tagGay MaleRest Area Can Be a Man Sex Bonanza

Rest Area Can Be a Man Sex Bonanza


This is a true story of one of my sexual adventures. I hope it heats up your day as it has mine just writing it and remembering that days man to man pleasures.

I often travel up I25 to do business in Albuquerque. Its a lonely desert interstate with little in the way of civilization. There are 3 rest areas with bathroom facilities between Las Cruces & ALB. I usually stop at each one to pee and I'm always looking for a contact.

One evening shortly before dark I came upon the middle rest area. I was feeling very horny and was playing with my cock as I drove thinking about sucking a nice cock. When I pulled in I saw only one other car and I could see that only one man was in it. As I got out I rubbed my crotch looking at the stranger and started going in the direction of the bathroom. His car door came immediately open and out he came rubbing his cock and smiling. He was an average size guy late 50's or early 60's. His demeanor let me know immediately that he was a player.

He began walking towards one of the picnic canopies and signaled me to follow. The canopy was blocked off to the road with a brick wall and had only a small porthole window. Made for playing and easy to see others pull in, fairly safe for two dick hungry guys to meet and explore our cocklust.

As we met we both reached for the others cock, feeling throbbing meat. I felt a hard delicious piece of man meat bursting to get out. Almost at the same time we asked each other what we liked to do and we both answered suck and be sucked. Each of us expressing a burning hunger for man meat. The passion that enveloped us was equally powerful and the electric sensations that our cock lust revealed was overwhelming. It was so exciting that we passionately kissed openly exchanging our tongues and rubbing our cocks together. The feeling of his shaft rubbing mine was incredible and only added to my already lustful state of mind.

He went to his knees mauling my cock through My shorts. I quickly pulled them down so that he could get to my cock. He hungrily chowed down on my shaft sending rivers of pleasure up my spine. He sucked me a few minutes and then I told him I wanted his cock too. Knowing well the hunger I felt to taste his swollen manhood he unbuckled and dropped his pants and underwear. I got down on my knees passionately swallowing him whole. Damn did he taste good. I proceeded to lick his beautiful 7" swollen shaft swirling my tongue over the crown and helmet rim, then I swallowed as much as I could reveling in the incredible masculine taste of his engorged manhood. This man was exactly what I was looking for when I stopped. A fantacy cum true.

He pulled me up and kissed me again our exposed cocks rubbing as our passionate embrace sent pleasure spikes over my entire body. I knew I wanted all of this man. A quick roadside blow was not enough. He told me that he would love to get me naked. My thoughts exactly as I wanted to make passionate love to his entire nakedness. I told him lets do it. There was a town about 20 miles up the road with motels. he said that he would get him a room for the night. We zipped up our pants and drove towards our destination.

It was hard not to jack off I was so fucking hot. I was so hot as the taste of dick meat and sweet precum was still fresh in my mouth. Only a true cocksucker who loves the tastes and feel of a mans cock can relate to the desires flooding my mind.

After what seemed forever we arrived and he got the room. I came in after a few minutes and was greeted with a hungry kiss. We both immediately stripped off our clothes and embraced rubbing our nakedness and running our hands over each others bodies. The heat in that room was intense, 2 men both full of cock lust with time and a place to pleasure and give pleasure to each other. What better a scenario than that. We decided to take a shower together to clean our bodies. There was plenty of room for two so we soaped up each others bodies paying special attention to each others cock, balls and ass. The warm water only added to our gay lust. I washed his cock and he washed mine. Passionately we kissed as we enjoyed eachothers shafts. Both of our cocks were stiff and aching for what we both knew would happen.

He had an average 7" cock of average girth, with a slightly oversized mushroom shaped head. Absolutely perfect for sucking. His beautiful cock curved slightly upward and his lust was revealed in its hard as rock erection. He was perfect and I hoped I'd found a regular lover to meet in ALB or even EL Paso, he turned out to be from Mississippi though so the best we could do was one fabulous one night stand.

We lay on the bed in a 69 position and began licking and sucking each others cocks. Finally we had achieved our desired position. Our equally mutual love for eachothers cock inspired both of us to new heights of man lust. He moaned as he serviced my shaft, commenting on how deliciously hard I was. I knew he was as into my dick as I was into his. I got under his balls and kissed them gently as I worked his cock with my hand. His balls were sensitive and I carefully sucked both balls one at a time as he moaned his approval. Next I was kissing his freshly washed asshole, licking and probing his man pussy and taking in the masculine smells that make man to man sex so intoxicating. Our hunger being so great and our passion for each others cock so intense we both realized that if we didn't slow down it would be over too soon. Both wanting this to go on longer we turned embraced and kissed passionately.

Rubbing our naked bodies, feeling, smelling, tasting each others maleness, we found ourselves panting and groaning our mutual pleasure. Then we took turns sucking each others cock. balls and ass as each of us reveled in the pleasure of servicing the other. As we took turns the one being sucked talked about how good it felt, how good a cocksucker we were and how much we wanted to fill one anothers mouths with cum.

Finally when we could wait no longer we got into a 69 position and both got down to some serious cock sucking. His mouth felt like velvet as he kissed and coddled my manhood. Making love to eachothers cocks as only men can. I only wanted to finish him off with one of his best orgasms ever. His cock was so good that I wanted to suck him forever but alas as all good things must end. Finally as if on cue he rewarded my efforts with a hot load of man milk that I greedily sucked out of his shaft. Two then three eruptions of cum filled my mouth and I happily swallowed every drop,swishing it in my mouth I continued to suck his shrinking love tool. Within seconds of his first ejaculation he took my cum as well hungrily swallowing my full load. My orgasm left me shaking with pleasure. We continued to tenderly nurse each others shaft until they softened and then we came together passionately kissing to end a perfect man sex encounter.

After realizing that we were to far away from each other to continue I went to Albuquerque because I had an early morning meeting. When I got there I went to my favorite glory hole sight and sucked off one more glorious 8" cock that filled my hungry mouth to satisfy my lust for more, though I waited a little longer no more came my way.

I finished the night jacking off in my bed remembering the two delicious dicks I'd just enjoyed.

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