tagLesbian SexRaven Robinson Ep. 09

Raven Robinson Ep. 09


Raven's plan to play sick and dupe her step-mom into doting on all day long had worked fantastically. Still the young girl could never have guessed what Liz would do when she discovered the true nature of the plot.

Liz Robinson loved games. Especially ones played with sexual motives in mind. And so, as she sat on Raven's bed that Wednesday afternoon, staring at a pair of her own panties, presumably stolen – and dripping with cum she hatched a plan all her own. One that would surpass Raven's in devious intent, and be incredibly fun to carry out.

The newly-wed Mrs. Robinson put the panties back where she'd found them. She had no intention of blowing her cover, and quite frankly the thought of Raven using them in any way while playing with herself was a huge turn on. She didn't want to spoil that for her. Liz left the room and went to get the small TV from Bob's study.

She had picked up some movies earlier, but now she decided against them. She had something else in mind besides some cheesy feel good comedy. From her own collection she selected an old favorite – a movie that Raven probably hadn't seen. She set up the TV and was plugging in the dvd player just as Raven was coming back into her bedroom.

Remembering the panties, Raven got comfy in the bed quickly. She wanted to make sure she was laying on top of her pillow so her secret prize could stay hidden.

The movie that came on was something called 'The Graduate'. Liz spoke, "It's a real classic babe, you'll like it I'm sure. When I was in college I watched it a hundred times, maybe more."

The film started kind of slow. The main plot, or at least the real exciting parts centered around a young college age kid who, while home for the summer began a secret sexual relationship with a neighbor. The woman was sensual and just as horny as the teen who lusted after her. The really juicy and erotic part of it all was that the lady was named Mrs. Robinson.

Liz, who had been watching the entire movie right there with Raven – nestled very close to her step-daughter. Liz was right, Raven was enjoying herself thoroughly, the close proximity to Liz was making her sweat with desire. But she figured with luck Liz would only mistake it for a slight fever.

Raven could smell Liz's hair and perfume from where she lay, and was a bit confused. She didn't remember Liz wearing perfume earlier. (she had sprayed a bit on just before getting the movie)

Raven was both puzzled and aroused at the signals she thought her step-mom was sending. She kept trying to temper her lustful thoughts by telling herself she was reading too much into things She glanced down at Liz from the corner of her eye. Liz was smiling continually. What she said next really got Raven thinking, hoping, dreaming ;

"You know Raven, I used to tell my friends when we watched this, that Mrs. Robinson was my hero. That I'd be just like her one day. And now, it's crazy to think about but I really AM Mrs. Robinson." She was so tickled at her own joke she laughed for what seemed like ten whole minutes.

When the movie was over it was Raven's turn to send a signal of her own. She said. "The guy is nuts, just nuts, he should've stayed with Mrs. Robinson"

Liz's reply was, " I always thought so too". Raven was wet just laying there thinking, were they actually flirting?

It was now evening and time for Liz to move her game along. She fed Raven some chicken noodle soup for dinner and then brought her a glass of what she called her mother's 'home remedy' "It's mostly warm milk, but there's also some cinnamon in there, some nutmeg and a few other things."

She didn't elaborate except to say " It'll put you right out for hours. By the time you wake up in the morning you should be all better." She said this with a sly knowing smile.

The remedy was warm and Raven felt it taking effect in just a few minutes. She downed the whole thing, imagining the wonderful dreams she was sure to have following the day's events.

A while later when she was sure Raven was sound asleep and breathing softly through her delicate little nose Liz began phase three of her game – the really fun part, she thought, mouth watering with anticipation.

First ,Liz pulled the covers down exposing Raven body slowly. She noticed the girl had unbuttoned part of her pajamas and had chosen to remain braless.

"Probably got pretty hot in here", she said to the empty air.

Raven's breasts were small, but perfectly symmetrical. Liz felt the light weight of them as she cupped them in her hands. They were tiny enough that she could put one all the way in her salivating mouth if she tried. Yet she didn't do this - that would feel too much like rape, and that, was not the goal.

Today was all about observation and appreciation. Well at least, for the most part. Liz wanted to savor every moment of this, so she pulled Raven's pants down gradually loving the sight of her pale white skin as the pajamas were peeled away.

Raven was wearing a pair of cotton panties that reminded Liz of being a kid. They had small pink hearts on them – to her steadily building delight she noticed that there was a small wet spot in front. Raven had cum, just a little, with no other provocation aside from the movie and close contact.

This just keeps getting better she thought. Through the underwear she saw the soft outlines of young sweet womanhood. When Raven's pussy was fully exposed Liz saw that she kept it nicely groomed. Nearly bare save for a small thatch of dark hair. It looked so inviting and it took all the restraint she had not to bury her face in it and start licking away like a kitten lapping up milk.

She did allow herself the pleasure of running her fingers lightly from Raven's abs and stomach down to her pelvic region just before her vagina – which she proceeded to sniff at, breathing in it's scent. It smelled sweet to her, and she knew then that she would taste it. At some point, oh yes, she would taste it. But, not tonight. No, the seduction would have to come later.

Knowing that Raven wanted it perhaps as much as she did stopping short was not too difficult. Still she was not entirely done with the planned examination. There was one more thing to see.

Liz turned Raven over on her stomach. It was easy with her still in deep sleep. Raven's butt was absolutely amazing. Maybe the best part about her all told. Despite her small size, her ass was surprisingly supple. The cheeks were as soft as baby skin, and there was not a blemish to speak of.

Liz again set to work running her fingers down the small of Raven's back until she reached her ass-crack. She carefully spread her cheeks apart revealing the cutest little asshole she had ever seen. It was pink and puckered and perfect. To Liz's further surprise it looked as though it was just a little inflamed. Not in the infirm way, as sometimes happens when sick. Instead it looked as if Raven herself had been playing with it recently. Probably in the last day or two, and most likely also for the first time ever.

So Liz thought, my girl likes it dirty does she. Liz was so turned on at this point that she was dripping from her own pussy. She hoped that she might get a little on Raven's bed just for some added kink. She wasn't intending to soak the sheets by any means but a little essence wouldn't hurt.

Finally, finished with her preliminary examination Liz turned her step-daughter back over and began to redress her. On a crazy lust driven impulse she didn't put the panties back on. Instead she took them for her own.

Before leaving the room she said one thing. "An eye for an eye, and a panty for a panty"

Upon returning to the the master bedroom Liz masturbated more times than she could count. She buried her nose in the small cotton under-garments while fingering her womanhood, and then later her asshole – all drunk on the sweet smell of Raven's young succulent sex.

Some time later in the cool spring night, Raven woke from what had been the most intense wet dream of her life. She reached down to feel her quivering clit and maybe finish the job, so to speak. That is when she realized she wasn't wearing any panties.

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