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Road Test

byThe Mouse©

Road Test

Recap: At 49, and widowed, I had been seeing a lady called Pat for some time, and was on the verge of sleeping with her for the first time. She had discussed my 'size' with both her daughters, one of whom I work with, and they had each decided (separately) to "Test Drive" me so their mother wouldn't be hurt. Or so they said. Now it was the day after, and I was due to take Pat out for dinner, and then.......

~~~~ ~~~ ~~~~

Saturday was something of a lost day for me, sleeping in as I did way past the time I usually get up. Sometimes the years do catch up with a person. When I eventually wandered through to my kitchen to put the coffee machine on it was nearly 11a.m. - unheard of for me, even on a Sunday!

I sat at the table with my mug of black sweet coffee, taking stock of the past two nights events in a contemplative mood at odds with my more usual "lets see what happens" outlook. I was very concerned that my nights of lust with Debbie and Pamela, as thoroughly enjoyable (and unexpected) as they'd been, would prove to be the cause of Pat and I breaking up, which definitely wasn't what I wanted to happen. On the other hand, both girls had promised that nothing would be said, especially to Pat, so on that score it seemed I had nothing to worry about.

Unfortunately for me there was still my conscience, which was firing on all cylinders today after a noticeable absence over the past two nights! For someone who had been completely faithful to my late wife, to sleep with not one but two other women unbeknownst to my current partner – AND for those women to be her own daughters – well, to say I felt guilty was a massive understatement. I sat and thought about things for a good while, finally deciding that I must treat the last two nights as one-off, never to be repeated scenarios that absolutely wouldn't be repeated – ever.

Now I was able to concentrate on tonights planned date with Pat, something I had been looking forward to for days now. Although she was a couple of years older than my own forty-nine Pat behaved like a woman ten years younger, enjoying various sporting activities whenever her full-time nursing job allowed. Indeed our first few dates had been as part of a larger group during a badminton tournament, and we had paired up to play together when another couple had had to pull out. We had reached the semi-final of the competition before being soundly beaten by the eventual winners; not bad for a couple who'd never played together before!

This past week had been Pat's "long" week at work, which meant four 12-hour night shifts back-to-back, finishing this morning. This was what had allowed Debbie and Pamela to make their visits to me, and also why I wasn't due to pick Pat up until 7:30 tonight. I enjoyed thinking of our sporting exploits for a few minutes, and the first proper glimpses of Pats body I'd had during our games. I must confess that more than one point was dropped due to my lack of complete attention to the game at hand!

After a light brunch, I took care of a few things around the house and my postage-stamp sized garden, thankful that I'd had no work to bring home this weekend as happened so often these days. Soon enough, it was time to shave and shower, in preparation for picking Pat up at her house 20 minutes drive away. Dressed in dark slacks, a pale blue shirt, black loafers and a cream jacket in case of cool weather later, I was good to go. As I drove towards Pats neighbourhood, I felt my stomach uncharacteristically clenching ...nerves?

Arriving at Pats house I walked up the front path to her door, still slightly nervous inside. I wasn't precisely sure of the cause, but it felt as much like first-date nerves as anything else, so I decided to tell myself that's what it was. My knuckle barely grazed the door before it opened wide, Pat standing radiant in the frame. She looked stunning to my eyes, from her newly-highlighted light brown hair, to her 3-inch black heels, and everything else in between. She was wearing a mid-length emerald-coloured dress, which set off her bright hazel eyes wonderfully, and also highlighted her full, curvy figure to perfection. Topped off by a light wrap, she looked good enough to eat!

Pat took my arm as we walked to my car, and I drove us to a local restaurant we had been to several times before. We both enjoyed the gentle blend of French and Italian cooking styles, and the excellent choice of wine, of which we both partook sparingly. During and after eating, we had talked of our respectively busy weeks, with Pat telling me some of the more amusing tales from her nights at the hospital and me regaling her with news of various people in my office whom Pat knew both through me and, of course, Debbie. When our meal was finished, we went into the lounge of the restaurant, and sat side-by-side on one of the long couches dotting the room, my arm around her shoulders as we cuddled together on the soft cushions.

"I've really enjoyed myself so far tonight Tom," Pat sighed softly in my ear, "I hope it gets even better later!"

She giggled as I gave a slightly nervous laugh, saying

"What's up darling ..... nervous?"

"A little bit, if I'm honest" I replied, "especially if I've picked you up right?"

"Oh, you have, sweetie," she answered, "and if you take me home, I'll show you just how right you are.

Oh, and about the girls?" My heart leapt into my mouth for a second. "They'll both be out, ALL night!"

She giggled again as my body's response to that statement became immediately and stiffly obvious, her hand moving to rest mere fractions of an inch from my rigid penis. I had to draw her hand away and hold it between mine, otherwise there was no way I would be able to stand up and leave the restaurant – a fact Pat seemed all to well aware of! Eventually I had subsided enough so that I could stand unembarrassed, and we left and drove back to Pats house with scant regard for the speed limits from me.

I made a point of walking up the front path behind Pat, partly because she, of course, had the key, but also (of course!) to watch her wonderfully peach-shaped bottom moving from side to side as she wiggled sexily in front of me, causing further growth in my trouser area. As the door opened I had caught up with Pat, and as we entered the house I wrapped my arms round Pats waist and under her full breasts, dipping my head to the left side of her neck and kissing behind her ear – a spot I knew she adored to be kissed.

"Mmmmmmm......" was her response, "that's lovely sweetie."

My right hand moved down from Pats waist, onto her slightly rounded stomach and stopped there, my fingers gently stroking her toned tummy, my lips continuing their lingering movements on her neck. I moved my hand some more onto Pats firm, round buttock, squeezing gently as I eased her round to face me. As I turned her, Pat grasped my left hand and placed it directly onto her right breast, placing her palm on the back of my hand and encouraging my fingers to fondle her heaving mound.

Meanwhile, Pats own left hand was also busy; she reached down to my groin and her probing fingers easily found the hard length of my penis, wrapping round it and stroking me through the thin material of my slacks.

"God, I want this" she breathed, her fingers tightening round my manhood even more.

My own response was to nip her earlobe with my lips, and raise my hand from her lovely smooth buttock to the back of her neck, my nimble fingers easily locating the tiny zipper at the top of her dress. I lifted the tab and started to slide it downwards, my lips finally finding Pats and kissing her deeply for the first time that night; I savoured the gentle moan she breathed into my mouth, my left hand squeezing and fondling Pats full breast even as my other hand pulled her zipper all the way to the bottom of its' track. I raised my hand up the length of Pats back until I found the strap of her brassiere, deftly unhooking it in one easy move. I felt the weight of Pats unfettered breasts pull the material forward, and she sighed again as my hand stroked her bare flesh.

We were like randy teenagers now, hands everywhere as each savoured the others' body. Pat started to unbutton my shirt, but after only two or three were unfastened she lost patience and ripped the remainder apart with her strong hands, pushing the shirt from my shoulders and onto the floor. For my part, I eased my body apart from Pats and pulled her dress from her shoulders, slipping it, and her slackened bra, down her arms and torso, over the swell of her hips to the floor; only then did I discover that Pat had no panties on! My earlier exploration had led me to believe she was wearing a thong, however (as she explained, much later) even that showed a line on her dress, so she'd left it off altogether! The sight of her trimmed bush atop her wonderfully toned legs was a glorious one, and savoured, as it was the first time I had ever actually seen Pat completely naked. She was beautiful.

Pat obviously felt that I was rather over-dressed in comparison to her nakedness, even though I had not yet seen this in its entirety, so closely were our mouths entwined in our kiss. I felt her fingers slickly unfastening my belt, and then the hook and zipper of my slacks, pushing them, and my underwear, to the floor in a single practised move. I felt the head of my swollen penis slot into the junction of Pats thighs, the sensitive area able to discern the short hairs covering Pats mount of Venus. The groan of desire from Pat then was wonderful to hear; my own moan of lust was equally as loud, I'm sure.

Pat broke our kiss then and, her hand still wrapped around my throbbing cock, said,

"Let's go upstairs, my darling; we'll be much more comfortable there!"

So saying, she turned and started up the stairs, her lovely ripe bottom sashaying sexily in front of my eyes as she led me by my penis to the delights of her boudoir. We entered her room and Pat walked straight over to her bed and, still holding on to my turgid member, turned round and sat on the edge of the mattress. Still stroking my cock Pat looked up at me, her sparkling hazel eyes locked on mine as she murmured,

"I've wanted to do this for SO long, you wouldn't believe!"

As she finished speaking Pat leaned forward and licked the tip of my penis, lowering her lips down my shaft until just half of it was almost completely filling her mouth. Her hands were now on my buttocks, and she squeezed my arse cheeks as she slid her lips further down my cock until I could feel the very back of her throat against my glans. I suspected she may well have gagged at that point, as she'd already told me mine was the thickest penis she'd ever encountered, much less sucked; instead, she withdrew her mouth so that only the very tip of my hardness remained between her lips, then did it again. And again. And yet again, until she had a very good, slick rhythm going, the head of my prick entering her throat deeper each time until finally Pat, my gorgeous, inexperienced Pat, was swallowing every last fraction of the eight solid inches of my thick cock!

To say I was in heaven .... well, I had only dreamt of Pat doing this to me before tonight. I smoothed her hair with both my hands, allowing them to follow her jaw line and downwards until I cupped her full, still firm breasts in my hands. I felt the thrum of her moan of pleasure surrounding my throbbing cock increase in its intensity as my fingers found her erect nipples, teasing them lightly between my fingers and thumbs before pulling them more firmly from the weight of her tit flesh, my other fingers still cupping the full orbs warmly in my hands.

I badly wanted to taste Pats sweet nectar now, so I reluctantly eased myself away from her oral ministrations and smiled as my prick popped from her mouth, making a 'plop' noise as it did so. Dropping to my knees between Pats widespread legs, I lowered my face to her groin, savouring the rich, tangy aroma of her sex, revelling in the vision of tiny drops of moisture caught in the short hairs adorning her mound. My lady was turned on! My tongue alighted on the inside of her right thigh, creating a trail of saliva from just above her knee all the way to a point just millimetres from Pats ever-moistening pussy; I withdrew, then, to the sound of a loud moan of displeasure from Pat, which turned to delight once again as I repeated the course of my tongue on her left thigh. This time though, I didn't stop, my rigid tongue tickling the tiny hairs on her mons as it delved deep between her swollen lips for the very first time.

The taste of her was sublime; a slight tangy musk, overlaid by a sumptuous sweetness that filled my mouth and nose with its delicious aroma. My first licking of her honeypot was like turning on a tap, so great was the sudden lubrication of her innermost area. I quickly realised that licking alone was not going to be enough to gather up all of these flowing juices, so I opened my mouth wide and covered Pats whole vaginal opening, my tongue working overtime as I sucked the juices directly from her hot cunt.

Still sucking Pats delicious nectar from her pussy, I raised my hands from her thighs and up over her stomach until they were once again firmly cupping her wonderful breasts. I squeezed and teased her full tits, nipping her bullet-like nipples between my fingers even as I continued my oral assault, the juices now escaping from my mouth and starting to trickle down my chin she was so turned on.

After a few more seconds Pat began to orgasm in earnest; loud moans filled the room as her climax built quickly, Pats thighs tightening around my head as her hips thrust up from the bed into my face. I sucked Pats now prominent clitoris deep between my lips, my chin almost burying itself in the fullness of her saturated pussy, my tongue probing and wriggling inside her hot hole as her nubbin swelled in climax after climax, screaming now in intense pleasure. All too soon she pushed my head away, her endurance seemingly exhausted for the moment. I moved up the length of her body, my tongue leaving a wet trail over her stomach, up and all around her full, jiggling breasts, then onwards until my mouth met hers in a delicate oral dance.

Pats hands reached for my stiff member as it prodded against the delicate folds between her legs, while at the same time she began to kiss me deeply, her tongue probing my mouth and tasting her own love juices on my breath. I gently eased myself inside Pats gloriously slick and tight honeypot, my glans so sensitive I could feel her outer lips part as I slid further and further into her. Finally my pubic bone hit against Pats – I was fully, irretrievably, fucking my lady! It felt amazing, and I intuited that Pat felt exactly the same even without her uttering a word; whether it was the increased suction on my mouth, the feeling of her heels pressing hard into my buttocks, the moans of lust escaping from the corners of her lips ... or, simply, the almost unbearable tightening of her sweet pussy round the length of my turgid cock – I knew.

After a minute or so, I slowly withdrew my penis from its hot, tight sheath until I could feel only the head remained within her, Pat still moaning gently in my mouth as we kissed. I teased us both by staying stock still for seconds, leading into a minute, until Pat could take no more; breaking our kiss she breathed at me,

"Fuck me, lover ....... make me cum again!"

I needed no further encouragement and sank myself inside her again, and I quickly settled into a steady, deep rhythm. I alternated kissing Pat on her mouth, to nipping and sucking on her gloriously full tits; even at over fifty years of age her breasts were very lovely, with only a minimum of sag when sitting or standing, and they barely fell to the side even lying on her back as she was now. That, plus extremely large and sensitive nipples, made sucking them and fondling them with my hands a wonderful experience, and made Pat orgasm again within minutes!

Gradually the pistoning motion of my cock inside Pats slick hole increased in strength and speed, so that all too soon I was conscious of my own impending climax. Her moans increased too, in time with my thrusts, her hips pushing upwards to meet mine and her eyes closed tightly in the expectation of her impending explosion. I felt her pussy tighten around me, even as my strokes shortened and quickened, even as my first jet of hot sperm erupted into the confines of Pats clenching hole.

Again and yet again I felt my balls tighten as they shot my spunk into my lover, her own orgasm causing her pussy to clamp tightly around my pulsing cock, her chest now a fierce shade of pink and her full, stiff-nippled breasts heaving rapidly up and down in her excitement. Eventually my emissions came to an end, and Pat too began to descend from her high plateau of sexual fulfilment.

"Oh Tom," she whispered in my ear, "that was truly amazing. You've made me feel SO good, I just wish we'd done this sooner.

And to think I'd worried about your size" she went on, " and it really was no problem at all! I love what you do to me, and I want more!"

I couldn't help but feel a glow of pride, and satisfaction that I had made my lady feel so good. My penis was now soft enough to slip out of Pats creamy pussy, a slight sadness overtaking me as it did so.

Then, Pat whispered in my ear,

"Oh Tom," she sighed, "about the girls ............

..... " I know...."


to be continued.

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Score one for Pat and her daughters! I suspect there may be more to cum!

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