I guess it started back about four years ago, but who knows for sure and it doesn't really matter anyway. I didn't mind my wife having other lovers and in fact I encouraged it, as the rule was we could do anything as long as our partner was there too. So it meant several three-somes and an occasional other couple. We both liked the three-somes with another woman and she enjoyed the feel of two cocks at the same time so it seemed like the perfect set-up. However, I suspected something was going on when she started working 2nd shift and then she started staying out until dawn. Said she was talking to the other girls in the parking lot and lost track of the time. I bought this story the first 2 or 3 times, but then it became a habit. I started coming home early without telling her and checking out her stories about shopping all day but not buying anything. It all began to add up and then I found some revealing emails on our computer. Of course I read them and maybe I shouldn't of, but I wanted to know.

Seems she was meeting this guy at a local motel this very afternoon and so of course I had to drive by and see if her car was there, and it was. I went home and waited on her to get there, all the time planning and going over what I was going to say. It was 3 or 4 hours later when she got home and I helped her unload some groceries, about two bags worth spread out over six. I asked her about her day and she said she hadn't really done anything, just went grocery shopping for a few things for dinner. Now I knew she was lying, as she never cooked dinner thru the week. We lived on cold cuts and PBJ Monday thru Friday other then when we went out. I decided not to push the issue and acted like I bought her story.

Three weeks later, I got the opportunity I had been waiting for. I had finished this big project early at work so I took some days off without telling my wife about it. Anyway, I got up at my usual time and got ready for work and left at my usual time, but I just went to a friend's house and drank coffee for about 2 hours until I saw her leave.

I had already told my friend all about what was going on and went over my plan with him and he was in total agreement. When she left we went into action, he followed her and I went home to check the computer. I had just found out where she was meeting him when the phone rang. It was Doug and he had followed her to the same motel on the outskirts of town. I told him to wait and I'd be right there.

When I pulled in beside him, he got out and joined me then we took off. I quickly drove to the nearest bar and I slipped on a sport coat as I got out of the car. Doug had already changed into a pair of coveralls and he grabbed a clipboard from the back seat and we went in.

The bar wasn't lit, but it wasn't dark either, and it was pretty crowded for this time of morning. There were three men against the bar, two couples at different tables, and three black guys shooting pool in the back. It was a lot more people than I had planned on, but I might not ever have this opportunity again.

We made our way to the bar and I told the bartender that we were with Hearts Productions and were shooting our latest film on location just down the road and that three of our guys had called in sick after too much tequila last night. We were here looking for replacements and we were willing to pay a hundred dollars per man, plus a little something for his trouble.

It didn't take long for the word to be passed around and the biggest surprise came when one of the girls came over to us and asked if we needed any females. I gave Doug a look and he just grinned and so I agreed and I told her that we could always use a beautiful woman in any of our films. That just made her day and she almost skipped back to her table where she whispered to her date. The bartender came back and gave us another beer and we were quickly surrounded by people.

"This true?" one man demanded. "You'll pay a hundred dollars to put me in a porno?"

"Yep. We're with Heart Productions and we had three of our guys cancel at the last minute. I just didn't count on this many being interested."

"Well, you don't have to pay us," the brunette said. "My boyfriend and I just want to be in a film!"

"That goes for me too," said the other girl and her date just grinned so I figured he was in as well.

Then one of the black guys spoke up and asked if we'd like any chocolate to go with all that cream and I said that was better than we'd imagined. All in all, we had quite a little group of people. There were the three black men, the two couples, as well as one other white guy. Eight people, plus my slut of a wife, with Doug and I to get the whole thing on tape.

We got back to the motel just in time to see the man my wife was fucking leave the room and get a bucket of ice from the machine. I wheeled our car into an empty space between him and his room and Doug got out to stop the rest of our group while I got the guy cornered by the machine.

"Hey, you don't know me, but you should. You've been fucking my wife."

"I don't kno..." he started but I cut him off.

"Like hell you haven't, but the jigs up now. You've got three seconds to decide how this happens from here on out. See those people over there? They're all here to make a porno flick and make a hundred bucks each while they're at it. Or they could be here to kick your ass. You decide."

He handed me the room card and he was shaking so bad I thought he'd drop it. "No, you're going to be in this too. You go in there and tell my slut of a wife that you've run into a friend and you've invited him to join you. Got it?"

"Yeah," he whispered as he took the card back.

I motioned to the one white guy and told him that when he went inside, to leave the door open and the camera would follow him in. He was to act like he didn't know and to get naked and to get in bed with the couple already there like he was an invited guest.

We gave them a few minutes, then the guy knocked and when the door was opened he went in and left it open just like we'd planned. Doug went in right behind him and he closed the door almost shut, but not latched.

"I want this to be totally unplanned and spontaneous. Just have fun and don't mind the camera. I want another couple to go in next, you two will be great, and then I'll go in. After that, you can come in as you see fit, all at once or whatever."

At their nods, I gave a wave and the couple I had picked out went in and they didn't shut the door all the way either. I gave them a few minutes then went in and almost shut the door as I slipped over into the corner.

I didn't need to go to all that trouble. No one in the room even noticed I was there. Doug was intent on trying to get all the great shots, while my slut was taking a cock in her cunt even as she had another shoved down her throat. The other girl was sucking off her date as he laid beside my wife, playing with her swaying breasts.

Finally the girl released his throbbing cock and she quickly moved over and captured the man who was fucking my wife, pulling him out of that dripping cunt and slipping his dick down her throat. Her date then rolled over and went down on my wife. Just then the door opened and two of the three black guys came in and they quickly stripped and joined in the group on the bed.

I saw my wife jump at the sight of the newest arrivals, but she couldn't say anything because of the cock shoved down her throat. Just then he took a handful of hair and held her down on his pulsing cock as he came in her mouth. By the time she had finally swallowed every drop of his load and he'd released her hair, one of the black guys had her by the hair and was guiding her down on his huge, hard cock.

I watched as she tried not to enjoy herself, as she tried to tell herself that it was wrong for a white girl to suck a black cock. Then she finally gave in and stopped fighting and started loving his monster cock. I will say this for her though; she managed to get almost half of his 12 or 13 inches down her throat. By then, the girl's date had joined her and the man she was with, and the other black guy quickly slammed his cock deep into my wife's cunt.

Somewhere in there, between watching these two guys fuck my wife and the three-some beside them, the rest of the group had came in and the room quickly filled up with naked people.

The black guy between my wife's legs gave a mighty shove and grunted as he filled her pussy with hot, sticky cum. This caused her to cum as well, and she pushed back against his thrusting cock enough to get the other black cock out of her mouth.

When she finally slipped off of his throbbing cock, she laid down and rolled over. Just as the black guy slipped his cock back into her mouth, she spread her legs and I could see the cum oozing out of her cunt. The brunette moved over between her legs and started licking the mess out of her hair. It didn't take her long to cum again under this newest attack on her clit.

As soon as the brunette got up, the black guy took his cock out of her mouth and moved down between her legs. I watched as she took him inside her, his huge cock filling her pussy completely. He rocked up on his hands and started stroking her hard and fast. Slamming his cock into her dripping cunt, it wasn't long before he made her cum over and over again. Then he pulled out and made her sit up on the bed so he could fuck her in the mouth. I hoped Doug got the cum dripping off this huge, black cock as it slipped between my wife's painted lips. Just knowing how she hated the thought of interracial sex and how much she was enjoying being fucked by these huge cocks was priceless.

Then he pulled out of her mouth and held her hair as she stroked him off into her face. He shot loads of white spunk onto her lips and tongue, there was so much she couldn't swallow it all and several globs ran down her chin and dripped down on her huge boobs. I thought he was finished, but I was wrong, because he shoved his cock back into her mouth and continued stroking in rhythm to her hands. She had her mouth full of black cock and I could tell when he came again because of the way she choked.

Finally, everyone was exhausted and the room slowly cleared until only seven of us were left. Doug and me, Betty and the man she was fucking anyway, and the three black men.

I went to get a soda out of the machine and one of the black guys followed me out. "Hey man, let me ask you a straight up question."

"Sure," I said.

"This ain't no porno flick is it? What's up, man?"

Knowing the cat was out of the bag, I confessed and told him the whole story. He chuckled and grinned when I'd finished and said as he lit a cigarette, " So this bitch is your wife and she's cheating on you, right?"

"Right. And that naked white guy in there is who she's fucking."

"Would you like us to get a little rough? My ol' lady cheated on me too so I know how you feel. I can talk to the other guys when we get back."

"Not too rough, I don't want her hurt bad enough to go to the ER or nothing like that."

"Relax, man, that's not my bag. I meant just rough sex, not pain or shit like that."

"Sure! That'd be great."

When we went back in, Betty was sitting on the edge of the bed, slowly sucking Lloyd's half-hard cock. The other black guy and Larry were sitting on the other bed, stroking themselves while Doug filmed the action on the bed.

Mike went over to the bed and got the other black guys attention with a nod and they went to the far corner while Mike stripped. Jack held up his thumb as he turned back around and I knew Mike had filled him in. They made it back to the bed and Mike took Lloyds place and shoved his huge cock back into my wife's mouth. At the same time, he laid her back on the bed and kneeled beside her. As he started working his cock in and out of her mouth, Lloyd slipped his cock into her dripping pussy and with a grunt he shoved it all the way in.

Grabbing her ankles, he held her legs at his shoulders and rocked up over top of her, driving his cock deeper and deeper inside her with every thrust until his ball sack was slapping off her round ass like a trip hammer. He kept this rapid pace for a few minutes, then he pulled out and Jack took his place.

When Jack was ready to explode, Mike took his place and slammed his huge cock into Betty's quivering cunt. She started cumming almost immediately, but Mike didn't slow down. He kept pumping her, pounding her into the mattress, until he exploded deep inside her. Just as he pulled out, Lloyd took his place until he emptied his load into her over-flowing pussy. Then it was Jack's turn and he quickly added his cum to theirs.

Lloyd motioned to Larry and he moved over in between her legs and his small cock slipped in quite easily. He managed a few pumps before he gasped and emptied his balls into her. When he started pulling out, Mike took him by the arm and the back of his neck and pushed his face down to Betty's drenched pussy.

Larry tried to resist, but Jack grabbed his other arm and he had no choice but to bury his face in her cunt. Betty moaned and tried to pull away from his tongue, but they held him down tight and Lloyd moved up to the head of the bed and slipped his cock into her mouth.

"You like the taste of all this black cum?" he demanded as he forced more of his cock down her throat. "Just nod," he added with a laugh.

"Maybe you just like the taste of any cum?"

"Mmmmm," was all Larry could manage with his face buried in Betty's cunt, as they didn't release their hold on his shoulders and arms. "Maybe you'd rather taste black cock, than black cum."

With that, Jack pulled Larry up onto his knees and slipped his cock into his mouth. "That's it, boy. Suck it good and maybe I'll cum in your mouth."

Larry was almost crying as he took Jack's hard black cock into his mouth, but it wasn't long before he was stroking it with his hands while he bobbed his head, taking more and more of this huge cock with every thrust. Mike moved back to between Betty's legs and rapidly slipped his cock into her raw cunt.

Jack moaned as he came in Larry's mouth, and he grabbed Larry by the back of the head and held his mouth on his twitching cock until he had emptied his load down his throat. Easing it out, he made Larry lick the tip and get every drop of cum from his shrinking member.

By now, Mike had moved up beside Betty on the other side from Lloyd and she had a huge cock in each hand, taking one after the other in her mouth. With a grunt, both men came at almost the same time and sprayed her face with their spunk. She didn't stop pulling their cocks until she had drained them completely and when they moved back out of the way, Jack pushed Larry up on top of her.

I guess sucking a black cock had excited Larry, because he was hard again and as he slipped it inside her, he kissed her, licking their sticky cum off her lips. He quickly came and by the time he got up, the three black guys were dressed and waiting by the door.

I thanked the three black men and then turned to Larry and ordered him to leave. I would be in touch with him in a few days.

After they had all left, I looked at Betty but she was asleep, her face still smeared with cum and her pussy hair matted with more of the same. I took the lipstick out of her purse and wrote her a little note on her stomach. Imagine her surprise when she got to see the tape and read what I had already wiped away.

Doug and I quickly packed all the stuff back in his truck, then we cleaned up the room and left. He said he'd drop off the finished DVD before 6 and I said that'd be fine, I wouldn't need it until later that night anyway.

When Betty got home, I acted like nothing had happened and I told her that I had taken the afternoon off as a surprise and then I asked her about her day. She tried to give me some bullshit about being at her mom's all afternoon, and I just nodded like I believed everything she was telling me. I noticed that her hair was wet and that she had to have showered after she woke up, and I couldn't resist asking her about it. She said she took a bath at her mom's because they had been working in the garden.

Finally Doug showed up and I met him on the porch to collect the DVD. I asked him if he had made a copy for himself and he grinned and said he had, and he still had the VCR tape besides. He asked if I thought he should show it to his wife and I told him to go ahead, it was cool with me and I would stop by tomorrow to fill him in on what happened when Betty got to see it. He said he'd tell me about his wife's reaction as well and we agreed to compare notes so to speak.

It was all I could do to wait until late in the evening, but I forced myself to hold off on putting in the DVD until after ten. When I hit the power button, Betty asked me what I was doing. I told her it was a porno Doug had brought over for me to look at and I thought we might watch it before we went to bed.

"I don't want to watch a skin-flick," she complained. "You'll want to fuck afterwards."

"So? It wouldn't hurt you to have sex once in awhile."

"I've told you, I just don't feel like having sex right now."

"I know what you say," I countered, "but let's see if it's any good. Alright?"

"I'll watch the first few minutes, but then I think I'll go to bed."

"Okay," I said as I hit the play button.

The scene opened up with a view of a man's backside and you could tell he was fucking a woman who was on her hands and knees while she was sucking another man off. You couldn't really see any faces other than the guy who was getting a blowjob, and Betty didn't realize what was going on. Not yet, anyway, I thought as the camera started zooming in to various body parts and angles.

"This looks like a home-made video," she said and I agreed. Then the camera focused in on a close up shot of her mouth as it was getting stuffed with cock. I heard her breathing catch in her throat when the angle opened up a little more and you could see more of the girl's face. Within seconds, she gasped when the camera pulled back a little farther and her own face came into view. Her face with a huge, hard cock being rammed down her throat while her pussy was getting stuffed with more cock.

"Turn it off," my wife commanded as she started to get up. "I don..."

"Sit down and watch this, it gets better I'm sure."

"I don't want to watch any more of this," she whined. "Let's go to bed and you'll get lucky."

Trust her to come up with that one, I thought. However, I just looked at her and again told her to sit down.

"And no talking," I commanded as I motioned to the TV. "I want to see this."

She sat down and by the time the other couple had joined them, she was almost in tears. I heard her gasp when the camera found the first black guy, and then she did start crying as she watched herself sucking his hard, dark cock.

"This is a good part," I said when we came to where Jack started to put his hard cock into her cunt, and I even rewound the DVD to watch it in slow motion as he forced it into her. I slowed it down to catch the scene when he shot his load into her twitching cunt. I even paused it once where she had her face buried in a pussy while I hard black cock plowed her from behind.

Then it got to where the three black men took her over and over right before Jack forced Larry to suck his cock. She didn't make a sound as she watched the movie like she was in a trance, not even when she saw how Larry licked all the jism from her face.

Finally we got to the note and Betty gasped when she read what I had written on her stomach, with the camera far enough away so get her cum filled pussy in the scene as well.


She didn't say a word when I shut the machine off and told her to get in the bedroom. Once there, I ordered her to get undressed and get in bed, which she did meekly enough.

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