tagFetishRevealed in Dance Class Ch. 02

Revealed in Dance Class Ch. 02


The summer after my eye-opening, fetish-creating dance class I was invited by one of my classmates, Eliza, to join her and another classmate, James, for a long weekend on Cape Cod. I had become good friends with both and was comfortable around them in a special way engendered by the unique class experience we had shared.

I rang James on coordinating our arrival later that week. He informed me that we'd be sharing a beach cottage owned by Eliza's mom, Francesca, who also would be present. I looked forward to the short break from my summer job roofing houses in the upstate New York city where I had grown up.

In all the excitement of packing for this trip I sort of "forgot" to pack a swimsuit, thinking I'd play it by ear. I had heard that this town on the Cape had plenty of beach space and some of it quite non-traditional. In addition to conventional summer wear I did pack some clothes reminiscent of our class earlier that spring: two high cut panty briefs, one nude and another a pastel blue, a slightly tighter dark blue panty that might be mistaken for a Speedo when dry, a bright white brand new highwaisted panty with just under an inch of lace around the waistband, and finally a close-fitting but comfortable pale blue camisole my ballerina girlfriend Heather had thrust upon me the night before my departure. Over the first few weeks of summer her interest in my fetish, first made known to her in the spring [see Ch 1], had grown quite a bit, and we had become even closer on those hot summer evenings lounging around in panties and lingerie, enjoying each other's company and a lot, let me repeat a lot, of kinky sex.

Over the long bus ride to the Cape, as I recalled the times James, Eliza and my other classmates had enjoyed with each other in dance, I couldn't help but become and remain aroused with anticipation.

At the bus station, Eliza jumped out of a battered Volvo wagon. She was wearing a cherry red bikini top and faded denim cut-offs, and looked a million bucks with her tan, her long black hair and beautiful cheekbones. I couldn't help but become a bit hard as she pressed her tits against me with a welcoming hug. We drove south of Provincetown a short way and she pulled off the road onto an unkempt gravel driveway, which led toward a nicely situated one-story shingled cottage with a deck facing the dunes, beyond which lay the ocean.

Outside the cottage, I met Nick, her 18 yr old brother, who was lounging in an Adirondack chair in board shorts and faded t-shirt. He was about 5'10" and slender, with the same aquiline features possessed by his sister. Like her, he had arresting blue eyes.

Armed with the first of many beers, I headed toward the outdoor shower Eliza insisted I use, and noted it was just a showerhead sticking out of the wall, with no fence. At least it didn't face the driveway. Oh well, do as the Romans do, I thought, and enjoyed a cooling shower with the sunset playing over my unevenly tanned body. I felt good about myself, having kept my weight at 145 but with some new definition in my chest, arm and abs due to the hard roofing work. I had no discernible fat in my midsection and my waist was taut. My upper body had a golden glow from working in the sun, and I was quite pale where shorts protected my skin.

Wrapped in a beach towel, I ambled back to the room I was to be staying in and was greeted by James, who had shown up in the last few minutes. He was just as I remember him, standing 5'9" with a lithe dancer's body topped by a face featuring green eyes, brown hair and a wonderfully engaging smile. I pulled out a t-shirt, shorts and the pastel blue high cut panty and laid them on the bed. James softly whistled his appreciation at my choice of underwear and informed me he'd failed to bring anything soft and kinky. "Maybe I can help you with that," I said and thrust my hand into my backpack. As I reached down I felt even more nylon and satin than I remembered packing, and a bit puzzled, withdrew a sheer pink nightie reaching to the midthigh and another white nylon nightie reaching down to the knee that I recognized as belonging to Heather. That minx! A note fluttered to the floor. It read "Enjoy yourself, honey, but keep thinking of me!" No doubt I would, and how could I not, with these accoutrements!

The pink was a sleeveless number that had just straps around the shoulder and no forms for breasts, just a slight billow and straight drop. The white was also simple in design and equaled the pink in translucence. James brightened at the sight of these new treats and asked with a grin, "Umm, could I sleep in one of those?" to which I replied of course and tossed him the pink. He caressed the fabric for a moment before dropping it into his bag. I dropped the towel and slowly pulled the blue highcuts up my legs, finally bringing the waistband over my rapidly growing penis. It strained and stretched the soft elastic fabric as it probed up toward the waistband, and the details of my circumcised cock were clearly outlined for James' view as I gave him a turn.

Suitably attired for dinner - once we donned shorts and t-shirts, that is - we went to eat. Eliza's mom, a lively divorcee with twinkling eyes who was the spitting image of Famke Janssen, greeted us both with a hug and said, "Eliza has told me so much about you two. I can't wait to get to know you a bit better and learn your tastes in dance and fashion." I reddened a bit, not knowing just how much she knew, but enjoying the suspense in any case. The dinner was excellent, a seafood pasta accompanied by lively conversation and four bottles of red wine. I was distracted by the knowing smiles on Eliza's and her mother's faces as well as the glances they gave each other, and wondered just how crazy this weekend might get. At one point, Eliza alluded subtly at the strange preferences in dancewear she knew James and I shared, and Nick looked at us with greater curiosity than before. After dinner we retired fairly quickly due to the long day and copious wine. James took a quick shower outdoors and returned to the bedroom with a gleam in his eye. He let the towel drop and carefully draped the pink nightie over his head and shoulders. It dropped over his body and he seemed to shiver in delight. Sheer down to below the navel, the nightie had thicker fabric from there to its hem just below the crotch to provide a modicum of modesty. In no way was this adequate, as James' hardon poked outward and upward. As he turned and pranced in this new treasure, his cock waved back and forth. He practically shuddered in pleasure as the fabric caressed his now fully engorged cock.

Turning to me with a look of desire, he asked, "Dave, would you like one of the backrubs we used to share in dance?" Of course I replied and willingly shed my clothes down to the panties and assumed a supine position on my bed. He turned off all but one small light. Instead of standing by the side of the bed, he sat on my thighs and got to work rubbing a light oil into my back and arms. I couldn't believe how sensual the soft swishing of the nightie's fabric felt sweeping across my back and ass. I got the feeling James knew it, and was deliberately accentuating his strokes to create those wonderful frissons. When he reached high on my back I could feel his nylon encased cock pressing gently against the crack of my ass. Wow, that was different, arousing too!

After some 20 minutes he asked me to turn over. I was rewarded by the freeing of pressure on my cock, and by the sight of James' hardon sticking straight toward me under the nightie. He resumed his disciplined yet stimulating massage over my chest and then turned around, sitting on my stomach, to work on my legs. Because he was wearing nothing underneath, when he leaned far forward his hard cock, surrounded by nylon, would press down on my own crotch, providing a new feeling for me. Then he turned around again and resumed kneading my chest and then worked lower. He gently ran his hands around my stomach and traced soft lines just above the waistband of my panties. With each stroke my penis responded, pulsing with anticipation and desire.

I couldn't take my eyes off the bulge in the nightie that barely hid his cock, which was waving back and forth underneath the soft fabric. I couldn't resist but to reach out and gather a bit of fabric on either side of his member in both hands, forming a billowy loose tent over it. Ever so slowly I moved my hands left and right, shaking the fabric so that his cock was feeling the lightest touch of the nightie. It wove back and forth with these movements, and softly brushed up against one or the other of my hands clutching the nightie. Every once in a while I'd stretch my hands out a few inches, drawing the soft fabric a bit tighter around his pulsating cock. Soon he gave up trying to massage me and abandoned himself to my ministrations. I had him scooch up from my thighs so that he was sitting on my navel, which made its size all the more impressive, as its tip was no more than six inches from my face. I had no mercy, maintaining a gentle rhythm and alternately tightening and loosening my grasp over the fabric surrounding his cock. Meanwhile he played with his nipples through the nightie. After about five minutes I noticed his abdomen tightening and his breathing became ragged. Within seconds he bucked lightly and his penis began to visibly vibrate within the softness of the nightie. With a soft moan he began to came all over the nightie, with each jet accompanied by a slight stiffening and upward jerk of his cock. He ended up darkening the pink with an enormous wad it seemed to take seven or so shots to unload. The nightie's front was a mess and so was James, who looked like he might pass out. I reached my hands around his waist and caressed his back so that the sticky spot on the gown fell and lay on my chest.

Being the great guy I knew he was, he began returning the favor by kneeling next to the bed and gently pushing my cock from left to right and back again within the panties (as any hardened panty addict knows, this is the absolute best way to enjoy them). Like me he had no intention of letting up until I was finished, and he too took time to alternate speed and pressure. As my hardon tested the waistband's limits small drops of precum began to soak the panties. Soon I too felt involuntary tightening pulsations in my abdomen, and I tried to restrain my cumming. All that did was make me harder and bigger, so these were soon followed by a truly massive orgasm that expressed itself in a series of pulses that caused my spine to flex, lifting my abdomen off the bed and my head off the pillow. The seeds of the day's arousal - from my daydreaming on the bus through my hug with Eliza and finally my dressing games with James - splashed through the fabric, creating a lovely mess. James then surprised me by leaning over and running his fingers through the cum, then spreading it on my chest. I wondered what next.

With that we each fell into a deep sleep in our single beds.

To be cont'd

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