tagGroup SexReunited Ch. 02

Reunited Ch. 02


"Honey, I'm home," Doug's voice boomed as he stepped from the kitchen to the garage. The joke was as old as their marriage, but usually it made Becky smile. This time, however, she jumped and felt her face flush.

Becky glanced across the kitchen table at Liz, suddenly nervous. Liz returned her look with a small, sultry smile which sent more heat rushing to other, more interesting parts of Becky's body but did little to settle her nerves. With a quick breath, Becky turned from her old college lover to face her husband.

Doug was a tall, skinny guy, dressed in his corporate casual button-down shirt and slacks and carrying the briefcase Becky had gotten him as a "congratulations on your new job" present a few years ago. He was smiling and casting a curious look at Becky and her guest.

Becky thought about what he must be seeing: There she was -- his wife, tall and slender, like him, with shoulder length blonde hair, dressed in a plain t-shirt and loose sweat pants (why had she let Liz talk her into wearing those frumpy old things) sitting on a stool at their high kitchen table across from a woman Doug had never seen before -- an attractive woman with dark, curly hair and striking blue eyes and her full, round breasts visibly straining against her t-shirt. Becky saw Doug's eyes linger briefly on Liz's breasts. Did he recognize that t-shirt as one of the ones Becky wore to bed, she wondered.

Shaking herself, Becky smiled and slid to her feet.

"Hi honey," Becky said, surprised her voice sounded so calm, as she walked quickly to give her husband an unexpected kiss on the cheek. "This is Liz, an old friend of mine."

"Hi," Doug said, nodding to the dark haired woman as he set down his briefcase. He froze suddenly, before straightening back up a little too quickly.

Becky bit back a laugh. Standing behind him, she could see Liz sitting on her stool, her legs demurely crossed. The t-shirt, which was all she was wearing, had ridden up her hip (or had Liz deliberately pulled it up, Becky wondered) and the bare curve of her ass was plainly visible. Bending over, Doug had gotten a good view of Liz's shapely leg and round ass.

Doug, Becky realized, was glancing at her. She did her best to look innocent. She knew the last thing he wanted was his wife to catch his checking out her friend's ass. He was no doubt wondering who this strange woman was and why she seemed to be wearing nothing but an old t-shirt.

"Sorry," said Liz, her voice low and sultry. She gestured at the t-shirt. "I spilled wine... all over my blouse... and skirt. Becky was nice enough to lend me this night shirt while my clothes are in the wash."

"Oh," said Doug, obviously disconcerted that Liz seemed to have answered his unvoiced thought. Becky, who remembered the uncanny habit, shrugged off her own surprise.

Doug was glancing at her again, Becky realized. She just smiled, unaware it was one of those strange mysterious smiles she usually reserved for surprise parties or when she bought new lingerie.

"Liz is an old college friend," Becky added, finding herself relaxing into the situation. "We reconnected online. She was in the area and she stopped by to... talk."

"Oh," Doug repeated, glancing at Liz, his eyes once more visibly tracing the curves of her breasts, her belly and her ass before quickly looking away again. "Well that's great."

"Yeah," Becky laughed, her own eyes following the same curves. "I thought it might be nice if she stayed for dinner. We could order a pizza... pretend like it was college again."

"Sure," said Doug, clearly a little bewildered. "That would be fine."

"Becky," Liz purred. "I'm going to go into the living room, give you guys a chance to talk."

With that Liz hopped lightly off her stool.

Languidly, she stretched, a motion which simultaneously pressed her full breasts even harder against the straining fabric of her t-shirt and lifted the hem up past her hips. Her hard nipples stood out, almost as plainly visible as if she had been naked. Underneath the t-shirt, she was naked. Her cleanly shaven pussy, her labia still flushed and swollen from earlier events, was fully exposed below the hem. Her eyes closed, Liz gave a little hungry moan as the stretch lifted her to her toes. With a sigh, she relaxed again and, with a cheerful smile, bounced through a little turn and sashayed out of the room. Her naked round ass swayed with each step.

Becky looked at Doug, his eyes wide with shock and fixed on Liz's sexy backside.

"God, she's such a slut," Becky whispered to herself.

Doug jumped.

"I... what," Doug stammered, flushing. "I didn't... I mean... I mean I did... but I wasn't..."

"She's hot," Becky purred, leaning against Doug. Her fingers twined around his, and she pressed her pert, firm breasts against his arm. His skin felt cool under her fingers, and she realized her whole body was flushed with desire.

"What..." Doug stammered. "No... I mean..."

"She's hot," Becky repeated, her free hand sliding down Doug's chest. "She has great tits, a fabulous ass and a really pretty pussy. Don't you think she has a pretty pussy?"

"I... what!?" Doug gasped.

"You remember sweetie," Becky breathed, her lips inches from Doug's ear, her hand slipping down past his belt, "a few weeks ago... asking me if I'd ever eaten a pussy? Remember when I told you I had. God, Liz has a really pretty pussy... I've always loved it."

"What... Liz..." Doug continued to stammer. Becky suppressed a laugh she knew he wouldn't have appreciated. She assumed it was hard for him to think, what with all the blood obviously pumping into the hard shaft now under her stroking fingers. She watched as slowly a few of his oxygen-starved brain cells managed to make a connection. "Wait... that's... Liz. The Liz... the one who you... What's going on here?"

"What do you think, honey?" Becky purred. "Should we order a pizza... pretend like we're back in college?"

"I died, right," Doug muttered. "I had a car crash and died on the way home... or I'm in a coma and this is some kind of pornographic near-death dream."

"Or your wonderful, loving wife has brought over her hot bisexual former college roommate for a kinky threesome," Becky smiled. Suddenly serious, she looked into Doug's eyes, "Unless you don't want..."

"You know," Doug laughed, "I think I'm just going to go with this."


They found Liz sitting curled on the old easy chair in the living room, across from the couch. Her knees were drawn up to her chest, her feet planted on the seat of the chair. She sat holding a wine glass loosely in her hand and seemed fascinated by the play of light on the rich red liquid. Becky felt her breath catch at the sight, wondering not for the first time at her lover's easy, comfortable sensuality.

Smiling, Becky pulled Doug over to the couch. As they sat, she noticed with an inward laugh that Liz's position on the chair left the wet folds of her pussy visible, perfectly framed between her strong, shapely thighs. Becky leaned close to her husband, caressing his leg, and wondered if Liz planned these things or if she just had some unconscious talent for displaying her body in the sexiest way possible.

"So," Liz said, looking up from her wine, "what should we get on the pizza?"

This time, Becky couldn't hold it in. Laughter bubbled forth, unbidden and uncontrollable, from somewhere deep inside. Only Liz, Becky thought, could sit nearly naked in a strange house, in front of a strange man she had never met yet had every intension of fucking later, and calmly discuss pizza toppings. All Becky could do was laugh, and next to her, Doug started laughing too. All the nervousness, tension and confusion that had been growing inside them both was washed away in a flood of pure, ridiculous laughter.

Slowly, the laughter faded. Becky wiped tears from her eyes, smiling at Doug and Liz equally. Doug, still chuckling, grinned back. Through it all Liz had just sat, her knowing blue eyes watching them both, a gentle but still sultry smile on her lips.

"Mushrooms and green peppers?" Becky offered, suddenly chuckling again.

"Why do you always try to ruin good pizza with fungus," Doug retorted.

The age-old debate of what to put on a pizza carried them through the next several minutes, until a compromise was finally reached. Still grinning, Doug slipped off to place the order and fetch more wine for Liz and a couple of beers.

"You are just..." Becky laughed at her old friend, unsure how to continue. "I just don't know what to do with you sometimes."

"What would you like to do with me?" Liz purred, giving her lover a hungry look over the top of her wine glass.

"You..." Becky growled.

"Am I being bad?" Liz whispered. "Are you going to punish me again, mistress?"

"After dinner," Becky growled. "Now cover your pussy."

"Yes, mistress," Liz purred, looking down with blatantly false modesty.

Liz's free hand slipped down between her legs. Her fingers molded over her wet folds, a gesture somehow far more erotic than simple nudity.

Becky steadfastly resisted the urge to throw a pillow at her, if only for the sake of not spilling more wine on the carpet.

Doug picked that moment to return. He smiled warmly at Becky, handing her an open beer bottle, and then turned to Liz. Becky saw his eyes widen as he took her in the sight of her again, his gaze lingering on her how her hand was now cupped between her legs.

"Wine," he coughed, clearly trying to sound casual.

"Please," Liz smiled, her face the picture of the polite guest.

She stretched out her arm, offering her glass to Doug, and the gesture served only to further highlight the hand between her legs. Becky debated a number of responses, but opted for silence. If this was going to work at all, Doug needed to be able to handle Liz too.

With a smile, albeit a slightly bemused one, Doug refilled Liz's glass and then settled himself down at Becky's side once more.

"So Liz," Doug ventured. "What do you do... for a living I mean?"

"I run a little art gallery in the city," Liz smiled.

For the next half hour, a casual if flirty conversation filled the living room. Becky found herself relaxing as she caught up with her old roommate, bragged about her own successes and listened to Doug chatter animatedly about his work. For a while, the evening was nothing more or less than a comfortable meeting between old friends and new.

A knock at the door interrupted Doug in the middle of explaining his latest project at the office.

"That would be the pizza," Becky said.

"I've got it," Liz offered, bouncing to her feet.

"No," Becky and Doug said at once. "No, I insist," Liz countered firmly.

Any argument was forestalled when Liz swept across the room to grab her purse from beside the couch. As she bent over, Becky was suddenly reminded of the very important fact that Liz was half naked. Her bare ass and pussy were once again, and quite suddenly, on display mere inches from Becky and Doug's faces. For a long moment, Liz rummaged through her purse, her ass waving a little from side to side as she did. Then, seizing her wallet, she straightened and, with a smile over her shoulder, bounded off to the entry hall. A moment later the t-shirt she wore came flying back into the living room.

"Did she just?" Doug said.

"Yes," Becky groaned. "Yes, I believe she did."

"Well," Doug's voice struggled to remain casual. "Nice tip for the delivery boy."

"I delivered pizzas once," Becky offered, filling the silence. "In college."

"Anyone ever answer the door naked?" Doug asked.

"Once," Becky replied, flushing at the memory.

"Good tip?"

"Oh God, yes."

"What the hell did you two get up to in college?" Doug asked suddenly.

"Do you really wanna know?" Becky arched an eyebrow.

"I'm not sure," Doug replied slowly, giving Becky an uncomfortably searching look.

To Becky's relief, Liz picked that moment to come swaying back into the living room. She was, sure enough, completely naked now, with a pizza box balanced on one hand and her wallet held in the other. Her heavy round breasts, which Becky had always envied, bounced and jiggled with each step. Her nipples looking achingly hard, leading Becky to wonder abstractly just how cold it was outside.

"Pizza," Liz said with a smile, setting the box down on the coffee table.

Becky stared at her, open-mouthed. She popped her jaw shut with a click. A quick glance to the side told her Doug was still staring, just as open-mouthed. Her husband's eyes couldn't seem to decide where to look first. He was clearly torn between desperately wanting to ogle Liz's appealingly displayed curves and a lifetime of training not to get caught doing so openly, especially not in front of his wife.

"Doug, honey," Becky said, ignoring her husband's guilty jump at the sound of her voice. "Could you get us some plates please?"

"Yeah," Doug practically panted. "Yeah, plates... Sure, I can do that... Plates."

He rose quickly and left for the kitchen again.

Becky leapt to her feet the moment he was out of sight.

"We're not going to eat anything with you like that," she snapped at Liz.

"Well," Liz bit her lip. "not pizza anyway."

"You... are..." Becky snarled.

"A very bad girl?" Liz replied.

Becky stared at Liz for a long moment, her thoughts spinning.

"The pizza's going to get cold," she said at last.

"I don't mind," Liz countered. "Unless you'd rather..."

Becky closed the distance between them in a quick step. Her mouth crushed down on Liz's, silencing whatever teasing words she had planned to say. One hand tangled in her lover's dark curly hair, while the other closed fiercely over one of those heavy round breasts.

Becky felt Liz moan against her mouth. Her warm naked body pressed against Becky's, pliant and yielding. She felt her own body flush with desire. Growling deep in her throat, she pulled Liz's head harder against hers, kissing her with bruising intensity. Her hand squeezed and pulled on Liz's breast, eliciting a whimper while Liz pressed harder against her.

Liz's hands danced along Becky's back, finding the edge of Becky's t-shirt and scratching desperately against her bare skin.

Panting, Becky broke the kiss, moving back just far enough to see Liz's wildly dilated eyes.

"For a sub," Becky gasped. "you sure do take control a situation."

"I want you," Liz panted. "I want you so much. I want this so much."

A clatter of plates tugged at Becky's attention. As if pulling against a powerful current, she turned her head to face her husband.

Doug stood surprisingly close, staring with now undisguised hunger at the two of them.

"So," he said huskily. "I'm thinking dinner might wait for a bit."

"The pizza's going to get cold," Becky repeated.

"Really. Don't. Care," said Doug.

"I think he likes what he sees, Liz," Becky growled. "Oh yeah," Liz purred, turning to look at Doug with her wide, dark eyes.

"That's hot," Doug replied, his voice thick with lust.

"Yeah," Liz purred.

"Oh yeah," Doug groaned.

"Doug likes watching two women together," Becky whispered huskily. "Do you want to see more, honey?"

Doug just nodded slowly, his eyes fixed intently on them.

Becky felt a smile spread across her face. She felt Liz shiver, warm and wanting under her touch. Slowly, she moved, turning Liz to face her husband. Liz arched her back, displaying her breasts for Doug, and he stared openly and lustily at them. Becky slid her hands across Liz's warm skin. The other woman moaned as Becky cupped her breasts, squeezing them. Her thumbs teased Liz's aching nipples. Liz whimpered and leaned back against Becky.

"I love these tits," Becky purred.

Becky watched as Doug's wide eyes wandered up and down Liz's body, taking in her pale skin, her full round breasts, her shaven pussy. She felt Liz's body quiver as Becky's hands caressed her.

"Damn," Doug breathed.

"You like watching that," Becky purred, her fingers sliding down Liz's belly. "You like watching me touch her."

"Yeah," Doug nodded.

"Do you know what else Doug likes, Liz?" Becky sighed against Liz's ear.

"What?" Liz whimpered.

"Doug likes watching women eat each other," Becky growled.

"Yes," Liz breathed. "Yes, please. Please may I eat you, mistress?"

Liz slid to her knees and turned to face Becky.

"Please, mistress," Liz pleaded. "Please, may I eat your pussy."

Becky smiled down at her lover. She felt her breath coming in warm, heavy gasps. She felt longing and desire flooding through her. But more than that, she felt a power she had forgotten. Liz knelt at her feet, the beautiful brunette looking up at her with undisguised longing. Doug stood next to them, his hard-on visibly straining against his slacks, his eyes fixed on the sight of them. They were hers, Becky felt suddenly, both them were hers.

Becky stepped back, she lowering herself onto the couch. Her sweat pants slid easily down her legs. Liz smiled. Becky remembered that Liz loved to see her in sweat pants. She remember her lover confiding that it always reminded her of their first time together, the first time Becky had dominated her. She had worn nothing underneath her sweats, then or now.

"Come here, lezzie Lizzie," Becky growled, spreading her legs to reveal her own wet pussy. "Come here and eat my pussy. Watch her, Doug. Watch my little slut eat my pussy."

Liz glanced up at Doug, who stood staring, and smiled. Becky knew Liz enjoyed putting on a show. Slowly, with catlike grace, the brunette crawled to her lover. She lowered her face between Becky's legs, and Becky felt Liz's warm breath on her wet folds.

"I said eat me," Becky urged. "Come on my lezzie slut, lick my fucking pussy."

Becky watched as Liz surrendered to her commands. She shuddered as Liz's warm tongue lapped against Becky's pussy. Becky arched her hips and pulled Liz's face closer. As she did, Liz buried her face between Becky's legs. She licked and sucked and tongued the other woman in a passionate frenzy.

"That's it," Becky cried. "eat my pussy."

Becky looked up. Doug was staring at them hungrily. His hand gripped the bulge in his slacks. Becky watched as he began stroking himself, while Liz buried her head between his wife's thighs.

"Eat me you fucking lezzie slut," Becky moaned. "Lick my pussy."

Liz's tongue lashed out, parting Becky's folds and fluttering along her slick flesh.

"Oh god, yes!" Becky shook, her hands pulling Liz's face harder against her. "Look at her Doug. Look at her eating your wife's pussy. It feels so good...fuck... yes... so good... when she... oh god, yes... when she... licks my... fuck! ... my pussy!"

With wild passion, Liz's tongue licked and probed deep into Becky's wet pussy.

"Oh Liz," Becky moaned. "Don't stop... don't... oh god... Lizzie... my Lizzie... I'm... I'm... I'm cumming!"

Becky's body shook. She clamped her thighs around Liz's head, holding her face firmly buried in Becky's pussy as she came. The world was lost in a blinding haze of intense pleasure. Her hands locked in Liz's hair, crushing her lover's face against her spasming pussy while her body thrashed in orgasm. Finally, Becky collapsed back in the couch, shaking.

Slowly, her breathing settled and she looked up at her husband again.

"Did you like watching that," Becky purred at him.

"That was," Doug groaned. "That was... wow. She really... you just..."

"Liz has an incredible mouth, honey," Becky purred, smiling. "Come here. Sit by me and let her show you."

"Yeah?" Doug said, his eyes hungrily devouring the sight of Liz's naked body.

"Sit here," Becky said.

Doug lowered himself onto the couch next to her.

"Show him, Liz," Becky commanded. "Show my daring husband what a sweet mouth you have."

Liz smiled as Becky leaned over, unbuttoned her husband's slacks, and pulled them down to reveal the hard shaft straining against his boxers. Liz turned her eyes to Doug, meeting his lustful gaze. She arched her back, showing him her full breasts and giving him a sensuous grin. He jumped a little as she placed her hands on his knees, and slid them slowly up his thighs. While she did, Becky pulled her husband's boxers down and lifted his hard dick toward Liz's mouth.

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