tagGroup SexRevisiting Classmates Ch. 01

Revisiting Classmates Ch. 01


"Kelly? Kelly Sampson?"

You looked puzzled. "Yes?"

A beautiful blonde woman approached you in the open conference room.

IAAAM conference started that Sunday afternoon at the Marriott on St. Kitts. As it had been 10 years since we had been on island, we figured, what the hell, and decided to attend that year.

While you were at the conference, I was taking the kids to Frigate Bay to see how the beach looked these days and to see if Brad and Sue were still running Ziggy's. As Ziggy's changed hands 3 times while the two of us were on island, I found it hard to believe they still were, but it was worth a try.

As you looked at the stunning legs on this woman who had approached you, you tried to place her face in your memory. She had a knee length teal turtle print Caribbel Boutique wrap skirt on over her beautifully tanned legs, with curves that emphasized her tight, round butt. She was wearing a black spaghetti strapped tank top over this, where her cleavage exposed a nice under-curve to her breasts, tanned to perfection, not a tan line behind the clearly visible bra. The dark freckles between her bussoms suggested to you that she often tanned, but it didn't look fake, it was too naturally brown to be a baker's tan.

You discretely thought to yourself, hmmm, natural tan and no tan lines, I wonder where you are working.

"Kelly, oh my God, I haven't seen you since school!" The woman reached her arms up to give you a hug. Her breasts hung like tear drops on her chest, as she made her way from the few yards between you to embrace. They were rather large, easily distinguishable behind her loosely knit top.

Her features seemed to remind you of someone. She was about 5'1" with striking facial features. Her jaw line was taught and straight, with high cheek bones and a plumpness that only highlighted the dimples of her smile, which she displayed with her arms out-stretched recognition of you. Her bright white teeth against her bleach blonde hair contrasted from her tan skin.

"It has been a while" you replied. You were wearing a simple dark brown skirt that highlighted your plump butt, but hugged you tight to show off your nice legs. It hung just above your knees, showing the tight calves you trained with all of your laps in the pool. You were wearing tan healed sandals, giving your calves an extra "cut" to them, thinning them out but giving them definition. You had a button down short sleeve green shirt on, which came down to the middle of your chest above your breast line. While the shirt hung loose on you, your ample breasts were hard to hide, and they filled out the top, while the rest of the shirt hung limply against your tight stomach.

You were still trying to figure out who this person was. Your responses sounded genuine enough, this girl obviously didn't recognize that you had no idea who she was. You weren't even sure which school she was talking about.

Her hug was tight. She pulled you in, and being shorter than you, her cheek brushed up against your breasts, as you tried to match the grip she held you with. This only encouraged her to hold you tighter. After a few awkward seconds, you let go and she took the hint to release.

"Wow, I can't believe we both got Dolphin jobs. Where are you working at?"

"Shedd Aquarium, in Chicago. How about you?"

"I got in at the National Zoo in Virginia."

The way she said Virginia was too southern to be anyone from high school or even URI. She had to have been a friend from Oklahoma State or Ross or some other school where you'd done some CE.

"Wow, how do you like it there? Does the President come out to see the animals?"

"Oh, God no!" she said with a laugh.

"Well that's good, I'm sure she wouldn't know what to do with a targeting pole anyway"

"No kidding, she has no idea how to even make sure her man comes home to her at night."

You got this feeling in your mind, you knew this woman. You weren't sure where from, but a memory was starting to surface. Her name was on the tip of your tongue, the recognition came to light, but her name wasn't coming to you. She was standing very close to you in the lobby of the Marriott, as you were both waiting in line to register for the day's CE lectures. At this point, you were both waiting in line for "Thermoimaging: the cheap alternative to a thorough physical exam?"

"I don't care what lectures I go to today, I'm just glad to be back on island. I mean, it's changed so much since we were here!"

"It has, Brent and the kids are out on the strip right now, trying to figure out if Ziggy's is still there."

"Oh my God, you two are still together! That's wonderful! I always hoped that you would!"

"Yeah, he's a great guy."

"He was always so hot, is he still in shape?"

You were taken aback by this comment, like she was trying to hit on your man. Granted, we'd been together forever, but you still had a jealous streak about you. After that question, you started to have some ice water in your responses, as you still couldn't figure out who she was.

"Oh yeah, he looks great. We have 2 kids, Matthew who's 4 and Madelyn who's 2. I'm very lucky to have him."

"Tell me about it. I remember he used to fold your laundry," they mystery woman chuckled. "Any man who would fold my laundry, I'd have jumped at the opportunity."

"Yeah, he's a keeper."

You thought to yourself, is this AManda? She has blonde hair now, but it has to be Amanda, with her southern drawl. Her breasts had grown too, but her legs still looked as amazing as they had in school. You wanted to be sure. As the conversation died, you waited a few minutes to test your theory.

Absently, you almost whispered "Amanda", in a non-descript direction, trying to be annonymous when you said it.

"Yeah?" the mystery woman answered.

Amanda had been in your wedding party at our wedding. You lost touch after the festivities, as your schedules became increasingly difficult to manage, as you both fell into dolphin jobs nearly immediately after our wedding, unbeknownst to each other.

"Wow, I had a hard time figuring who you were! Your hair looks great, and wow! Did your boobs grew, do you have kids?"

"Yeah, I had 2 rugrats with my ex hustand. He was that biker in Alabama. We got pregnant the night of your wedding, actually. We had Alex, and then we had Peter right afterwards. Then Bill started being a pain in the ass, kept going out to the bar everynight. Never came home. So, one night he came in wreeking of cheap perfume. I questioned him and he admitted to have cheated on me. After boozing all the time and cheating on me, I decided that it was time for a divorce. He now works in Chevy Chase as an investment banker, the one that no investor wants to walk in to see at the AG Edwards store he works at. He can't even pay his child support, that broke ass."

"Sorry to unload all that unhappy baggage on you. The papers went through 3 months ago. We had a small wedding, just our parents, since we realized we were pregnant not long after your ceremony. I'm sorry, I should have told you, but we got so wound up in everything going on with a child and all."

"Anyway, OK, I"m serious, no more sad stories. I'm here to just relax. I don't care what I see, one lecture a day and then back to the beach. Hey, do you and Brent want to get together tonight for a few cocktails? I heard the hotel is offering complimentary babysitting."

"Wow, Amanda, I can't believe it's you! Yeah, we'd love to get some drinks tonight. Where and when?"

"How about 5:30 at Ziggy's, if it's still there?"

"Perfect, I'll see you tonight with Brent."

"Matthew! Wait for me to get in the water," I screamed as our brave 4 year old tried to wade into the soft surf. I had just covered him in SPF 50 for the noon sun and he still had streaks where I didn't rub it in full enough. We had been sitting under a palm tree on a picnic table next to Ziggy's. Mathew's pale white skin and baby fat jiggled as he trotted towards the water, he was a lot like his mother in that I couldn't keep him out long. He loved swimming in Lake Michigan. He was about to get a sharp contrast from that, he'd never been in the salt water of the Caribbean.

Maddie was sitting next to me, awaiting her sunscreen application. She was sucking on her fingers with an open mouth, mostly just distracting herself with her hands. Her cute little two piece didn't quite fit her, as we bought it large for her to grow into. I started lathering up as Matthew kept inching closer to the water as he was restlessly playing in the sand, waiting for the two of us.

"Matthew, that's close enough!"

"Daaaad, hurry up!"

I started lathering Maddie up. I had asked the bar staff if Brad and Sue were still the proprietors of Ziggy's. Of course, I then had to ask if they still owned the place. I got some blank stares, so I figured I'd just wait and see if they showed up.

I was wearing a pair of white board shorts. My torso was slightly pudgy, as it's been since we had started dating. With all the hours at Vale Park, I had been able to keep the pounds off, as I was running from one room to the next, rarely having time for lunch. I didn't have too poor of tan. The conference was in early April, so there had been a few March days where I did the yard work with my shirt off.

I finished applying the sunscreen to Maddy and we walked down to the water. Matthew waited til I was halfway there and he jumped in head first. He came up and spat the water out.

"Phew! That's salty!" He started pawing at his tongue to try to wash it off. I laughed and swooped Maddy into my arms and waded in, letting her piggy legs dangle in the water.

There was a cruise boat in and the beach was starting to crowd up. There were more beach chairs than I had remembered, and the Kittitians were scurrying around to set them up so they could sell them. The cruise boat industry seemed to have changed, as the people walking around the shore were much younger, with many pretty girls walking around with their nice tans and tiny bikini's. I wasn't complaining, though I was getting distracted from watching Matt.

"Dad, watch this!" Matthew drew a long breath in and dove beneath the surface. He nearly bobbed right back to the surface, having not experienced salt water before. He didn't realize he'd be a little more buoyant. He came up with a quick exhalation, blowing mist into the bright sunshine.

We continued to play in the water til Maddy started getting squirmy because she was getting pruney. So, we went up and rinsed off in the showers and got a few stools at the bar. Trevor, the short, slow, Kittitian was still at Ziggy's and he came up to wait on us. I said, "Trevor! I'm an old Ross grad. Are Brad and Sue still here?"

"No, they sold a long time ago. Dr. Beths and Fitzharris bought the place after they gave up Scuba diving when some student left, probably 10 years ago." Again, Trevor is slow and he was shocked because I was talking too fast. He still hadn't figured it out J

The kids and I had burgers and fries and people watched. I decided to look up DSK and found a phone to call over. Sure as hell, Mike answered the phone.

"Mike? It's Brent from Ross, about 10 years ago."

"BRENT! Oh my God, are you on island?"

"Yeah, I'm at Ziggy's right now. You got room on the boat tomorrow?"

"I always have room for you! Have you dove recently? If not, I'll have to get you into a refresher course."

"I only need a refresher if you didn't teach me properly, since I'm a Master Scuba Instructor now."

"Wow, you continued on?"

"Yeah, I teach OW courses locally during the summer. It's a lot of fun."

"Great, well I'll see you tomorrow. Do you need a ride?"

"Yeah, have Kent pick me up at the Marriott tomorrow morning. Don't tell him who he's picking up."

"Do you think Kent will be sober at that time of morning, to be able to drive over and pick you up?"

"Is he going to be sober enough to drive the boat?"


"Then he'll be sober enough to pick me up in the truck."

"Great, take care Brent, I'll see you tomorrow."

"Take care Mike!"

As I had to now figure out how to have the kids watched tomorrow, I decided we should walk back to the Marriott. It was nice to walk in the sunshine. The kids were enjoying it, though once we got to the roundabout, I had to pick Maddy up.

I was offered about 10 different taxi rides to the Marriott, which I hadn't forgotten how to decline politely. "NO THANKS."

The lecture was interesting. Dr. Walsh had provided a way to do an inflammation check with thermal imagining on dolphins to save many fingers from having to palpate oral lesions. You and Amanda stuck close together as many of the other attendees were dressed in crazy Hawaiian prints and looked like sore thumbs compared to your more casual island wear. They all had deer in headlights looks, as they hadn't seen St. Kitts before. Besides, it was great to catch up with a great old friend.

"Yeah, after the kids, it was like someone stuck needles into my boobs and inflated them!"

"Tell me about it, I've considered getting a reduction, but Brent doesn't want me to."

"Figures, if he's married to you, he has to be a breast guy."

"Oh, you have no idea."

"So you brought the kids with? That was pretty brave!"

"Well, our parents watch them 3 days a week while we're both at work. We didn't want to burden them, plus, Brent was like, I need something to keep me busy while you're in your CE's."

"That's true."

You had walked out of the conference room and were sitting in the Calypso Café, getting your Frigate Bay Club sandwiches. You both ordered Caribs, as you had not had one in so long. The foul beer entered your mouths and you both agreed, that's one taste you don't miss from the island.

"I can't wait to get some ribs. Goat or not!" Amanda said.

"Yeah, that'll be good. We should go to Buddy's."

"Sounds great! That's another date!"

We met back up in the hotel room in the late afternoon. The kids were sleeping as I was watching some TV with the balcony windows open, looking over the Atlantic. They had tucked themselves under the maroon comforter on their own queen bed, two small blips on such a large bed. I was lying on our bed, in a pair of red plaid boxer shorts, watching a Cubs game.

The breeze off of the ocean brought a fresh smell into the stale hotel room air. "Hey baby" you whispered, so as not to wake the kids. "How was your day?"

"It was good, I'm diving in the morning with Mike and Kent. I can't believe they are still here. Amazing. We hung out at Ziggy's this afternoon, didn't run into Brad and Sue, but TB and Sooze bought the place. I can't believe this place, fuckin island."


"They're asleep... How was the conference?"

"It was nice. Guess who I ran into?"

"Ummm, Dr. Walsh?"

"Well, yeah. But you knew he was here. Guess who else? She graduated a semester before me."


"No, she was at our wedding, though."


"Yep. She's a blonde now! She's looking great."

"Yeah? What's she up to?"

"At the National Zoo, believe it or not. She wants to meet up for cocktails tonight. I guess there's a child care service tonight. Want to drop the kids off and go down to Ziggy's?" You landed on the bed with a bit of a bounce, putting your arms around my waist, giving me a kiss on the lips. I've always loved your soft, wet, full lips on my lips. They feel so inviting.

You rolled over to the side of the bed to take off your sandals. You stood up and went into the restroom. The kids started to stir, as they heard your flush. You walked out of the lavatory and were greeted with "Mommy!" from both of the kids. They struggled to get out from the covers, but both eventually jumped to the ground, ran over to you, and latched on to your legs.

"Mom, dad took us swimming today. We got to swim in the salt water. I had some in my mouth and I spitted it out. It tastes so nasty!"

"Yeah? So you had fun with dad today?"

"YEAH!" they responded in unison.

"Well, how about we get the two of you cleaned up and you can meet some kids your age, so dad and I can go out and meet an old friend?"


We helped the kids into some of the new clothes we picked up for the trip. They didn't have much in beachwear, as we lived in Indiana. Their fresh, bright shorts and shirts made them stick out like the tourists we had become. To think we used to live on this island.

We walked the kids down to the lobby, where a pretty young kittitian girl had a sign up saying child care. A group of pasty white kids from infants to ten year olds were gathered around her in a circle. We left Matthew and Maddie with the group and walked off into the cool, late spring evening.

We walked down the golf course towards the strip. The wind blew the palm trees in the darkness, dimly lit by the street lights. Fortunately it was early enough that the taxi traffic was slight, and we felt comfortable walking on the road, somewhat. We held hands, you still make me feel like we just started dating. My heart was pounding, it had been so long since we'd had a night to ourselves, even for a few hours. I kept squeezing your hand, which you squeezed back. We locked eyes on occasion, giving each other short kisses, laughing, and walking down to the strip.

We walked by Mr. X's, which was bouncing with most of the conference attendees. You could see the Hawaiian shirts, bright pinks and greens, huddled around the picnic tables, gray beards and big straw hats. We kept walking, ignoring the "tourists". We walked up the old beach boards of Ziggy's and stopped at the bar to get two Ting's with CSR. You saw Amanda after we got our drinks and walked out onto the beach, under the volleyball tower.

"Hey there, pocket!"

"Brent, how are you?!" Amanda reached up and put her arms around me. You were right, I did not recognize her with her blonde hair. She did look striking, as it looked like she had kept running in all these years, her breasts were much fuller than they had been when we used to spend time together.

"I'm doing OK. I mean, I've still got her around." Amanda jabbed me in the side, before you got a chance to. You dropped your jaw in a mockery of shock. "So, blonde? I hardly recognized you."

"Just something different, needed to do something different after the divorce."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know. If you don't mind my asking, how long ago."

Amanda recounted the story again. I'm always good at getting information out, and Amanda went on as she chugged through 3 Caribs. I fed you another Ting with a Sting during the tale, and I switched to Stag.

She was starting to get drunk, and when she was suppressing a sad part of the story, she started laughing and would slap our knees, whoever happened to be sitting closer during the retelling of the tale.

"So, tell me, how do you two keep it together? I mean, the reason I lost Bill, I think, was that I didn't keep it interesting enough for him. What keeps the spice for the two of you?"

"I dunno, babe, what do you think?" You were kinda shy to say what you thought was keeping us spicy.

"Well, this trip will help. After 10 years and two kids, we've kinda lost it, I think. We both work so much, but we still keep Saturday nights for us. We put the kids to bed early, then if we're being lazy, we'll just pop in a porno or something," I said.

"Yeah? What type of porn do you like?"

You started to blush. I didn't hesitate, "Well, the girl stuff, I think we both prefer. I mean, who really wants to see cock, right?"

"Well, I kinda do!" Amanda responded, gripping my knee as she smiled largely. She held it there longer than I expected, though I was starting to get loosened up from the alcohol, I didn't mind. You caught her hands and started to get a little on edge.

"Come on, Amanda, girls look better than the ugly guys in those movies," you said.

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