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Reluctantly Groped


Eva's work at her previous job, a beach club in eastern Florida called The Wizard, had ended abruptly and full of embarrassment when she found herself trapped on a ladder being exposed to horny drunk men. Departing her job, Eva barely said farewell to her coworkers, assuming that people were laughing at her unusual predicament. In fact, many of Eva's coworkers felt that Eva left because her boss had pushed her too hard. As a result her colleagues were quite sympathetic and determined to have a fitting farewell party. One of Eva's coworkers, Mary, had rented a small guest house in the countryside, located in the center of an operating farm. They invited Eva and a few friends for a weekend getaway. Since the guest house was quite small, Eva and two other coworkers, Derrick and John, would stay in a nearby motel.

The party was designed to be small and simple, with 8-10 friends getting together for drinks and snacks. Although social gatherings and parties were not high on Eva's list, she reluctantly attended. Eva considered what to wear for the first evening and had gone shopping looking for something special. She found a beautiful blouse and skirt knowing that most of her friends would be wearing jeans. Eva always wanted to look nice and had admired the summer skirt that was several inches above her knees, and the sexy white form-fitting blouse. Eva brought some casual clothes to wear for the following day.

She prepared for the party and arrived around 8 pm that evening, having hitched a ride with Derrick and John. The evening went well. There were nine people counting Eva; the music was great, the food was simple and they had plenty of wine and drinks. After 3-4 drinks Eva found herself dancing a few times, alternating between three different guys throughout the evening. Eva's two friends, John and Derrick, had made a real effort to spend time with Eva. During one of the slower dances Derrick let his hand slide down over Eva's ass until she became uncomfortable and discretely repositioned his arm, forcing him to release his objective.

Her outfit showed off her legs, and the form-fitting top made her breasts more prominent. The two young guys were close friends and it appeared that their efforts to seduce Eva were escalating, as they both tried to lull Eva into a sensual zone. After about four hours of music, drinking and dancing a few people left the party, and Eva was getting tipsy and tired. She had wandered into one of the bathrooms through the master bedroom. Passing the bed she noticed that the soft goose-down comforter looked inviting and decided to rest for a few minutes.

Eva crawled on to the comforter and dozed off. Some time passed before Derrick walked through the bedroom to use the bathroom. He spotted Eva on the bed among some coats and nestled into the comforter. There was a gentle purr coming from the deep sleep that had overtaken her. Derrick couldn't help admire her beautiful face and sensual body and went over to the bed to enjoy a better view. Derrick had always admired her looks and body. He had often stolen glances at her sensual legs and curvy figure and had considered ways to approach Eva in his attempts to break through her naturally cautious style. He had frequently fantasized about finding ways to arouse her and to tease out her sexual passion. And now, he finally sat next to Eva, gently rubbing her arms as she slept and running his fingers across her cheek. Eva did not respond and continued her deep sleep.

Sliding a little closer, Derrick admired Eva's legs. Her skirt had climbed half way up her thigh and he was enjoying the view while admiring both the strength and flawlessness of her toned legs. He couldn't help shift his body around to admire her face and breasts from a different angle. As he shifted, Eva stirred and her legs moved the skirt up a bit further. Her eyes came open and in her hazy state she asked what he was doing. Derrick said that the party was winding down and he had come to see if she was okay. She tried to focus, and smiled a bit, saying that she was having fun.

Derrick started chatting and almost unconsciously moved his hand up and down Eva's leg, feeling the smooth skin. At first she seemed unaware of what he was doing, with a small smile crossing her lips, and eyes closing slowly. He chatted, asking her questions and all she could do was moan, providing unintelligible responses. He continued rubbing her leg and soon his hand slid higher, above her knee. His heartbeat quickened and he realized that Eva was under a pretty deep alcoholic fog. His hand took liberties with her thigh, enjoying the toned upper leg and soft skin.

As he eased her skirt to the lower edge of her panties he could see the outline of her mound. He paused to admire this new view and then moved his hand to the inner part of her thigh. The flesh was soft and smooth and his fingers lingered for a few seconds before moving slowly upward. As his hand finally reached the target, Eva's eyes popped open. She looked a little confused and startled and asked what he was doing. She unconsciously moved her hands trying to lower the skirt, but with each feeble attempt his hands would counter by slowly pushing the skirt up again. Eva finally got frustrated and told him to stop.

Derrick eased his efforts and Eva rolled over on her side with her back to Derrick. From this vantage point and leaning over her body he could see some cleavage down to the top of her bra. Derrick's hand slid over Eva's arm and then reached further over to her belly and rested quietly for a few minutes on top of her blouse, as he talked to Eva about the party. She responded sleepily with a moan and a few words, but quickly slipped into a deep sleep. Soon Derricks chatter dwindled and his hand crept up the blouse to one of the buttons. Using two fingers he carefully opened one button and then the next, until her cleavage was fully exposed. The blouse fell slightly apart. He could see the soft skin of her belly and the fullness of her breasts encased and weighting down the sheer lacy bra.

He leaned over and examined her beautiful upper body, wanting to reach in and scoop out both breasts. He allowed his hand to touch the soft skin of her belly, thinking he would rub it gently; but once again she woke up and pushed his hands away. She tried to sit up and as she shifted her skirt worked its way to the top of her thighs once again. She was nearly sitting now and he could see the blouse open up to her waist and her breasts hanging, areola barely covered but outlined through the low-cut sheer lace bra. He excitedly placed his hand on her leg, but even in her confused state her modesty won out and she pushed his hands away and tried her best to cover herself. She told him that she needed to go back to the motel. Derrick talked softly to Eva thinking that he would seduce her, but instead she slowly stood up and said she would get ready to go.

She took two steps before she staggered and Derrick had to ease her into a nearby overstuffed chair.As she sat her blouse fell open wider than before. Derrick's eyes were focused on her beautiful body but Eva mumbled, asking him to leave while she readjusted her clothing. She said she would be out in a minute and they could go. He left Eva to prepare herself and returned to the party, noticing that everyone was out on the front porch. He grabbed a beer and joined in on the chatter with no immediate signs of Eva.

Soon John decided to use the bathroom and wandered through the house finding the semi-darkened bedroom and discovering Eva in the over-stuffed chair. He asked her if she was okay but she seemed to be sleeping. Like many of the guys at the Wizard, John had wanted Eva for a long time. He kept himself in great shape by lifting weights and running, but thought that Eva returned none of his interest. While Eva never seemed to pay attention to John or Derrick, little did they know that she had fantasized about them both. She loved the fact that they desired her and imagined the possibility of them doing something adventurous with her body. In fact she had frequently imagined both of these guys replacing the workmen in her continuing fantasy about being trapped in the window at her house.

John spoke to Eva several more times but she didn't respond. John's heart had quickened when, in the dim light, he noticed that Eva's blouse was open and her beautiful breasts were barely covered. He was excited by the view of her cleavage and nipples bulging through the sheer bra. All of this was framed by the open white blouse contrasted by her tanned skin. One shoulder of the blouse had slipped off leaving one cup of her breasts protruding out beyond the blouse.

He reached for the breast feeling the upper part of her cleavage and slid his fingers under the shoulder strap. His strokes moved from smaller to larger circles around the upper part of her exposed flesh until his fingers started to slide down into the cup of her bra, just touching the large hardened nipple. Suddenly Eva's eyes opened. She could feel her body responding to his touch and looked down at the engorged nipple making a knotted bulge through the sheer material. She asked what he was doing and he stammered that he had just walked in and found her sitting in the chair. She looked back down at his hand and to where he was looking. She was embarrassed to see her blouse opened and skirt slid up high on her thighs. John quickly withdrew his hand.

She did her best to cover her breasts by pulling the lapels of the blouse together. But as soon as she released the material it slowly reopened. She looked up at John and saw him looking at her legs, and as she looked downward she was surprised to see that her panties were showing. She quickly tried to untuck the skirt that had gotten tangled beneath her when she had fallen into the chair. In her inebriated state, she struggled to lift her hips to straighten the skirt. In doing so she had to thrust her pelvis upward, two or three times before unraveling the twisted fabric. Her pelvic movements made the material of her panties stretch tight against her mound, showing a clear outline of the puffy lips it covered. She observed her own movements and felt that she looked a bit wanton, as she unintentionally humped up against the air in order to readjust her clothing.

She was embarrassed that she didn't have better control of her body and mind. As she lowered her hips downward she fell back into the overstuffed chair and her legs were lightly spread giving John a great view of her upper thighs. As his eyes trailed up her body he noticed that her physical struggles jostled her lovely breasts; feeling himself growing in his tight jeans. Even in her foggy state, she saw the lust in his eyes as they travelled slowly from her mound to her breasts and back again.

As Eva's consciousness started to clear slightly her face turned red as she realized that he was staring at her breasts and legs. She scrambled once again, trying to cover herself. Her conscience and upbringing continually clashed with the desire she felt. Finally succumbing to the awkwardness of the moment John mumbled something about leaving for the motel as soon as possible. Eva struggled to button part of her blouse and John helped her stand. With one hand clasping her blouse together, Eva put her other arm around John's neck and they struggled to get out to the front porch and moved toward the car. John announced that Eva was not feeling well and the remaining few people stood and tried hugging Eva to say their goodbyes. The few women remaining simply smiled sympathetically, knowing that Eva was drunk. The guys each took more time than needed to extend their hugs and to eye Eva and her exposed body.

Derrick indicated that he would go back to the motel with John; taking Eva's other arm the two young men worked their way back to the car. In grabbing her arms Eva's blouse had stretched taught across her chest and only one button held the lower portion of the blouse together. Her cleavage was fully exposed and both guys glanced toward her chest enjoying the view of her bouncing, bra-covered breasts as they struggled with Eva to avoid her falling before getting to the car. However, once again she tried to stop and close her blouse, but in the process stumbled and the guys had to grab her before nearly falling. They seated her in the back of the car and she immediately fell over on to the seat and slept.

On the way back to the motel the guys talked about how sexy she looked and Derrick, on the passenger side of the car, peered back to check on their drunken passenger. He could see one leg on the seat and the other extended over the seat, with her foot on the floor. This position left her legs spread wide apart, providing a nice view as they drove down the country road toward the motel. With the jarring motion of the vehicle, Eva's blouse opened and her breasts bounced as they made their way down the rough road. Eva's eyes opened periodically, and she tried to clear her head and readjust herself during the rough ride. With her eyes shaded by the darkened car, she went unnoticed as she looked toward the front and saw Derrick staring at her lower body. She looked down and was again disturbed to see her thighs and panties exposed. She watched him and saw how excited he looked as he assessed her thighs, her mound and breasts. A thrill ran through her body.

Whether it took a minute for the shock of her exposure to register in her mind is unclear, but after some time Eva reached out and struggled to pull her skirt down. She turned on her side facing the front. She was embarrassed and excited that they had seen her like this, legs splayed and breast and bra exposed. As the ride continued she thought about sitting upright due to the rough ride. But lying on her side, the bouncing allowed for one breast to escape from the cup of the sheer bra. It hung down nestled against the other, creating a soft fold of cleavage. The exposed nipple hardened in the night air and Derrick caught the sensual view on his next glance back to check on Eva. He immediately said something to John who was driving. Unfortunately John could not see from his vantage point but asked Derrick whether he could see her nipple. They chatted back and forth about Eva's body. Derrick described her nipple as being dark pink and exceptionally large.

While Eva was moving in and out of the fog of sleep consciousness, she overheard the conversation between the men and felt a small flush of embarrassment mixed with a sexy sensation between her legs. She couldn't help but listen despite her hazy thinking. She gradually peeked out of one eye and noticed that her breast was exposed, and even from her vantage point she momentarily enjoyed seeing it bounce as a result of the rough ride. As they rode, her breasts bounced about wildly and her legs moved and shuffled and soon her legs and panty-covered pussy were exposed again and Eva was beginning to enjoy being drunk with her admirers talking about her body. Derrick looked back and could see a light wet spot on her panties and enjoyed how hard and long her nipple had become. Eva was enjoying a fantasy of being used by John and Derrick and imagined them as the workmen who had fondled her during her entrapment in her window.

When they arrived at the motel they gathered Eva's bags from the trunk of the car and helped her into her room. They sat around for a few minutes while she used the bathroom. Once she returned, the guys asked if she needed help getting ready for bed. Without waiting for her response John leaned down and took off her shoes and rubbed her feet while Derrick started to unbutton her blouse. This was moving too fast for Eva, and she grabbed her shirt and pushed the guys away saying goodnight as she tried to hustle them toward the door. After a couple of feeble attempts the guys knew they would not be successful at seducing Eva tonight and headed for their room.

The next morning the trio planned to go back to the small farm and see their friends. Eva got up feeling confused and guilty about the previous night and had figured that she needed to offer an apology for getting drunk. However, she couldn't help but think about how she had been exposed and how exciting it was to have the guys watch her as the evening's incidents unfolded.

The three friends got together mid-morning to head back to the farm to enjoy the day. When they arrived everyone was busy. The local farmer who had rented the farmhouse to Mary was getting in hay for his livestock. Eva and her friends offered to help him for a few hours and in exchange they could ride his horses later in the day. There were two farm workers along with Eva's friend Mary getting hay into the barn. Introductions were made and Eva was excited to get her assignment; working in the hay loft of the barn.

The two local farmhands found the 'city girl's' excitement to be silly, but they played along, and the famer instructed them to start unloading the hay. One of the workmen drove the large tractor and huge wagon up next to the barn. A 25 foot metal conveyor extended from the ground up though a large door on the second floor of the barn. Eva climbed a ladder up to the second floor of the barn and crawled up into the loft. There was a sweet smell of fresh hay and Eva was excited about playing 'farmer' for the day. As Eva walked over to the large door opening, she grabbed the large conveyor that extended up through the opening and rose another dozen feet off the hay loft floor, towering over her head. When the bales of hay were loaded on to the conveyor from below, it carried them up through the door opening to the very end shooting them into the air a dozen feet to the floor; hitting hard and ready to be stacked. The conveyor was driven by an electric motor controlled by one of the young workman.

Bill, the workman below, would unload the hay, placing it on to the conveyor sending it up to the hayloft. Eva and the other workman, Jack, would stack the hay after it fell off the conveyor, building up one layer after another. Derrick, John and Mary went with the farmer out to the fields to load more hay into the empty wagons.

The two young guys left behind with Eva were recent high school graduates. They were very tanned and muscular from all the work they had done over the summer. Eva periodically moved over to the large open door and watched the young handsome guy below load the hay onto the conveyor. She admired his body and was having a feeling of excitement as she watched him work; beads of sweat breaking out on his tanned muscled back. Jack worked with Eva and was huge and muscular, but not particularly handsome. His looks were made worse by the fact that he was crude and kept leering at Eva as she moved about stacking bales of hay. Jack occasionally would say something to Eva about whether she had a boy friend and made snide remarks about living in the city. Eva did her best to be polite, but was getting more and more uncomfortable as he imposed conversation and moved closer and closer, as they worked stacking hay bales.

The team worked for several hours with Derrick, John and others returning multiple times bringing more and more hay from the field. On the last load of hay the farmer suggested that they break for lunch. The young guys and Eva said they would come along shortly as they had another wagon of hay to unload. Derrick and John went with the farmer to head to the store to bring back some lunch food, while Mary said she needed to shower before having lunch.

After a few more minutes of work Eva heard the grinding of metal against metal and the young guy hollered from below and quickly shut off the conveyor. Apparently there was a jam at the very top of the conveyor and he needed someone to crawl up and untangle the bale of hay that had gotten bound up in the gear. Since the conveyor was somewhat precarious Eva's workmate, Jack, suggested that he would steady the side of the conveyor while she climbed up and loosened the bale. Down below Bill knew it would take a few minutes for them to untangle the mess and started up the tractor and headed back to the field to pick up one more load of hay.

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