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Rediscovering Kay


I met Kay years later again, upon adulthood at a mutual friend's wedding whom we had known for years; quaint, at a big blue house on the edge of a canyon in the sleepy cool spring in the foothills of California.

Being face to face with this girl after so much time apart was awkward, she had been scrawny when we were younger. Now she was filled with the voluptuous sizing of womanhood. About twenty, like me, only she had gilded halo of hair, finely spun like silken cascades delving into the American River with it's fantasy stories of the gold rush. I was finding my Eureka in her clasped and clumsy bun. Her figure was a perfect hourglass, tiny waist with enormous and curving hips and breasts. I searched her face, and noticed her gaze on me as well.

I was dating an older man now. Nearly bald, ten years my senior, thin, kind, and well-established. I had no interest in girls since the early days of discovering my sexuality. But all I could think right now was of getting her alone, and tracing those lines again and relearning new curves. I wanted to reacquaint and test-drive. Dip my fingers in until her breathing lost it's steadiness. I wanted to soil her new clean grown-up self with the old images, with my dark hair, and my deep nature. I wanted to show her every trick I had learned along the way. And I wondered if she felt similarly.Small talk transcribed. Inquiries after family, divorced- like hers. Employed. Dating. All the cliches of new adulthood. Her current fellow walked up behind her and rested a hand on her shoulder. He was chunky like a football player. The kind of guy who was probably named Biff.

I compared his inadequacies to me. I was thinner obviously. But still muscular. Fairly thick, actually. Short, autumn leaves as hair to my waist- versus a military regimen buzzcut. I was sure my supple artist's hands could produce chills she had never known with him.

As of late, humans had become a conquest for me. They were losing their human qualities, and turning into sexual devices. I found the small talk grating, and became frustrated. I soon excused myself to the restroom. Finding the first floor bathroom locked, I ascended the stairs- searching to see if I could find one on that floor. There were two immaculate rooms, with embroidered birds on the pillows in sumptuous tones. These matched bed-covers as if life had been cut from a catalog. I crossed through one of these rooms- seeing a mirror hanging high which reflected a door, and I closed this behind me as I entered the hidden bathroom. The set tile was pale turquoise and lime with an almost institutional feel to it.

I settled on the toilet seat to think. Locked in this strange little room, I looked into the bathtub, running my hand along the tremendously unsullied edge. I climbed into the bathtub, my dress pressed against the cold, the tile rubbing my thighs. I pulled my knees to my chin- and the door rattled. I panicked.

"Um, someone's in here," I yelped, holding my knees tightly. But the door persisted. I was about to stand when the door opened to reveal Kay- with a bobby-pin.

"I've been jimmying that lock since I was seven." She said smiling slyly. Her eyes sparkled, like a deep clean ocean on a bright day in June. I scrunched my face up, and looked down at my odd display. Rolled into a ball in a bathtub hugging my knees.

"I'm sorry, did you need something from in here, I didn't mean to be in the way," I said, not letting up on my ball form. She shut the door behind her. My heart started beating in increasingly rapid motions. She locked the handle and crossed to the tub.

"What are you doing in the bathtub?" She asked raising her eyebrows.

'I'm holding my knees and trying not to think about you naked,' I thought.

"Um thinking. This is how I think," I said, instead. Her mouth made a curvy grin matching her curving hips, and heaving breasts. Her lips looked wet with an orange-tinged gloss, like she casually ate an orange, and it stained the petals of her mouth.

"What are you thinking about?"

"Stuff and things..." I laughingly gave up. We laughed together. No sexy one-liners, just a shared look that gave up what we knew was a mutual feeling. Silence soon overcame the laughter, and she asked me to move over and make room for her so she could think too.

There we were. Two formally clad twenty-somethings sitting in a turquoise bathtub. Our knees collectively pulled to our chins. I instinctively reached out to her hair and started to stroke it. Short fingernails threading the feather-soft down. Her back moved to me. In the crux of my legs, she looked up at me as I continued to pet her head. Then slowly she started to stroke my leg.

It was instantaneous reminiscence. Memories bombarded me! The big walnut tree in the yard that she broke her arm falling out of- the neighbors prize tulips with the black dust inside I used to love to harvest and stroke from the petals- the magical things of youth- of a young mind expanding. And now older there was room for more expansion, always something new to learn from this old friend. Her mouth pressed on mine.

It was a wet kiss, her gloss like tangerine. "Living reflection from a dream" New lines formed. Her breasts were tangible, enormous, alive! I unzipped her dress to exposes them. I took one in my mouth- licking and biting and teasing her smooth skin, and roseate nipples. All of a sudden the childish play we had known became a new adult frontier. She gasped, her hands still running along my legs, teasing higher and higher while suckled. The tip of my tongue pointed to her nipple- then I withdrew and blew lightly on it. The response was enormous, she stood at attention, and gasped. She took my face in her hands and ravenously kissed my mouth. I had never experienced such a passionate, deep kiss. I thought my lips would surely start to bleed, my teeth clinked against hers.

She reached down and down. Prying the edges of my red boy-cut panties loose from the schism of my partially closed inner thighs. She maneuvered these to my ankles, and slowly pet the soft skin nearest my center. The rhythm was perfection. Her timing remembered from years of experience of touching every square inch of skin until we understood which places felt good and what it took to feel everything completely. Her mind never wavered.

Her finger lazily seeking my vulva and the opening of my sex expanding like an enormous hothouse flower. I lay open before her as she coaxed a thin liquid to drizzle from my core. I felt like I was bursting from the inside. Seeking out her lips, and kissing hard. Her mouth was a carnal creature scavenging and victimizing me.

My climax became imminent. Rolling up and forward and slowly in and out, rubbing and swaying against my clit, and then she delved her fingers plunging deep inside of me and rocking with the shape of my beautiful wound. The moan escaped my mouth and she drew it into hers. She licked my lips, and played with my nipple, dipping one hand down my dress and the other deep inside of me. My body was curving like a marionette on the string of a master puppeteer. She plunged until her fist climbed inside my waiting sex. She covered my mouth with hers as I screamed.

Then a knock came at the door.

"Just a minute-" Kay said, smiling at me, her fist still inside me, still.

"Kay-... is that you?" It was her boyfriend. "So this is where you went."

"I'll be out in a minute, Korinne was helping me pin my dress, a piece came undone."

"Aw come on honey, you know I would've helped you with that." He said suggestively.

"Oh go away, we'll be out soon." She said, winking at me.

"Alright. I'm gonna get a beer. You girls play nice." He said. I cocked my eyebrow at her. She shrugged.

"I guess we'd better put ourselves back together here." She said as she slowly rolled her fist from me. She stood up, and I reached up, holding her legs on either side.

"Mmmm," I moaned. "But when do I get to reciprocate? I bet you're soaking under there," I said as I reached to her panties, to find them glistening and saturated.

I tugged at the sides of them pulling them slowly down to her ankles and sliding them under her feet as she held onto my shoulders. Her hands were still covered in my juices and I took one of her fingers in my mouth. I pressed the side of her sex with my thumb, reaching the rest of my fingers into her, and her legs wobbled, but I wrapped my free arm around her holding her steady. I worked rapidly. A quick jutting motion into her waiting sex, already primed and quavering. Then I buried my head into her sex. Smelling the sweet shell, and slowly spreading the lips to point my tongue to her vulva. I flickered with more talent and voraciousness than I thought possible. She was my poetry, my muse, and I kissed and bit, light and strong. She moaned- her vocal range high and low at once. I knew she was close so stuck my fingers inside- waiting for the optimal moment when her breathing became loose and unsteady plunging deep into her, but keeping my mouth on her sucking her deep my teeth against everything. She screamed and clasped her hand over her mouth.

Then she collapsed completely. We lay in the bathtub together trembling slightly. Slowly we stumbled from our stupor, kissing mouths lightly. Becoming more polite. We dressed, and ambled back to the reception. I cut out early, stopping to kiss her on the cheek and give her a calm and friendly hug. A natural embrace caught in a moment of pleasing social contact. This was our goodbye.

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