tagLesbian SexReesa Gets All Tied Up

Reesa Gets All Tied Up


**Note: Thank you so much to those of you who have been enjoying Reesa and Shanda's developing relationship! I love getting feedback, so please feel free to drop me a comment and if you like my story, please vote! Ladylove**

Reesa sighed as she slid down into her chair. The day seemed as though it would never come to and end. Teaching was a stressful, if wonderful, job in the best of times, but today had run her ragged. Mondays were always like that – everyone, students and staff both, were still on weekend time and all had difficulty getting down to work. Of course, this being the week before Spring Break made it all the more difficult for everyone to concentrate. Today was the last day that Reesa wanted to sit through a meeting, but Dr. O'Connor, the district superintendent, demanded that each of the schools have monthly staff meetings.

"I wonder whose bright idea it was to schedule this the week before spring break," Reesa muttered as she pulled herself out of her chair. "Mondays are bad enough, but do they really think we want to hear all about the latest building improvement committee minutes?" She sighed again. All she wanted to do was to get out of there so that she could go see Shanda again and explore their budding relationship. This lesbian thing was pretty new to her, but she felt more in touch with Shanda than she had with any man she had slept with. All she wanted to do was go and explore Shanda's lush body. "But, no," she thought, "instead I have to sit through an hour of new guidelines from O'Connor's office." The classroom where the meetings were held was a large, double-sized room. Normally it was used for some of the larger honor's classes that were team taught by two teachers, but with the entire staff stuffed inside, the room felt positively claustrophobic. Reesa managed to find an empty desk and slid inside.

"What's on the menu for today?" she asked Bob, the math teacher sitting next to her.

"Not sure. Nobody is saying much." Bob seemed rather flustered and Reesa could see why. Normally, the meeting room would have been a loud mass of talking teachers digesting the latest gossip as well as the cookies and coffee provided by the cafeteria. Today, however, an unusually tense silence had settled over the room. Most of the staff sat silently and those who did speak spoke in apprehensive whispers. Just then Dr. Angler, the principal, walked up to the podium. He was flanked by Dr. O'Connor and a well dressed woman that Reesa recognized as the mother of one of her students.

"If I can have everyone's attention," Dr. Angler began, "I would like to get the meeting started. You may have already noticed that we have been joined today by Dr. O'Connor and Mrs. Hyde. Jessica Hyde is a student here at Millstadt and her mother came to me last week with a concern. It seems that Jessica has been reading some materials that her mother does not think are appropriate."

Dr. O'Connor stepped up to the microphone and waved the audience back to silence. "The material that Mrs. Hyde is referring to is a romantic suspense novel. While the bulk of the novel is fairly tame, there is one scene in the book where the heroine and her lesbian lover have sex for the first time. The book is not part of the curricula for any class, obviously, but never the less, the district is disturbed that such a book found its way into the school library. The district has been working in concert with the Hyde family to find a solution and we have decided to appeal to our staff to help us protect our students. We would like each of you to make a list of all texts that are currently part of the school library or even the curricula that you feel are not appropriate for our students to have access to. Once your lists have been completed, the district will compile a list of the most objectionable books and they will be removed from the school."

"Are they really talking about what I think they are talking about?" whispered Reesa.

Bob had a look of excitement on his face. "I certainly hope so. I know of several books that have no business being in this school. Smutty romance novels, people having sex with vampires and werewolves, children practicing magic... abominable!"

Reesa couldn't keep the shock off of her face or the sarcasm out of her voice. "Yeah, God knows we don't want teenagers learning about relationships or using their imaginations – and don't get me started about that tramp Dorothy traveling with three grown men to go meet a wizard! What kind of school are we running here anyway?" Reesa couldn't believe that such a bigoted, small-minded point of view was coming out of Bob's mouth. She had always thought that he was an intelligent and thoughtful man.

"So let me get this straight," Shanda said as she slowly rubbed the almond oil into Reesa's shoulders, "they are not only getting rid of the book that this poor girl was reading, but they want the staff to suggest other works that ought to be added to the bonfire?"

"Basically, yeah."

"But, I mean, we are talking about really dirty stuff, right?"

"Yeah, really dirty stuff like, oh, 'Lysistrata' by Aristophanes, the poems of Sapho, 'The Awakening' by Chopin... really dangerous stuff that no one has the right to read!" Reesa turned around and glared at her lover. "Besides, it shouldn't matter if they are reading smutty romance novels or Kafka! People have the right to decide what they want to read! We are educators and we shouldn't have to accept this!"

Shanda could feel the heat of annoyance and passion rising from Reesa's ivory skin. "You're right. What are you going to do?"

"What can I do? I set up a meeting along with some other concerned staff and Dr. Angler, but he really can't do much. He has to follow Dr. O'Connor's rules just like the rest of us. Once again, we peons have to bend over and take it up the ass!"

Shanda smiled and began to rub the delicate oil into Reesa's shoulders once more. "I know you are frustrated, baby, but you can only do so much. There are a lot of really good hearted people out there who just have a fucked up way of looking at the world. Anything that doesn't work for them is evil. Only thing you can do is try to educate them – besides, isn't that what you do best? Or second best anyway," she laughed huskily.

Reesa sighed and relaxed under the diligent fingers kneading the stress away. The fire in the grate warmed the room and she could feel her body growing more and more relaxed. Shanda seemed to know all of her tight spots and her fingers found each and every one. Reesa settled closer into the crux of Shanda's thighs and leaned her head back against her warmth. She was utterly relaxed when her lover removed the lacy bra that covered Reesa's voluptuous breasts.

"Mmmm," she murmured, "Going to do a little frontal massage are we?"

"Well, I want to do a good job." Shanda dripped the fragrant oil over the rosy peaks of Reesa's large, pink nipples. Just as the oil was threatening to drip down onto Reesa's navel, Shanda smoothed her hands over the soft flesh. At first she rubbed and massaged lightly, barely working the oil into the delicate skin, but as the minutes passed she began rubbing more aggressively. Reesa's head had dropped back against the pulsating warmth of Shanda's pussy and she could smell her dampness through the perfume of the almond oil. Shanda poured more oil into the palms of her hands and began working it into Reesa's nipples. She rolled the taut skin between her slick fingers and then tugged them hard. She began working her lover's breasts like huge udders, pulling on the responsive skin as if urging sweet milk to pour into her hands. The harder she pulled on Reesa's nipples, the more Reesa moaned with growing passion.

"You like that, don't you?" Shanda whispered against the side of Reesa's neck. "You like me to play with you rough like this."


"You would like me to be rougher with you, wouldn't you?"


"You will let me do anything I want to you, won't you?"

"Yes, please!"

With that assent, Shanda pulled Reesa up to her feet. Standing in the golden light of the fire, she pulled her lover free of the rest of her clothing. Then, taking her by the hand, she led her into the bedroom. She took Reesa over to the bed and pushed her face down with her legs dangling over the side.

"Stay right there. I'll be right back." Shanda quickly yanked off her own clothing and pulled a large plastic box out from under her bed. Opening it, she removed two lengths of soft white cotton cord. Swiftly, she moved around to the other side of the bed and took Reesa's wrist in her hand and tied it to the bed frame.

"Is this okay?" she questioned.

Reesa nodded. "Anything you want, you can do. I trust you."

"Good." She took the other wrist and tied it as well, making sure that the knots were not too tight and that the cord wouldn't dig too deeply into Reesa's skin. She went back to the box and pulled out a dark red silk scarf; she tied the blindfold securely over Reesa's eyes stopping even her smallest view of the room. When she was done, Shanda picked up the oil again. She slowly began dripping it down Reesa's spine. She rubbed the oil into her lover's skin until it was rosy and tingling. She moved down Reesa's back – up and down her legs, paying particular attention to her feet – and finally pouring more oil over her ass cheeks. She took her lovers round, full ass in her hands and began rubbing the oil over the twin globes. She wanted to make sure that the skin was as sensitive and supple as she could make it. Then she pulled her ass cheeks apart and massaged more oil between the cheeks and into her anus. Reesa moaned, but didn't fight as Shanda pushed the oil into her delicate, tight, little rosebud. When she was done she wiped her hands off on a towel and returned to the box.

"You trust me, right?" Shanda asked.

"Yes. Oh, yes." Reesa whispered.

Shanda brought the riding crop down on Reesa's left butt cheek. "Say it. Tell me you trust me."

"I trust you. Do anything you like to me! I trust you."

"Good girl. I am going to make you feel so good that every time you sit down for the next week your pussy is going to get wet thinking about me doing this to you again." With that, Shanda brought the crop down on Reesa's right butt cheek, and then the left, and then the right again. Again and again the crop fell on Reesa's ass – never in the same place twice – hard, but not so hard that she broke the skin. After she had covered her lover's ass with red welts, Shanda returned to the box. The flogger that she pulled out next was custom made. The leather of the tails was soft as butter and the handle was padded so that it fit comfortably in her hand. At first, the soft whisking of the leather flogger against Reesa's ass seemed gentle compared with the crop, but after a few minutes, the intensity seemed to burn through her skin.

"Oh God," Reesa moaned, "Oh God, that feels amazing!" Despite the pain that moved through her skin, Reesa found herself pushing her ass up higher to meet the blows.

"You like that, don't you? Well, I think you need more."

"Oh yes! Please, hit me harder! I need it harder!"

"Yes, you do need it harder," Shanda breathed. She pushed Reesa's ass back down on the bed and began flogging her harder and harder.

"Fuck!" Reesa exclaimed as the whip came down on the sensitive skin between her ass cheeks.

"You like it there, don't you?"

"Mmmm," Reesa couldn't quite find the words.

"I said, you – like – it – there, don't you?" With each word, Shanda brought the flogger down hard on the crack of Reesa's ass.

"Yes! Oh God, yes!"

"Good, because I'm not near done with your ass yet!" Shanda walked back to her box and dropped the flogger back down. When she returned to the bed, she put her right leg up on the mattress and pushed the double headed dildo deep into her soaking wet pussy. Although the dildo was three inches around, she didn't have to use any lube – her pussy was so wet it was dripping down her leg. When she had it seated as deep as she could, she turned to her moaning lover. She dragged her long nails over the bright red skin of Reesa's ass cheek.

"You're sore, aren't you?"

"Yes," Reesa confessed, "but please, please don't stop!"

"Oh, I wasn't planning on stopping."

Shanda dug her nails into Reesa's ass cheeks and pulled them apart. The oil that she had spread earlier still glistened on the surface of Reesa's rosebud. Holding her ass cheeks apart with one hand, Shanda took the head of the dildo and positioned it against Reesa's asshole.

"Oh fuck!" Reesa exclaimed, "Please, I've never been fucked up the ass!"

"Don't forget," Shanda soothed, "I had my fingers up your ass the other night. I know how tight you are." Shanda paused as Reesa relaxed. "I just don't care how tight you are!" Shanda thrust forward with the dildo and forced her way into Reesa.

"Mother fuck!" Reesa cried out, but at the same time she was pushing her ass back against her lover.

Again and again, Shanda slammed the dildo up her lover's ass. With each thrust the head of the dildo in her own pussy pulled forward and then pushed back with just as much force. The ribs on the shaft rubbed against her engorged clit. With every thrust, she pushed harder and harder. She ground the dildo against her clit, and at the same time punched it into Reesa's tight and tender ass.

"Ugh...Ugh...fuck, fuck, fuck!" Reesa began screaming louder and louder with each thrust. "My God! Shanda! Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Fuck my ass! UGH, UGH, UGH!"

"Yes...Oh God!" Shanda was almost beyond words. "Yes! Take it bitch! Take it all! Take it hard! Yes! Oh God...Yes... Oh God! UGU, UGH! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!"

She slammed the dildo into both of them as hard as she could, but it still didn't seem like enough! She pumped her hips as far forward as she could and ground the dildo into Reesa's ass and her own screaming pussy. Shanda fell forward, digging her nails into the skin of Reesa's back.

"YES! FUCK YES!" Reesa screamed out.

Shanda, pushing as much weight as she could onto Reesa's ass, leaned down and drove her teeth into Reesa's shoulder. She felt the soft, fragrant skin fill her mouth and the sensation of penetration in two such different ways sent her over the edge.

"UGH, UGH, UGH!" Shanda screamed into Reesa's shoulder as the spasms jolted through both of their bodies. The tremors seemed to go on forever; the aftershocks sent delicious pulses through the lovers again and again. They laid there, connected, for what felt like hours, but was only moments. Finally, Shanda lifted her face from Reesa's shoulder.

"Oh my god," she exclaimed, "I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to bite you so hard!" Shanda carefully pulled the dildo out of Reesa's ass and her own pussy. "Are you okay?"

"Believe me darlin'," Reesa whispered, "I am more than okay. But if you wouldn't mind, can you untie me now? That is, if you are done with me for a while."

Shanda quickly pulled the knots loose and joined Reesa in the bed. Reesa rolled toward her lover, and opened her arms. Shanda cuddled into her arms as close as she could. As she felt herself relax, Shanda was surprised to find that tears were running down her cheeks. Reesa tightened her hold on her love and rocked her with her body.

"Its okay, baby," she softly whispered, "It's all okay now."

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