tagFirst TimeRick & Sylvia Ch. 02

Rick & Sylvia Ch. 02


My body trembles as you push my bra over my breasts, you lean down and I know what's coming, but when your tongue encircles my nipple, ohh I cant help but moan as my body arches against you. I pull your head up and look into your eyes, I can see the lust and frustration there, I reach behind me and unclasp my bra, slowly pulling it forward and letting it slip from my body.

"Ahhh Sylvia please let me..."

"Let you what?" I ask huskily as I cup my breasts in my hands and push them together, teasing my nipples with my nails.

"Would you like to fuck me Rick? Would you like to slide your hard cock inside me?"

"yesssss!" the word is hissed from your lips as your eyes travel over my creamy soft breasts, my nipples dark and peaked, just begging to be touched.

I can see you aching to touch, to feel, but most of all I can see your strong desire, your need, to just fuck me.

My hands release my breasts and I hear you exhale sharply as they bounce, I move my hands to your belt, unfastening it, and slowly slipping it through the hooks. You just stand there, mesmerised by the effect my movements have on my breasts. I push your trousers down over your hips shortly followed by your boxers. You groan as the shorts brush over your painfully hard cock, and I watch as your eyes widen as I slip my jeans down over my hips, moving my body sensually as the material slips down my legs.

"Rick, please take me." I whisper against your mouth as I mould my body against yours, winding my tongue into your mouth. The groan you emit then is intoxicating, I capture your mouth with mine, biting down softly, tugging at your lip, laughing huskily as you growl at me. You push against me as you kiss me tenderly, you catch me off guard with your tenderness, you have been passionate and rough, but I can hardly take the tender caress of your mouth upon mine. My legs start to buckle as tremors run throughout my body. Your strong arms catch me and hold me against your body as you lower us to the floor. My body lying beneath yours, my cool blue eyes glazed with lust, looking up into your similar deep blue eyes, I feel your body tremble as I skim my finger tips over your chest, brushing your hard nipples with my cool fingers. As I hear your deep primitive male growl I cant help but arch against you and moan in reply.

It still amazes me that you can provoke such responses from me, a small part of me had been worried that it wouldn't be so hot and heated as it was when we talked online and on the phone. As this thought flicks through my mind I remember the way you could make my body tremble, make me moan by just saying "Hi honey." This memory just heightens my senses, as you place your palm flat on my breastbone before sliding your tanned male hand down between my breasts, over my stomach and down onto my heated thighs.

I close my eyes as I suck air into my lungs; my lips are dry as I run my tongue across the full pout of my mouth. I reach down and wrap my cool fingers around your hard, throbbing cock.

"Rick, I want you to fuck me" I gasp as I open my legs, slipping my other hand down and stroke my damp panty clad pussy. I release your cock as I watch you watching my fingers. I know what this does to you as I slip my middle finger over my clit I hear you gasp.

"You want this don't you?" I question knowing the answer before you have even taken a breath to reply. "You still want this little virgin pussy don't you Rick" your eyes snap up to meet my cool blue gaze.

"What?" you whisper, "you said you were going to going to sleep with ... with that guy..." you manage to get this out in short ragged breaths. I clasp your ass in my hands and pull you towards me so I can whisper in your ear

"Yes but I wanted your hot, hard cock to be the first inside my virgin cunt." I accentuate the last two words and your breath comes out in a trembling moan as your cock pushes against my damp panties.

"Oh god OH god OH goddddd" you whisper against my neck. Only the flash in my eyes concedes my worry as you push yourself up and pull me towards you.

"Rick..." my voice has a nervous tremor in it and I hope to god you didn't hear it. Your arms reach out and surround me, you gather me up, and I sit quietly on your lap. You tilt my face up towards you and kiss me hungrily I gasp with relief as I realise you still want me.

"God Sylvia you've no idea how much I need you."

You pick me up and I start to yell, "no NO Rick put me down!"

"SHH" you bend your head and your lips capture mine, silencing my yells as quickly as they had begun.

"Im perfectly capable of walking you know." I say as my lips form a sexy little pout.

You just growl as you carry me into your bedroom and lay me onto the soft cool sheets. I cant help it, my body starts to tingle as I watch you, I'm so nervous yet the twisting in my stomach is quickly turning into lust and excitement. I am completely embarrassed but I know I want to do this, I have been thinking about it for the past two years. I let my hands trail down my body, stopping momentarily to tease my peaking nipples. My fingers travel down over my heated body, trailing a cool path down over my stomach onto my thighs before slowly teasing the wetness surrounding my pussy lips.

My left hand starts to stroke and twist my erect nipple as my right hand begins to slowly enter my hot, wet pussy. I keep my eyes lowered to my body, I know if I look up I will be flooded with embarrassment I'm not entirely sure if you have realised what I am doing but suddenly I hear you gasp a ragged breath and I know you have seen me. I know I'm blushing, but I get the feeling your not looking at my face. I begin to stroke my clit in teasing little circles; my breathing becomes laboured as my finger moves down into my wetness. A moan escapes my lips as the tension inside me begins to mount.

"Oh god Sylvia please!"

My eyes flick open as I hear your lust filled voice, my eyes meet yours and the electricity races right through me. My body arches as my finger finally slides inside my hot, wet pussy.

"ohh godd" the words are hissed from my lips as I start pushing my finger inside myself. The look you give me then nearly pushes me over the edge, your heated gaze running over my body as I start fingering myself.

"ohh jeeezus... Rick. I'm oh god I'm gonna cum..." my eyes start to glaze over as I watch you sliding your hand over your hard cock, my fingers working in a frenzy, sliding in and out of my hot cunt.

Suddenly you are there, on the bed between my legs, my body arches in anticipation, at the first touch of your tongue my body convulses, I gasp as my first real orgasm consumes me.

To be continued...

This of course is dedicated to Rick because together, we just can't help ourselves.

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