tagInterracial LoveRendezvous Ch. 07

Rendezvous Ch. 07


Bern, Switzerland was beautiful this time of the year thought Violet as they exited the airport to take a cab to the room they'd be sharing at the Hotel Savoy. The weather was mild, sunny and bright. Violet had tried to pack light but that was nearly impossible for her. She was so surprised when he'd shown at up Seatac Airport that morning with one small carryon and a computer case. She'd ended up with three bags, two she had to check and her purse.

As they stepped into the cab, Paul was amazed at the amount of luggage Violet had brought for a week trip. She'd packed as if they were going on holiday for a couple of months instead of on a business trip for a couple of days.

"Violet, what's in all of those bags?" he asked her curiously.

"Clothes, of course. Why are you asking?"

He shook his head, "no reason."

Violet looked at him again as she looked at her bags 'men' she knew he was just being a smarty pants because she'd packed so much. Well, she had to have choices for her trip. Who knew what would happen between them, she just wanted to be prepared.

The bellman came out and greeted them in German, "Gutenmorgen, Willkommen nach Bern. Aufnehmen Sie mit uns Kontakt? Mag ich Ihr Gepäck nehmen?"

It was a good thing Paul spoke German because she was lost. "Ja sind wir. Danke. Wir überprüfen innen unter den Namen Paul Dudley und Violet Maxwell."

Paul and Violet followed the bellman into the hotel to the front desk. The woman at the front desk was a pretty blonde with blue eyes, as soon as she set her eyes on Paul she got excited. She looked at Violet for a moment as Paul attempted to get them checked in. Whatever they were saying, it was clear that she was chatting up Paul eagerly as she continuously batted her eyelashes at him. Violet rolled her eyes in annoyance. She then handed Violet her cardkey for the room. Violet snatched it up and turned to walk towards the elevator without even a thank you. It probably wouldn't have mattered anyway, she thought, since the only person the front desk clerk was paying attention to was Paul. Paul came up behind her a few seconds later.

"Hey, wait up. We need to go up together."

Violet turned her annoyed face on him, "really, Do we? The way that woman was looking at you, she would have been happy to lead you to your room by your dick," she spat out.

Paul smiled, she was jealous, she was actually jealous. If only she knew that the bimbo at the front desk didn't even come close to being as sexy as she was with those skin tight suit pants clinging to that round firm ass of hers. He had to shake his head to come out of the trance that sexy body of hers had on his conscience. As they entered the elevator with the bellman, Violet leaned against the wall crossing her arms across her chest. Paul leaned next to her and slyly slid his hand over her behind and squeezed hard. She turned on him and he smiled at her wickedly. Violet was still annoyed but she couldn't help it, this man had a hold on every part of her and she couldn't control it but right now she was feeling as if she didn't want to. Her smile to him was small as she tried to belie the feelings that were going through her as he wreaked havoc on her hormones. Their rooms were adjoining since they were still keeping their burgeoning relationship private. Although Leonard had made sure to reserve them rooms that were co-joined. The bellman stopped at Violet's room first, opened the door and stepped to the side to let her enter. Paul stayed in the hallway and looked in as she entered. It was a nice room, the bellman set her luggage on the bed and turned to walk out of the room. Violet followed as he left, he turned at the door to look at her with a big expectant smile. Violet pulled some bills from her wallet and gave him a tip. He thanked her and turned to lead Paul towards his room. Violet closed her door and rushed into the bathroom to make sure she wasn't looking too haggard after their travels. She eased her suit jacket off and loosened a couple of buttons for Paul's impending seduction. He liked easy access to her bounty and she was willing to give it to him. She sat on the bed and crossed her legs with her foot shaking nervously. She could feel her pussy contract and get slick as she thought about Paul taking her in a few seconds. She could hear Paul and the bellman chatting. She thought to herself, 'can he stop being chatty Cathy so we can get to fucking,' her patience was running thin. She noticed silence from his room, then the telling low knock.

Violet rose from the bed and unlocked the adjoining door and opened it to a beautiful sight, Paul standing in the door with that sexy smirk.

"Why are you still dressed?" he asked her with a little annoyance in his voice.

"I was waiting for you to help me undress," Violet said as she caressed his dress shirt covered chest.

"Oh!" he commented as his brows raised, "well I can certainly oblige but you have to remember we have a dinner tonight with the Swisz people."

"How would I ever forget that," Violet said in a sexy low tone. Her hands wandered down to caress his cock, it was already rock hard and ready to service her every need.

Paul backed Violet into her room and her legs hit the bed, she dropped back onto the bed and laid out for him. Paul's eyes lowered to her body, he was ready to make love to her. That plane ride had been too long and he wanted to devour her. He eased onto her body and started to kiss her as they both began to remove her clothing. Violet figured she may as well help. No use in wasting time.

After a late afternoon of some seriously intense loving, they joined the Swisz merger team for dinner. The Chief of Operations, Wang Lan, who was originally from China, Chief Financial Officer, Gregor Thoms, Vice President, Joy Mulisa who was from Tanzania, President and CEO, Mathias Steinhof, and their more than capable liaison who was helping with the whole transition joined Kurt Brandt at dinner that evening. Kurt and Violet had worked closely and she was looking forward to seeing him again, they'd only talked on the phone during business and conference calls. Paul had never met him but he was going to tonight, he'd notice the easy rapport between his girlfriend and Kurt was really interested to meet this guy this evening.

Violet came out of her room looking absolutely gorgeous Paul thought she always looked wonderful to him, she could have been wearing a gingham sack and he'd be impressed. Her body was made for clothing and everything she put on went from glamorous to super sexy in seconds. She had poured that beautiful body into a print wrap dress with a ruffle at the bottom, it hung long in the back to her mid-calf and slightly above her knees in the front. She had on a light long black sweater as a cover up and her feet were in some sexy mary jane pumps. He couldn't stop looking at her as they walked down the hall to the elevator.

"You look spectacular. How do you do it, you make every other woman look like my grandmother," he told her as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder and caressed it.

Violet turned to look at him and laughed that beautiful light feminine laugh he loved. "Well, Mr. Dudley you aren't looking too sloppy yourself," she eyed him up and down. Paul was so handsome in a light grey summer suit with a lavender dress shirt, he'd decided to ditch the tie since this was just an informal dinner for everyone to meet and get comfortable with one another again.

"Paul, you are looking hot tonight and I'm going to enjoy peeling those clothes off later" she wrinkled her brows at him. A wicked smile broke out on his handsome face.

"You'll only do that if I say so," he told her. Violet had gotten used to his forceful manner when it came to his sexual desires and she'd found herself very inclined to give into him.

The dinner was at a new and upcoming Asian fusion restaurant in Bern. When they arrived, most of the guests were already seated sipping on various drinks. Violet had met them before so she introduced them to Paul. Wang was a small thin man who wore glasses. Gregor was a man of medium height with a pot belly, he was also balding. Joy was a beautiful woman with skin the color of dark mahogany about the height of Violet just a little taller with golden eyes. They were so striking Paul was transfixed for a moment. Mathias and Kurt walked in a little later. Mathias was a tall, middle-aged man with dark brown hair sprinkled with gray he had an amazing physique for a man in his 50's. And then in walked Kurt, he looked like a GQ model, 6'4" light brown hair, a thin muscular body, he had amazing blue eyes and as he walked to the table Paul noticed them zoning in on HIS girlfriend. Violet rose from her chair and greeted him like a long lost friend, Violet hugged him just a little too tightly and Kurt hugged and held her like a piece of silk. They held each other for a moment much to longer than Paul liked. When Violet moved out of Kurt's embrace she then seemed to snap back to reality, realizing that Paul was there.

"Oh, I'm sorry Paul. Paul this is our merger liaison, Kurt Brandt, we've been working together on this merger from the beginning so we have intimate knowledge of one another."

Paul's eyebrows knitted together in confusion and anger.

Kurt stuck his hand out to shake Paul's, "Wilkommen Paul. Violet has told me a lot about you, I was happy when you joined the team. It seems your knowledge has been most welcome and needed."

Paul relaxed his face a bit, but he was still uncomfortable with this guy having any knowledge about his woman. "I'm glad to finally meet you," Paul said, still not smiling, "glad to be of service in this whole process."

Violet turned back to Kurt and asked, "where is your legal crew?"

Kurt smiled big at her and put his hand on her shoulder, "oh no, no company lawyers tonight. I just came to have a drink and eat some good food and catch up with a good friend. There will be time for lawyers at tomorrow morning's meeting."

"Well, I guess you're right. We just arrived early this morning. My mind isn't on business right now." She took Kurt's arm and led him to the table to sit next her.

Paul followed, but he was not happy about the close relationship between Kurt and Violet. They were too cozy and for some reason his jealousy was starting to rear its ugly head. As they were about to sit, Kurt attempted to pull out Violet's chair for her to sit but Paul wasn't going to let him make any more moves on his woman, he pulled it out first. Violet looked over at him curiously, she wondered why all of sudden he'd gone all caveman on her in the middle of this restaurant with business colleagues around. She was a little surprised, he'd seen her work with other men at the office and she'd never noticed this reaction, what was going on with him.

The evening flew by and they all had a good time, catching up and talking a little about the final steps in the upcoming merger. Paul had been quiet throughout the night, only speaking when spoken to. Violet had attempted to include him in the conversation but she'd grown weary of his childish behavior as the evening continued and just decided not to acknowledge his games. As they said their farewells for the evening, Paul was gracious as he could be with the thought that another man had set his sights on his woman. During the evening he'd kept his composure as best he could, so no one would be aware of their relationship which could jeopardize things for so many people and could present conflicts. So he just related to Violet all evening as a colleague, just someone he worked with but he'd longed to touch that beautiful golden brown skin, slide his hand beneath the table and finger her warm snatch. He also saw someone sitting on her other side that seemed to want to indulge too, Kurt. As they left Kurt and Joy asked if they could each get a chance to have lunch with her before they left after a few days. Violet assured them both they'd get a chance to speak with her personally.

On the way back to the hotel, Violet noticed Paul seemed a little peeved. She touched his arm with a gentle caress hoping to calm him down.

In the car Paul was pissed at her familiarity with this Kurt fellow, she was his woman and he didn't like the idea of some fairy boy looking at his woman as if she were the last biscuit in the tin. He also didn't like the way that Violet seemed to revel in the attention of this guy. He had no idea she could be this kind of flirt and he didn't know if he could handle it and he definitely didn't like it.

Violet had decided she wasn't going to get into this with Paul, he was acting childish. This was her job as well as his and she had been working with the team at Swisz for over 2 years on this merger. She didn't have time to worry about him having a fit. She cared for Paul but he needed to understand that this was business, she was just having a good time tonight and she wondered why he was having a bad one, 'oh men!' she thought. They could sometimes act like little babies. As they left the elevator and walked towards their hotel rooms, he seemed to speed up as he got to his door, Violet was going to say something to him but he opened his door quickly and went inside and closed it. Violet was in shock, who did he think he was playing with acting as if she was just some high school girl he could jerk around when he didn't get his way. Violet hurried to his door and began to bang on it loudly, she knew that if someone came out in the hallway, they'd think she was a raving maniac but her ire was up and she had enough of his silliness.

Paul sat inside his room still fuming when he heard the clear, loud rapping at his door. It had to be Violet, so that's how she wanted it well he'd show her who was boss. He bounded out of his chair to door and swung it open abruptly. There was Violet standing in the hallway, she seemed a tad shocked when he opened the door but she was standing there hand on her hip giving him the nastiest look she could muster.

"Excuse me," she said loudly "but did you just slam a door in my face?"

Paul feigned confusion for a second, "slam a door? No, I just came into my hotel room, that's all. Do we have a problem?" he tried to act as if the situation was not occurring.

"Do you we have problem?" he asked brusquely. Violet rushed past him to enter his room and turned swiftly to face him, her hair moved with her. All of sudden Paul was turned on and mad at the same time. She looked so beautiful, he had to have her right now in the worst way.

He closed the door behind himself as she walked in.

"You damn right, we have one. What the hell is going on with you? This little tantrum you're throwing is just ridiculous."

Suddenly Violet saw Paul coming towards her with purpose in those long steps. She stepped back instinctively because he had a look in his eye. She'd seen it before but never to this degree.

Paul was on her suddenly and he began to kiss her hard and with ferocity. Violet could barely keep her bearings, he'd never been this forceful with her but he was trying hard to take total possession of her body and soul. He began to rip at her clothes, Violet was attempting to help him take them off so she'd have clothing in a wearable condition later but he was having none of it. He kept moving her hands, as he stripped off clothing and underwear with lighting speed. Everywhere his hands removed clothing they returned to grab and massage her flesh. It was a little overwhelming and a little painful, usually he was fairly gentle although he could be forceful in manner. But the worst he'd done with her was a little rough petting here and there but nothing like this, this was bound to leave marks. She wasn't sure what was going on with him but she was scared and turned on by the whole scene. She took her hands and started to stroke him through his pants, for a man who had been mad a few seconds ago he was sure turned on now. His cock was rock hard and about burst through that flimsy zipper. He pushed her hands away from his cock and pushed her back on the bed, she came down pretty fast and hard so she bounced a little. Her breasts bounced as she did, Paul couldn't take it he was going to fuck her until she was bowlegged. He was going to let her know she was his and no other man on the earth could possess her the way he could. He'd been holding back a little on showing her his wild side, he had warned her previously and she had seen glimpses of it here and there as they'd made love but he was unbound tonight.

Violet leaned back on her elbows, her eyes as big as saucers. Paul was looking at her through hooded lenses and breathing harder than she'd ever seen him breath. She would have sworn he had just come from running a marathon, he removed his clothes promptly with pieces flying and he stood there his gaze raking over her. Her pussy was so wet, she was leaking like a faucet and only he could put out that fire. Hadn't they just been fighting a few seconds ago and giving each other the silent treatment? What the hell had happened between now and then?

He looked at her feral and raw and told her in no uncertain terms, "Violet, you're mine. No other man on this earth will have you the way I'm going to have you tonight. You're mine, dammit."

Suddenly he came across her body and started kiss her again even harder this time, he took those fingers of his stuffed them into her warm cunt. She could feel her juices coating his hand, he took his fingers out and put them into her mouth, she sucked at them greedily. She couldn't believe that this man made her want so bad to taste herself.

He turned over onto his back, his cock rising into the air at attention and gave her an order she had never heard from any other man and one she wasn't going to refuse from him.

"Suck my cock," she looked at him with surprise in her eyes, his brow grew furrowed and he told her in a low stern voice "Now, Violet." It was a request and an order all in one breath.

Violet leaned over him and took his cock into her mouth immediately. She didn't know what had come over her, she'd been so upset and now she was savoring his sweetness. He put his hand on the back of her head and she opened up her throat to take him deeper into her mouth. He kept his hand on the back of her head, Violet knew that if any other man had done that she'd have given him the riot act but with Paul she just wanted to please him. He was so big, it was hard to take him all in and she felt like choking almost but he was moaning and wailing she could hear how turned on he was, he'd never been this loud. He began to fuck her mouth a little all the while saying dirty nasty things to her, that were astoundingly hot and making her hotter. Violet didn't know many things about herself sexually, most of the sex she'd had was to please the man and not herself. But she felt so powerful with a mouthful of Paul's cock, she was controlling his orgasm.

He took a moment and slapped her ass hard as he told, "suck it, suck it with your pretty mouth. You're such a slut but you're my fucking slut." As he smacked her bottom again it made her pussy gush even harder. She wanted to be fucked senseless by him right at that moment but did not dare stop sucking.

"Oh suck it harder, suck that big beautiful cock. I know you like my cock in your mouth. Wait till I put it in that ass of yours."

Violet hadn't really heard what he said, did he say 'ass'? All of sudden she could hear his roar, he was going to come and hard. Violet moved to pick her head up before he came but all a sudden she became emboldened, she decided to stay and drink in his essence. Paul came long and hard, he didn't try to stop Violet from taking his seed down her throat, in a way it's what he wanted, he wanted her submitting to him and finding her sexual power at the same time. As he unloaded his hot manhood into her mouth, Paul was so turned on. He knew she'd never done anything like that before and it filled him with male pride that she did it with him, that she wanted to please him, she really did love him.

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