tagNonHumanRed Under The Moon

Red Under The Moon


Pulling my cloak tighter about my frame I sped up a little. The branches over head rustled and scraped together like skeletal fingers. A horrid night I found myself out. The snow crunched underfoot as I trudged through it. Shivering and pulling the wool tighter about my frame I felt a bit of snow weasel its way into my boot, instantly chilling the skin and I bent over to lift my skirts, trying to wiggle a cold finger inside the boot to dig out the offending ice.

My hand froze when I saw the tracks. They were mine, from previously, when I had first journeyed to town to pick up a few things. My boot tracks as I trudged through the snow, but the tracks that sometimes pressed over my own, were not human. Tentatively my fingers reached out to touch the impression captured in the snow, to touch the rim and follow the shape, the giant wolf print.

I shivered, I wasn't sure if it was the cold that somehow found a way to sneak past my cloak and into my tunics that I wore or if it was the realization that my tracks had been followed, stalked by something larger than a wolf should be. The hairs on my neck rose as unbidden stories Gram used to tell my brother and me as we huddled around the fire. Stories told in hushed tones and grand gestures about men that were cursed. Men that had somehow been tainted and when the moon rose above the mountains and smiled with it's cold light down upon our valley, it's mere touch of silvery light would cause those men to disintegrate, and from that would rise a creature most unnatural. Something not human but not wolf, a bastard mixture of the two that sometimes walked on two legs, sometimes four. It howled at the moon and lapped at the blood of the poor creatures that were unfortunate enough to be caught in its sights should it be hungry.

These were the creatures that would be summoned up to make sure that my brother and I never strayed far from home, that we always behaved, if we were the least bit unruly this creature would chase us down and devour us as apparently, according to Gram, it craved horrible little children.

Those were the stories that came back to my mind from all these years past. Gram had passed on some years ago now and so had our parents. Only my brother and I were left in the house that had once held so many. The sickness had come and gone like the tide likes to do. When it had ebbed out, it had taken a fair amount of the village with it. My own brother had gotten so ill I thought I'd be left alone and had spent many a night in a fretful sleep before waking to look after him. Where my brother had come back from the icy grip that death had wrapped around his heart, our parents had not and we were left alone. My brother was strong enough that next season that he had taken up where our father had left off:a hunter or trapper of sorts. No one was better than my own brother when it came to using a single arrow to fell a great stag. I was proud of him and because of him we fared well with the hides and meat that we sold to the village. But to even out the balance, his great success also meant that he was gone for days at a time.

This was a stretch of time where my brother Erik was gone, hunting in the deep woods for game to bring back and sell so that we could survive. I had left our cabin and trudged into the village for a few staples we needed, and some new cloth for a dress I was going to make. I had stayed too long with visiting those I hardly get to see and now as I made my way back down the small foot road that led to our homestead, I found that I had been followed. And it was by neither man, nor wolf.

I looked up, the breeze playing with a bit of hair, twisting it and blowing it about my eyes I shifted the basket in my hands in order to pull it free. I scanned the surroundings about me. I was still a good few yards till the start of the woods. From there I judged it to be another 100 yards through the trees to your cottage. I swallowed hard and stood slowly up. Shifting my basket again and wrapping the wool of my cloak bout my thin frame I set forward at a brisk pace. My eyes were always alert, scanning the snow about me that seemed so luminescent. It was so light that I hadn't needed a torch to see my way back and it now occurred why. My eyes drifted up, not wanting to see what I was looking for. A sharp intake of breath marked the dread I felt as my eyes gazed up at the full orb of the moon as it just finished clearing the mountain peaks. It almost seemed so close I could reach out and touch the white surface, to smooth away the craters with my fingertips. I snapped out the momentary pause and looked towards the trees, closer yet so far away my mind seemed to wail. I wanted to be home, sitting in front of the fire with the logs crackling and working on my stitching. But it wasn't so. My feet were suddenly in motion, making for my home in a straight line, trudging over the tracks that had so closely followed mine, in my haste, I cared not.

My breath came in pants, soft puffs of steam that escaped my lips as I hurried through the snow. Snow seeped down into my boots but now I cared very little. I could dig it out when I reached the safety of my own bolted door. I would tell my brother, he would hunt it down and kill it, bringing its hide to the village and it would be all the more gold we would get. This idea cheered me considerably and my pace slowed ever so slightly.

I switched my basket back to my other hand, blowing into my cupped fingers, breathing a little warmth back into them as I ducked under a low branch and stepped over a mound of snow that I knew disguised a large rock. The thoughts of this creature being hunted filled my mind so that I scarce noticed a snap of a branch off in the dark distance. I stopped short, frozen motionless and even held my breath. Somewhere in the distance I heard an owl ask its timeless question, I heard the soft shuffle of snow as it sloughed from a branch not far from me, falling to the ground and leaving the branch moving gently. My heart beat so loudly in my ears I thought that surely, that's what caused the snow to fall from the branches!

Finally a ragged breath escaped my nose and lips and I puffed as quietly as I good, the steam of my breath forming and then melting away. Another crack of a branch, muffled by the snow sounded. This time, I spun about the opposite way to face the direction of the noise.

Tricks of the mind I chided myself as I hitched up my skirts, moving purposely in the direction of my sanctuary. After one of Grams stories, Erik would creep to my bed as I lay huddled under the blankets quiet, so not to draw attention to us but his soft howl in my ear would frighten me so. I would squeeze my eyes shut and his at him to go away that we'll get a switching if he didn't stop. His howl that I remembered in my mind's memory held nothing in compared to what echoed out from the darkness. Never had I heard a sound so horrible so terrible, and yet so mysterious as what my ears heard now. I knew wolf howls, I knew the song they sang out their stories to the moon. This was not a wolf howl that sang out now. It seemed to echo about me all at once, wrapping me in its dark spell.

The basket slipped from my fingers and tumbled to the snow as my hands flew to my mouth, trying to stifle a cry and suddenly I was running the best I could. I did not bother to hold my cloak closed as I scrabbled over the snowy terrain towards our cottage. My breath sounded loud in my own ears as I ran, I stumbled, slipped and fell in the snow, my cloak tight about my throat as I ran in near panic. Every now and again I could hear another howl, it almost seemed like laughter to me and at one point in my hysteria I laughed as well. I'd turn away from the howls and growls that I heard, turning this way and that but always running. Sometimes my hands warded off the bare fingers of brush and other times they did not.

The last growl was so close I thought as though I could feel the warm breath of my predator upon my cheek. With a strangled cry I broke through a clump of brush and stumbled out into a clearing. The light of the moon shown down upon me and lit the place up almost as its counterpart, the sun would have. My breath ripped through my lungs, it hurt to breath as I sucked in great gasps of the cold night air. My hair was in disarray, pulled loose in places from its braid and now knotted with bits of shrubbery. My cloak hung over one arm, uneven and torn in a few places as was my dresses. My under dress had become damp with sweat as I ran blindly and now it chilled my skin as the night air sank into it. I brought a hand up to my cheek to touch one of many stings and brought my fingertips away with a small smear of blood. The branches I'd run through had not been kind and left their mark upon my skin.

I blinked and then blinked again when it seemed a bit of the inky darkness moved and stepped out into the clearing. The creature was tall and towered over my form with ease. It walked in a crouch almost bent forward with the breath drawing in and out of its open snout as a dark red tongue lolled out. It made a snuffling sound and I took a step back. It's head lowered and sniffed the air, the eyes never leaving mine and I swore to myself right then and there that as long as I lived, I would never have a nights rest where the bright amber eyes would not be staring back at me from my dreams. They, those eyes, held a clarity that I could almost connect with but found it mixed with animal ferocity. The inky black fur glistened in the moonlight, I almost wanted to reach out and touch it, to feel the downy pent against my fingers and luxuriate in its richness. The creature that Gram had spoken to us about in her stories now stood in front of me, towering over me and staring at me. I let out a breath of air, I'd not noticed I'd been holding and in that instant something changed.

The creature stood up and let loose with an earsplitting howl, I could see the muscles ripple under the short fine fur of its chest and underside. Hands that were tapered with sharp talons were clenched as it howled. I shrieked in terror, turned and fled toward the far side of the clearing, a rocky over hang. I was almost there when I was jerked back, my cloak, mean to keep me warm was now jerking me off my feet backwards, choking me as I fell to the ground.

The air was knocked from my body and I coughed, trying to ease the pain of being choked with my own cloak before feeling the weight hit me, knocking me forward to my stomach, sprawled in the little bit of snow that was under the overhang. I felt the weight of a huge paw on my back, holding me down and I began to think of the moment when Erik would find my body, what was left of it rather. I sobbed softly so caught up in my own envisioned doom it was a moment before I realized that I could hear the gruffing of the creature holding me down but not feel the teeth tearing the life from me.

As I had gone sprawling, my dresses had tangled around my legs and rode up, leaving my skin to the touch of the cold snow. And something else. I could feel the snuffling and the hot breath of the creature as it sniffed at me, following my leg from boot top to where the hem of my dresses hid my thighs. I trembled, frozen as I was and dared not move a muscle.

I cried out as the tongue dragged at my skin, sharp contrast with the cold of the air and the warmth of the tongue that moved to lap at my skin from the top of my boot to the hem of my skirts. I was answered by a growl and I clamped a hand over my mouth to muffle my hysteria. The tongue continued to drag along my skin, when it got to the hem of my skirts it would continue on, each time moving the material upwards, baring more and more of my skin to the cold air and the creature that stood over me. I trembled but was quiet, blinking and trying to make sense of the swirl that spun 'round my head, spewing confusion. I felt the weight lift from my back, letting me drag in a breath of air, I stayed sill, to afraid to move.

It pushed its muzzle up under my skirts, pushing them up, baring me legs and my under clothes. I could feel the sniffing and nosing on my thigh, dragging up along my leg till it met the crease of my cheeks and then I flinched as it dipped between my splayed legs. Instinctively I started to close them but was met by a growl that somehow made me reconsider. I whimpered behind my hand and closed my eyes, trembling but not moving to close my legs. My cheeks flushed red in embarrassment as I felt the nose press against the lips of my pussy, the breath hot on my thighs and the scrape of a fang along my skin.

I shrieked as I felt the teeth in my skin. The sharp canines grazed my skin as with a shake of its head my underclothes were ripped from my body, torn and destroyed, cast aside over its shoulder as I gasped at the pain from the bite of the material into my skin. I started to sob, a terrified scream welling up from my throat that was cut short by a snarl from behind me. I tried to quiet myself as best I could, great sobs wracking my frame as I buried my face in my hands, trembling but most assuredly not from the cold.

I felt the cold nose again on my most private of parts. This time there was no barrier of protection, no offering of modesty. I gasped at the cool nose upon my warm skin. I felt the taloned hands wrap around my thighs, pulling at them, pulling them apart further and up. Like a doll I was pulled to my knees, face still buried in my hands at the ground. My body couldn't help but jerk when the tongue curled around my mound and lapped slowly up, caressing over my lips. I felt the hold tighten as the nose settled on my pussy and the tongue came out to lap at me. My eyes were squeezed shut as I tried to rationalize what was going on but the tongue always pulled at me, drawing me from my rational thought to irrational.

I squirmed but could not escape the tongue that always lapped at me. Furling out to almost slap at my clit, hitting it and then sliding back towards the warm maw, he continued to lick. The soft tongue slipped between my folds, causing me to gaps again and before I could stop myself a moan escaped my lips. My cheeks flushed with embarrassment and shame as I knelt there, held by the creature as his tongue tasted me. I felt the tongue push in to my folds, tasting me deeper, the sharp canines pressing against my soft folds, I felt the moist saliva coat me but I also felt something else.

I felt my hips start to rock.

It wasn't right and it wasn't natural but I no longer struggled. I wanted to, I wanted to get up and run but I could not. The claws pulled at my thighs, pulling them further apart and leaving me exposed, pussy lips opening a bit as if eager to accept the tongue that delved deep into my folds, lapping at the hole there. I felt my inner muscles clench in anticipation and I groaned. What was I doing?

I felt the growl against my skin as the tongue pressed against my entrance. I relaxed and felt it push in slightly, I knew I was wet and I knew that I no longer muffled my moans but let them sound out.

The tongue was gone and as I laid for a moment dazed, still held in its grip, legs spread obscenely wide, pussy throbbing I looked back over my shoulder at my captor. My eyes were fixed on the pink tip that stood in contrast to the dark fur. As I watched the tip grew and pushed out of the sheath it was hidden in. I knew that it was his cock and at that moment I wanted to feel it. I was in a constant state of shame but at the same time I wanted it, I wanted to feel it and I wanted him to use it on me.

We locked eyes for a moment before I looked back down to see more of this cock that was going to nudge me open. He began to pull on me, tugging me closer and I knelt there before him, on my hands and knees. I managed to move my cloak a bit under me so I was not in the snow. My dresses rode up over my back, pushed up further with his muzzle, breasts hanging under me, nipples already painfully hard.

I felt the softness of his fur on my ass cheeks, the muscles rippling under his skin, pressing against mine as he moved me just right. I felt the tip slide up and down my wet lips, it was enough to make me groan in anticipation. I could feel the tip slide inside my waiting pussy, pushing himself against me, into me. Oh gods it felt great! The slow thrusts pushed more and more of him into me, he was growing, becoming larger and filling me with each thrust. His body tight against mine as he pushed into me. His breathing was in short huffs as was mine, a gasp each time a thrust pushed more of his cock in to my pussy.

We stayed motionless for a moment, our hoarse breathing the only sounds as I kneeled on my hands and knees with the creatures cock buried deep inside me. He let go of my thighs and I felt the sharp claws grasp at my bare hips. My dresses had slide up and my hips were his to use as leverage. He began to thrust in and out, drawing the length of his long tapered cock only to push fully back in me. It felt better than anything I could have imagined. I wanted it, I needed it, I now craved it and eagerly pushed back against him. I reached up and pushed my dress up further, letting my breasts free into the cold air, hanging under me, swaying while I'm mounted from behind.

The movement sped a little and I was eagerly bouncing back against him, feeling the breath pushed from my body with each thrust inside my grasping pussy, almost able to feel the throbbing in his pointed cock. I felt his weight shift as he crouched down behind me, never leaving my hole as I clenched tightly, trying to keep him buried inside, not willing to give him up. Large arms wrapped around my waist, hugging me to his body as his hips started to move again, this time faster and harder. I was jostled, pounded from behind as his cock slid in and out of my needy hole. The huffs and puffs I heard over my shoulder matched the moans and groans that came from my own lips. My breasts rocked back and forth violently, it hurt but I wouldn't stop, couldn't stop. Instead I arched my back down and tilted my hips up further, feeling my dresses slide over my head and shoulders I hastily yanked them down and knelt naked in the snow, being fucked by a creature of myth. Untamed hair hung over my shoulder as I arched my hips up against the wolf behind me, accepting his cock eagerly, accepting the pounding he was giving me with wild abandon.

The pace started to differ, slowing but becoming more of a harder thrust, it made me grunt softly with the force of it as something slapped against my pussy lips, a bulge around the bottom of his cock. It felt huge and in the back of my mind I knew that he was trying to force it into my hole, to stretch me open and force the knot into my waiting pussy. I felt a moment of panic and fear lightning through me as I thought of how large it must be, whimpering and whispering "no no no" to myself.

The thrusts were hard, he changed position for a better angle and I was feeling the knot start to enter, it felt uncomfortable, too big and yet he pushed. I cried out as a hard thrust rammed the knot inside me, my swollen pussy accepting it, stretching painfully around it and swallowing it. I came then. Muscles squeezing tightly around the lupine cock that had invaded me as I cried out again in a mixture of pleasure and pain cumming and feeling my pussy clench and quiver, along the fat knot that rested inside me. My body jerked, as my hands closed tightly, fisted in my cloak under me, mounted like a bitch in heat.

As I came I felt the throb and twitch of his cock, buried deep inside me. He was cumming too and as if to prove it he lifted his head and gave a long throaty howl, hips jerking as he pumped his cum inside me. His arms around me were squeezing me tight as he worked to empty himself into me, the knot preventing any of his cum from seeping out.

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