She sees him sitting across from her. The most gorgeous hunk of man she's seen in eons. He catches her eye knows she's looking. Knows she's wanting. He grins at her. She blushes and turns her head away. He chuckles softly. She steals a quick glance at him through the long strands of black hair that have fallen over her face - every part of him inviting her as he reads over his paper. She glances around and is overjoyed to see they are all alone in the subway car. She sighs deeply.

"Carpe' Diem," she whispers to herself as she stands and crosses the car to where he is sitting. She stands by him for a moment. He glances up at her and smiles. She can only muster up the nerve to keep staring at him, her dark blue eyes burning into his brown. She takes a deep breath as his smile fades. She longs for him to kiss her. Instead he shakes his head and goes back to reading his paper. Taking another deep breath, she goes down onto her knees in front of him. I can't believe I'm doing this, she thinks to herself as she gently slides her hands up under his paper and onto his knees. She slowly spreads his legs apart. He looks at her, more than a little amused and sets his paper aside. Her hands trembling, she inches up and undoes his pants, sliding them down to his knees. She reaches up, strokes him through his boxers, and then removes those as well.

He smirks. She's practically begging for it he thinks to himself. Slowly she lowers her mouth around him. He lets out a moan. Her mouth was incredible! Her tongue licking up and down his whole shaft as she sucked him up into her mouth - his cock became so hard he thought it might break. He reaches up and strokes her hair. After a few minutes, he stops her. Pulling her in for a kiss he whispers, "I'm married."

"I know," she says, brushing the ring on his finger. She pulls away from his face before her lips can even graze his and goes back down on him. He can't believe how close he is to coming already. He's more than a little disappointed as she pulls away again. She stands up and it takes his dazed mind a moment to realize she is removing her red, lace panties. She places her hands on his shoulders and pivots him so is laying across the seat. She straddles him and begins bobbing up and down. Oh god, does he feel incredible inside of her! She is so tight, and wet -- he thinks for a moment that she feels almost virginal. She begins moving faster and faster, moaning louder and louder. She feels herself about to explode. She pulls off of him and moves into a 69. She feels his tongue pushing against her clit, feel his teeth as he nibbles. She doesn't care; all she knows is she near her climax. She thrusts her pelvis against his faces as she orgasms, hard and loud. She feels him about to finish. Knows he's at the top of his excitement, knows it's time to feed.

As she feels him swell almost to the breaking point, she rears back her head, exposing her true identity. As she lowers her lips back to him, she digs in her teeth, biting it off with hardly an effort. His pain is far more exciting than his pleasure. She spits it across the car. Lowering her head back to the now open and gushing wound, she feeds. His taste is exquisite. Horny, drunken assholes always have a pleasing flavor. Her pelvis, still thrusting hard against his face, muffles his screams of pain. His pain couple with the beautiful, crimson liquid now flowing serenely through her veins, brings her to a second orgasm. As she feels the last gasps of life escape him, she chuckles as he did earlier. She loves the delicate irony of it all.

She stands up and replaces her panties. Surveying the body, she decides he looks too dignified for what he deserves. On a moment's inspiration, she rips off his testicles and stuffs them in his mouth, frozen forever in his scream of pain and terror. She laughs at the scene. She searches the floor and finds his dismembered member. Removing the paper from under his body she looks at the story he had been so engrossed in.

"Plant Case Dismissed Today to Due Evidence," read the headline. Underneath was a story about a Mr. Harold Plant, accused of brutally raping and beating to death a fifteen-year-old girl and released. "The case against Mr. Harold Plant was dropped today after his attorney brought to light a mistake made by the police who collected the evidence," said the paper. In other words, he had an expensive as all fuck lawyer who managed to say the cops botched something and he literally got away with murder. She knew Mr. Plant had been accused of child molestation before, even knew one of his victims, but each time they was not enough proof and he got away. Now, the one time it could be proven, he still walked. She couldn't have it. She read the description in the paper of the girl's death. How she had been tied with bungee cords. How he had knocked almost all her teeth out with his repeated blows from his fists. How traces of his semen had been found in every orifice of her body. How she must have been subjected to hours of torture before he finally killed her. And how, due to one piece of evidence being collected wrong, the whole case was dismissed. She closes her eyes for a minute and sees the whole thing play out in her head as though she had been there. A few tears begin to roll down her cheeks and she feels the girl's pay.

She glances at the picture next to the article. "Doesn't do you justice Harold," she says with a bitter grin. "You don't come across as being the true assmunch you are."

She wraps his severed penis in the paper and lays it next to his body, ponders shoving it in his ass for a moment. She sighs, trying not to think about that poor girl as she walks to the next car, knowing it's necessary now to put as much distance as possible between herself and the body before the car stops, wishing she could have done more.

Less than five minutes later, she's stepping off the subway and listening to the screams of a woman who entered the car and found Harold's mess. She stops and pretends to be a concerned onlooker for a moment, then continues on out. She steps out of the tunnel; she looks up at the starless sky. For a moment, she thinks she sees a young girl smiling back at her and waving, then it's gone.

"Sleep now Lizzie," she says, fighting back the tears. "Sleep now."

The vampire disappears into the night, followed by the sound of sirens - the sweet music of the night, and revenge.

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