tagLesbian SexRaven Robinson Ep. 03

Raven Robinson Ep. 03


Raven sat at the breakfast table to a plate full of eggs and bacon. Her new step-mom sat across from her looking eager. Lizzy Robinson, formerly Lizzy Malone, was hopeful that Raven would like her cooking. She wasn't much of a cook to be honest and she knew it. Somehow though she felt that if Raven responded well she could be sure the girl was taking the change in stride. It can't have been easy losing her mom the way she did – and Raven had been very quiet all through yesterday's events, the wedding, the dinner, everything. Bob assured her that his daughter just needed time to adjust. He knew his girl well, or so Lizzy thought.

In reality Bob hardly knew Raven at all. He didn't know his daughter hated pork, and had thus fed last night's dinner, a perfectly cooked chop to the family dog Rupert. He didn't know that despite graduating high-school a whole semester early Raven had no intention of attending college. At least not yet. The most important thing he didn't know was of course Raven's big secret, but then again no one knew that. Raven Robinson was a lesbian.

So when he observed his daughter of eighteen years staring at her new step-mom and biting her lip he assumed it was just a reaction to the change in family arrangements. He was entirely oblivious to the internal struggle Raven was undergoing. She had developed a crush on Lizzy that was approaching dangerous levels.

Raven ate in silence but tried to smile in Lizzy's direction to show her there were no hard feelings being harbored at her expense – that was of course if you didn't count the hardening of Ravens nipples at the sight of Lizzy, still wearing her bathrobe, hair wet from a quick shower. Raven polished off the eggs and went to the fridge to grab some orange juice. She poured some and downed it in a single gulp.

Lizzy was elated at how well Raven had eaten. It was the first time she had seen her finish an entire meal – Raven never was a big eater, she was skinny too. Just 111 lbs. to her frame of 5ft 6inches. She thought about remarking on it but stopped herself short. She didn't want Raven to be self conscious about it.

"Raven sweetie, your father and I will be leaving for the honeymoon this afternoon. He's in his study making calls now before we head out. Anyway we'll only be gone three days, counting today. We'll be back late Monday. Your dad's got to hit the road on business by Tuesday so we're going to keep things relatively short. He's concerned that it's not long enough, but I keep telling him I'll be on vacation all summer anyway." this was true enough Lizzy was the high-school girls PE teacher and wouldn't have to be back at work for three and a half months. Lizzy continued

" maybe when I get back you and I can spend some time together"? She said it in such a hopeful tone that it had to be genuine.

Raven turned around pulp still clinging to her upper lip.

"Well, OK I guess we could do that". Raven was trying her best to sound non-committal without being insulting. In truth she wanted to do nothing more, but she didn't want to give herself away by sounding too excited. "I heard from Sam that there's supposed to be some photography expo in the park all next week. People are coming from all over the state for it. Maybe we could catch that, I mean if you're interested." Lizzy was again happily surprised at the reply.

"That sounds great! You know I had a girlfriend, well a girl friend who was a great photographer in college. I even did some modeling for her once. Real elegant stuff if you don't mind my saying. Her name's Mina. Last I heard she was still in town, we might even run into her at this thing. I think you two would get along great. A real eye for composition that one.

" Alright sounds fun Liz – It's a date. Thanks for breakfast by the way I'm going to hop in the shower now, but if I don't get out in time to say goodbye to you guys let Dad know I love him". Raven scampered back upstairs. Lizzy was taken aback at her being called Liz, Mina called her that too. Although she figured it had more to do with Lizzy being her real mom's name – and on account of Mom still being way too far off. For the third time that morning however Mrs Robinson was pleasantly surprised by her step daughter's increasingly sunny disposition. Things just might work out after all.

In the shower Raven soaped her body lightly rubbing her skin. She too was happy at the turn of events. She hadn't known her dad would be leaving so soon. To make matters even better now her and Liz (this is now how she thought of the former Miss Malone) would get to hang out too. It may have been her mind playing tricks on her, but as she was washing her long black hair she couldn't get over the way Liz had said girlfriend earlier before catching and correcting herself. It was probably nothing, but what if it meant something more? Raven heard her dad yell from downstairs that he loved her and would be home before she knew it. He closed the front door audibly. Raven got out of the shower to pee, without turning off the water, and was startled to hear the master bedroom door creak open. She moved to the door and edged it open for a quick peek.

Out of the corner of her eye Raven saw Liz back her new marital bedroom. She had a small bag with her and was placing something small and pink inside it. At first glance she thought it was for toiletries, and was suddenly nervous Liz would come looking for a toothbrush. But then just before she ran back to the shower she realized what she had just seen. The little pink object was a vibrator. She knew because she had one almost just like it. Liz exited the room and left the house without saying another word. Back in the shower Raven wondered why Liz would need a vibrator on her honeymoon.

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