Respecting Mom


Madeline blinked, then coughed. "What?" she said. "Gerry? What happened, Sweetheart?"

Gerald laughed with relief. "I think you just had a really big orgasm, Mom." He started raising and lowering his hips again, fucking at a faster pace.

"What Gerry?" Madeline's eyes scanned around the darkened room. "What time is it, Sweetie? I can't seem to--" Then Gerald made an especially deep thrust, and she caught her breath. "Oh, that feels good Sweetheart." Suddenly her eyes focused on his face. "Gerry? Are you fucking me?"

"Yes Mom, I'm fucking you." Gerald was pumping faster now, his breath deepening.

"Have-- have we been fucking for long? I can't remember... Wait... I think it's coming back... Was tonight-- is this our first time, Gerry?"

"Yeah Mom. Our first time fucking," Gerald gasped. "I love being in your cunt, Mom. It feels... fucking... amazing!"

Madeline brought her hands up to Gerald's back and ass, pulling at him. "My god, what an orgasm you gave me, Sweetheart!"

Gerald grinned down at his mother and then lowered his face to hers, kissing her on the lips. His back was arching and flexing as he drew his cock out of her cunt and thrust it back in.

"Oh, Gerry," Madeline sighed when their lips separated. "Your cock feels so wonderful. I've always wanted you, Sweetheart; did I tell you that? Always wanted you just like this, in my bed, between my legs, lying on top of me, your cock inside me..." She paused to kiss her son again, and then continued, her words coming between quick, gasping breaths. "Are you going to come, Baby? Are you going to come in your mommy's pussy? Are you going to shoot inside me, Sweetheart?"

Instead of answering, Gerald began making raspy grunts, synchronized with rough, slamming thrusts of his cock into his mother's belly. These grew louder and louder, until they were like throaty roars, finally culminating with one long, shuddering rumble coming from deep in his chest as his body convulsed in a rapid-fire series of thrusts that jolted Madeline's body, driving her ass down into the mattress.

"Yes, yes, yes," Madeline chanted, clutching at her son's buttocks, her eyes closed tight, her body shivering through its own orgasm. "Give it to mommy. Give it all to mommy!"

* * *

When Gerald woke the next morning in his mother's bed, Madeline was already up. He got up himself and went into the kitchen, his erect cock leading the way. Madeline was at the counter, spooning coffee into the coffee maker. She was wearing a heavy, floor-length bathrobe. Gerald came up behind her, hugging her and reaching one hand inside her bathrobe to cup a breast. "Good morning, Mom," he said, kissing the side of her neck.

"Gerald," Madeline began, taking hold of her son's wrist to pull his hand away from her body, "we need to talk."

"Sure, Mom. Let's go back to bed. We can talk there." He started to lift Madeline's bathrobe off of her shoulders, but she quickly pulled it back on.

"No Gerald!" Madeline said sharply. "Not now. I need some time to think about... about what we did."

Gerald kissed his mother on the neck again. "Oh come on, Mom. What we did was great! You loved it and I loved it, so what's the problem?" With one arm tight around her waist, he reached into the opening of her bathrobe with his other hand and began fondling her pussy.

"Gerald, no." Madeline's voice was softer now, and she made only half-hearted attempts to push her son's hands away. "Gerald, please..."

"You're really wet already, Mom." Gerald pushed a finger into his mother's cunt and brought it out again, using the coating of slick fluid to slide his fingertip over and around her clit.

"Gerald..." Madeline murmured. She reached around behind herself until her hand found Gerald's cock, and she gasped as her fingers closed around it.

Gerald once again lifted the bathrobe off his mother's shoulders, and this time she offered no resistance. She released his cock and held her arms at her sides, letting the robe fall to the floor. As soon as she was naked, Gerald pressed his body to his mother's back, his hands sliding over her stomach and breasts, his cock upright between her buttocks. "Can we fuck here, Mom?" he asked. "I've always dreamed of fucking you while you were bent over the kitchen counter."

A shiver rippled through Madeline's body. "Oh, Gerald... You shouldn't talk that way... I'm your mother..." Then she bent low, thrusting her ass back and planting her hands on the counter in front of her. "Like this, Sweetheart? Is this how you want me?"

"Oh, fuck!" Gerald whispered. He rested his left hand on his mother's ass, caressing the taught, smooth skin, and with his right hand he took hold of his cock, aiming it at her glistening-wet cunt. Then, without pause or hesitation, he pushed it into her up to the hilt.

Mother and son cried out in unison; she with a desperate "Oh, god!" and he with an inarticulate groan. Gerald leaned over Madeline's back, bringing his hands up under her to hold and fondle her breasts. He pumped his cock into her, making long, slow strokes. At the same time he kissed her neck and upper back, sometimes bringing his face up beside hers and extending his tongue to lick her ear. "I love you, Mom," he whispered. "I love having my cock in your sweet, wet cunt!"

After staying hunched over his mother for a time, Gerald straightened up, fucking her cunt faster and harder as his excitement increased. "Such a beautiful ass!" he said, stroking one buttock. Then he brought his hand up and put his thumb in his mouth, wetting it with saliva. A moment later he was rubbing the ball of his thumb over the opening to his mother's asshole. He pressed in, and his thumb popped inside her up to the first knuckle.

Madeline sucked in a breath and her head jerked up, her back and neck arching. Her hands on the countertop closed into fists. "Oh Gerry!"

"You like that, Mom?" Gerald worked his thumb back and forth in the tight grip of his mother's anus, gradually pushing it deeper.

Madeline whimpered wordlessly, her breath coming in quick, ragged gasps. Then she reached a shaking hand out across the counter, to a ceramic butter dish that was against the wall. She lifted the cover off the dish and then slid it back across the counter until it was close beside her, in a place where Gerald could reach it easily. "Gerry... Please..." she said.

Gerald looked at the butter and his eyes went wide. "Wow... Really, Mom?"

"P-- please, Sweetheart," Madeline said. She was staring straight ahead at the wall in front of her.

Grinning, Gerald pulled his thumb from his mother's ass and pawed at the softened butter in the dish, scooping off a generous dollop. Working his thumb and fingers together, he spread the butter over his hand. Then, pulling his cock halfway out of his mother's cunt to make room between her ass and his belly, he slipped his hand into that space and pushed his middle finger into her anus as far as it would go.

Madeline groaned, low and throaty, and groaned again as her son began moving his finger in and out, rotating his wrist and bending his finger to stroke the inside of her.

"Beautiful!" Gerald said. "Beautiful, beautiful ass!"

"Gerry," Madeline panted. "M-- more. Please. Not... just... your finger..."

"I know, Mom," Gerald chuckled. "I was just leading up to that." After one slow, final thrust, he drew his cock out of her cunt, at the same time taking his finger from her ass. Then he wrapped his buttery hand around his cock, stroking and twisting to make sure it was well lubricated from tip to base. He held the head up to the crinkled sphincter of her anus and said, "Here it is, Mom. Here it comes," and started pushing. At first his cock made no headway, but he held the shaft tight in his fist and increased the pressure, leaning his weight forward. Finally his cockhead slid past the tight opening, and the rest of his entire length quickly followed, disappearing into his mother's bowels.

Madeline let out a bellowing, shouting cry. Her knees buckled, causing her upper body to drop down onto the countertop. She laid like this, her legs limp and useless, her face resting sideways on the counter, moaning rhythmically as Gerald began to make hard, violent thrusts into her asshole.

"Oh, fuck!" Gerald groaned. "So... fucking... tight!" With each word he slammed his pelvis forward, pounding his cock deep into his mother. He slid his hands up her back and gripped her by the shoulders, pulling back on her to meet his jolting thrusts. For long minutes he kept up his rough ass-fucking, manhandling his mother's small body in a blindly instinctual drive to force his cock deeper and deeper inside her. Finally his motions reached a frenzied peak, and he croaked out, "Gonna come up your ass, Mom... Gonna... fucking... come!"

As if on cue, just as Gerald began pumping his semen into her, Madeline's head snapped up, and from her wide-open mouth came a long, continuous wail, while at the same time a shuddering spasm shook her body and her arms jerked and twitched at her sides.

Some unknown time later, Gerald's eyes blinked open. He was lying across his mother's back, the two of them draped over the kitchen counter. "Wow!" he breathed, lifting his chest off of her. "Are you okay, Mom?"

Madeline made only a soft moaning sound. She planted her hands on the counter and slowly lifted her head and chest. She started to stand up but then stopped. "Gerald... you... you're... you're still inside me."

"Oh, yeah," Gerald chuckled. He stepped back from his mother, slowly drawing his half-hard cock from her gripping anus. As his cock dropped free, there was a gurgling sound and a flow of semen began trickling down the back of Madeline's left thigh.

"Oh, god," Madeline said. She quickly put a hand across her bottom and, wobbling unsteadily on her feet, trotted awkwardly out of the kitchen and toward the bathroom.

* * *

Gerald was sitting in the living room when his mother came home from work that afternoon. He jumped up from his chair and went to her. "Hey Mom!" he said, and started to put his arms around her.

"Gerald, stop!" Madeline snapped.

Gerald stepped back, startled and frowning. "What now, Mom?" he said.

"Gerald, I've decided that this -- what we were doing -- it's over. It's over and we will never speak about it again."

"Aw Mom, Come on--"

"No!" Madeline folded her arms, staring down at the floor as she spoke. "What we did... what you did was wrong, Gerald. It was wrong and disgusting, and it showed a complete and utter lack of respect for me." She lifted her head and glared at her son. "I mean really, Gerald.... that you would do... those things... to your own mother!"

"But Mom, you wanted it!"

"That's completely irrelevant, Gerald. If you had any respect for me as your mother, you wouldn't have... done those things. As she spoke, Madeline's hand drifted back toward her bottom.

"Is this about the ass-fucking, Mom? Because if that's what bugs you, we don't have to do that any more--"

"Gerald!" Madeline barked, her face reddening. She took a breath before continuing in a controlled voice. "You see what I mean, Gerald? You will never have any respect for me as long as... as long as things like that are a part of our vocabulary. That's why it has to stop."

"No I don't see, Mom. I respect you. I respect you and I love you, and the fact that we have sex doesn't change--"

"The topic is closed, Gerald. Go to your room. I'll call you when supper is ready."

Gerald sighed loudly and thrust his hands into his pockets. "Supper's all set, Mom. I've got some macaroni and cheese in the oven."

* * *

The next afternoon Gerald and his friend April were in his bed. Gerald was on his back, and April had just climbed on top of him, impaling herself on his cock. "I don't know why I let you talk me into this again," she said as she began to raise and lower herself. "I'm totally paranoid that your mom is going to come bursting through the door any second."

"You weren't too paranoid to have a huge orgasm a minute ago," Gerald said. He put his hand on her belly, lightly rubbing the ball of his thumb over her clit.

April moaned, closing her eyes and smiling. "Ooh, you're so good, Gerry. The way you touch me, the way you--"

The bedroom door swung open, thumping against the wall. Madeline stood there, her face flushed and her hands closed into fists. "You bastard," she said to her son, her voice raspy. "Couldn't you wait one lousy day before sticking your cock into... into..." Striding into the room, she focused her glare on April. "And you, you dirty, stinking whore, get off of my son!" She buried both of her hands in the girl's blonde hair and yanked ferociously, pulling her back toward the foot of the bed. April shrieked, flailing out with both arms in an attempt to keep her balance. Her right hand hooked into the neckline of Madeline's blouse, and as she was dragged off the end of the bed she pulled Madeline with her, ripping open the front of Madeline's shirt as the two women crashed to the carpeted floor.

Stunned by the impact, Madeline lost her grip on April's hair. She had landed underneath April, and she instantly renewed her attack by reaching up and grabbing the girl by the breasts, digging her fingers into the soft flesh. "Fucking skank!" she yelled. "Whore!"

"Ow ow ow!" April squealed. She took hold of Madeline's wrists, trying to dislodge the clawing hands. As the two women struggled they staggered to their feet, still locked together. Finally April brought her right arm up in a sweeping arc, hammering her fist against the point of Madeline's chin in a classic uppercut. Madeline's head snapped up and she fell backwards until she hit the wall behind her, and then her legs crumpled, dropping her to the floor in an awkward sitting position.

"Fricking crazy lady!" April yelled. "Totally fricking crazy! Jeepers!" She grabbed her clothes from the floor and ran out of the room, pausing at the front door to hurriedly step into her pants and pull her blouse on over her head. Then she ran out of the house, still clutching her underwear in one hand and her sandals in the other. The door slammed shut behind her.

Gerald swung his legs off the side of the bed, facing his mother where she sat slumped against the wall. "Jesus Christ, Mom," he said. "Are you okay?"

Madeline put a hand to her chin, and then to the back of her head. "Ow," she said, wincing. "Yes... I'm all right. God, what have I done... That poor girl... She's right, I must be totally fricking crazy." Her voice was calm and resigned.

"You did kind of wig out there, Mom," Gerald said with a chuckle. "Are you sure you're okay?"

"Yes..." She touched her chin again, wiggling her jaw from side to side. "Your girlfriend's got quite a punch. She sure knocked the fight out of me." She smiled up at her son ruefully.

"Mom, how come you aren't wearing any underwear?"

Madeline looked down at herself. Her skirt was bunched up at her hips and her knees were splayed open, exposing her bare pussy, and her naked left breast was hanging out of her torn-open blouse. "I took them off before I left work," she said. "I guess I was hoping you'd notice and just... you know, take me. Just shove your cock into me without asking." She shrugged and turned her face away from Gerald. "But you're getting it from whatsername now, so I guess you don't want your old hag of a mom any more."

Gerald got up from the bed and went to his mother. "You're not an old hag, Mom," he said. "And I still want you. I want you more than anybody." He took his hard cock in his hand and brushed the head over her face, leaving behind a trail of shining pre-cum. "See how much I want you?"

"Oh, my baby!" Madeline exclaimed. Pushing his hand away she took her son's cock in her own hand and fed it into her mouth, sucking on it and bobbing her head back and forth.

For several minutes Madeline sucked Gerald's cock, taking it deep to the back of her throat and then drawing it most of the way out again, pumping it with her hand as well as her lips, sometimes rotating her head one way and then the other, bathing it in her mouth and teasing it with her tongue. Often she would whimper around the shaft that filled her mouth, making desperate little sounds of lust and desire.

Gerald braced one arm on the wall above his mother's head to support himself, grunting and moaning with pleasure as she serviced him, watching his cock disappear between her lips and then emerge again. Sometimes he would grab her by the hair at the top of her head and fuck himself deep into her mouth until he could feel the constriction of her throat against the sensitive head of his cock, and he would hold her there, only releasing her when he heard her making sounds of gagging.

At last Gerald was panting out deep, ragged gasps and his head rolled back. "Gonna come, Mom," he groaned. Madeline kept her son's cock in her mouth for the first two pulses of his cum, and then she took it out. She held it in her fist, pumping it hard and fast and aiming it at her face so that jet after jet of semen squirted onto her lips, her cheeks, her nose, and across her eyes. "Yes," she cooed, "yes, my beautiful boy, my baby. That's what mommy needs. Mommy needs Baby's cum. All of Baby's sweet cum!"

Later, after she had squeezed and sucked the last drops of jism out of Gerald's cock, Madeline relaxed back against the wall. She released him and reached down to her bare pussy, caressing herself. "That's what I need," she said, looking up at her son. "I realized that today. I need your cock. More than I need you to respect me as your mother, I need you to want me and fuck me and use me as a woman. So I guess I'll just have to live without your respect, eh, Sweetheart?"

Gerald took a slow breath before speaking. "Mom, I wish you'd quit telling me I don't respect you." He moved his hand to her face, caressing her cheek and smearing his cum into her skin, using his thumb to spread some of it onto the tip of her nose. "Of course I respect you, Mom!"


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Sounds familiar...

This story sounds like how my own mother taught me to pleasure her plump and soft body. I loved it when she came home from a long day at the office where she worked and called me into the front room wheremore...

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