It’s amazing what one has to go through when they find a lover.

My name is Daymon Hardwood, and I am a searcher of sorts. That is to say that I go through and find people who have been lost, and not in a good way either.

Family’s come to me grieving after they have lost loved ones, begging to me for answers that only I can give. They seek my knowledge in the occult.

It was a particular Tuesday when the woman came to my door. She was a small woman with carrot red hair and a story that would melt your heart.

“My husband Raul, he. He left me…” She tried to continue, but the process was obviously very trying for her and it became very hard for her to continue.

“Please go on,” I told her handing her a box of tissues to try and sooth her wounds.

“Well my husband, he thinks that I’m being unfaithful to him and that I don’t really care about him. I-I need you to find him for me, he ran away.”

“I wasn’t sure where she was going on with this. Start from the beginning.”

“Well, we were always very consummate lovers and we would get naked and have play like Raul liked, you know?”

I admitted to her that I did, and my cock started to rise in my khaki pants. “Yes, go on,”

“Well there was this one night that Raul got a little to dirty with me and shoved a candle, right up my… you know…” She got very quiet.

“Your what?” I tried to get her to tell me.

“My, my ass…” She blushed as she said the last word.

“Shh, there, there, that’s ok. Some men seem to get off on things like that, not me.”

She smiled, “me neither, but the thing that happened to me was that Raul wanted to continue the little games that he’d started to play with me…”

“What happened after that?”

“Well he became very upset when I told him that I didn’t want to play those kinds of games, very abusive…” She tried to go on, but she was too afraid to do so.

“Shh.” I told her, “Everything’s ok, Raul isn’t here right now and won’t hurt you I promise that.”

“Don’t make promises that you can’t keep.” She warned me.

“What are you talking about? The doors locked and there is no way that he can come through the door.”

The lady started to laugh in a way that I found quite unnerving. “Raul, Raul he’s right here, can’t you see that?” She was looking at me, but she had this glassy look in her eyes, as if there was something more that she wasn’t telling me that was hidden deep inside.

Her nails started to grow suddenly and soon they looked like daggers of some sort. I hurried over to my desk, and pulled out my service revolver. This was getting way too freaky for me. Perhaps he was on drugs or something.

Her fingers scraped away at flesh breaking it and tearing away slices of it. Thick oozing welts coursed forth, and I could see something gray and dark, just below the surface. The blouse and skirt that the lady had been wearing had become soaked with her blood and she ripped them off of her body.

“Raul… he makes me do things…” She shredded the fabric of her clothes, leaving her naked and advancing on me.

She twitched slightly as if she were having an epileptic seizure of some sort, and one of the w3ealts on her face that went from her forehead to her chin burst forth, like a giant pimple. Inside of the pimple I could see the makings of a face of some sort.

Her hands were diving towards her cunt, digging inside of it, and pulling out large pinkish masses of skin, I watched as she started to bleed heavily… “See, he makes me do things to myself!” She screamed, still advancing on me, I backed away, and she came close enough to me to hold me at bay with the back of a filing cabinet.

I felt as she kissed me, bringing her lips to mine, and my lungs filled with a wet ethereal feeling. Like that of offal, I felt as her tongue went into my mouth and down my throat, suddenly snaking down.

I gasped to breathe as her hands went for the crotch of my trousers, freeing my penis, hard as it was, and impaling herself on me.

It was cold, oh so cold.

“Raul was a good lover”, the she thing whispered as she rode my cock, and I could feel as her cunt muscles vibrated my cock. “He begged me to stop fucking him, but it felt so good that I just couldn’t. He died when I broke his back, he just couldn’t handle my pleasure. He finally had to leave me…”

I started to laugh, feeling as her cunt dug into my cock, and my cum leaked out. I couldn’t believe that I’d let myself get taken in by a succubus.

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