the men still on the other side.

Hope looked around the room, it was enormous. It had a small living room at one end, two chairs and a couch. The bed was a large, four poster, canopy bed, a plush comforter adorning it. Four pillows stood at the head of the bed. A padded bench was at the end. The floor was carpeted in deep plush. Two large windows opened to the outside, by the view, they must be at least on the third floor. A large bathroom could be seen over to the side, a glass enclosed shower that was bigger then Hopes bedroom, inside. "You have a beautiful bedroom. Can we talk now?"

"Yes we can. I have a lot of privacy here, though the guards are right outside the door. They are very heavy, solid doors, so you could even yell in here and they would not hear." She did not tell her of the cameras or the microphones around the room and in the bathroom. Or that her father, uncle and brother were watching them on television screens. No, she would not need to know that.

"Why am I here, why was I kidnapped?"

"You are being held for ransom by my father. In order to gain your safe release, your Aunt Sara must consent to be used sexually for thirty days by whomever my father desires. I have seen Sara and she is a very sexual and beautiful woman. As long as she continues to perform, you will not be hurt. If she fails, you are the one who will suffer."

"How could you father do such a thing, why do you not stand up to him?" Hope blurted out, afraid of how Kristina would react to the harsh criticism.

"How dare you criticize my father! With parents like yours, you have nothing to criticize," she shouted at Hope, watching her expression of surprise on Hope's face.

"My parents would never do anything like that!" she exclaimed.

"No, then let me show you something that I stole from my father." She moved over to the television set and put a tape in the VCR. It began, a picture of Kevin, Hope's father, naked, his cock pushing into Sara's asshole as she screamed in pain. "Maybe you would rather see this," fast forwarding until she came to a part of the tape showing Karen, her mother, sucking Kristina's fathers cock, it spurting her mouth full of cum as you could see her throat moving up and down, swallowing the cum. "I don't think your know your parents very much. I don't think you have any right to criticize," an anger in her voice.

Hope did not understand the whole situation. She could not believe that this was happening to her. Only days ago she was in the United States, safe in high schools final days. Now she was in Mexico, kidnapped, stripped to her waist and molested while her aunt was a sex slave. And her mother and father were acting like they were a couple in heat. How could this be happening, her mind clouded, her judgement waning. "I'm sorry, I don't know what is going on, I don't understand. I'm not sure what I should be doing," tears beginning to form in the corner of her eyes. She was beginning to become exhausted. Not allowed to sleep, bound, molested and always in fear for her safety.

Kristina moved toward Hope on the couch, sitting next to her, putting her arm around her and pulling her close. "I understand, it is tough on you, but you must learn to obey. You still have a long time to stay here. If you are in my room, I can protect you. But when you go back to where they are holding you, I cannot help you. You will be at their mercy and they do not care about you. You are just a way to force your aunt to perform for them. They will do whatever is necessary to you to make her do it." She pulled her closer to her, breathing in the smell of fear in Hope. She heard Hope begin to sob. Yes, she had her now, she would do what she wanted. She looked up and smiled, smiled at the cameras. The taping would begin.

"Please protect me, I cannot stand those men. They hurt me before. Let me stay here," Hope looking up at Kristina, her eyes pleading.

"We'll see, as I said, you must obey, her arm pulling her tighter into her. She smelled so good, so ripe. "Did they hurt you?"

"Yes, they stripped off my blouse and bra and then they abused me. All three of them, they put their hands all over my breasts, especially my nipples. They seemed to love to hurt me. Their fingers would squeeze my nipples, pulling and twisting them. I thought they were trying to tear them off." She continued to sob.

"Poor girl, I have something that will be good for them. It is a cream. I will get it. Take off your blouse," her voice firm as she started walking towards the bathroom.

"Nooo, that's OK, it will be all right," Hope stammered out. She did not want to be half-naked again, even if it was another girl.

"I'm only trying to help you, if you would rather leave, that's fine," her voice rather abrupt. She looked at Hope, her eyes piercing.

Hope saw her expression. She did not want to go back, she knew what would happen there. She was not sure with Kristina, but it couldn't be any worse. "No, I'm sorry, get the crème," her hands moving to the blouse, Kristina watching as she unbuttoned it. She looked up, Kristina still watching. She let the blouse slip from her shoulders and removed it, laying it on the couch beside her. She moved her hands up, covering her breasts, her head down, not wanting to see the stare.

Kristina went to the bathroom and got the bottle of body lotion. It was in a non-descriptive bottle, so Hope would not know that it was just plain ordinary body lotion. She returned to the couch, Hope still sitting there, her hands barely able to cover her naked breasts, head down. "You are a very beautiful girl, Hope, the boys must really like you. Do you have a steady boyfriend?"

"No, I don't date much. Daddy is very strict. He says he wants me to concentrate on school first, boys later," feeling a little bit more comfortable.

"Are you still a virgin?" Kristina asking. "Are you waiting until you get married to give your husband your virginity."

Hope blushed, "yes, I know it is old fashion, but I want my husband to be my first. I want it to be romantic and wonderful. I don't even make out much. Other girls at school let boys do much more. I don't. The evil men were the first ones to even see my naked breasts, never mind touch them. I had seen penises before, not real ones, only pictures. To see my dad's was terrible. To see what he was doing to Sara and where. Why would anyone want to put his penis in a woman's behind? I thought only gay guys did that?"

Kristina smiled, a virgin. Not even worth asking if she had ever been with another girl before. Daddy can have Sara, I want Hope she thought. "I'm no longer a virgin, I was raped by a relative a long time ago. I've gotten over it since then. Men can just be so selfish. Only looking out for what can get from you. Here, let me put some of this special crème on you. It will help a lot."

Hope looked up and stammered, " I can do it, that's OK."

"No, I insist, I almost feel responsible for what they did. Men can be such pigs. Even my father and yours. Now put down your hands," her voice turning authoritative again. She watched as Hope meekly lowered her hands. Such great tits she had, nice full breasts, large nipples, I bet I could make them stick out over an inch. And her areola, a rich dark color, accenting the pink of her nipples. No wonder they wanted at her tits. I wish mine were as large, she thought. "You have lovely breasts, much bigger then mine."

Hope put her eyes down, not wanting to look directly at Kristina. She had this feeling that something was not right, but the exhaustion and fear was taking their toll on her. She no longer had the will to fight any longer. She was tired. And anything was better then the men waiting outside the door. She heard the swishing sound of a liquid poured in hands, the sound of the hands rubbing together. She knew they would soon be on her body, bracing herself for when they would. "AAAAWWWW," she gasped, the soft gentle fingers touching her breasts surprised her. This is not what she expected. She expected similar to the evil men, cruel fingers searching out her intimate body. "MMMMM," she moaned, "that feels good," the fingers hefting her breasts, running intimately over the flesh, massaging the smooth oil into her skin. She held her breath in anticipation as the fingers moved around and around her nipples, but not yet touching. They left for a minute, returning again with more oil, massaging again. One hand hefting up her right breast, the other hands fingers rubbing sensuously over her exposed flesh, still not touching her nipple.

"Such lovely breasts, so smooth, do you like that Hope? Do you want me to continue? Ask me, Hope, ask me to continue." Kristina played with Hopes emotions, forcing her to ask, making her beg for Kristina's attention. She ran her finger around the right nipple, still not touching, letting the nail of one finger drag over the areola, watching as tiny bumps appeared.

Hope arched her back, pushing her right breast further into Kristina's hand, "yes, please, yes, continue, that feels so good," her eyes shut, feeling the smooth hand gliding over her breast. Please, please touch my nipples before they burst, she thought.

"Open your eyes, I want you to look at me," commanding Hope again. She was learning to obey, her eyes opening immediately. She watched Hope's face as her fingers moved to her nipple, the oiled fingers running sensuously over the hard bud.

"OOOOHHH, GGGGOOOD," her back arching higher, pushing her nipple into the fingers, she could feel her pussy getting wet. This had never happened to her before. Another girl was touching her and she was getting wet from it. She felt her nipple almost burst as the fingers rubbed over the nub, oil massaging the erect bud, fingernails slowly running over the tip. She thought she could almost cum from her nipples being touched.

Kristina could see the lust in Hopes eyes, her fingers continuing the exploration of her tits. Her other hand moved back to her left breast, fingers searching out and finding the other nipple, shudders running through Hopes body as her nipples were manipulated. "Do you like me touching your nipples, Hope?" her fingers tightening on the erect nipples, now almost an inch long, hard and erect.

"It has never felt like that before, yes, I like that." She felt the hands grab her breasts and gently squeeze them, her hard nipples rubbing over the palm of the hands. They continued to run over her flesh, rubbing, teasing, massaging the oil in her teenage breasts. Fingers pulled and tugged on her nipples, not like the men, soft, yet domineering. She watched the hands moved down, off of her breasts, her eyes searching Kristina's for why.

"I wish had I big tits like yours, mine are so much smaller," her fingers going to the buttons of her blouse, unbuttoning them to her waist, pulling the blouse off and dropping it to the couch to fall next to Hopes. Kristina's hands moved up to her own breasts, cupping them with her hands, her fingers plucking at her nipples, feeling them get hard.

"You have beautiful breasts, they don't have to be big to be beautiful," Hope blurted out. She did not know how to respond, one minute her breasts were being rubbed, the next Kristina was half-naked next to her, comparing their breasts.

"Touch them, rub some oil in them, maybe than I will believe you," Kristina taunted her. Kristina watched the expression on Hope's face. She had learned, having been taught herself, how to make a female turn submissive. It is a matter of always keeping the individual on the edge, never letting them back down. "I said touch them, I told you about obeying," her voice rising in tone again. She smiled as Hope picked up the bottle of oil and applied some to her hands, rubbing them both together, slowly, delaying the inevitable. "Don't be afraid," her hands moving up and again hefting up Hope's breasts, her fingers moving back over the nipples, watching as they perked up into hard points. "See how good it can feel," her fingers tightening on the nipples, now almost an inch long, a fingernail painfully dragging on the tip, feeling Hope's body shudder, not in pain, but in pleasure.

Hope moved her hands up and touched Kristina's breasts, moving them slowly over the flesh, massaging in the oil. She sucked in her breath as Kristina's fingers lightly traced over her nipples, feeling the fingernail igniting a pleasurable bit of pain, not like that the men did to her. They did it to hear her moan of pain, not of pleasure. She arched her back again, pushing her breasts into Kristina's welcoming hands, wanting more. She ran her fingers over Kristina's nipples, matching what was done to her, learning, her eyes looking deeply into hers. They were not as big as hers, but the nipples were hard and erect, the aureole not as dark, more of a light brown, but the size of silver dollars. She continued to tease the nipples, copying what was being done to her, feeling Kristina move closer to her, their faces only inches apart, her eyes drawn to hers almost hypnotically.

"Do you like it when I squeeze your nipples, Hope?" The fingers tightened on the harden tips, feeling them squeeze tightly between her fingertips. "It is not like the men did to you, only a girl could make you feel this way." She felt her nipples pinched harder, loving the feeling of pain rushing to the tips.

Oh, God, it felt so good, Hope panting as they both continued to manipulate each other. "Yes," her voice begging, "yes." She tightened her fingers on Kristina's nipples, pushing a fingernail into the tip. She arched her back, waiting for the response from Kristina, hoping that she would reciprocate. "AAAGGHH," Kristina's nail digging into the hard flesh, the pain shooting down to her wet pussy. She pulled back, stretching her nipples, hoping for more of the delicious pain. It felt so good.

"Yes, you like that don't you, Hope. It feels good." Kristina removed her hands from Hope's breasts, her hands moving up to her face, pulling her towards her, their eyes meeting, only inches apart. She pushed her breasts into Hope, the electrifying touch as their nipples touched the naked skin of each other. Kristina moved her body, slowly rubbing her hard nipples over Hopes, their bodies jerking in pleasure when their nipples met. She moved in closer, her mouth searching Hope's. She saw the puzzlement in Hope's face as their lips met, sweet, hot lips, touching, her tongue moving out, searching out Hope's tongue. It shot out into Hope's mouth, feeling for her tongue, rubbing over her lips, bathing her with her juices.

Hope was scared. It felt so good, their naked breasts rubbing over each other, her nipples about to burst as they caressed the hard points of Kristina's breasts. She felt Kristina move closer. She knew she was going to kiss her. She was confused, tired, her defenses crushed. She had never felt this way before. The lips touched her and her pussy seemed to get wetter, feeling a dampness between her thighs. She felt the tongue and knew she would have to respond. She pushed her tongue out, searching, running it over the tongue that filled her mouth. She could feel the hot tongue, probing, running over the inside of her mouth, the lips crushing hers, their breasts moving sensuously over each other, the hard nipples pushed into each other. She moaned in Kristina's mouth, the responding tongue acknowledging her response.

Kristina felt Hope's surrender. She was hers. She had won. Now it was only a matter of time. She would take it slow, making Hope beg for it. Making her strip slowly for her, spread her legs. She hoped they were enjoying the view, her father, her uncle, her brother. They had taught her well on how to perform. She would do the same to Hope.

Kristina moved back to Hope's mouth, her lips searching hers, her tongue darting again in Hope's hot mouth. She felt her shudder again as their naked breasts and nipples again touched. Kristina's mouth moved down to Hope's neck, her tongue leaving a trail down, moving down toward her breasts. She looked up and saw the lust in Hope's eyes, knowing that soon her lips would encase the hard buds of her breasts. She let her mouth run between the cleavage of her breasts, her cheeks rubbing hard against the breasts, her tongue still leaving traces of hot saliva in its path. She moved to Hope's right breast, her tongue moving sensuously over the flesh, tasting her, feeling her arch her back again, waiting for the moment when her nipples would be touched. "What do you want me to do, Hope? Tell me?" Her head stood still, her tongue running over the young breasts, but still staying away from the hard nipples. She blew on it, hearing a moan come from Hope's lips.

"Your lips, put your lips and tongue on my nipple, please, please," she begged. She tried to move her breast closer to Kristina's mouth, but she moved with them. "Oh, God, please, please." Her hips moved on the sofa, her pussy soaking wet. What is happening to me, she thought.

Kristina waited, teasing, her tongue moving closer and closer, now licking over the areola, the cool air blowing on the wet breast. She could see her nipple, it swelled in anticipation. She blew on it, felt the shudder in Hope's body and then wrapped her lips tightly onto the hard nipple.

"AAAAWWWWW," she moaned, arching her back higher, forcing her nipple into Kristina's mouth, "OOOOOHHHHH," feeling the lips holding it tightly, the tongue now beginning to dance over it, stimulating it. It lapped back and forth over the sensitive tip, bathing it in saliva, lips sucking on the dark brown areola, sucking it further into Kristina's mouth.

Kristina left a trail of wet saliva on Hope's breasts as she moved from one to the other. Her fingers moved to the right breast, searching out the nipple, still wet and began to lightly snap at it with her fingertips, hearing the noise as her fingernail slapped against it with a light thump. She found the other nipple, her mouth again clamping tightly onto it, sucking it further into her mouth. Her tongue lapped at the trapped morsel, running over it, bathing the tip. Her teeth bit down on the areola, more breast pushed in her mouth as Hope begged for more. She let her teeth move back, finding the hard nipple and begin to bite softly onto it.

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