I love the walk from the couch to the bed. There is something about the sultry way your hips sway back and forth, the light fingertip guidance your hand gives mine as we ascend the staircase, the look of sexual anticipation in your eyes as you look back at me and smile wickedly, biting your lip and teasing me with your entrancing blue eyes. Halfway up, I pull myself closer to you, grinding my hips and firmness into your succulent behind, causing your eyes to close, your smile to broaden, and a soft moan of contentment to escape your lips as you realize my need pressed against you.

We reach the top step and proceed to the bedroom where you turn to face me and kiss me passionately, your arms resting on my waist as you stand on your toes to reach me. Our tongues meet ever so lightly at first, and then with more urgency, exploring each other's mouth with an insistence that comes from wanton desire. Every so often our lips break apart, and on one of those moments you pull away from me, teasing me with your parted lips but denying me the pleasure of tasting you. You do this so well, it drives me crazy thinking about it now.

Finally we drop to the bed, and your teasing subsides as you grip my shaft through my pants and start sliding your small hand up and down it, feeling the hardness, reveling in the thought that soon it won't be your hand it's sliding along.

Our eyes lock and you whisper to me, "I want you to fuck me."

I am powerless. Gently I guide your hand away and pull down the waist of my pants, releasing the glory of my incredibly hard cock. You take one look at it and start removing your own clothing, showing me your beautiful legs and thighs, and the sweetness that is your amazing pussy. I can't stand it anymore; I need to be inside you right now!

I lower myself onto you and you grab my cock in your hand and guide me into your waiting passage. I linger for a moment at your entrance, teasing you, and then gently insert myself into you. You moan slightly as I enter, and as my full length fills you, your moan turns into a sigh mixed with pleasure and relief.

I bury my cock in you, savoring the feel of your hot wet canal, and then slowly I stroke out of you again, almost leaving completely, until the head of my rod rests just inside you. Then, ever so slowly, I plunge myself back into you, and you moan again, this time with a look of raw sexual enjoyment spread across your face. I then start thrusting into you, directly at first, and then with a rotation of my hips, feeling the walls of your pussy from every angle, watching your face as it responds to my ministrations.

I'm not disappointed by your reaction as you writhe beneath me, savoring the feel of my thorough probing. Just as you start to rotate your hips in unison to mine, I pull out of you as far as I can, and then once again slowly re-enter you.

Your moan is louder now and more insistent. I do it again, and again your response pleasing as your head arcs backwards and you grip my back firmly. At that point my mind turns to its animal instincts, and my body responds in kind, as my slow rotating thrusts suddenly become full blooded impalings, and I start pistoning into your cunt as hard as I possibly can. I can feel you shudder as I pound into your pussy, and your breathing becomes ragged and coarse.

You start to moan even louder, and as my plunder continues, you begin to cry out, your sounds mixed with words of

"Oh god yeah! Oh God Thomas, fuck me! Fuck me!"

I pound your pussy until sweat starts dripping off me from the effort, and I think I'm going to collapse. Then I suddenly stop, and watch your face go from mind fucked abandonment, to semi-relaxed and slightly disappointed, and you regain an easier sound to your breathing, but a look of pure lust filled desire fills your eyes.

I then return to the slow rotating strokes of before, every once in a while changing the direction of my circumnavigation of your pussy, once again feeling your hips push back into mine, feeling you grind your clit against my pelvis. You continue to moan softly, your eyes briefly opening to stare into mine before once again being closed by a new wave of pleasure. I can feel you getting closer to release, and that in turn encourages me to fuck you harder, so for the second time I change from the slow pussy caressing stroke to the mindless ramming of your dripping snatch.

You splay your legs wide to allow me to completely ravage you with my cock, and as I continue to slam into you faster and harder, your cries get louder and higher, your face contorts from the raw animal act, and then finally I feel your whole body start to spasm as you cum harder than ever before. Even as wave after wave of ecstasy washes over you I continue to thrust deeply inside you, relishing the sensation of your cunt gripping tightly onto my still immensely hard member.

You make little to no sound as you cum, as all words, thoughts and abilities seem to leave you, and your entire focus is on the power of the orgasm raging through you. Eventually you can stand it no longer, and wriggle slightly away from me, but still hold onto my rod with your convulsing passage. I ease back from you, but still every now and then I thrust back inside you, just to see a new spasm of pleasure sweep through you, and to hear the small whimper come from your mouth as your whole body collapses from having been utterly pillaged.

We lay there quietly for a moment, just looking into each others eyes. I'm still inside you, and I lightly rock back and forth, eliciting a small gasp and a smile.

"Was that good baby?" I ask as I continue to lightly sway my hips. You don't answer, but simply nod your head as your smile broadens.

"I want you to turn over baby, I want to fuck you from behind." I say, looking deep into your gorgeous blue eyes. You continue to smile, but start turning your hips around, causing my cock to leave its warm home. But not for long, for as soon as you've managed to settle yourself face down on the bed, I bring my prick back up to your waiting hole, and slide myself straight in all the way to the hilt.

You cry out once, and then press your ass back against me, pushing my cock in as far as possible. I remain motionless for a minute, waiting as you wriggle yourself under me, relishing in the feel of my rod deep inside you.

Then, slowly at first, I start thrusting myself in and out of you. You start to moan, spurring me on, and I increase my tempo, getting faster and faster, until I am jack hammering your snatch as fast as I can. You start to scream from the absolute beating your pussy is taking, and turn your head to show me eyes filled with a greed for raw fucking.

It's then that I reach one hand up and wrench your head back by the hair. The shock causes you to breathe faster, and your back arches even further into my mauling cock. I continue to pound your brains out while clenching your hair in my fist, and your screams turn into guttural grunts of mindless sexual exertion. This continues for what seems like ages, and in the end, your grunts have regressed into pleasure filled whimpers, each one revealing the unbridled bliss my fucking is bringing.

Finally I slow, allowing you to place your head back onto the bed, and return to a slow, methodical pumping of your pussy. You are completely dripping wet now, your cunt lips swollen and puckered, the inside of your thighs slicked with your own fluid. Even like this, each time I push inside you, a moan escapes your mouth. I feel like I could cum inside you right now, fill you with hot jizz until you overflow with it, but I restrain myself. I want to continue pleasing you.

Eventually, I pull myself out of you, and you roll over once more. We both lay on our sides and our mouths meet, our tongues lashing each other vigorously, and our eyes locking together.

The fire is still there. You are truly and totally insatiable.

You push lightly on my chest, and I roll backwards, resting on my back with my cock waving in the air like a beacon. You slowly slink on top of me, straddling my still raging hard on, and all so easy slide down my throbbing pole. A sigh comes from my mouth.

There is nothing sexier than watching you ride my cock. To start, you simply grind your hips into me, and I raise mine in return, completely absorbed in the feel of your fantastically swollen cunt lips spreading juice all up and down my pelvis. Your fluid rolls down the shaft of my cock and coats my scrotem. I can feel the slickness of it, feel the liquid warmth, and I pulse my shaft in contentment.

Then, ever so slightly, you raise your hips up off me, and start to rock yourself back and forth, my hard rod sliding effortlessly inside you. Your passage is drenched, and I can feel every millimetre of your canal slipping along me. Although it seems impossible, I feel myself get even harder inside you, and start to envision filling you with my warm seed.

You start to rock faster, and your head starts to tilt back slightly as you start relishing in the cunt plowing you are receiving. I start to match your rhythm, pumping myself deeper inside you in time to your rocking, sighs and moans falling from your luscious lips. Your breathing becomes faster, and your start to take large gasps of air when our hips come together, the feeling of being impaled on my cock consuming your entire being.

At that point, I bend my legs up behind you so your ass is resting on them, and then without restraint, relentlessly begin annihilating your already ravaged cunt. I pound you as hard and long as I possibly can, as you cry out from above, gripping the mattress with clenched fists, your head bowed down into my chest, and your hair draping over my face.

As I continue to flay your pussy, your cries become higher pitched squeals, and your mouth gasps open in ecstasy. Eventually I slow, extending my legs back out behind you, watching your face as you continue your soft, high pitched moan. You return to your original hip grinding, and my cock feels like it has moved even deeper inside you than before.

You recover your breathing, until once again you raise yourself slightly, allowing yourself to slide once more along my swollen length. I can see the true hunger in your face. You want me to cum for you.

You start to pump along my shaft, rocking your hips back and forth, slowly gaining in tempo. On the downward strokes, you ram yourself onto my cock, slamming your clit and ass into me. Although you want me to spray my load, I can see you are ready to climax as well.

"Oh yeah baby, that's the way, ride that cock. I know you want me to fill you up with my hot cum. You want me to gun deep inside you don't you. Want me to fill you to the brim with my load."

You love hearing me talk to you like that while I fuck you, and as I continue to say these words, you nod your head and close your eyes, viewing the imagery my voice is creating inside your head.

"Are you going to cum again for me baby. Come on, cum all over my cock. Let me feel you gush all over me."

This pushes you even closer to the edge, and you start riding up and down on me even faster, dropping yourself even harder onto my waiting prick. As your breathing increases it's rate, I start to lose myself in the feel of your pussy, and I know my release is not far away. You become more and more irate above me, and you clamp down harder on my cock, soliciting a groan from me as I can feel the tension start to build at the base of my shaft.

Your cries begin again, and you up the tempo some more, pumping down on me with wild abandon. I clench my cock, holding on as long as I can, building myself up for the torrent of cum I know is coming. Your cries heighten in pitch, and then, like a wave, your whole body tenses and you release with mind blowing ferocity, your entire body spasming wildly, wave after wave of sensation rushing through you.

My cock keeps pounding into you, keeping you in your state of overpowering elation. And then, just as you start to descend from your plateau of ecstasy, I can finally take it no longer. I arch my back and explode inside your hungry pussy, sending spurt after spurt of hot cum deep inside you.

You can feel it filling you, and a new wave of spasms wash across you. I cum harder than I have ever in my life, and my cock keeps endlessly throbbing even after I have blown my entire load inside you. Your cunt milks the last drops from me, clamping along my length, greedily consuming every last drop of juice I have.

I have always loved the taste of my own seed, and I quickly disengage myself from you and drop my head between your thighs to drink at the glorious well of cum and pussy juice that is there. My tongue lashes wildly at your gaping hole, lapping up every speck of that amazing sexual cocktail.

I can hear you moaning as my tongue swirls around your swollen clit, and I lick the last of the pouring fluid into my mouth. I carefully cradle that final taste on my tongue, and bring it to your panting mouth. You vehemently thrust your tongue past my lips and savour the sweet flavour of our combined efforts.

When you have swallowed the last drops, you kiss me passionately for a moment more, and then collapse backwards, exhaustion and bliss like blanket drawn over you. I also collapse into spent contentment, sweat beading all over me. Finally, you shuffle yourself across to me, and I cradle you in my arms as we both find peace in each other's warm embrace.

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