tagLesbian SexRebel Princess Ch. 02

Rebel Princess Ch. 02


This is the second installment of Rebel Princess on Literotica, I do advise you to read Part One first, this will make much more sense if you do.

As always, enjoy!

The next morning Kai awoke hiding in her bed. As silly as that seemed, she actually awoke curled up under the blankets, and peeking out for any sign of Rael. Her bottom stung gently with every little movement, reminding her of Rael's correction.

"Good morning," Rael greeted her from across the room.

"Hello," Kai mumbled back, finding as she shifted more, sharp little claws dug into her arm as the little grey creature asleep on her warned her not to move. She giggled a little and lifted it up, ignoring the accusatory look it gave her.

"Come along girl, time to get up," Rael said, her tone light, but with that note of command in it once more. Kai frowned to herself, her rebellious streak rising. Just who did this woman think she was? She would have to set things straight around here, let this woman know what she was made of, she would show her who was boss, she would show her...

"Kai." Rael said warningly.

Kai struggled out of bed grumpily. "Where's the fucking fire?" she growled as she did. Rael's gaze was sharp to say the least.

"Please refrain from using that language," she said, her tone deceptively soft.

"I'll speak how the fuck I want to." Kai replied petulantly, turning her back on Rael dismissively. In the next moment a pain seared through her backside, and even as she squealed she wondered where Rael had taken the hot poker from, so intensely did her backside burn.

That train of thought was quickly cut short as she was lifted by the scruff of her neck and swung around to face Rael, lifted up so her feet were off the floor, she dangled before those intense grey eyes, which now seemed to burn into hers.

"You will not disrespect me in that fashion, and you will not disrespect yourself by behaving in such a manner, do you understand me?" Rael spoke softly, but each word fell on Kai's ears in no uncertain manner, and Kai felt a shiver run along her spine, as just for a moment she was allowed a glimpse into the soul of the woman holding her and saw, for a fleeting second, just what she was capable of.

"Yes ma'am," she whimpered.

Rael nodded and placed her back down on the ground gently. "Tidy up, you can wash behind the screen," she said, indicating a corner of the room that had been screened off with a pretty three faced screen.

Kai nodded and scuttled off, glad to escape that gaze, if only for a few minutes whilst she washed and changed. When she emerged, Rael was waiting for her.

"We will go out and patrol the area before breakfast. It should be clear, but with all the activity lately, it is good to make sure that one has not been followed," she said, handing Kai a little rice cake to tide her over until they returned.

Kai nodded obediently.

"You'll be pleased to know that getting down is much easier than getting up was last night."

Rael said with a smile, leading her out to the balcony and showing her a device that she hadn't seen the night before. It was a polished wooden seat, suspended from the branches above and hanging out over the trees.

"Sit down," Rael bade her. Looking doubtful, Kai complied.

"Now hold on tight." Rael said briefly before the tension on the ropes holding the seat went out and Kai found herself plummeting through the branches, too terrified to scream. This was it, this was how she was going to die, and after all she had been through, to die on a broken toy.

Before she was shattered on the ground, the rope began to take again, slowing her descent until she was gently placed upon the ground, trembling a little as she stepped away from the seat and watched it slowly rise up several feet, and then rocket back into the treetops.

Another minute or two later, Rael was beside her, grinning in a pleased sort of fashion.

"How did you like that?" she asked, clearly proud of it.

"It was, it was okay." Kai said, trying to sound nonchalant.

Rael laughed and gave her a quick hug with one arm around her shoulder. "My apologies if it frightened you, I confess, I haven't had anyone to show it off to."

Kai nodded a little. "What is it?" she asked.

"I call it an 'elevator'" Rael declared proudly. "It makes getting up and down much more easy."

Kai smiled simply from seeing Rael so pleased with her invention. "It's definitely quick," she offered.

Rael nodded. "Oh yes. It's very quick," she smiled, before getting back down to business.

"Now follow me, and if you spot anything, let me know," she said. "And let me know if your leg is hurting," she added as an afterthought.

Kai nodded, and they set off through the bush. Rael seemed to know her way well, and traveled through the bush barely disturbing so much as a leaf. Kai found herself admiring more and more about the woman.

A flash of color and a rustle of movement alerted them both to something in the undergrowth. With a look at Kai, Rael began to move towards the noise, her hand on the hilt of her sword in perfect readiness. With practiced ease, Kai fell in on her flank, both offering protection and cutting off one route of escape for the trespasser.

They crept forward slowly through the foliage before merely a thin layer of leaves stood between them and their quarry. With a sharp yell, Rael broke through the cover, raising her blade and bringing it down within a hair's breadth of the intruder's neck.

"Howdy!" The intruder responded cheerfully, and Kai's eyes widened as Rael stopped her motion perfectly in mid swing and sheathed her sword.

"Lucy!" She said in a tone that Kai recognized as being one that indicated the recipient of the tone was in no small measure of trouble.

"Lady Rael, it is a pleasure as always," Lucy replied with a low and elaborate bow.

Lucy was rather a curious figure indeed. Clearly of foreign blood, she wore a black wide brimmed hat at a jaunty angle, and unlike the robes that Rael and Kai wore, her legs were clad in a type oflegging that Kai had not seen before. Black and dark, fitted close to her figure then flaring out

as they passed the knee they were most strange pieces of apparel. The upper part of her body was clad in an odd white shirt that reminded Kai of an undershirt, but which was much more ornate, with lace and ruffles running down the front of it, over the young woman's bosom.

The stranger caught Kai looking at her and smiled and bowed to her too. Kai frowned and shifted uncertainly. She did not like strange new things, and this woman was as strange and new as one could get.

Lucy had bigger problems than Kai at that point in time however, Rael was looking at the young woman with a thunderous expression.

"Does your Uncle know you are out here?"

Lucy shrugged with a devil may care smile. "Oh him, he probably does, I left him a note. Aren't you pleased to see me?" she ended her sentence on a wheedling tone.

Rael shook her head. "Of course I am. But it is dangerous out here, especially for one such as yourself. Have you even bought a weapon with you?"she asked.

"Just my rapier wit," Lucy winked.

For a moment, Kai thought that Rael was going to take Lucy and whip her then and there.

"Right. Come with us. This is Kai." She said, by way of introduction. "Kai, keep an eye on this one, and do not be influenced by her," she said with a stern look at Lucy before turning and leading the little party back to the tree house.

Lucy slid back next to Kai. "Hello, I am Lucy." She said unnecessarily. Kai nodded in acknowledgment, but said nothing.

"You have to be careful with her," Lucy whispered, pointing out Rael. "She has a mean right hand," she confided in Kai.

Kai couldn't help but smile a little at that, Lucy was absolutely right. Lucy seemed prepared to chatter the whole way back, but Rael soon put a stop to that with a look.

"I think she's mad at me." Lucy whispered to Kai, before falling into silence.

In short order they were all assembled back in the safety of the tree house. Rael looked both her guests over, an unfathomable expression on her face.

"She's trying to decide whether or not to eat us." Lucy whispered loudly to Kai, making Kai laugh, and earning her a wry look from Rael.

"On the contrary, I am trying to ascertain whether or not my arm will be able to take the strain of having both of you around," she said dryly.

Kai felt herself squirming on the spot. She didn't know how it had happened, but somehow it seemed that she had been taken under Rael's wing. It felt nice, if a little odd.

Lucy seemed more than comfortable with it, in fact she simply waltzed up to Rael, put her arms around the woman's waist and looked up at her with a sweet expression.

"I promise I'll be good," she wheedled.

Rael laughed and shook her head, hugging the younger woman back. "Yes dear, yes you will," she agreed, patting her bottom.

"You take the bed next to Kai," she directed Lucy, who immediately bounded over to the indicated bed and sat down on it. Kai found herself regarding the girl with immense curiosity.She was so light of spirit, it seemed as if nothing bothered her at all.

"We will breakfast in a moment, Kai, I'll change your dressing for you," Rael said, gesturing for Kai to remove her outer robe and lay on her stomach.

Now it was Lucy's turn to stare as Rael peeled back the bandage on Kai's leg and revealed the wound.

"Wow. What happened to you?" She blurted as Rael began to clean it gently.

"Just a fight." Kai replied casually.

Lucy stared wide eyed. "Somebody did this to you?" She said incredulously, her light grey eyes growing dark.

"Uhm, yeah," Kai replied, wondering a little at how Lucy seemed so unaware of the consequences of fighting.

"Those bastards!" Lucy exclaimed in genuine outrage.

Kai laughed a little. "It's okay, they're gone now."

Lucy nodded in approval. "Good," she said, settling back on her bed.

Rael shook her head. "This is why you need to be careful, and not simply run off into the woods when the mood takes you, young lady," she lectured Lucy as she bandaged Kai.

"Hmph." Lucy replied, clearly not swayed by the argument.

"Or perhaps I should give you a physical reminder of your own as to why you shouldn't run off on your own." Rael said more seriously.

"Rael, I am quite grown and able to undertake my own decisions." Lucy said haughtily,removing her hat, and letting reddish brown curls tumble out from under it.

"You may be grown, but you must still obey some of us." Rael cautioned her as she finished wrapping Kai's leg.

Lucy simply made a disgusted sound in response, and Rael shook her head. "Evidently your Uncle has been remiss in your discipline," she said, standing up and taking her by the arm.

Kai watched with wide eyes as Lucy began to thrash and squirm around, fighting Rael for all she was worth.

"No! You can't do this! I am grown!" She protested even as Rael easily countered her moves and placed her over her lap, beginning to work on the fastening of the pants she wore as Lucy fought like a little tigress, growling and spitting angrily at the effrontery of it all.

"You will always answer to your Uncle and I." Rael replied, succeeding in loosening the fastening and lowering her pants to reveal a curved bare bottom that wriggled about over her lap, and gave Kai a very curious feeling in her tummy.

"Dammit Rael, this isn't fair." Lucy protested as she felt Rael's hand on her bottom. "I am not a child anymore."

"No, which makes it even worse that you would come out to these lands unescorted. You couldhave been severely hurt, do you understand that?" Rael said sternly, beginning the spanking of the recalcitrant woman.

Lucy yowled and squealed as Rael's hand smacked her bottom soundly, soon bursting into tears as the slaps reddened her cheeks and made her poor bottom burn. Kai felt a little sorry for her, being spanked simply for having gone somewhere, it didn't seem fair at all.

Rael was keen to impart the lesson soundly, and by the time she was finished, Lucy was an angry, crying young lady over her lap with a very red bottom to boot. She attempted to give her a hug, but Lucy was having none of it, pushing Rael away and throwing herself on the bed crying.

Rael shook her head, and left her to cry it out alone whilst she went and prepared for breakfast.

Lucy sobbed into the pillow, her red bottom on display as she did, and Kai felt so sorry for her that she went and knelt next to the bed. "Are you okay?" She whispered.

Lucy nodded a little through her tears. "She is so mean," she sobbed.

Kai nodded, and impulsively hugged her, something that seemed to have a positive effect. "It will be okay, do you want me to rub it better for you?" she said, just wanting to help ease herpain and her crying. Lucy sniffled against her and nodded, "Yes, please," she said, and Kai obliged by sliding one hand down to her burning bottom and rubbing the hot curvy cheeks.

For a moment or two Kai was almost grateful for Rael having spanked Lucy. Her bottom was gorgeous, full round cheeks that looked ever so cute blushing red from her spanking. As Kai's hand rubbed them, it was hard to resist from giving Lucy's bottom a little squeeze.

Slowly as Kai rubbed and refrained from squeezing, Lucy began to calm down, and smiled gratefully at Kai for her kindness. "You're so nice," she said as Kai regretfully slid her hand away.

Kai smiled back at her. "You're sweet and you deserve it," she replied, blushing a little as she said the words.

Lucy smiled, a cute little smile and hugged Kai.

"You will be my friend." She declared with a simplicity that made Kai laugh and nod.

"I will be your friend." She agreed.

"Okay you two, breakfast." Rael called, making both their heads pop up. They were both hungry, and within moments they were at the table eating heartily. Rael watched them with a smile as she ate. Fate had a strange way of working things out, it seemed.

Did you enjoy that installment? Let me know, for there is more to come of this tale...

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