tagMatureRoad Trip

Road Trip

byAbner Devereaux©

This is a story that I have want to tell for a long time. When I was 18 my best friend since grade school moved away. A year went by without seeing him. Then one day he called me up to see if I could come to Kansas City for a visit. He told me that Betsy (a friend of his parents) was going to visit and she could pick me up along the way.

"That would be great," I said. Betsy was really cool and a blast to hang out with.

She was an adult but, acted like she was 18. The one thing about Betsy physically that I remembered most were her huge tits. Betsy stood about 5' 2", chubby and had long dark brown hair. I thought about her everyday up until my trip. I remember when she showed up I was so eager to get on the road. She looked just the same, dark brown hair and her body all breasts.

"There is a huge storm heading east but, we should make it to Kansas City before it hits," she said. Once on the road we listened to some great music and had a lot of laughs.

"Do you have a girl friend?" Betsy asked.

"No," I told her. "I haven't had a girlfriend for a few months," I explained.

Betsy was not seeing anyone at the time herself.

"Men that I meet are too interested in work and are to damn uptight and just do not know how to have fun!" she told me.

Now, the whole time she was watching the road in front of us. I was watching the huge mounds that were bulging in front of her top.

We stopped somewhere near Columbia, Mo. before we stopped to get a bite to eat. We had such a good time at lunch that we both forgot about the time and the weather. We looked outside "Oh Shit!" we said. "We better get going," she told me.

The sky was green and not a gust of wind could be felt. The two of us were only on the road a few minutes when the thunderstorm hit. The rain was heavy and thick as hail belted the hood and roof of her car. The wipers were no use as Betsy drove as careful as she could. The rain was so heavy that neither one of us saw the wreck in front of us.

Betsy jerked the wheel to keep from hitting the semi but, when she we went right off the side of the road and into a waiting ditch. It seemed forever for help to arrive but, we were just glad that neither of us was hurt. When we finally got the car out of the ditch, Betsy was still a little shaken up to keep driving to K.C. and the weather was not going to let up. We up to the next exit and found a motel.

Once in side the motel Betsy wanted to change her wet clothes. I was cold as hell as was going to take a shower and put something dry on.

"I'm still a little shaken up," she said. "I saw a liquor store near by," she exclaimed.

"I'm going to get some beer and when I get back we can order some dinner," she said to me.

Before she left, Betsy called my friend and his parents. She told them what happen and that we would be there the next day.

While I was in the shower I found myself jerking off to the image of her giant jugs.

When were waiting to get her car out of the ditch Betsy's shirt was soaked and oh how to clung to massive melons and when we came into the motel room it was so cold her nipples were so erect as they protruded form under bra and red shirt.

Her nipples looked like two thumbs sticking right out from beneath her shirt. In the midst of thinking about Betsy's huge rack and my hot, wet soapy shower, I managed shoot a nice wad right there.

When I got dried off and change, Betsy was still not back from the liquor store. So, I sat down and started to watch cable. As I was sitting on my bed, I noticed that Betsy's suitcase was open.

I stood up and saw her wet bra sitting on top of her dry clothes. "How big is she?" I wondered. I picked it up from her suitcase and found the tag "42 EE!" I read out loud.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Betsy yelled. I didn't even hear come in. I didn't even know what to say.

"What the hell are you doing with my bra?" she asked. "Well!" she hissed.

"You see I jjjust wwwanted tto see bbbig your bbbra was," I stuttered.

"Oh!" Betsy quickly replied, "You just wanted to see how big my bra was!"

"Well," she huffed, for your information it's none of your damn business.

"I thought you were more mature that that," she said to me, I guess I was wrong.

With that being said Betsy ripped her bra from my hands, flung it into her suitcase, slammed the lid close and locked it up tight. When I turned around I saw that she had forgotten her purse when she left for the liquor store.

Betsy quickly scooped up her purse and slammed the door on her way out. Shocked at Betsy's reaction, I found it hard to watch television. The sudden sickness in my stomach caused me to hit the bathroom.

When I came out I found Betsy sitting down and drinking a Bud Light. "You want one?" she asked.

"No," I told her, "I don't drink."

I was just about to apologize when Betsy told me that she was sorry for going on off on me the way she did.

"I guess I should be flattered," she remarked, "That you're that interested in me to look at was what size bra I wear.

"Do you like me?" she asked.

"Yes," I spoke, "I have liked you ever since I met you.

Betsy then sat up from my bed, "I guess since you have always wanted to know what size bra I wear," she whispered, "you must really want to know what my tits look like.

"Yeess," I muttered.

"Give me your hands," she replied.

Betsy gently took my hands into hers and put them on her waist. Then, she took my hands moved them to bottom of her shirt and began to slowly lift her shirt up with my hands and hers. Slowly her shirt lifted past her stomach, until we reached the bottom of her enormous breasts. Once her shirt reached her breasts, the fabric was straining against her chest as her giant jugs spilled out.

They were way bigger and more glorious than I could have ever imagined. The cups on her bra could have carried his and her bowling balls, they were that big. While her shirt was off, Betsy gently moved my hands across her bosom to the back of her bra.

Once the hooks of her bra were undone, Betsy slid the straps off her shoulders. You could see the indent in her skin that her bras make, for having to carry the weight of her breasts around all day. God, they were beautiful. Her breasts were massive and pale, with enormous pink areolas that were nearly the size of a DVD. I squeezed her breasts as she moaned in approval.

"Suck my tits," Betsy cried, "you bad boy."

Her nipples were big and thick, as I sucked on them.

"That's it!" she howled, "suck them harder."

I continued to suck on her massive melons.

"I think I'm going to cum!" she yelled "I've never had a man make me cum from sucking on my big titties.

With that being said, I continued to squeeze and suck on her breasts with more force and more suction that I could muster.

"Oh yes!" "Oh yes!" "Oh yes!" Betsy repeated, "I'm cummming."

Exhausted, Betsy sat on the bed facing me.

"That was incredible," she mentioned "but what have you done here."

I looked down to see a big wet spot in the front of my jeans.

"We need to get you out of those jeans," she ordered, right now!

Betsy reached out and moved her hands up my legs, right up to my waist. When her hands reached my waist, she slowly undid my belt. Betsy then unsnapped me, gently pulled down my zipper and slid my jeans to the floor. When I stepped out form my jeans, Betsy slipped her fingers in the waistband of my briefs and pulled them down.

"Very nice," she assured me. "It's not too long," Betsy mentioned, "but, Damn is it thick!" Betsy wasted no time in time in taking my aching cock in her waiting mouth.

God, she was good. Her mouth was so hot, wet and the suction she delivered ...was intense! Between the sucking, Betsy would squeeze my balls, like she was squeezing one of those things you relieve stress with. Betsy then wrapped her index finger and thumb around the base of my cock and slapped it against enormous boobs.

"You like that?" she asked.

"Oh, yes!" I replied.

"You want to fuck my titties?" she asked.

"More than anything," I answered.

"Well if you want to fuck these huge boobs," Betsy spoke, "you are just going to have to fuck ME first!"

"I been dying to," I said ever since we met.

"I know," she answered back, "me too."

The two of us could not get her pants off fast enough, as she laid back and I positioned myself on top of her. While on top of Betsy, her breasts just smashed between our bodies and her jugs just oozed out from between us, like it was playdough going through the playdough factory. I drove my cock into her slowly as she moaned and deeper with every single thrust of my teenage cock.

"Yes!" she cried out, "fuck me harder", "fuck me faster".

As I drove into harder and harder, I noticed the mirror across the bed.

"I want to fuck you on all fours," I told her "that way I can watch your tits bounce back and forth in the mirror."

Betsy's body was so wet with our sweat, that it just glistened in the light and her pussy was so wet from cumming twice already.

As Betsy got on her hands and knees, I noticed her fucking boobs were so big, that they rested right on top of the bed. While I started to slide my cock back into her, she rose up just enough for me grab onto her tits and squeezed them. While I buried my dick in and out of Betsy, her tits just shook and swayed, like a mudcat being pulled from a lake.

"Fuck me!" she screamed, "ram that thick ass cock of yours in my pussy!"

As I did, her tits were slapping against one another like applauds at a KISS concert.

"Your cock is so thick," she groaned, "I can feel it stretching my pussy outwards. "Fuck me," she screamed, "that's it, fuck me,"

"You want to fuck me between my massive boobs?" Betsy asked, "you want to shoot all your hot, milky cum all over me?"

"Hell yeah," I moaned.

"Oh yes," she hissed, "make me cum one more time first,"

So, I did what she asked. I drove my cock into her time and time again and all the while grabbing and squeezing those massive melons of hers. Her tits were so heavy; they felt like sand bags but, were soft as a sqush therapy pillow.

"Ohhhh," Betsy cried loudly. "I'm cummming."

"Now, come here," she ordered, "come here and fuck these big beautiful titties,"

"Oh, yeah," I sighed.

"Fuck my boobies," she gestured "shoot you wad all over these big babies."

After Betsy came a third time, I straddled her chest, as she wrapped her massive melons around my cock it totally disappeared between them. I pushed my cock in and out of her cleavage over and over.

"Yes," she moaned over and over, "Fuck my tits."

My thrusts were deeper and faster, until I could not oh on any longer. I slipped my cock out of between Betsy's cleavage and began to jerk my cock off.

"Oh," I yelled, I'm cummmmming!

"Do it now!" she ordered, "cum on these big fucking titties."

"Uhh!!" I grunted.

I started shooting my cum all over Betsy's tits, stream after stream after hit her tits, her neck and over her shoulder. Exhausted I collapsed to Betsy's side.

"That was great," she exclaimed, "that was the fucking I've had in years.

"That was the Best," I told her, "I've ever had."

Afterwards we got something to eat and fell asleep in each others arms. We slept all through the night so we could get an early start, not only on the road but, also for some hot, wet titty action in the shower the next morning.

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