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Road Head


This is a short version of what my boyfriend and I do when we drive together. We are both 20 years old, enjoy sex to the fullest, and can't keep our hands off of eachother.

On the highway there isn't much to do so a girl has to entertain herself. As usual I'm not driving, you are. We know what happens when you drive. I smile at you. You ask me what I'm thinking. In reply my hand goes on your thigh. Your smile deepens as you say oh.

My hand travels to your crotch when I start to lean over and lick your ear. Every bit of you is sexy to me. The way you sigh, how that sound comes out, mmmm. Sucking your earlobe into my mouth while my hand is busy with your button and zipper. Your dick already hard because you know what I'm about to do, my hand going into your pants, rubbing your dick.

I slowly pull your dick out; my breathing deepens, my mouth watering for the taste of you. If you only knew how much I love swallowing your dick. My head in your crotch, breathing on your dick, that sigh coming out of your mouth. My tongue swirling around the head of your dick while one hand wraps around the base. Pressing my mouth against your dick, pushing saliva onto it with my tongue, my hand coming up to rub my saliva down your hard dick. Opening wide, lowering my mouth onto you.

A deeper sigh and the words oh baby comes out of your mouth. Your hands on the steering wheel, still driving while your woman sucks your dick. My mouth stopping half way down your dick, lips wrapped around tightly, pulling back up slowly. Going back down again, but farther and farther until I get your entire dick in my mouth. Your dick feels so good tickling my tonsils. We pull off the exit. As we drive past people you pull me off until we can go the back way home. I kneel in my seat and lean over to suck your dick.

Your dick in my mouth, your hand slides over my ass. Moaning around your dick, sliding my mouth up and down faster when your hand slides in my pants to play with my wet pussy. Baby your fingers feel so good in my pussy. Sliding in and out of my hot wet pussy. My mouth around the head of your dick, plunging down sucking as hard as I can. My cheeks sucked in around your dick, tongue pushing against the underside, pulling up slowly sucking hard. Your fingers push deep into me.

Pulling my mouth off moaning for you, begging you to pull the car over. Your reply is pulling into a driveway of an abandon place. You get into the back seat and pull your pants down to your ankles. I take mine off and sit on your lap. Rubbing my pussy against your rock hard dick. You grab my hips and moan. Teasing you longer, I rub my pussy against your dick. Getting your dick all slippery, my pussy getting hungrier for you. I reach between my legs and put the head of your dick in me.

Watching your face as I slide down you slowly. Sitting on your dick for a few seconds, moaning in your ear. Sliding up and down slowly, rocking the car with us. Within minutes the windows are fogged and we are sweating. I slide down faster, slamming my pussy onto your dick. Baby you feel so fucking good in my pussy, my moans getting louder. I kiss your lips, moaning into your mouth. Your hands holding my hips harder, I slow things down.

Slowly sliding up your dick only to slam back down on you. Rotating my hips when I'm sliding back down. You tell me to stop; you're close to cumming. I sit on your dick and stare at you. Your head laid back against the seat, breathing hard, feeling your dick throb in me. When you look at me I slide up and watch your eyes roll back into your head. Your fingers dig into my hips as I'm fucking you slowly and stopping. You look into my eyes and I start again, but a little faster; your breaths uneven as you mutter curse words.

Moving my hips up and down faster on you. You whisper again that you're about to cum. I don't stop this time. I press myself against your chest, moving up and down faster. My arms wrapped around your neck, my cheek pressed against yours, moaning into your ear. Sitting on your dick when I feel your body tighten. Your fingers dig into my skin as your dick spews into my hot greedy pussy. Hearing you moan and say oh fuck is the hottest thing I have ever heard.

We hold onto each other while we catch our breath. I slide off your dick and your cum starts oozing out of me, running down my thighs as I put my pants on. We get back into our seats and drive the rest of the way home, satisfied for the hour.

That is how we entertain ourselves on a drive.

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